A home health care aide gets used.


When he had become disabled they had assigned him a home health care aide. She came to his apartment four days a week two hours per day. Over the years his assigned worker had changed until his current worker. She was young at twenty one and pretty. Long legs and tanned all over. Shapely with a flat stomach and firm c-cup breasts. Alyssa did her job and dressed conservatively.

The Saturday she came to work at his apartment it was her only job for that weekend. Ben was an older man in his late fifties heavyset and unattractive but had a nice personality. Alyssa began her work that morning but had come to work in attire not usually what she would wear. Alyssa had plans to go to a fancy party after she was done. Ben enjoyed watching her work in her black flat shoes , dark silky thigh high stockings , a short black skirt , a light blue sleeveless collarless thin silky blouse.

She was not wearing a bra or panties Ben found this out when Alyssa bent over to do things and he could look down her blouse and under her skirt seeing no under garments. Ben heard Alyssa complain of feeling weird and then she passed out falling across his legs on his bed. Ben was on disability from an injury to his spine that limited his mobility. Ben checked Alyssa and found her breathing well , her pulse normal , and seemed okay except for being unconscious.

He unbuttoned her blouse remembering that clothes should be loosened. He then undid her belt and lay her out on his bed. Twenty minutes went by and she seemed fine except would not wake up. Looking over this escorts in london young very attractive woman Ben looked at her body and slowly removed her clothes until she lay next to him totally naked. She moaned when he felt her breasts pinching her nipples.

He went further when she made no other reaction. He stripped himself and moving on top of her he rubbed his stiff cock along her slit. Then he slowly and gently parted her vaginal lips entering her. Pushing into her he discovered that she was still a virgin when he ran into a barrier to his nine inch penis. He began to pump into her only going as deep as her hymen allowed. She finally reached an orgasm and Ben thrust all of the way into her breaching her virginity as he ejaculated himself.

He cleaned them both up as best as he could and redressed her but first using his phone to take pictures of her beautiful naked body. An hour went by before Alyssa showed sign of waking up. He told her that she should see a doctor and she promised she would. Tuesday when she showed up for work she told him the doctor found she needed some vitamin supplements but was otherwise fine.

She began making overtures to Ben to become closer and he suspected that she knew that he had used her but was okay with it. As time went by she would make sexual advances to him and he of course responded to her. They began an intimate relationship that they found exciting but others questioned their May-December relationship. Alyssa and Ben enjoyed their many sexual encounters.

Ben would begin at Alyssa’s Escort in dubai neck nibbling and licking around her neck then down to her left breast sucking in her nipple as his left hand played with her right breast pulling and pinching her right nipple. He kissed and nibbled his way down her torso across her abdomen onward to her vaginal mound. He was thankful that she kept herself smooth shaven as he licked and nibbled along her slit. Pushing his tongue into her pussy tasting her juices as she became wet with arousal.

She moaned as he gently bit her clit pulling on it. As her pleasure mounted she told him not to be gentle. He smiled as he moved over her body spreading her legs and pushing two fingers into her fucking her for a bit before adding a third then a fourth finger. He added his thumb and then pushed his large hand into her at which she screamed and said no. He laughed and told her too late slut and using his hand cuffs bound her wrists to the head board of his bed and her ankles to the beds foot board.

Then using a blow job gag forcing it between her teeth. Ben returned his hand to the inside of her pussy a d forming a fist he fucked her as her screams were muffled. He tore into her body pushing his arm into her up to his elbow. When he brought her to climax he pulled his arm out of her and pulled out a large box with hundreds of marbles. Ben began filling her womb with marbles finally pushing a vaginal cap to keep the marbles in her womb.

She sobbed as he carried her to the bathroom and forcing her to be anally cleaned Dubai Escorts out by multiple enemas. After this he proceeded to fill her now cleaned out intestines with marbles a d again capping her asshole. Time to go home Alyssa and I would call the rescue squad to take you to the hospital. She whimpered feeling the weight in her abdomen and bowels but managed to ask why. He told her because those caps have been super glued in and won’t come out easily. She sobbed as she rose from the bed barely managing with the added weight.

She slowly went out to her car and drove home where she did call the rescue squad who came and rushed her to the emergency room. The staff of the ER and squad gathered around her slowly removing the objects keeping the marbles inside her body. After this they all took great pleasure pushing their hand into her removing the marbles first from her bowels stimulating her pain-pleasure receptors in her asshole.

Then they removed the marbles from her vagina causing her to experience many orgasms as they pushed into her removing the marbles almost one at a time bringing her to climaxes by basically fist fucking her. Alyssa lay on the bed totally exhausted from her orgasms and the ER staff moved her to a little used back room in the ER where they each would go and fuck her. Over the next week Alyssa was fucked six hundred times and being in a hospital her vagina and anus were cared for so as to repair any damage from such use and abuse.

What she was unaware of was the staff trained her to have an orgasm whenever she heard a dog bark. Many people after that found it amusing to play a recording of a dog barking when she was out in public so she would have an orgasm at the most humiliating times like In church.

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