A First Time Model


I work for Express Deliveries, and had a new address to deliver today. I walked up to the door and knocked, she opened the door.

“Hello I’m Icey Fire,” she said “Well aren’t you a tall one.”

The gal speaking was of average height about 5’ 4” Blonde hair and blue eyes, and pretty well built. The T-shirt she was wearing was one of those muscle T-shirts. I could look down into the gap between her tits. Her nipples made nice little bumps in the icy blue material. She smiled, as she looked me up and down, I tried to keep calm.

I told her I had a package for this address. She laughed and told me to step inside. I followed her into her home. She was wearing a hot red mini-skirt that stopped just short of showing her ass. She stopped next to a coffee table and leaned over to look through her purse. Her mini-skirt rode up showing her ass and her white panties. I leaned over to put the package down and I looked up and could see that her panties had ridden up between the lips of her pussy. As she stood up, I did as well.

She handed me a ten. I told her that I don’t carry any change.

“That’s your tip,” she said. “I really needed this package today.”

She looked me up and down again and said, “are you free for the day?” I just nodded, “How would you like to earn another fifty dollars today.”

I nodded again and asked her what I would have to do. She told me she was an underwear designer. She had a job to finish and she could use someone to model for her. I told her I wasn’t a model, and I had never done anything like that.

She said it didn’t matter and that if I did that there would be more work in the future, for me. She asked me to pick up the package and follow her to her studio in the back of the house ankara eve gelen escort where she did her work. There were pictures of men and women all in various kinds of underwear. She took to package from me and tore it open. Taking a handful of blue fabric out she handed it to me.

“Here put this on,” she said.

I took the cloth; it was very soft and silky. When I shook it out, I realized I was holding a pair of boxers. I looked at her and she started laughing.

“I told you I design underwear,” she said “If you are feeling a little embarrassed you can change behind the screen.”

I went behind the screen and slipped out of my clothes, and I put the boxers on. There was no hem in the legs and the fly was open. I called out and told her the boxers weren’t finished. She said that’s what I need to do, was finish the boxers. She told me to step out and she would get to work on them.

I came out from behind the screen holding, the shorts together with one hand. She pointed to a small stand in the corner of the room, I climbed onto the stand. My belly button was level with her eyes. She slipped a cushion for pins on her wrist and took hold of the waist ban of the boxers. She started pulling and tugging at the waistband of the boxers. Shifting the waistband around my hips. Several times the fly parted and I know she was looking at my pubic hair. She finally pinned and marked it with a piece of chalk.

She began folding the lower hem on the boxers. As she worked her way around my ass, I could feel her fingers sliding along side of my cheeks. She worked her way around to the front of the boxers. My cock was still limp, but it had jumped when she stroked my ass cheeks. Her fingers gaziosmanpaşa escort brushed against the head as she folded the hem over my right thigh. She looked up at me smiled, and went back folding on the hem.

She finished with the hem and then worked on some tucks in the rear, to make the boxers hang better she said. She came around to the front of and slid her hand down my left thigh and then down my right thigh, right over my cock.

“Are these comfortable” she asked.

I told her I normally wore boxers but these felt loose. She smiled and said the next pair would fit better. She handed a small piece of cloth and told me to go change.

The small cloth was a pouch with strings attached. One string held up the front of the pouch and ran around my waist. The second string ran from the bottom of the pouch between my legs and up the crack of my ass I had to tuck my cock up beside of my stomach cause there was no room for my cock to hang between my balls. When I came out, she nodded and motioned me to get up on the stand.

I felt more exposed now, then I ever felt before in my life. She walked around behind he reached down and adjusted the waistband. I could feel my cock getting hard. She leaned towards me I could see her tits through the top of her T-shirt. She looked up and asked me if I would like to dance in these shorts. I told her “I didn’t know what she meant by that.”

“She said, “Would you like to dance with a woman close to you wearing this pouch?”

I said, “I am not sure and I wondered if it made a difference.”

“When you dance close with a woman she can feel you through your clothes. Would you be comfortable of you got a hard-on?” she said.

I ankara grup escort said “I don’t know>”

“Well let’s try an experiment, if you don’t mind,” she said.

She reached out and began stroking my cock through the pouch. After a few strokes I was hard as a rock, and the head of my cock was sticking out the top of the pouch.

“I think you need a longer pouch,” she said.

She continued to stroke my cock through the pouch, as she stroked she started pulling down the front of the pouch, revealing more of my cock. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking harder.

“I can’t get you excited and not do nothing about it, now can I,” she said.

She stroked the length of my cock faster, and then slowed down. Then she looked at me and smiled, then she leaned forward and started licking the head of my cock. After she had licked the head of my cock for a few minutes, she licked down my shaft down to my balls. With her free hand she pulled the pouch down and started sucking on my balls. Taking one ball into her mouth and then the other ball. With her other hand she was still stroking my cock. She licked her way back to the head and slowly sucked on the head. Then she started working down my shaft till she had all eight inches in her mouth. This was a first for me; no woman had ever sucked all eight inches of me. I could feel my balls lightly touching her chin, wow. She started to pick up the pace going faster. I told her I was about ready to cum, and she pulled her mouth off my cock. She then started to stroke my cock. When I came, I shot cum all over her face, mouth, neck, and T-shirt. She licked all over my cock till it became soft.

She went into another room and brought back a wet towel, and a dry towel. She wiped me off and then dried me.

I got dressed and she handed me a fifty-dollar bill.

“What about you,” I asked her, “don’t you want me to do anything for you?”

“I will be fine,” she said, “when you come back again I will teach you how to fit me with a pair of panties.”

I now stop, when ever I can.

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