A Day at the Beach


  It is a beautiful warm spring day as Marcey and I walk down to the beach hand and hand smiling and laughing. We lay our stuff down on the beach finding a spot where no one is near us. We can see people playing in the ocean a ways down in both directions. I rub lotion all over her body starting with her face and then shoulders, back and stomach thighs and even her feet. Marcey does the same for me and we lay back enjoying the sun.    I lay back trying to enjoy a book on my new kindle but she keeps trying to distract me from reading it. Rubbing her hands between my legs and over my breasts making my nipples hard. She is trying to get me all hot and bothered and it is working. Before long I give up reading she is simply too much to resist.   I look over at Marcey and kiss her hard on the lips rolling on top of her not caring if anyone sees or not. I place my knee between her legs pushing it hard against her pussy and ask,   “Do you like that lover? Is this what you want?” As I lean down and bite her breast through her top. She nods her head yes and I laugh getting up,   “Come on lets go swimming my little vixen.”   She frowns in protest but gets up to follow me. We walk out into the water. The waves aren’t too rough today just nice and steady. We see dolphins out a little further playing in the waves riding them, heading south. A few minutes later we hear a tourist shout “shark” and point at the dolphins. We have a good laugh about that and kaçak iddaa continue swimming.   We play and fool around in the water for a while. Splashing each other and just acting like kids having a good time. We can hear the other visitors to the beach laughing and having fun too.   I decide I want to have even more fun and come up behind Marcey and bite the back of her neck. My hands running over her warm wet body. Up and down her stomach and across her breasts, then lower down as I start to bite and lick her shoulder now. I see her look left and right looking at the people down the beach, she doesn’t stop me so I guess she figures like me they can’t see well enough to worry with it.   I ask “do you want me to take you right here right now?” as my hand slips in her suit rubbing against her pussy.   Marcey nods her head yes for me and I start to spread her lips open with my fingers as I bite the back of her neck again. Then pulling her hair back I lick her neck and turn her head so I can kiss her as my fingers continue to probe and play with her pussy. The waves pushing against us as they roll in.   I push my fingers inside and start fucking her slow at first and then faster and faster, the palm of my hand rubbing against her clit. My other hand has reached round in front and is squeezing and pulling her breast. I hear her start to moan and I love the sound of it.   “Oh my god are they doing what it looks like.” We both hear from our left. kaçak bahis I turn and look and there is a couple watching us. Marcey grabs at my hands trying to get me to stop saying,   “Susan please… stop… fuck. Stop it damn it people can see.” even as she says this she moans and moves her hips into my hand. I know her body doesn’t want me to stop.   “I know baby I want them to see me love you. Now come on baby, let them see how beautiful you look when you cum. Let them hear how amazing you sound when you cum.” My hand steadily fucking her harder and harder.   She grabs a hold of my arm but I don’t stop and I just continue to fuck her harder and harder faster and faster I feel her start to quiver and whisper in her ear,   “That’s it baby… that’s it cum for me.”   Marcey’s body shivers and she cries out cumming hard knowing she is being watched by strangers. When her orgasm subsides she turns and pushes me,   “Oh you fucking bitch you are going to pay for that.”   I can’t help but smirk at her and say,   “Oh come on now you know you loved it.”   “And look” I point to the couple that was watching and they are all over each other as well.   “See we are an inspiration to the masses.” I tell her laughing.   “Shut the fuck up smart ass and kiss me.” Marcey tells me.   I lean in close to her and kiss her hard and passionately loving the feel of her lips pressed against me.   “Come on let’s get out of the water now.” I tell her. illegal bahis   We walk back to our towels and things and we lay down letting the warmth of the sun dry our bodies. I almost feel myself dozing off when I feel her lips on my chin. I open my eyes and look at her asking,   “What are you doing baby?”   She looks at me and smiles, “Nothing honey, don’t worry about it.”   “Uh-huh…right…” I tell her knowing better.   Her hands run across my breasts pulling the top down slightly exposing my breasts to her. She leans down and starts to lick and suck on them.   “Marcey stop…don’t.” I plead with her.   She looks up and then at me grinning, “No one is looking honey it is ok.”   Her hand slides down my stomach and then against my pussy rubbing her hand up and down against me. I moan a little and arch up towards her hand loving her touch. She slides her fingers inside running them along my lips before slipping inside me.   I feel her fingers slide inside me, her palm against my clit pushing against me. She takes my nipple in her mouth and start sucking to suck on it. All the while her fingers are fucking me moving in and out.   Her fucking gets steadily harder and my moans get harder to control. The muscles of my torso are starting to shake as the tension builds in me… it is going to be a lovely climax.    “Snap.” I hear the crunch of shells. I look towards the sound and see that there are two teenage girls looking on from about 15 feet away.   “Marcey… baby…uhh… we have company…”   “That didn’t bother you in the water” she hisses” Lay back and let me love you.”   “Baby please…” Marcey just fucks me harder her mouth moves to mine.

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