12 Hours in New York


It had been 7 years. He could not believe it as he stood at the gate of the bus station. It had been 7 years since he had last seen Lana. They had met 15 years ago during their senior year of high school. They had become nearly inseparable during that time. He always knew he had made a friend for life on that day. He had moved away some time later but they had never lost one another. They had kept in touch through long phone calls, skype sessions and of course text messages. She now lived in Canada and would be passing through New York before taking a flight to Africa for a friend’s wedding. She would only be with him for 12 hours. He did not care. He had been dying to see her again for years, and wanted to make the most of every second they would have together.

Finally the bus from Toronto arrived. He waited patiently as the bus cleared. Passenger after passenger came out and still no sight of her. He took out his phone to make sure he had all the right information. His heart started beating, as worry began to overcome him.

“Where the hell is she?” he asked himself. Until finally he saw her step out and almost dropped his phone. She was beautiful. He had always thought so. But only seeing her on a screen for the past 7 years could not do justice to this creature that was walking towards him.

He grabbed her and cradled her into his chest. She had always been on the smaller side she sometimes felt self-conscious about it. He loved it. He always thought that she fit perfectly against him. A thought that returned him as he held his favorite person in the world tight against his chest. She had cut her hair short but it worked for her. She had been on a bus for 10 hours. She was tired hungry and frustrated, but to him she looked good.

“Its good to see you again Lulu,” he smiled.

Calling her by the nickname he had given her and falling right back into their old pattern.

“Good to see you too, Jace. My you have grown quite a bit since high school.”

He really had. The last time they had seen each other he was still on the slim side. But spending time at the gym had transformed him into quite the specimen. She felt safe in his arms she always had, but now feeling his strong chest against her she couldn’t help but feel a little tingle down below.

“Im glad you think so. You know all of this was just for you right?”

“Yea I bet it was. You worked out for seven years in the hopes that you would see me for a few hours and make me swoon with your muscles?”

“Well I always thought I would have more time than a few hours. But is it working so far? “

“I’ll let you know. Why don’t you feed me first before you try getting into my pants?”

“Pants? What pants are you talking about? This is probably the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen,”

He was exaggerating a little but the skirt was definitely short. It showed off her incredibly well toned legs. He looked her up and down and couldn’t believe how much sexier his friend had gotten. He did not think it was possible.

“Well I did have to bring my A game.”

“I’m glad you did. Let’s get some food.”

They grabbed her luggage and walked out of port authority and started heading towards downtown. Lana told him all about her horrible trip and the ridiculously huge woman next to her who snored through almost the whole trip. They spoke of old friends they had in common. But really they just enjoyed being in each other’s company. He stared at her legs time and time again grateful that they were able to meet in July. He had forgotten how much he loved her legs. She noticed him looking.

“Are you going to keep looking at me like that all night? “

“I just might.”

“Could you not? You’re embarrassing me.”

“Its your own damn fault for coming here looking like that. “

“Dude I was on a bus for 10 hours! I’m a mess.”

“Yea you are! A hot mess. My mess.”

“Since when am I your mess?”

He smiled at her and got much closer to her. She could feel his breath on her skin and his heart beat. Her heart began to race. What was going on with them.

“Ever since the day we met.” She burst out laughing.

“Do you remember how we met?”

“Hell yea, how could I ever forget? “

“We argued in the cafeteria like an old couple on the verge of a divorce.”

“Yea man those were the times.”

“You called me a rug muncher!!”

He wrapped his hands around her waist and brought her closer to him.

“I hope I was wrong about that.”

“Why?” She replied short of breath

“Cuz I want you Lana. I always have and you’ve always known. I want you”

Before she could say another word he had pressed his lips to hers and held her against her. Essentially crushing her against his hard body. They both moaned into each other’s mouths almost as if releasing years of pent up passion. Lana had to admit it to herself in that moment, she had wanted this just as badly for just as long. She wanted him just as he wanted her.

