A Nice Way To Awake


Slipping back into the room, I sit on the end of the bed and watch you sleep. Your hands are thrown above your head; your face turned to the side, your profile strong and so handsome in your slumber.

My eyes linger upon your chest, raising and lowering with your deep restful breathing. I can’t help but walk around the bed to place a kiss upon your cheek.

Dropping my robe to a chair of the hotel room, I open the drawers of the chest and pick out some fresh under wear, a wispy pair of lace and silk cream panties and a matching bra, and a pair of fine flesh coloured stockings.

Sitting on the chair opposite you, my eyes on you as I sleep, I point my toes and roll the soft nylon slowly up my right leg, and then with the other I do the same. I always enjoy the feel of the delicate material encasing my legs. Standing up I smooth the softness of them up to the top of my thighs and make sure they hold in place. Then I stand into my panties, bending over pulling them up over the smoothness of my covered legs. Making sure they sit comfortably within the softness of my behind and the waist sits just right at the base of my spin.

Checking on you, I make sure your eyes are still shut and I can’t help but run my fingers over the panel of silk that covers my bare, hairless pubis, the smoothness so new and sensitive, the silk enfolding my most sensitive parts. Next my bra, so stiff from it’s under wires but the cup that will hold and keep my breasts within it’s grasp so smooth and beautiful, the lower half of the cup a soft creamy silk, the rest a web of the softest lace.

I hold and close the clasps of the bra at the front of my waist and then swing the cups to the front, pulling it up as I slip an arm through each strap, then allow my breasts to cradle in the softness of it support. My nipples peek through the lace as I look in the mirror; once more my hands reach to touch the fabric encased flesh.

Hearing you stir slightly I turn to check on you. Your face is still relaxed and your eyes shut.

Turning away from you again, I reach into the wardrobe to decide what to wear, my hands flicking through the clothes upon the hanger, as I reach for a dress, I feel your hands upon my waist, their largeness softly moulding to the curves. Your lips upon my neck, nuzzling my head to the side as your nibble and tease upon me. Your voice is slightly hoarse from just waking, as you whisper good morning into my ear. Your lips and tongue tickle at my ear lobes and I sigh happily as the usual stirrings start within me.

One hand spins me to face you, and as I smile up into your eyes, I feel your hand hold the small of my back, pulling me to you.

“I watched you dress, love, and everything in me wants now to remove it”. I lean in kurtköy escort close and giggle slightly against your chest, my whole body flushing in delight at your words. My ear rests upon your chest and I hear the slightly fast beat, it joins with mine as I look up into your eyes, the green of my eyes sparkling with my need for you. I raise myself to my toes and kiss you softly upon your lips and my eyes are the only consent you need as you sweep me up and carry me to the bed.

Laying me softly upon the covers and onto the pillows you lie beside me and your eyes hold mine. Your head raised and supported my your hand. My fingers trace the triangle caused by the position of your arm, delicately following over the strength of them.

Lying back into the softness of the pillows I just smile and look at you, happy in the moment. My covered toes run up and down your legs, as we continue to hold each other’s gaze.

Reaching for your free hand, I hold it first to my breast and mould your hand around its softness, my hand makes yours caress and knead into the pliable flesh. My eyes gleam with mischief and hunger and I move the warmth of your hand down to my panty-clad sex. To the heat and moistness forming there.

Your hand so big beneath mine curls and moulds deeply against my pubis, your fingers reach into the crevice of my thighs, and my body reacts involuntarily to it your touch, my knees parting and my hips pushing up against your touch. My gasp makes your lips curl into a smile, and makes my heart beat faster inside as the butterflies of desire spread through my body.

Sitting up I crawl over your body, I kiss you as I lean forward, you just lie back with a smile as I pull your hands above your head and hold them there. Planting kisses from your fingers tips down the right arm, and down to your neck, my panties rubbing against the nakedness of your groin.

Bringing one leg forward I pull at the toe of a stocking and remove it from my leg in one swift movement, the flimsy material flits across your chest as I reach up to your wrists and tie them together. A little shocked look runs through your features, as my next stocking is removed and I slide down the bed. Drawing your knees up and your ankles together, I push your legs apart slightly and just devour you with my gaze.

You are lying there before me totally prone. Your parted legs show me the weight of your cum loaded balls, your hardening cock points up towards your stomach and lays there in all it’s glory. It’s darkening head, gleams softly in the morning light. My whole body shivers seeing you lie there almost totally in my control.

