A Hot Wife In The Making – Part Three


Anne and Jacob were enjoying their honeymoon.  Jacob was enjoying making love to his wife even though she never paid much attention to him.  Anne had met a few single guys that she was spending time with. Jacob was a bit jealous because Anne would not let him watch.  He loved her so much and he was quite sexual, but he lacked sexual appeal with his finger-like cock.  Anne told him numerous times that she would not let him watch her and her lovers make love.Jacob felt like his sexy wife was cheating on him.  Anne would allow Jacob to lick her pussy and fist her cunt.  She felt it was her and her husband’s way of making love.  For Anne, she liked making love with a partner who had a decent sized cock and enjoyed kissing her.Anne met two young studs at the bar and promised she would hook-up with them in the hot tub around midnight.  Jacob was in the bathroom listening to his wife make her booty call.  He planned to hide and watch his wife get fucked by the two studs. He had to be careful not to get caught.  Anne specifically said that she would divorce him if he watched her and her lovers make love.  It was not that she was a prude it was just that Jacob’s cock was silly and so small.  She did not want her lovers to feel sorry for her.  She just wanted them to fuck her and make her feel hot.Jacob had sex with his wife several times a day, however, she did not ever feel his cock inside of her.  She often would read books or file her nails while he made love to her.  Jacob begged her to suck his cock once, but she casino siteleri told him it was just a one-time thing.~~“Babe, will you help me get ready for my hot tub outing.”“Sure.  Which bikini are you wearing?”“The white one!”Jacob licked his lips.  He knew her white bikini looked amazing on her amazing body.  She had magnificent breasts that filled out the top of the bikini.She had her pussy waxed at the spa and would look amazing in her suit.  Jacob was getting hard while taking out her bikini.  He would ask her again if she could suck his cock.“Babe, I am hard!  Do you think you could suck my dick before having your tryst?  I would love to cum down your throat again.  Pretty please!”“Jacob!  That was a one-time thing.  I will be late meeting the boys!”“Please!  I am just so hard thinking about you fucking the studs.  Baby, it will be so fast.  You are just so fucking sexy, and you make me hard all the time.”“Fine!  Hurry up!  I don’t want to be late.”Anne was naked and went to the bed where her husband was.  His finger-like cock was hard and sticking up.  Anne rolled her eyes and swallowed his tiny, minuscule cock.  She sucked it just a few times and her husband moaned out he was coming.He released his cum which was just a small puddle about the size of when you make an okay sign with your fingers.“Baby, you are so fucking gorgeous.  That was a serious cum.  Did you see?”“No.  I tasted a small amount.  I’m happy you are happy.”“I will be even happier after you have your threesome.  güvenilir casino I cannot wait to hear all about it.  Baby, you are so sexy.  You will drive the guys nuts.”“Jacob, I will never understand how me fucking other’s makes you pleased.  I feel like a slut when I do this.”“Baby, you are a hot wife.  I have a tiny cock and I am amazed you suck it and have sex with me many times during the day.  I know your pussy needs to get a proper fucking from studs who can fill your ass and pussy.  I want my wife to have orgasms and be happy.”“I would rather make you happy.  Jacob this is supposed to be our honeymoon.  After making love with the boys, I would have had sex four times with other men.”“You are the sexiest wife alive.  I am happy to have my hot wife have as much sex as she wants.  I would rather she let me watch but this will do.”Anne put her bikini on and grabbed her towel and sarong.  She put her red lipstick on and looked at her husband.“How do I look?”“Amazing.  You better go or I will be hard again.”“Jacob, we have had sex enough today.  Don’t you ever get tired?”“No.  I just wish my cock were as big as the stud’s you fuck.  We would live in the bedroom.  Go and have a blast.  I cannot wait to hear all about your threesome.  Kiss me my darling.”Anne went over to Jacob who was still naked on the bed.  She kissed him passionately and left to meet the two young men she met at the bar earlier in the day.  They promised her an evening of hot sex.Jacob got dressed and waited a canlı casino while and secretly hid behind a tree near the hot tub.  He had a good place to watch his sexy wife have her threesome.Anne went to the bar first and waited on a chaise lounge for her two studs.  She met Ricky and Davey at the bar.  They were African American males who had nice bodies and wonderful smiles.  They worked as bartenders at the resort.  They promised Anne a wild time.Anne was sipping her drink when the two hunky guys approached her.“Hey, sexy!  Are you ready to have some fun?”“Yes. I am ready.”Ricky and Davey helped Anne up.  They each gave her a kiss on her mouth.  Anne passionately kissed each one.  Davey helped Anne off with her bikini.“Wow, you have an awesome set of tits.  Look at her rack!”Anne slipped into the hot tub.  Davey and Ricky took off their suits and sat on either side of her. “We figured you can ride us both and we can move to the beach and will fuck you together over there.  Sound good, pretty girl?”“Yes.”Davey grabbed Anne and passionately kissed her on the mouth.  Ricky stroked his cock while Anne climbed onto Davey’s lap.  She positioned his cock up inside of her pussy and rocked back and forth on his cock.Davey grabbed her tits while Anne rocked back and forth.  She rode him a while and then changed places with Ricky.  Anne got off Davey’s lap and climbed on Ricky’s dick.  She moaned and groaned while riding the hot guy.Meanwhile, Jacob was watching behind the tree.  He liked how his wife was being used by the two men.  He already was masturbating and was so excited seeing her get fucked by the two men.  He was excited to see her fuck the two of them on the beach.Anne rode Ricky until she came.  The trio noticed another man watching and he approached the hot tub.

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