They kissed right there in the middle of a busy new York city street, and for them they could isvecbahis have been the only two people in the world. He never wanted it to end, never wanted to stop holding her because if he did he may wake up. But this was real. He could feel her lips against his, could feel her tongue in his mouth. The warmth of her body radiating off her skin.

They finally had to pull away both of them short of breath. They looked into each other’s eyes both afraid to speak almost as if afraid to break the spell.

“I thought I told you to feed me before you tried getting into my pants?”

“That was just a kiss, an appetizer you could say. “

“I’m hungry Jace.”

“Me too, just not for food.”

She smiled. She liked being wanted this bad . She wasn’t sure if it was because he was her best friend or not, but she didn’t care. In that moment she just loved the way he looked at her. As if nothing else mattered in the whole world.

“Food first, then maybe you’ll get to quell some other cravings”

“There’s a macdonalds right there!”

“Really Jace!! Macdonalds? We come to New York and you are trying to feed me Macdonalds? “

“You ever have their chicken nuggets? Them joints an aphrodisiac”

“Dude get me some real food NOW. “

“You got it, you got it. So demanding.. its kinda hot.”

They both laughed at that one

“This is going to be a long night.”

“I sure hope so.”

They smiled held each other’s hands and walked through the warm evening looking for a place to eat.

They found a great restaurant that would be opened late and had these big booths. They were directed by a pretty blonde hostess towards the back of the establishment after telling her they were planning on staying late due to an early flight and needed some space for Lana’s luggage. They sat close to each other in the booth, a little hidden away from the rest of the place. They continued to look at each other and smiled nonstop.

Jace had always wanted her. He knew it but never expected for things to change this quickly. He could not hide how glad he was. But he had a nagging feeling about how this would change things.

“Don’t think about it,” she said. Pulling him out of his thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you. You always overthink and worry about everything, There’s no need to. Lets just enjoy the little time we have together.”

She slid even closer and put her hand on his thigh. He started getting hard as he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. They kissed, their lips meeting again as if they had a mind of their own and had missed each other from the previous encounter. They both got lost in each other, as Lana’s hand moved up and brushed against his hardening cock. He moaned into her mouth, and she groaned happily at his size. She guessed she had always wondered and was glad to finally know.

At that moment the pretty waitress came back with a knowing look on her face. She smiled at both of them and gave them menus and took their drink order. They held each other close. Both smiling from ear to ear.

“How long, she asked him?”

“How long what?”

“How long have you wanted me?”

“Honestly I think a part of me always has. But the moment I knew was one year, we spent valentines day together. Just the two of us. I think it was one of the few times we were together alone for a prolonged period of time without interruption. And I could not stop the way I felt every time I looked at you. And well it was also the day you told me about when you gave head to that idiot. “

“Oh yea josh he was an idiot.”

” huge idiot. The consistency of Mac and cheese has a higher IQ than that neantherdal.”

She laughed at that. He had always hated whoever she had been with, Another hint she had never really paid attention to.

“I was so jealous and angry and kept thinking about it being me. About having that beautiful mouth of yours around me sucking me off”.

“Was that the only time?”

“It wasn’t the first, and It definitely wasn’t the last.”

“Play your cards right and who knows. Tonight may be your lucky night.”

“I’m here with you. Its already a pretty lucky night.”

Their food arrived and they ate happily. Lana was not kidding she was starving and tore her food apart. They kissed and touched each other constantly during the evening. And enjoyed just being in the comfort of their bubble. Jace kissed her and could not stop himself.

He put his hand on her legs and caressed them lovingly. Running his hand from her legs to her knees, to her soft thighs. Lana’s breath got deeper as her pussy starting getting wetter. She reached up and pulled Jace’s mouth harder against her.

He took this as a sign to go further and finally pushed his hand inside her skirt. All the way to her panties that were dripping wet. He ran his fingers up and down her pussy through the delicate material of her panties. He let go of her mouth and began to kiss her neck. She bit her lip to stifle a deep moan. She looked around to make sure no one was close by. She isveçbahis giriş lost track as she closed her eyes when Jace pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her clit. It felt so good to have him touch her. She had always cared and loved him so much as a friend. He had always been there for her. So giving, so loving. She was glad to see he carried these traits as a lover. He was paying attention to what he was doing and what she was responding to, more so than had any man she had been with before.

