A New Beginning


I’ve been reading the stories for years, some good, some poorly written, but most are unbelievable at best. However believable or unbelievable they always did their job, they got me off during the slow times with Jill. I am your typical middle aged man, 47, still in pretty good shape, wonderful wife, and great kids. Enjoying the suburban life with all it has to offer- kids’ sports, great neighborhood and neighbors. Life is good and I am the last person that would have thought my life would change and become “story worthy”, but it did.

Our best friends are Mike and Sue, they live next door, have two kids the same age as ours. To say our lives are intertwined between school, sports and social events is an understatement. Mike and I had begun running in the neighborhood last year and have gotten up to a few miles a week. The exercise had defiantly produced good results, a few pounds lighter and lots of energy.

I remember the week that everything changed like it was yesterday, school just finished for the year and Jill and Sue decided to take the kids to the beach for a few days to celebrate. Work was crazy for both Mike and I so we stayed home. I had just gotten home on Monday and my phone started buzzing, seeing the caller ID;

Hey Mike what’s up?

Not much Steve, how about a run tonight

Yea- after today I could really use one, let me change and I’ll be right over

I ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, remembering last week when I ran without my jock strap and how sore I was I figured best to wear that too.

Knocking on Mikes door- hey bud ready?

Yea, let’s, go.

We made our way through the neighborhood on our normal route, a 3 mile circuit. Arriving back at Mike’s house were a sweaty mess.

Hey come one in, let’s get a drink, walking inside we make our way to the kitchen and mike tosses me a water,


Standing in the kitchen Mike seemed to get quiet and disconnected

Is everything ok- you seem deep in thought?

Yea all is good, I’ve just been thinking about stuff.

Yea, what stuff?

Well not sure if I can talk about it.

What do you mean, we’ve been friends for 15 yrs., everything ok with the Susan and the kids?

Oh yea there all fine, Sue and I are good.

Well what is it? You can tell me

Are you sure? I don’t want to offend you

Mike serious? You won’t offend me.

Alright here it goes- Lately, well for a few years I guess I’ve developed a deep curiosity


Yes, sexual- towards men, well to be specific, you

Wow, what really?

Sorry Steve, I know kind of threw that at you from left field

Yea I’ll say, not sure what to think right now.

I know, that’s why I didn’t want to say anything.

So what are you saying your gay?

No not at all, just that I’ve been really curious about what it would like to be with a guy, one that I trust, and to be honest one that I think is pretty hot.

And that’s me I take it

Yea, sorry to hit you with this

Ok, well am not sure what to say or think at the moment. I can’t say anyone has ever said that about me, I just never thought you were that way.

Steve, I’m sorry, I really hope I didn’t screw things up for us or our families, I know Kim and the kids really love you guys.

For now Mike let’s just let this go and move on- ok

Ok Steve.

Well I better get going, I have an early day tomorrow. We will catch adiosbet yeni giriş up later this week.

Walking out without even looking back, I can’t believe what mike just said, I don’t even know what I was supposed to do?

Walking in the door I kicked my sneakers off and headed upstairs to take a shower, my head still filled with questions as to why after all these years Mike decided he wanted to try men- and specifically me, I would have never guessed it. I can’t believe I acted the way I did! I’ve watched my share of gay porn and chatted enough on line that I always thought I wouldn’t overact if ever propositioned but once it became a reality it really freaked me out.

Feeling the hot water warm my body I start soaping up, feeling my penis getting heavy– god I actually had a chance to be with a guy and I screwed it up! My hand sliding down my stomach, taking my soapy penis I began to slowly slide my hand up and down my cock, feeling it swell and harden in my hand I begin to imagine Mike here with me in the shower. His hand gripping my shaft, sliding it up and down, feeling his body pressing against me, his swelling penis pressing against my ass.

With only a few strokes I feel the pleasure taking over my body, my balls begin to swell as I feel the building of my climax. The vivid imagination of Mike behind be, taking me, was too much as I feel my abs begin to contract and I explode, shooting wave after wave of cum thick against the shower wall.

