A Cousin to Remember

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I am a retired field journalist who specialized in interviewing people who had sexual experiences within the boundaries of what people consider as taboo. What you’re about to read is based on real events compiled within my work of expertise. However, to protect their identity, the names are replaced with fictional contexts. The story, however, remains accurate. Enjoy!

“A COUSIN TO REMEMBER” (A first-person point of view narration)

Hi, I’m Alex, 24, male, and this is my story. I woke up early that morning, it was a weekend, I believe it was Saturday. I went downstairs from my bedroom to see if breakfast was ready, all I saw was an empty table. So, I grilled some meatloaf and served myself throughout the morning. Every weekend, my cousin Tori, 19, female, visits our home to craft her projects in our garage, she stays for the night. My parents were not around at that particular month, they ran a business that sell vehicles that are used in 3 generations. Finally, Tori arrived, it was a hot afternoon, the sun was absolutely visible and the clouds didn’t even seem to form.

She immediately went to the garage without notifying me. I figured that I should go first, also, she and I aren’t really close, in fact she only interacts with my mom when she’s around. I went to the back, at the garage, and offered her a drink. I remember that she was wearing a blue jacket and jogging pants. She said “hi”, and so did I. Moments later, I noticed that she was still in there, I had this feeling of socializing with her. So, again, I went back to the garage but this time, something surprised me. Her outfit changed. She was now wearing a backless tank shirt and was wearing boxers. I was disgusted at first, not because of how she looked, but how I reacted. I was turned on, I can see her sweat running down her chest, her skin was all moist. She stopped doing what she was doing and asked me why am I staring at her. I laughed it out and made an excuse, I told her that I just want to talk and stuff.

Moments after that, she took a break and headed to our bench by the tree, there was a shade that would help her cool down. I sat down with her, out of nowhere, I said “wow, you’re hot.” I have no idea what I was thinking, It’s just, ever since she came to our house, this is the first time I saw the rest of her body. Those smooth legs, her perfect white skin, I’ve seen her back and it was gorgeous. Not to mention, I have a thing for petite women. After telling her how hot she is, she giggled and responded with a simple smile. I’ve never had this experience with her. I actually hated her when we were both kids back in the old days. And during that day, things shifted in a different direction.

I knew she was staying for the night, I saw her backpack and her luggage filled with electronic wirings, yes, she assembles computers and other electronic things for a living, let’s not go there. So, it was night time and I made her a bowl full of salad for dinner. After that, we head upstairs to my room to watch a film. My bedroom is the only room that has internet on television, this was to watch a Netflix film. We sat down on the floor, our backs were on the side of the bed, and then she asked me what movie to make.

At that very moment, I got kaçak iddaa carried away with my thing for her, and I picked a horror movie so that there is a chance for her to stay closer to me, we were like a meter apart. Throughout the film, I noticed she was getting closer to me, my intentions were working out until the climax. As the film featured jump scares, she grabbed my arm and freaked out multiple times, we were having a laugh. I was laughing at her, but at the same time, I was having a boner, yes, during a horror movie. Remember, she still did not change her clothes yet, she’s still wearing that backless tank and her boxers. Her skin slides through my skin, I can feel that moist in her. I was expecting her to stink due to the sweat but boy was I wrong, she was fragrant like perfume, I was thinking at that time, she does a good hygiene routine.

When the film finished, she was terrified, I tried to leave the room but she insisted I stay. This was surprising, we’ve never laughed so hard, I felt like she was my closest friend at that particular time. I was about to take a bath. Now, our bathroom had curtains on it that separate the shower area and the toilet. She asked if she can enter the bathroom while I take a bath. I laughed, actually I pretended to laugh but I was already agreeing. I asked her that this was getting weird, and then she said “fine.” At that moment, I regret saying that, so I reconsidered her previous request. She sat by the toilet while I take a bath. She was wearing earphones and she was still in that hot outfit of hers. When I finished, I put on my towel and I head out. This time, she was fine being alone, she took a bath, after that, she put on her sleeping outfit, it was a sweatshirt and a boxer.

Okay, when we were about to sleep, I asked her to sleep on mom and dad’s room. She refused, she wanted to stay with me. I know what I did there was reverse psychology, but I was already tempted to do flirt with her. In bed, we put a pillow between us, this is to avoid ourselves from entering our personal space. Let me reiterate, she and I are not close until this day and night. This was new to both of us. Anyways, we slept in one bed, one pillow to separate us, I was on the right side and she was on the left.

I woke up first, I checked my phone, I noticed that it was only 2am. However, something more alarming happened. I noticed something heavy on my right leg. It was her thigh from her right leg. She must’ve thought that my leg was a pillow so she decided to put her thighs over it for comfort. Afterall, I was wearing pajamas, she wouldn’t really notice it that much. I wanted to make a move, I felt so much lust just because of that. The moment of my sexual tension was just too strong to prevent. I took away the pillow that separates us. Her face was facing me, I can see that beauty at a close distance. While I was looking at her, I wanted to cover myself with a blanket and masturbate. I’ve never had that much sexual force for someone, especially that it was my cousin, someone whom I grew up with. It felt weird at first but as every second pass, I knew I had to make a move, this is once in a lifetime.

