A Different Kind of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving around Pismo Beach has always been a quiet time. There are not a lot of activities other than the local dinners put on by charitable organizations and the annual South County Turkey Trot that takes place at the pier, now in its eighth year. I’m reminds of last year’s Thanksgiving when I spent the weekend with my lady friend, Karen, up in Santa Clara.

Karen and I first met on an Amtrak train. I was heading to Denver and she was destined for Chicago. A chance meeting led us to dinner and an incredible night of passion in her sleeper car. She is a lovely lady with auburn locks. She has a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Karen is very kissable with full, pouty lips. I love her big boobs and narrow waist that flows into wide hips and long, willowy legs. She is definitely well-endowed. I love her huge round boobs. They sag just a bit but sit high up on her chest. Her nipples are deep red and constantly erect, centered within large round areole.

Last year Karen invited me up to Santa Clara for Thanksgiving dinner and to join her for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5K and 10K run for charity. When I arrived, she met me at her door wearing a black spandex body suit with bright green running shorts and matching tennis shoes. The black spandex did little to mask her hard nipples. The material stretched around her huge tits creating an alluring picture. I found out later that her body suit was crotchless and her full, waxed pussy lips were exposed for my pleasure. A thin landing strip of curly grey pubic hair completed the package. The puffy folds of her sweet labia called out to me.

When we arrived back to her house after the fun run, Karen showed me what was hidden under those green running shorts. Needless to say, I was kneeling between her thighs in an instant, probing her sweet pussy with my tongue. Karen has a ceiling mirror above the four-poster king size bed in her bedroom. She watched me devour her while she played with her tits. After that we made love in the shower. I was her captive for the entire weekend. It is a Thanksgiving memory I will never forget.

Sadly, this year Karen is heading back to Chicago to be with her daughter and son-in-law. My gal pal, Catherine is doing Thanksgiving with her daughter in L.A. again. I was contemplating other options when I looked over on my kitchen counter and saw a calling card. I read the name ‘Jill’ along with a phone number and email address. Ah yes, I remember. I met Jill briefly at the Halloween Mash-up hosted by Catherine’s next-door neighbor. She was dressed as one of four Maleficents at the party.

The other three Maleficents were Catherine, her neighbor Samantha and Anna. I found out from Samantha that Anna is the wife of the Dean over at the local University. Jill is her best friend.

The backstory on the Dean’s wife is that I mistook her for Catherine the night of the Halloween fest and found myself between her thighs providing her with a very intense orgasm. I knew she wasn’t Catherine the moment I pressed my face against her cunt and was met with a full bush of soft pubic hair. Catherine has been waxing her pussy for several years. It was a case of mistaken Maleficents.

Anyway, Anna must have told Jill about her experience, because as they were leaving the party with their husbands, Jill handed me her card and said… Word has it you have quite a talent for eating pussies. I wish I could have experienced your expertise tonight. Perhaps another time.

I’m sure Jill would not be available for Thanksgiving dinner, but maybe one day during the weekend we might experience ‘another time’. Since my weekend is wide open at this point in time, I might as well reach out to her. After all, she did give me her calling card. On a hunch, I’ll text her, just to test the waters.

(Rob): Hello Jill, this is Rob Anthony, how are you doing?

In less than 45 seconds, my phone chirps.

(Jill): I’m sorry, who is this?

(Rob): It’s Rob, we met at the Halloween party, you gave me your calling card.

(Jill): I hand my cards out to many people, I’m still not sure how we met.

It just occurs to me, I never introduced myself to Jill.

(Rob): At Samantha’s Halloween party, I was the Phantom of the Opera.

There is no response for several minutes. I wonder if she even remembers my character. Perhaps she was too drunk to realize what she was doing. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to my fertile imagination. I put my phone down and head out to the garage. Before I can open the door, my phone chirps again.

(Jill): Oh, my gawd, the Phantom with the talent for eating pussies. I can’t believe it. My girlfriend, Anna, has not stopped talking about her orgasm that night. She keeps saying how intense it was and that she needs to find you for an encore. I’m so glad you texted. I want to meet you too. My husband hasn’t gone down on me for ages. I need to experience what Anna keeps isveçbahis harping about.