Leaning against the tile, my body begins to relax and the feeling of europhia sets in, god that felt so good. My penis gently twitching as it slowly softens, my body telling me to join Mike, my mind struggling with all the complexities of a happily married man beginning and affair, especially a bisexual one.

Reality quickly set in as the water went from hot to cold, pulling me back to the world. I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower, drying off I pull on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. Feeling totally exhausted and mentally drained I grabbed a quick bite to eat and early to bed.

The next morning I woke up early as usual, went through my normal routine, coffee, newspaper, shower. Fighting the urge to masturbate I opted to hold off, I did , however, shave my scrotum again, making sure there was no stubble, just in case I told myself.

Making my way through the day my mind kept going back to Mike, thinking about what he looks like naked, what it would feel like to hold his penis, feel it swell as I take him in my mouth- tasting his cum…and to watch him take me.

My mind made up- taking my phone, recalling his contact to text him a note

“Sorry for overreacting last night- you took me by surprise”

I quickly hit send before I could erase it. A few minutes go buy and I hear my phone chime

“No problem- I hope I didn’t offend you and we can still be friends and forget this ever happened.”

My mind begins to race, this is the moment- I can either turn away or take the leap and see what happens, my hands shaking as I pick up my phone and begin to type.

“You didn’t offend- we are absolutely still friends- and I don’t want to forget what you said- I’d love to explore with you!”

There done! No going back now.

Whoa wait what are you saying?

I’m saying that I’ve been feeling the same way you have- just haven’t had the guts to admit it to anyone

Wow, OK, I guess this just became real huh?

It sure did- I’m guessing this is all top adiosbet giriş secret, just between you and I right?

God yes- too much to lose- for both of us

Now what?

Lol, not sure, I’ve never picked up another guy before.

I’m sure we will figure things out as we go

Agreed- coming over for a run after work?

Absolutely- wouldn’t miss it.

The next 5 hours dragged on, I couldn’t focus on work, all I could think about was tonight and what would or could happen, I’m not even sure what I want to happen. I do know that I spent most of the afternoon with an erection and enough precum to leave a wet stain in my briefs.

Finally the day ended and I raced home. Being half erect almost all day I started to get sore so I decided on a pair of tight white microfiber underwear and running shorts. Tying up my sneakers I headed over to mikes house, knocking on the door,

Come on in-it’s open

Walking in I see Mike in the kitchen, walking in, hey what’s going on? Not much, u? Same, pretty uneventful day lol

Yea, I’ll say, ready for the run said Mike

Sure am, lets go.

Just then Mike turns to me, reaching for my waist, leans in and kiss’s me direct on the lips. Immense anxiety quickly builds as instinctively begin to pull away but his arm keeps me close. As I relax and begin to enjoy his kiss I feel his tongue press against my lips. I slowly open my mouth and introduce my tongue to his. Slowly breaking away… Sorry I just had to get that out of the way and break the ice…

Wow!! That was one hell of a kiss.

I’m glad you liked it.

Ready for our run, yes- let’s go

We decided to cut our run short as the humidity really picked up and the skies got dark, not talking too much but finally arriving back at Mike’s house. Both of us were soaked with sweat as the sky’s opened up and it began to pour.

We got here just in time, thanks- do you want to come in Steve?

Yea, sure

Walking inside Mike heads to the fridge and grabs two beers- here I think we both need this lol

Yea it’s been a bit of a whirl wind day.

Standing in the kitchen I open my beer- So when did you become curious?

Few years ago I guess

Yea, me too, does Jill know? No, way, Sue? Nope

This is our secret I guess- Yes.

Have you done anything yet? No, unless you count online chats and watching porn.

No, that doesn’t count- even though it’s fun.

Is there anything special you want to try?

Well, the usual I guess, sucking, hand jobs, I’m very open to trying anal depending on your size.