She grabbed him and kissed him deep pushing her tongue into his mouth as he pushed a finger in her tight pussy. He loved how tight and wet she was. He pushed finger in and out of her, while stroking his tongue against hers. He pulled up for air, and looked around glad to see that no one was around. He smiled down at her.

“I can’t wait to make you cum! You look so sexy right now. You feel better than I had ever imagined.”

“Make me cum, Jace. Please!” she almost begged him.

He added a second finger in her and she threw her head back. He began to fuck her with his fingers as hard as he could, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, squeezing her legs around his hand. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her orgasm building and getting nearer. He nipple and sucked on her ear, and put his other hand up her shirt and squeezed her breast. Fucking her harder and faster and tweaking her nipples.

“I’m cumming, oh shit I’m cumming so hard” she whispered breathlessly although she wanted to scream. Jace kept fucking her faster and faster through her orgasm, hoping to make it last just a little longer. She grabbed on to his arm and held on for dear life as she came again and again. She calmed down as they began to kiss. Slowly almost as two long lost lovers. In a way maybe that’s what they had been. Two lovers who never realized what was in front of them this whole time. He pulled his fingers up towards his mouth and tasted her for the first time. She looked at his face and saw how pleased he was. He sucked and licked his fingers as if he had found the sweetest nectar. He looked up at her and noticed him staring at her.

“Did you want some?” he asked pointing his fingers at her direction. She smiled sweetly and laughed

“You just seemed to be enjoying that a little too much.”

“How could I not? You are delicious. I hope I get to have some more.”

“Keep working on me with those fingers like that and there’s no doubt you will.”

“I have a few other things I can work on you with.”

“Oh really? Like what?”

They kissed again. She was able to taste a little of herself on his tongue. He had great lips. She had noticed but never fully appreciated just how much. They were soft and full. She could tell how much he liked kissing her, and that just made her feel more special. She put her hand on his dick and felt how hard he was; feeling even more special.

“Like this?” she whispered to him. ” You want to work on me with this? This big dick of yours gonna make me cum like your big fingers just did?”

He groaned, realizing how lucky he was to have her in that moment.

“Nope, so much harder.” He answered her, his eyes filled with lust and promise of all that awaited her.

She zipped down his pants and fished for his cock, Finding it through the slit in his boxer shorts. It felt bigger and harder than she had previously realized and smiled from ear to ear. Happy with her catch. She kissed him softly on the lips while pumping his penis under the table.

“Is this for me? Did I do that?” She whispered in his ear already knowing the answer.

“Who else could make it that hard? Just you Lana, just you.”

Hearing him say that just made the decision for her. She looked around and made sure no one noticed.

“Keep an eye out” she said to him before dropping on her knees under the table. She unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers so that she could have his entire dick and balls at her mercy. She began to lick and suck his balls. He had a long trip from DC but still seemed so clean. She sucked one ball and then the other, while playing with the tip of his dick with her fingertips.

Jace just sat back enjoying what her handy work. He tried not to groan or move around too much. But keeping his eyes open in case anyone came close seemed to be the more difficult task. When he felt her leave his balls and place soft kisses up the length of his cock, damn near made the task impossible. He felt her finally take the head of his cock into her mouth he couldn’t conceal his groan. “Aw shit, L.” She sucked on the head of his penis, and playing with his balls with her hand. He was in heaven. He had oftentimes imagined her doing this very thing to him, but never in this setting. They had always been in his room, where they use to spend countless hours just shooting the shit. But this made it even more incredible and memorable.

She began sinking lower and lower down on him taking more of his dick down her throat. He placed his hand on top isveçbahis yeni giriş of her head. Not guiding her put simply caressing her head letting her know how much he was enjoying her. She started bobbing her head faster, stroking the bottom of his dick with her hand, and sucking the head as if her life depended on it. He could feel himself coming and braced himself against the table.