Well, I guess there is more to this story than just my fertile imagination. I seem to have struck a chord with Jill.

(Rob): I have no plans for the Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps we can get together one day?

(Jill): I would love to spend Thanksgiving with you, unfortunately I have to spend it with hubby and his friends from the university. Boring! Black Friday would work. I usually spend the entire day shopping the sales, so I won’t be missed at home. Do you live alone? It looked like you were pretty cozy with two of the Maleficents at the party.

(Rob): Yes, I live alone down in Pismo. I must say I did enjoy the company of three Maleficents that night. Hopefully, I can add to that number come Black Friday. One is my lady friend, Catherine. She is visiting her daughter down south. We’ve enjoyed many threesomes together, as she is just as talented with her oral skills.

(Jill): If you are as good as Anna says you are, then four is your lucky number. Text me your address and we’ll make it a Black Friday we won’t soon forget. And perhaps Catherine can join us sometime in the future.

My well-played hunch is looking pretty good right now. I have to get through the next few days on my own. It appears I’ll be spending a quiet Thanksgiving at home. Even my next-door neighbor, Denise is gone; visiting her mother in Des Moines, Iowa. I’ll be in the company of the Macy’s parade and my trusty Fleshlight, not a bad way to spend the holiday.


Black Friday is upon us and I am anticipating Jill’s arrival any moment. We agreed that she could make it to my place sometime in the morning. She needs to make sure her husband is fed and could function on his own for the remainder of the day. I look at my watch and it is just past 10:00 AM. My cell phone chirps.

(Jill): Just getting off Highway 101 to 4th street. See you soon. I hope you are ready. J.

I don’t know why, but my stomach just felt a flutter, usually it’s my cock that responds first. I don’t have to wait long for the knock on my front door. As the door opens, my eyes feast upon a very lovely lady standing before me. Jill has striking features, high cheekbones, sparking blue eyes, a pouty mouth with deep red lipstick and a prominent chin. I found out she is in her early fifties, but she can surely pass for someone in her thirties.

I invite her in, and we share a tentative hug; after all, we have never been formally introduced. I step back as we each study the other from head to toe. I offer to take her knee length coat; however, she declines. Okay, maybe she plans a quick departure if first impressions don’t agree with her.

“Well, it’s so nice to finally meet you Rob. I realize our first time was just a fleeting moment. I’ve so been looking forward to this since your first text. Well that, and Anna’s constant reminiscing of her encounter with you.”

“I so glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would remember me from the Halloween Mash-up. Might I say you are stunning. Are you sure I can’t take your coat?”

“No, I’m fine keeping my coat on for now, perhaps later. I do remember you and your Phantom costume. You certainly made an impression on Anna. I haven’t told her I’m meeting you. Otherwise, she would be begging to come along too. I don’t want to share. I’m sure we may all get together sometime in the near future, especially when she finds out about today.”

“Come in, come in, let me show you around. I have some croissants and a pitcher of mimosas chilling in the refrigerator. I wasn’t sure if you had breakfast at home, but I figured a light snack might be in order.”

Jill tells me that sounds perfect as I lead her on a guided tour of the house. We walk to the back hallway and peer into my master bedroom and the guest bathroom. Next, I show her my massage room and her eyes light up. She grins and raises her eyebrows as she inspects the massage table in the center of the room. Jill walks around the table, touching the smooth leather surface. She looks at the candles arranged on various shelves.

“Wow Rob, this is quite the set-up. Are you a professional masseuse?”

“No, not professional per se, I did attend a certified massage therapy class a few years back and have become quite proficient. At least, I’m told so. I have a few friends that like my technique.”

Jill licks her lips, “Female friends I bet. How lucky are they? Maybe we can spend some time in here today?”

“I would like that very much. I was hoping I could entice you into a nice massage. And, before you ask, it does come with a happy ending.”

Jill squeals with delight and grabs my hand. She leads me down the hall into the kitchen as if she owns the joint. I have the croissants and other breakfast snacks already laid out on the table. Jill sits down and samples isveçbahis giriş a few while I retrieve the mimosas. I pour a glass for each of us and we make a toast to Black Friday. Jill says this is so much better than fighting the crowds at the mall. I offer to take her coat one more time, and once again she begs off.

