A Drive


It’s a bright sunny day out, but you wouldn’t know it because you’ve been fighting with your college work all day. More than once, I’ve leaned into the room, only to see you typing away furiously or occasionally griping at how your coffee is getting cold. Even with the nice weather, I’m starting to question your decision to go visit relatives if your homework is driving you crazy. So … I decide to see what I can do.

At some point in the craziness, you lean back in your chair in order to focus and think about what needs to be done next. With your eyes closed and your brain going full-speed, you don’t even notice when I step into the room. You do, however, notice when I start rubbing your shoulders. Your head leaned back, you open your eyes and look up at me with an almost painful smile.

“That feels nice. Thank you.” It seems like a plain answer, but I know that’s because you’re struggling with the work.

“You’re welcome. Are you buried, or do you have to finish this right here and now?” You sigh and give me that look, like you expect me to do something crazy. “I’m serious. Come on, you need a little time away from the machine.”

You are reluctant to agree, but you’ve learned to let me have my way every once in a while. I take your hand and lead you out of the study and through the living room. As we walk out onto the patio, I remind the folks that we’ll only be away for a while and they eagerly agree to watch their grandson while I get you outside and into the sun. You are already suspecting something — but you’re surprised when we step out onto the driveway and there’s a convertible sitting there. You stop walking. “Where did this come from?”

I roll my eyes and grab your hand again, pulling. “It doesn’t matter. Everything’s fine, it’s a great day, and you need a break from the computer. Come on.”

You’re slow to recover – at first – but I also know that you enjoy convertibles and you’re getting excited about the drive even before I can unlock the doors. As soon as we’re safely inside, I back us out of the driveway and make for the exit to the interstate.

Even isveçbahis driving at neighborhood speeds, you’re already wondering about your hair. You consider letting it out, tying it up more, or maybe just giving me shit about how I didn’t bring a hat or something to cover it up. As I turn onto the interstate and you feel the wind pick up, you give in and just let out the ponytail, running your hand through your hair and feeling it blow freely in the wind.

“It’s a good thing I was going to get my hair done tomorrow instead of today.”

I laugh and glance over, smiling as you lean your head back, feeling the wind go past and through your hair. You drop the seat back a few notches and close your eyes, enjoying the sun and the breeze. Time starts to blur as I keep watching the highway and your let yourself relax.

Twenty to thirty minutes go by, and you haven’t been awake for most of it, but when I slow down in order to exit the highway, your eyes open just enough for you to look around. “Turning around already?”

“I can keep going in circles — we might as well stay close enough so that we can stop when you want instead of driving four hours back.” I smirk and glance over at you again before my jaw drops. You’ve undone the top few buttons on your shirt and are taking it off. “Uhh ..?”

You push the shirt down under the seat then turn in your seat belt. “Don’t get back on the highway.” As I keep driving farther away from the interstate, you reach over and start unzipping my pants. Your seat pops up a notch and you lean over and start kissing the side of my neck, nibbling, sucking … and I feel it when your hand slides inside my pants — and then inside my underwear.

“Thank you for getting me outside. It IS a nice day.” And you give me a peck on the cheek, then lean back and smile. I try to look over and make eye contact, but I’m slightly distracted as I feel your hand squeezing and stroking me. As I lose the ability to focus, I decide that driving safely is the highest priority. You grin, then you pull my cock out of my pants. You squeeze again, then take your hands away and isveçbahis giriş lean all the way over, releasing the seat belt completely.

I gasp as you put your mouth on me. It’s almost all I can do to keep driving, but with one hand, I reach down and hit the seat control and slide back a few inches. You take advantage of the space and lower your mouth, taking me as far into you as you can. You grin to yourself as you feel the car jerk slightly, knowing that my body but can’t help but react to you.

You start to torture me as I drive carefully down some abandoned back road — licking, teasing, sucking … your fingers touching me at opportune times, changing the feeling, but never taking away the tension.

I finally get to a straight section of road and I can stop worrying so much about the twists and turns in the road. Letting go of the steering wheel with my right hand, I reach around you and squeeze your breast, putting my hand around as much of it as I can before squeezing and pulling my hand off, letting the most pressure hit as my fingertips squeeze your nipples. Now it’s your turn to gasp slightly, but it just gets you more excited and you suck harder, your lips wrapped tight around me.

I stop thinking about one-upping the shock value, and I just start running my hand over your bare skin — up and down your back, along the top of your pants, up your side … at some point, you reach down with one of your hands and you undo your own pants. I notice easily enough as I slide my hand along the belt line, and I slide my hand down your ass, reaching down the crack and running my finger over your sphincter. You shift and slide a little closer, and the next time I slide my finger down between your ass cheeks, you can feel me tease the bottom of your vagina.

Finally, you can’t take it anymore. You know for a fact that I’m excited and hard, and you look up and glance around, seeing no signs of civilization except for the road. You say quietly, “Stop the car” before lowering your mouth back to my shaft. Your tongue slides up it again before I can slowly brake and pull to the isveçbahis yeni giriş side.

You sit up straight as I pull as far off the road as I can get. I keep the car in gear, but turn the engine off. You keep looking around, but now you can’t hear anything at all. It’s obviously quiet and we’re alone. You sit up on your knees and slide your pants and panties off.

“Scoot back,” you say, not even waiting for me to start moving before you crawl over me.

I push the seat as far back as I can go, to include lowering the seat more. I’ve barely looked back before you’re already kneeling over me and holding me ready. Waiting for me to make eye contact, you hold yourself close enough to tease me — and as I look up, you relax your legs and let me slowly slide into you.

You sigh as your other lips now open, then tighten around me. My hands go to your hips, but you don’t wait for long before you lift up again. You can feel it as my head starts to push your lips apart and you drop back down. Each time you move, you can feel me filling you up, my cock deep inside you. My body underneath you. My hands on your hips, then your side …

You can only keep it up for a few minutes before you have to close your eyes. You lower your mouth to my neck, your hair falling all around my head and my face … and as you drop back down onto me, you bite me.

I gasp, the sound right in your ear. You move farther up my neck, biting and nibbling, then your teeth pinch down on my earlobe and you pull before letting go.

You drop harder, but now I’m pulling you down onto me with each motion. As you keep fucking me, we’re both beginning to lose control. Finally, I pull down harder than I have been, and as I fill you up even more, I hold you down. That extra motion — plus the extra force from me — and that’s enough. You cry out, throwing your head back and arching your back. Even before you’re finished, you can feel me explode inside you and I gasp before sliding my arms up your body and holding you tight against me.

You put your hands in my hair and lower your cheek against my forehead. Slowly, our breathing returns. You sit back and smile at me. “I know you said that there’s enough room in this kind of car, but using a convertible is cheating, don’t you think?”

I grin. “So that means we need to go on another drive?”

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