A Day at the Beach

Big Tits

White, gooey cream oozed from the bottle of sunscreen into my hand. Dropping bottle on the towel, I spread the lotion in both hands and proceeded to apply it to my legs. I paid attention my thighs, calves and the bottoms of my feet. Once I got past that the next part of my body needed covering.

Being that this was a nude beach, I felt a bit self conscious about rubbing lotion on my naked cock, but felt it better to be protected that have a burnt member. The lotion felt cool and smooth on my skin and I savored the sensation. Spreading it around my groin, I paid close attention to my scrotum and made sure that my balls were well covered by sun screen. I ran my hand down the length of my cock and back up again, coating my phallus with the glistening substance. Of course I could feel a tightening in my groin and the sensation of the lotion spreading on me was pleasurable. But I exercised self control, doing no more than was required to protect my sensitive skin.

Another hand full of lotion, I then spread it across my arms, chest and belly. And lastly my face neck and ears.

I lay back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of the summer sun across the length of my body. My legs were parted, and my manhood hung limp next to my thigh.

Life was good, or so I thought…

After a while I felt a shadow fall over me and he opened an eye to see what was what.

She was blotting out the sun, making it difficult to see anything other than her outline, sort of a human eclipse. After a moment she spoke.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you, but can I trouble to cover yourself?”


“Cover yourself, I find it distracting and, well, just a bit uncomfortable for me.”

I sat up. I’d never been to a nude beach before and, well, Ie thought nude was nude. I felt that I could be au naturale here with out issue. I looked up at her, now being able to see her a bit more clearly. She was naked to the waist, with a sheer sarong cover up tied loosely around her hips.

“You’re kidding aren’t you? – This is a nude beach.”

“Yes I realize that, however I find it difficult to avoid staring at you.”

I isveçbahis looked around, and took in the beach. There was a mix of people there, young, middle aged and old. A cross section or so I thought. Not terribly crowded, as it was a weekday.

“I don’t see what the problem is”

” Well, I’m Maura, Maura Farson, ” she and extended her hand, “It’s just that, well I don’t know how to put this…”

“Maura, I’m Xavier, Xavier Joesphs ” I took her hand in mine and pulled slightly bringing her down to my towel with a thump.


“Now Maura, please tell me what your problem is, there are nude people all around us, why do you object to me?”

Her slate gray eyes blink once, twice, she looked away. I peeked at her breasts, which I found quite to my liking, full and from what I could tell at a glance quite natural.

“I find your p-p-p..”


“Yes, your penis, oh God, I’m so embarrassed…”

“You find my penis – what?”

“Well it’s distracting.”


“Well a while ago I arrived here and set up over there, and began to read my book, and while I did notice you here, I paid you no mind”

“What changed that?”

“Well, look I’m sorry I bothered you, please forgive me, I just-“

“No, it’s clear that something changed your mind and caused you to come over and disturb me. Now you have to tell me, and if i can do something I will to make you more comfortable.”

“Well, ” she swallowed, bit her lip, sighed, brushed her auburn hair with her fingers, “while you were laying there, you were aroused, oh god, you penis stood straight up in the air, for maybe 5 minutes or more, there I’ve said it”

I was totally shocked. well maybe not totally. I did still get that rock hard erection in the mornings, not every morning and nothing a nice long piss didn’t cure. But this was mid day, and I did not recall nodding off.

“Maura – I’m sorry if I offended you, the only thing I can say is I must have dozed off. And as you are no doubt aware things like that do happen”

The cool gray of her eyes found the brown of mine.

“Yes I understand that isveçbahis giriş is does happen… but I found it hard to resist.”

This gave me pause.

“Hard to resist?”

“I was drawn to it, oh I just can’t deal with this, I don’t even know you.”

She was clearly upset and frustrated. I thought about for a moment.

“You know, we’re just two people a the beach. You know my name, and I know yours. Now we could get to know each other, or not, in fact I feel like I’ve been rude – can I offer you something? I have cold drinks here.”

“No that’s quite all right. I’ve already taken advantage of you more than I should have”

“I don’t see how…”

“Um, well, this is very embarrassing to me and I feel badly, but I think I need to tell you what else happened.”

“There’s more??”

Maura flushed red up her torso to her face, and paused. She took a deep breath.

” I feel badly, but I should tell you, it was more than 5 minutes, and I took advantage of you.”


“I saw you there, read for a while, and then your p-p-penis slowly came up, and well I wanted, no, needed to touch it.”

I could tell this was really running her through the wringer. I was pretty shocked by the revelation. My eyes cast about, looking around us, there was not a soul for 50 yards. Looking back at her, her breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths, I was not sure if I should be appalled or intrigued. I chose the later. Laying back on my side, I resting my head on one hand, while cocking my knee at an angle, letting my dick rest on my thigh. From this position I could look at her face while her breasts were in the foreground.

“Go on”

She sat back on her feet and continued:

“At first I resisted, but I found that I couldn’t hold out, I came over here to where you lay and looked closer. and there you were sleeping soundly, with your, well, stiff in the wind. I wanted to touch it, but was afraid you’d awaken. Then I -I-I did finally. “


“You didn’t move, so then I put my hand around it, feeling it’s girth…”

I couldn’t believe this shit, this nubile isveçbahis yeni giriş thing came over here while I was asleep and grabbed my erection. and I missed out on it!

” … it felt so wonderful, so alive and potent.”

“Maura, I think you’re having me on here.”

“No, I’m not, because there’s more”


Now I was intrigued to see how far she’d take this.

“You see, it fairly throbbed in my hand, and I, well, I, you’re going to think the worst of me, you really are.”

“Now see here, if you did something to me while I slept, don’t you think you owe it to me to at least tell me what it was?”

At this her jaw dropped open in shock. I was asking her to tell all.

“No, I can’t… It wasn’t right what I did.”

It certainly was not, given that I was not awake to enjoy it what ever it was. I was becoming a bit miffed, and much to her discomfort, aroused.

“If you won’t tell me, then can you demonstrate what you did?”

“Ummm, I don’t know, I mean we hardly know each other-“

I cut her off, ” That’s true, but you have taken liberties with me, while I was indisposed, I think you owe me.”

I noticed her eyes were no longer on mine, but were gazing at my erection.

“Umm, since you put it that way”

She leaned towards me and in the process untied her wrap. She then draped it over my midsection. With one hand on my hip, and another around my cock she kissed the tip as she pulled back the foreskin revealing my glans. Without another word she worked me over with her mouth, for the better part of ten minutes, taking me to the edge and back again. And just when it seemed like I could stand it no longer she buried her face into the hairiness that is my crotch. I could feel the tip of my cock on her throat, and it was then that I exploded filling her mouth with my cum. She didn’t spill a drop. She held me in her mouth until I was breathing normally again.

“Wow, I slept thru that?”

She licked her lips, showing a pink tongue and smiled, “Yes you did, quite soundly”

I then noticed that without the wrap she was quite naked, her sex was smooth except of a light wisp of hair just above. And she had not a tan line to be seen.

“Amazing, truly amazing. Anything else that you took advantage of?”

“Well, you did sleep for a while you know.”

Oh my god I thought, there’s more?

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