God we are so much alike, my list is the same, and I’d only add having you cum in my mouth when I’m sucking you.

Lol- I thought that was a given when you’re giving a blow job.

I notice Mike staring at my crotch, my cock is beginning to swell but my running shorts are hiding most of it.

I see you’re enjoying our conversation he said, looking down , yea it’s starting to have an effect. I hope you’re not wearing a jock strap that would be painful. LoL, yes it would, no I’m not, just a pair of spandex and the running shorts over top. I usually do wear a jock when I run but changed things up today.

I like the jock for running but the spandex allows for expansion, comes in handy in times like this lol.

Looking at Mike, oh yea? Are you hard too? Suddenly mike pulls his running shorts down, standing in just his spandex shorts. I can clearly see the adiosbet güvenilirmi outline of his penis.

I’ll take that as a yes, impressive btw. Sliding mine down letting mike see my erect shaft through my shorts, feeling a slick spot at the tip as my precum begins to ooze.

Steve, I really need to get out of these sweaty clothes, oh yea, sure mike no problem, run again tomorrow.

Yes but actually I was wondering if you would join me…

Join you?

Yea, for a nice hot shower.

Wow, yea, I’d love to

Mike reaches out and grabs my hand, leading me down the hall and up the stairs. Feeling my stomach turn and my nerves building but amazing my cock getting harder.

Both of us sitting on the bed, taking our sneakers off, slowly striping down, now both just in our shorts.

Looking at each other, laughing a bit, guess this is it huh mike. Sliding my shorts down as he watches, my erect cock springs free. Tossing my shorts to the side as mike does the same, both of us standing with erections, looking at each other. I move to him and lean in, kissing him deeply, parting his lips with my tongue. Feeling my hard cock press against his, the thick shaft pressing against me. I reach down, wrapping my hand around Mike’s thick penis and slowly begin stroking up and down.

A slight moan escapes his mouth.

I think we need to lay on the bed and enjoy this- gently pulling mike by his penis I slide back on the bed. Laying him down I run my hands across his hairy chest and stomach. One hand rubbing a nipple, the other moving down to his waist. Sliding down his thigh I slowly move up and cup his hairy balls, gently tugging as my other hand grips his shaft as I start jerking up and down. Looking at my new lover I see mike being totally relaxed with a slight smile on his face.

How does that feel?

Oh my god that feels so good- I don’t think I’m going to last long…mmmmmm just lay back and enjoy it.

Running my left hand across Mike’s thighs as my right continues to pump him gently cupping his balls as my hand passes. I see his legs begin to twitch and tighten. Knowing that sign myself I know he is getting ready to cum. I begin to tease the tip of his penis, rubbing the slippery pre cum across the head of his bulging cock mike’s body begins to really tighten and tense up. I quicken the speed of my right hand as all of a sudden his cock erupts and shoots streams of hot cum in to the air, falling on my hand and his hairy stomach.

Slowing down I continue to milk his cock to get all of the cum out.

Looking at him – chest heaving and smile on his face. I drop my hand to the pools of cum and begin to rub it in. Leaning over I give him a kiss… Did you enjoy that?

Holy shit that was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

It looked like it, I thought you were going to fly off the bed lol.

Laying down next to mike, my hand still gently rubbing his leg, his penis slowly softening. He rolls towards me…I think I owe you something he whispers as our lips meet again. I feel his hand sliding down my body, wrapping around my swollen cock, slowly mike begins to pump his had up and down. Between his tongue sliding across mine, his hand working my cock and the who idea of my first man on man experience I felt my balls tighten , immediately my cock explodes , sending ropes of thick cum across my chest.

My entire body tingling as I lay back, mike smiling at me- that looks like it felt pretty good as he dips his finger in my cum and licks it.

It did feel good, I’m total spent! I haven’t cum that fast since I was a teenager.

Laying back next to me, our bodies sweaty from the run and now sticky from our cum–I think we really need that shower.

To be continued…

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