We pick apart the food and refill our glasses. Jill and I fill in some blanks about our lives. She has lived in San Luis Obispo for over twenty years with her math professor of a husband. No children. She keeps in shape at a local gym. I complement her on her youthful appearance which she shrugs off immediately.

“Do you come down here to Pismo very often?”

“Not much at all, I’m afraid. I’m kind of a homebody.”

“Not even to come to the beach. Avila Beach, perhaps?”

“I’m not much of a beach girl, more of a mountain lady. I enjoy a day in the snow most of all.”

Jill has been best friends with Anna for a decade and they often get together for girl time. Jill has always taken the lead, so when Anna went to her raving about this Phantom who took her to new heights of ecstasy, Jill knew she needed to meet me.

I pour Jill one more mimosa and nod to her, “shall we move on to the massage table?”

Jill smiles and grabs my hand, virtually pulling me out of my shoes. We enter the room and Jill pats the top of the table and tells me hop up.

“I think I’m ready to take off my coat.”

I watch Jill unbutton her coat from bottom to the top. When she unclasps the final button and reveals herself, I nearly fall off the table. She is wearing a shiny black leather corset, drawn tightly around her lush figure. Her breasts hang over the top and thrust out towards me. They are heavy and so superbly round, I’m thinking at least a C-cup, if not bigger. Her stiff nipples are centered within large circles of deep coral which provide a stunning contrast to her alabaster skin. She definitely has not been to Pirate’s Cove.

The corset extends down to her hips and flares out around her lovely wide ass. The corset has garter snaps, holding up sheer black stockings that surround her thick thighs. A black lace G-string covers her most private parts. Leather black boots that extend to just below her knees completes her ensemble.

Of course, I’m speechless and find it hard to breathe. It appears Jill’s demeanor is changing as she flings her coat to the side. She puts her hands on her hips and stares intently.

I find my voice and struggle to say, “Oh my gawd Jill, you are stunning. Wow.”

“You will refer to me as Mistress Jill. And yes, I know I’m stunning. Now, it’s time for you to disrobe. Do it at once.”

I jump down from the massage table and unbuckle my belt, pushing my jeans and boxer shorts down in one swift motion. My cock rises to attention. My seven-inch shaft pulses with desire.

“I can’t believe this Jill. This certainly is a Black Friday special.”

Jill’s voice takes on a demanding tone, “I said you are to refer to me as Mistress Jill, did you not listen? And you will only speak when I grant you permission. Nod your head if you understand.”

The tone of the morning is rapidly changing. I was not expecting this at all. I wonder if I should call it quits and go about my day. My cock has a different response as pre-cum forms at the tip and my shaft throbs. Without another hesitation, I nod my head and lust surges through my body.

“Good. Today you will please Mistress Jill in every way that she demands. I see your response to my outfit, and it pleases me. You have a superb cock. Now, I wish my G-string to be removed.”

Alright, this afternoon just might go my way. I’m dying to eat Jill’s pussy. I must remember that she is the one longing for my pussy eating expertise. I reach over to grab the side strings of her thong, but she slaps my hands away.

“You may not touch Mistress Jill unless directed. Kneel and remove my G-string with your teeth.”

I kneel before my dominatrix and grab the left string with my teeth pulling it down several inches. I switch to the right side and pull down more. With each movement, I inhale the sweet fragrance of her pussy. A final tug on the gusset and it slides down her long legs to her ankles. Jill kicks her G-string aside and stands with her legs spread.

I remain kneeling with my lips inches from her labia. A triangle of auburn hair covers her mound. I stare silently at Jill’s womanhood waiting for her next command.

“Do you like my pussy my pet? It’s not the same as Anna’s you know; her mop of unkept curls in not appealing. Look at my mons, my hair is neatly cropped. Do you see the tight edges expertly cut? This is how a pussy should be adorned. My thick, fleshy lips are waxed smooth to the touch.”

I nod my approval remembering not to speak. I lick my lips anticipating the taste of her pussy and a chance to please Jill.

“I see that you lust for my cunt. Well you will have to wait. Now stand isveçbahis yeni giriş up.”

I stand with my eyes glued to Jill’s alabaster tits. My cock continues to throb as she reaches down and wraps her right hand around my shaft. Jill strokes my length several times with a tight grip. She moves her hand down to my balls and squeezes them firmly.