Feathery touches run up each leg, my nails twirling in the masculine hairs of each one. Leaning forward I run kisses deep bayan kurtköy escort into your inner thighs, my fingers following, till I reach your weighty balls hanging there majestically between your parted legs. My tongue reaches out to lick each one excitedly, it lifts up each one with a flick and lays a wet trail over each of them, it runs down to the tight hole of your ass and plays and teases at it’s tightness. I see your eyes shut as I look up to you, my neck arching as I play with you.

My fingers move up to touch and tease where I play, and I run them over the fleshy sac and down to where my tongue has probed, using the dampness I push lightly against the hole and tease you deeply, slowly pushing against your shocked resistance. Pushing firmly I reach into the tight hole and tease in and out of you, watching you squirm in a quite bashful way.

I remove the finger from you and watch you from the bottom of the bed, your throat showing a gulping Adam’s apple. Your cock twitches and throbs in its awakenings. I move in again and begin to lick in long slow strokes up the length of your manhood, my tongue probes into the recess of the cum whole, it runs it circles around the crown, up into the little vee, that makes the beautiful head curve into the cum hole. My whole tongue bathes you in my warmness, your cock shines from my saliva upon you, and soon your body is moving in anticipation beneath me. Crawling back up the bed, I make sure the stocking is secure around your wrists and I add the security of tying it to the bed head.

Pulling your knees together I sit upon your pelvis, your cock nestled against the silk strap of my g-string, I widen my legs, part them over you, placing a foot either side of your body, and rest upon your legs. I look you in the eyes, as I push the material of my panties aside, and begin to slowly caress the budding head of my clit, already dewy with my lust, leaning quiet heavily against your thighs I rub my bud into a state of erectness. It’s pinkness glowing from the folds of my shaven pussy; my palm continues the pressure upon it as I dip two fingers into my pussy, curling inside to caress the sensitive walls. Knowing you’re watching me, knowing the stirrings of your cock beneath me, pushing at the string of the panties drives me into a frenzy of touches upon myself. My two fingers fuck my soaked hole, and my body shakes and writhes over your tied body, until the sweet release of my orgasm comes, and I shudder to my climax on your handsome torso.

Laying back once more upon your thighs I relax slightly as the waves subside. Looking back to your eyes, I smile knowingly at you, and I see the urgency in your stare, I sense the longing that I have brought by my teasing. escort bayanlar I know that now is the time to release your from the bondage.

With a grin, I lean to release your bound ankles, then leaning forward, my whole body caressing you as I reach and release your wrists, and my whole insides quiver as my breasts rub against your wonderful chest, my nipples straining against the lace of my bra.

I feel myself tossed to the bed, your animal like growl resonating, through the hotel room. My panties are ripped from me, my bra hastily removed, and you move over me with animal passion. Your eyes dark with hunger as you almost glare into my eyes, but your voice soft as you playfully call me a teasing whore. I laugh and wriggle against you, lost in the passion of your caresses, as your hands roughly grab at my tits, your mouth devours my lust-engorged nipples. Soon you have me writhing beneath your talented body, my mouth uttering small whimpers of delight.

You flip me over, bury my face within the pillow and a sharp slap burns at my arse as you call me your little tart, the burn turns into a beautiful fire of delight. The head of your manhood caresses against the dampness of my sex, it rubs and teases me furiously, and I feel a hand come round my waist and to my pussy, your fingers firm against my now burning clit. Just as I am relaxing at your teasing, your hard cock rips into my wet hole, the thrust pushing me up the bed, my moan is stifled as I feel that wondrous part of you fill me and complete the aching void. Thrust after thrust shakes me, and in my delight I clench the walls of my pussy around your manhood, clasping it with each entrance and withdrawal.

Your hands move from my pussy and grab at my swaying breasts, you are using them almost as a tool to increase your drive into me, my screams start to build as I am driven beyond imagination into a bliss unknown before. Your passion overwhelms me, and I just shiver in continued ecstasy as you fuck me hard and strong.

I sigh as I feel you remove your man meat from me, and I fret until your strong arms flip me over once more until I am on my back, my knees pressed to my chest and your pierce me once more with your cock. I groan in enchantment as my aching pussy is filled with you once more and your thrusts fill me. Opening my eyes I look to you, and I am lost in your gaze, your strong face stiff with your ardour.

Your body starts to tense and I feel you, begin to almost become erratic in your rhythm. My eyes close once more as the orgasm builds in me so mightily. Our moans of rapture echo around the room as we both draw to the edge, as I scream my release, your body tenses.

Oh then, the life giving feeling of your hot seed fills me, the gushes and spurts of your cum covers the walls of my insides, and the gushing of my lust coats you. Our breath coming in short rasps, we kiss hungrily and collapse into each others arms and relax in the aftermath of our sex. I mould against you in a sigh and we drift into that embrace of total intimacy.

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