A Friend In Need Pt. 01


Erica and Monique had been good friends for quite some time. They got acquainted through their respective husbands through a hiking group. The couples would go out for cocktails every now and then. But Erica and Monique grew closer over the years to where they had girls nights just about every Saturday. They were nothing out of the ordinary. Drinks and Netflix binging at one or the other’s place while their men utilized their season tickets to a professional baseball or basketball game. Or sometimes just coming by and sitting by the pool and talking when the sun went down and Erica’s husband travelled for work, which he did fairly often.

Monique was bisexual and made it no secret. She even made passing jokes about how she’d jump Erica’s bones given half the chance. The two would laugh them off just as quickly as they were brought up. While Erica gave little indication of interest, Monique couldn’t be blamed for looking. Erica was quite the sexy and vivacious brunette with a delicious set of 36 C cups. Monique was rather attractive herself, a short-ish blonde with a body that could put Jennifer Lawrence to shame.

While Erica’s husband was on one of these trips, Monique dropped in while Erica was smoking a joint and bahis siteleri watching television.

“What’s up, girl? You look stoned!” Monique said with a slight laugh.

“Piss off!” Erica retorted in a joking tone, chuckling as she embraced her friend and closed the door behind her. They made their way to the couch and Eric’s handed Monique her joint, grabbing the remote. Monique took a few puffs.

“What are we binging tonight?” Monique asked.

“Schitt’s Creek. It’s hilarious!” Erica responded.

“I’ve heard!” Monique said.

As they watched, smoked and chatted about mundane things for an hour or so, Monique brought up family.

“So, how are things with the hubby?” she asked.

“Oh…they’re fine. He’s fine…” Erica offered with a tentative tone.

“But..?” Monique said, sensing her unsureness.

“It’s nothing” Erica attempted to dismiss.

Monica persisted, “come on girl. You know you can tell me anything!”

“Well…” Erica said, finally relenting, “he’s either tired or just not in the mood to fuck. A girl can’t even get her clit licked these days.”

Monique moved closer, putting her arm around Erica’s shoulders.

“Oh, girl! I totally get it. We all have our peaks and canlı bahis siteleri valleys. Ya’ll will get through it.”

“Yeah…” Erica sighed.

“Or you could just let me take care of you for once” Monica said, half jokingly.

“Ha! Yeah…that’s be nice…” Erica said, leaning on the arm of the couch as Monique slid over and rested her arm in Erica’s lap.

Monique slowly slid her hand under Erica’s loose t-shirt and worked her way up to Erica’s left breast, slowly grazing her nipple and making it hard. Erica closed her eyes and have a slight moan.

Erica tried to make an audible response in protest, but she knew she wanted Monique to proceed.

“Girl…” Erica softly whispered as she felt herself getting wet with Monique’s touch. She looked at Monique, making eye contact and gave her a peck on her lips. That peck turned into a kiss that got deeper and deeper as Monique hands roamed Erica’s erect nipples. Erica took her shirt off completely for better access.

“Damn girl! I’ve always wanted to see these!” Monique moaned as she wrapped her lips around one nipple and caressed the other.

“OH GOD!” Erica moaned loudly, finally letting go. “I didn’t think it would feel like this.”

“Just canlı bahis wait…” Monique said with a slightly arrogant tone, knowing what she could do. Monique removed her shirt and unclasped her bra, revealing her beautiful tits. She slowly slid herself down to Erica’s shorts, removing them and her panties in one swipe. Erica’s pussy was glistening with arousal. Monique widened her tongue and ran it up Erica’s pussy, pressing it against her clit.

“FUCK!!!” Erica moaned, grabbing the couch wherever she could to hold on. Monique ran her tongue up and down Erica’s pussy, soaking up her juices over and over, flicking her clit every so often.

Erica looked down and reveled in the sight of her best friend between her legs. She grabbed Monique’s head, slowly bucking her hips up and down.

“Fuck girl…you’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make cum! You’re gonna…SSSSSSSSSHIT!!!! GOD…DAMN…FUUUUUUUCK!” Erica tightened herself around Monique’s head as she rode her massive orgasm out on her friend’s tongue. Monique wrapped Erica’s clit around her lips to milk every drop of cum from her pussy.

When Erica’s orgasm finally subsided, she laid on the couch in a sweaty, wet, post orgasmic heap. Monique sat back and watched her handiwork.

“Why don’t we go to your room and lay down?” Monique said with a smirk.

Erica gave an exhausted not, sat up with her best friend, took her by the hand and led her down the hallway to her bed.

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