“Your cock pleases me. However, I have a few demands before we continue. You tell me you are a certified masseuse, so you must have lotions and devices of pleasure. Do you?”

I nod my head.

“You may speak.”

“Yes, Mistress Jill, I do have lotions and other sex toys.”

“Please retrieve them for your Mistress.”

I move over to the cabinet where I keep my massage lotions and lube and open the drawer. I hand her a bottle of vanilla lube.”

“And the sex toys.”

I pull out the second drawer where I keep my cock ring and a few items I’ve collected from the local adult store. Jill tells me to sit back on the table while she peruses the items. She grabs my purple cock ring and inspects it.

“This looks interesting, I think you should wear this before I allow you to eat my pussy. Do you know purple is my favorite color?”

She continues to poke around the drawer and pulls out a four-inch butt plug given to me by my next-door neighbor, Denise.

“Oh, you are a naughty one, aren’t you? Do you use this on your ladies, or maybe you use it yourself?”

I must have a guilty look.

“You do use it on yourself, don’t you? You shove things up your ass. Does the thought of this make your cock hard? Don’t you dare cum. Well this is good to know. What about vibrators? I’m sure you must have some for your female clients?”

I motion to the next drawer down. Jill opens the drawer and smiles as she picks up a silver bullet vibe. She turns the handle and it buzzes to life.

“Well, well, well. You seem to have quite the collection. I bet this has been buried in your ass too. Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass high in the air.”

I follow her directive, keeping my mouth shut. I don’t need her to get cross with me while I’m in this position. Jill drips vanilla lube along my ass crease and spreads the lotion over my bung hole. I feel her finger probe my sphincter as she drips more lubricant. I jerk back as she presses her finger in my ass. Jill slides her digit back and forth trying to loosen my resistance. She drills deep into me and pulls out.

“I see someone likes to have his ass fingered. Does this make your cock harder? I hope so. If you squirt your jizz, Mistress Jill will be very displeased.”

I can’t see what she is doing, but I feel the pressure. Jill slides her fingers back and forth along my crease and then I feel more pressure against my anal ring. I get the feeling she may have grabbed the butt plug or silver bullet and is preparing to stick it in. She pours more lube and then pushes the butt plug into my rear while she twists the four-inch projectile. The bulbous head stretches me to the point of being uncomfortable before it slides in and disappears between my cheeks. I feel the plug press against my prostate causing my cock to spring up into an instant and rigid erection.

I require time to come to terms with the butt plug lodged deep in my passage. I try to adjust but I lunge forward when Jill slaps my ass with a riding crop. My body tenses. Where did this come from? I don’t own a crop and I didn’t see Jill come in with one.

“Surprised you with that didn’t I? My riding crop was hidden in my coat. It is no longer hidden.”

The crop lands hard against my right cheek, causing the skin to ripple and me to gasp. I tense up anticipating another whack. It comes all too soon, this time to my left cheek. Jill lands a few more slaps to my buttocks and inner thighs, before pressing on the base of the butt plug.

“Now that I have your attention, lie on your back with your hands to your sides.”

I follow her directive and lay down flat on my back. My cock swings back and forth, ready to burst. Jill moves to the side of the table and grabs my thick shaft again. She slowly strokes me while she drips vanilla lube around my aching cock. Jill slides the cock ring down my seven-inch shaft. She presses it down to the base. The pressure of the ring maintains my stiff erection. My spongy glans is firm to the touch. I feel I could cum at any second. My cock throbs and pre-cum oozes from the tip.

“Don’t you dare cum. Mistress Jill will be extremely disappointed if you shoot your load before servicing her.”

To make matters worse, Jill grabs the silver bullet and runs the vibrating wand along the length of my shaft and under my balls several times before setting it aside. She states that it is time for me eat her quim and make her climax like never before. She demands that I live up to my reputation.

Jill climbs up onto the massage table and swings her leg over my head. She plants her pussy on my face and rides. She lays her hands on my chest for support and glides her slit along my tongue. I lick her puffy outer lips and then press my tongue between her dripping labia. Her sweet juices flow, coating my taste buds. Jill urges me on.

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