A Night of Debauchery


It was going to be one of those nights, like many before, no rules no hang-ups no strings. It was going to be a night of pure debauchery and I had been looking forward to it for some time now. The plan was set in motion just like every other time, an email sent from a website few knew about. When I received it a smile pursed my lips and my groin stirred as I read the words:

Calling all boys! It is time once again to get together. Yes that is right, it is DEBAUCHERY NIGHT. Jerking, fucking, sucking, and fun to be had by all! To get the address of this nights event please email me back…Remember all you need to bring is your hard cock…

I immediately responded, my cock already hard from the thoughts of what was to come or should I say cum. I received my confirmation email with the address shortly after and decided to do some shopping to get a new outfit for the festivities. Not that it mattered much however because clothes and the participants would be soon parted once the party got underway. It was the one thing I loved about these debauchery parties, no pretense, no bullshit, just a pure unadulterated fuckfest! But still it always nice artemisbet yeni giriş to get a new costume and it I always like to make sure I look like a wanting slut when I attended these parties.

I headed to the local sex shop where I bought all my gear and picked out a nice set of leather chaps with a matching leather thong. The thong had a hole in it so my cock could hang out nicely for any takers. The changing rooms had a curtain but I didn’t even close it when I tried my gear on, I figured I would give the young obviously gay sales clerk a little show. I was right about him because I caught him staring at my ass as I put on the thong then chaps. My cock started to bulge from the feel of the soft leather and I pulled it out through the slit in the front.

Admiring myself in the mirror I caught his gaze in the reflection. He looked so hungry and his eyes were glazed with lust. I could tell he wanted my cock and I thought I should see how far I could take it. I turned around and stepped out of the tiny stall and asked the young gent what he thought.

“You look scrumptious!” He said and then he went to the door and artemisbet giriş turned the open signed to closed and locked it. Walking back he came up to me and planted a hot kiss on my lips. His tongue slid between my lips and I accepted the intruder. As our tongues danced I could feel his hand as it enveloped my cock. He started stroking me in a gentle rhythm and my nuts tightened from the pleasure.

The sales clerk broke the kiss and then dropped to his knees, my cock was swaying proud and firm like it was doing a dance right in front of his face. He stared at it for a moment then took the hardened pole into his hot wet mouth. Without any struggle he swallowed my eight inches completely. His technique was expert as he deep throated my thick cock.

For a random encounter I was more than lucky as it happened I was experiencing one of the best blow jobs of my life. Up and down my cock he sucked, his spit leaving trails along the swollen shaft from tip to base. Not only was his mouth expert but so were his hands. As he drove his mouth up and down my slippery pole he held my nuts in his one hand gently massaging them and with his artemisbet güvenilirmi other he gripped my shaft. Each time he would dip his head he would give his hand a quarter turn and slide it down with his mouth, as if it was a guide for his throat. The circular motion of his palms on the underside of my cock was fantastic and I knew if he kept it up I wouldn’t last long, besides the raunchiness of being in a public store made the thrill that much more exciting.

I could hear myself moaning and this only encouraged the young attendant and he sucked faster and harder. “Fuck you keep doing that stud I am going to blow right in your mouth!” I told him.

For a second he took his mouth off my cock and responded to me. “I would love to taste your cum lover!”

Well he asked for it and his mouth and hands were magic so I couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt my toes curl in my shoes, my thighs got tight and my nuts twitched. “HHHHEEEERRRREEE IIIITTTTT CCCCUMMMMSSSS SSSTTTTTUUUDDD!!!” I cried as I felt the cum blast from my cock. The sales clerk just sucked harder and harder not missing a drop.

After he was done he got up off his knees and gave me a business card of the store and wrote his number on it. I took the card and headed home. I new I would be calling on him in the near future but I had other plans to attend too and I was looking forward to the Debauchery Party later that week.

To be continued…

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