“Lana im so close” Hearing him say that seemed to drive her wilder and she picked up the pace, desperate to make him cum. Desperate to taste him. He placed his hand on her head again. She felt his dick get harder as his hips pumped her mouth more and more. She could feel the cum building up in the tip of his penis before it exploded into her mouth filling her with so much cum.

She had not expected it to taste so sweet, she had not expected to like sucking him off so much. All she knew in that moment was that she had pleasured him and felt happy about that. She kept licking his dick, making sure that she had gotten it cleaned up just right and not waste a single drop of his cum. She felt strange. Giving blowjobs had always been kind of a chore to her. Her boyfriends loved her for it and thought she was incredible but she never got any pleasure from it. With Jace it was different. Not only was she glad he was pleased, her panties were dripping wet. She came back up to the table and they kissed. He did not mind she had just swallowed his seed. He was grateful and wanted to show her how much.

“That was amazing. The best I ever had!” He told her, feeling so much for her in that moment he couldn’t put it into words. “thank you so much!” He said to her before kissing her once more.

“You don’t have to thank me.” She meant it. And maybe that was why it meant so much to her that he said it. No one she had ever been with, had ever made her feel so special and so loved and so grateful after a blowjob, something that was pretty routine for her.

“I actually liked doing that for you.”

“Well then I guess we both got pretty lucky tonight.” They both laughed and held each other tight.

Lana felt the wetness between her legs and realized she should maybe go clean up.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, be back in a little bit” they kissed

“come back quick”

Watching her walk away he felt something he hadn’t in quite awhile. He felt light and happy. And not just because of the ridiculous blowjob that had emptied him. It was Lana. He forgot the feeling of freedom and unpredictability he felt when she was near. As though anything could happen and that he was capable of anything. He looked at his watch it was almost 1 am. They had to be at the airport before 6 for her flight. He pulled out his phone and made up his mind.

In the bathroom Lana couldn’t help but smile. Jace had been her best friend for so long, he knew where the bodies were buried. All of her dark secrets and stupid past mistakes. He never judged her. Only loved her and blessed her with patience and support. She doesn’t know why it took so long for them to take the next step, but she was glad they had. Some questions still arose as in what would happen now. She still lived and had a life in a different country and long distance never worked. She wasn’t worried because she knew deep down, regardless of what happened they would always be part of each other’s life.

She left the bathroom with an extra pep in her step. She found Jace standing by the table the bill paid and her bags ready to go.

“Where are we going? I thought we were going to hang til they closed and head to the airport.”

“Change of plans L.” he said with a huge grin all the while pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply. The kiss was so good she felt weak in the knees and held on tight to him.

“Please tell me you’re taking me somewhere you can fuck me” She asked. All he could do was laugh.

“You know me so well.”

They left the restaurant and were able to quickly hail a cab. They jumped in the backseat and gave the driver the address to a hotel uptown. They could not and would not wait that long. They began kissing and groping each other in the cab. Lana straddled his lap and grinded her pussy on his cock through his jeans. Jace grabbed both of her ass cheeks in his hands. He had always admired it and enjoyed the softness and the firmness of it. He was hornier and happier than he had been in quite a while and could not imagine a better person to be sharing this with.

He moved his hand to the front of her panties and rubber her clit once again, finding it with no trouble. She moaned into his mouth and basically fucked his hand like a woman possessed. He lifted up her shirt and moved away her bra and began sucking on her left tit. She tossed her head back and groaned grabbing his head and putting more of her tit into his mouth while he inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy.

She was on the verge of cumming all over his hand again, and she loved every second of it. She could not remember the last time she was so horny, she felt so sexy and wanted and just wanted more and more of her friend. He placed his thumb on her clit while his fingers rubbed all the right places inside her. He took the other nipple into her mouth and that’s all she needed to explode once again. Covering his fingers in her juices.

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