So, I removed her leg and covered myself with a blanket, excluding my upper body. I reached for the lotion on the kaçak bahis dresser near the bed, and I applied it to a portion in my penis. The first time I touched mine, I felt so relaxed and my heart pumped so fast, like never before. Then, I started doing it, I jerked off, I tried to be silent but the friction from the lotion and my skin made pumping sounds. At that moment, I just hope she doesn’t wake up. I needed to release this tension, masturbation was the only way.

I was halfway through until she started moving, I gently minimized the speed of how I jerked off, I started breathing slowly, I was already nervous at that point but I kept on going. She made one big move, she turned to the other side. Now, all I can see is her back. This did not stop me. However, this is the part where she gets involved.

As I was about to finish, she spoke, I was totally in shock that she spoke. “Are you fucking jerking off?” Yes, that’s what she said. I tried to act like I’m asleep, but she already knew that I wasn’t. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this,” she said. She exits her sleeping position and sat beside the bed facing the opposite of me. She asked me to be done with it. It felt like she was tolerating my actions, I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do. I was wondering if she’s going to expose what I did here, which is a taboo in our community. Instead of stopping, I continued. This time I didn’t hide from a blanket, I took the blanket off and sat down for a better experience. Out of nowhere, my mind was lost, I’ve never thought that my fantasy would come true. I gently said, “can you help out?” At first, she told me to shut up. I was whispering, I told her no one is going to know about this. She still refused, she was sitting down covering her head. She can hear me, for the last time, I said “please, help me finish it.”

This time, she looked at me, she seemed pissed. I can see it in her eyes, and her face. However, she still engaged in what I’m doing. Things felt really awkward. I was jerking off, breathing loudly as she gets closer to me. I was so surprised that she actually agreed doing this. I felt like she had a thing for me as well. Anyways, she sat besides me and asked about what she has to do. I asked if she can do it for me. It took us like 5 minutes before she actually gets her hand on my dick. Honestly, it was a rough experience because I was guilty at the same time. I know I forced her into it, and I know I manipulated her into it. After a few minutes, it was glorious for me. As she was jerking me off slowly, she was disappointed in herself. So, I tried cheering her up. I kept on whispering that it’s okay. I slowly reached for her neck, I started breathing there. When I licked it, she seems to look away from the other direction. It didn’t stop there. I tried kissing her neck slowly. I noticed that she was jerking me off really fast, and I had to stop her. I didn’t want this experience to end.

I stopped her from jerking me off. She thought it was finished, she tried to get up. I asked politely, I said “Please, let’s do it.” I kept repeating it, until she said okay. She sat down again, and started kissing her neck slowly. The moment I reached to her chest, I heard a slight moan from her. I believe she was already turned on. I couldn’t illegal bahis stop myself, took off her clothes, from top to bottom. All she had now was her panties and bra. Surprisingly, I never expected her to take off my shirt, but she did. So, I took the opportunity to completely undress her. She was covering her boobs with her arms, she felt ashamed, I comforted her. I told her it’s okay. I took over the sex, I wanted to have authority. I am aware she is a virgin, so I had to make sure she doesn’t feel much pain.

First, I asked to kneel on the floor, there I stood. I grabbed her head gently, and I had her perform oral sex. After a short while, she was doing it herself without my assistance. In fact, she started going for my testicles, it was the best experience of my life. She tried to jerk me off but I stopped her, I want this to last longer. I put her in bed, gently. I asked her to spread her legs, she giggled when I first licked her genital. This time, I already knew I had her full cooperation. So, I started sucking her clitoris. She finally broke free and moaned louder, I can see her body gesture, she was enjoying it. I wanted to kiss her, I’ve never kissed a girl in my life, we’re both single so I assume she also hasn’t. So, I went in bed with her, we hesitated to kiss while laying down, it was a bit uncomfortable. We sat, that’s when we actually kissed. We started slow, simple, and as we progressed, I started licking her tongue, as she did mine as well.

I wanted to put myself inside of her, I was afraid she might bleed out and I don’t know what to do. So, instead, I tried to go for her anus. I’ve never felt her body that freely, I took the opportunity to hug her body and feel it. My dick was rubbing her stomach, it was absolutely heartwarming for me. She turns around, we did what people call a “dogstyle” position. I gently inserted my dick into her anus, I couldn’t be successful. She screams as I progress inside. It pains her, I don’t want to inflict any pain. When she said stop, I knew I had to stop and wrap things up. She didn’t want to suck my dick again because she was disgusted as it went through her anus. Instead, I jerked myself off. I asked one last time, to kneel on the floor. I wanted her to swallow my cum, she refused.

I was about to finish, she was in shock too, I can see it. She was laughing a bit, she seemed embarrassed and shy. When my cum went out, It went straight to her notes and some went around it. I remember she closed her eyes, and after that, I felt guilty. The sexual tension was removed, no romantic feeling was reprised. I was completely changed after that night. I apologized, but she said it was alright. I still am in shock as of today.

After the event that took place that night, I couldn’t sleep well, I was thinking about it. Tori fell asleep. When morning happened, she started packing her things and her projects from the garage. She left without having a conversation with me. She was deeply disappointed with herself, including me. She never returned until today, I miss her. I feel like I love her, I’m not sure. I haven’t opened up about it to other people. I feel like she will open up about it with someone at a particular time, but for now, I rest that case.

I believe it was last week when I saw her at the store near our house. She seemed to have purchased an internet modem, I can’t recall well. We saw each other, she smiled. Is this a sign? I’m not sure. That’s my story, this is Alex.

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