A Good Wife. Chapter 5


I had christened him cueball, because of the ball like lump in the center of his penis, and it had stuck. It was partly due to it being easier to refer to him in a joking manner, and partly because it was better than saying his actual name, which felt bitter on the tongue. Of course I was jealous of him. He had come into our home, with his obscenely huge cock and shook our world’s. He’d taken it, and waved it like a wand, and put my beautiful wife under his spell. And she had been his, All his. She had ached for him, I could tell, in a way she’d never ached for me. It was hard to justify what price I may have paid for that night. I had certainly lost something but what, I could not tell. Still I was also very grateful to him and that night. For no better reason than the fact that he’d reopened her mind to the possibilities and joys of sex. Before him, in recent years, our sex life had been good in flurries. When the mood took us we would burn hot, as we had in our earlier days. But a lot of the time we would go through the motions. As if by duty. Only seldomly would sex be driven by passion. These hot times were often months apart. Looking back it was largely unsatisfying. Things needed to change. We were far too young to settle into a sparse routine, and thanks to him, and my fantasy, we’d discovered this to be true. We felt liberated. The best sex of our lives. We got up to all sorts. The whole expanse of what was out there thrilled us. Within two weeks of that fateful night almanbahis şikayet I had brought out the dildo again. She had raised a suspecting eyebrow and smiled at the thought. But more to the point, she hadn’t turned it away. As I had knelt next to her naked body, oiling its bulbous end, she showed me the palm of her hand, and asked for some lube of her own. I poured some out for her and she rubbed it enticingly over her pussy. Invitingly, So very sexy. Gently caressing her inner thighs with light fingers, I teased its rubber bellend up and down her glistening slit. She lay back in acceptance, her pussy wet and willing, waiting to to be filled. She had been a little skeptical of course. Mainly wondering how it would feel, whether it would hurt and whether she might enjoy it just a little too much. But she was there, and awake, and ready to try it. God bless her. As its head probed ever more intently around her opening, she closed her eyes and held her breath. I was holding it around the ball cup base, and as I applied pressure, it bent and flicked upwards against her clit. Her body jerked in response, as she threw me a questioning glare. I moved my grip onto the middle of its length, then I proceeded. Her outer lips separated again, but within there was resistance. It was thicker than anything she’d taken before. I wondered how I would ever get inside her. She seemed reluctant to except it, even in her lubricated state. I added still more pressure, turning it gradually almanbahis canlı casino as to almost screw it in. Eventually her lips parted, stretching around its girth, and in it slipped, enveloped by her pink juicy flesh. After that initial push it slipped in quite easily, half of its length disappearing within the first few slow pushes. I wasnt able to give her the full seven and a half inches straight away, her inner muscles were tight and stubborn and though I tried she edged away from the pressure I applied. Still, after a time and some slow rhythmic thrusts she loosened up and relaxed some. She lay back, feeling her way with a look of concern on her face. She needn’t of worried though. With each entry I offered her more and more of its length until after a while she was taking the whole thing with slow and deep thrusts. A sexy little sparkle glazed her eyes, yet her body still shied away from its feel. It was a brief encounter. By the time I had gained the sort of rhythm I desired, she was telling me she didn’t like it. She had accepted it and taken it with no real problems, yet psychologically, she wasn’t there, and then she instructed “stop”, complaining it was rubbing her painfully. I somehow suspected if we’d continued she would of found the pleasure in it, but she was adamant, so stop we did. It was the first time and I’d definitely be introducing it again at some point, I knew, so I was happy. Watching her reaction to its feel, even if she tried to almanbahis casino hide it, enjoyment was there. Watching it fill her just that bit more than she was used to. It was all very exciting. When we spoke of it a few days later she had stuck to her story of not really enjoying it. But even then as we spoke, I saw that sexy little twinkle in her eye. She also said, “If you like it, I will do it again, but just for you.” I would let her stick to that story, knowing all to well if she infact didn’t like it, she would never do it again, period. My wife had become very vocal towards what turned her on, and what didn’t, and it wasn’t long before she pushed an unsuspecting fantasy on me. Now I’m open minded. I can normally find a little something in most perversions that can turn me on, within reason. So I was ecstatic when she approached me and whispered in my ear “I want to be dominated.” It was like christmas, followed by a two week beach holiday, but more saucy. Instantly this became my number one priority in life, and to make it even better, whilst explaining herself she stated, quite seriously, that she wouldn’t entertain any ‘mamby pamby crap, If your going to do it, do it properly.” She wanted to be tied and blindfolded, and then…. well that bit was up to me. This gave me plenty of scope for thought. First I had to arrange some ties, the easy bit. Then I had to think of a game plan, the not so easy bit. Honestly it got quite stressful, such was my desire to meet her bidding. I began, like with most things in my life, by Googling it. Wife tied up and dominated was a good start. And I wasn’t left wanting. Some of the movies I was presented with were really quite hot, and from them I devised something of a game plan.

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