A Night of Passion to Remember


Note to reader: Hello Reader. This is my first story to ever be published. I did have a couple of sounds on Literotica Audio, but this is my first story. I hope that you enjoy reading it and it helps to make you feel horny & wonderful. Mmmmmmm, love “that” wonderful horny feeling. I look forward to receiving some feedback on what you thought of my story. Enjoy!

I have chatted on the net with you a few times and I find that I have to come to your city on company business. You offer to take me out for a drink and maybe some dinner cause you’d like to put a real face to the name as would I you. I accept and tell you, I’ll call you when I get there.

As it turns out my trip has been so hectic that I don’t contact you until my last day. You offer to come by my hotel and pick me up in a couple of hours.

I take a relaxing hot bath all the while thinking of what tonight will be like. I take my time dressing as this will be our only meeting, I leave for home in the morning. After creaming my body, I put on a pair of lacy white French panties and a matching white bra. I have decided to wear a pink floral wrap around skirt with a white top which shows off my cleavage and white high heeled strappy slides. And of course a spray of Tresor.

I wait for you downstairs in the lobby. I watch as this handsome man walks up the desk and asks for them to call the room of Jessica Casey. The man points out that I am waiting for you on the sofa. You turn around and smile at me. I smile back. You walk towards me, we shake hands and kiss lightly on the cheek.

“Mark, it’s so nice to finally meet you,” I say as I gaze into your eyes.

“Nice to meet you too Jessica,” you tell me, “Very nice!“

We go to the hotel bar and sit at a table. I order a Strawberry Daiquiri and you order a beer. And from there it begins, we chat as if we have known each other forever. I can’t stop gazing into your eyes, they are so beautiful. We chat for ages and then you ask me, “What would you like to do for dinner?”

“I have no idea,” I say, “This is your town you pick.”

So you pay for our drinks and we go out to your car.

We go to a nice cafe by the beach somewhere and share a pizza and wine. During dinner, you keep gazing at my breasts and my nipples go hard at the attention you are showing them.

Your knee touches mine and I rest my hand on your thigh at times as we laugh and chat like teenagers, having the time of lives. While we were eating I’d mentioned that I’d love to stroll along the beach, so after dinner you take me down onto the sand.

I remove my sandals and you your shoes and socks, and we walk along, hand in hand at the waters edge totally enjoying each others company. My skirt flaps around in the wind exposing my thighs. We stop for no reason and you reach out and touch my face………

“I wish you had called me sooner than your last night here Jessica.”

“I know Mark, but I have been very busy and you know it’s probably for the best that we only have this one night together.“

You reach forward and your lips brush over mine..…“I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed tonight Mark, thank you.“

You kiss me again.

“Mmmmmmm…….Mark, can I taste a bit more of you? “

And with that I wrap my arms around your neck and you drop your shoes and wrap your arms around my waist…..our lips meet, our tongues touch, and start a dance of their own. My body is crushed up against yours…….my breasts against your chest. My leg wraps around yours. Then we hear voices and we break our embrace. We giggle at what has just happened and then you grab your shoes and we continue back up to the cafe for a coffee.

You leave your shoes off and we sit opposite each other in the cafe. As we talk and drink our coffee your foot is easing it’s way up my leg. (I move a little so that my legs are spread further apart.) Your foot moves up my thigh and I can feel your toes brushing against my pussie as I sip escort kurtköy bayan on my coffee. I look you in the eyes and I can see the fire burning in yours as I am sure you can see in mine. I moan as your toes press gently against my pussie. I raise my leg, placing my foot between your thighs, and I move down a little in my seat. I raise my foot and feel your crotch……..your cock is so hard……..it makes my mouth water and I begin licking my lips wishing I could taste it.

“I think we should leave,” you say, your voice hoarse.

“I agree, but I just need to go to the ladies before we leave,” my voice a little hoarse also.

You pay the bill and wait for me at the door. You take my hand as we start to walk to your car.

“Mark, I’ve got a little something for you,” I say as I place something white and lacy in your hand.

Your eyes widen in shock and a smile spreads across your face as you find yourself holding my damp panties.

Smiling, I softly say, “Mark, mmmm, it’s your fault they’re wet!”

You lean forward and kiss me and unlock the door to your car, kiss me again before closing the door. You get in the car and lean over and kiss me again, deeply, passionately and I match that passion. You sit back up and put the keys in the ignition and start the car. You put a CD on and the stereo sound surrounds us. I feel so relaxed and recline my seat a little, the wrap around skirt parting and exposing a lot more of my thighs.

As you begin driving your hand touches my thigh and I look at you and smile. Your hand is so soft and smooth against my smooth creamy thigh. Your fingers are feathering their way up until you reach the very top of thigh and your hand splays out against smooth skin. Your fingers inch out a little…still feeling the smoothness of your fingers on the smoothness of my mound, I look at you and smile…..

“Oh baby, you feel wonderful,” you say, and with that you pull over by a street lamp and move my skirt to totally expose my creamy hairless white mound to your gaze. I’ll never forget the look on your face at that moment………priceless. Your fingers slide down over my pussie lips and I part my legs a little more.

“Recline your seat further Jess, if you like.” And I do.

With your hand on the steering wheel, your fingers slides in between my moist lips as you drive off again. We moan in unison as you slide your fingers inside me.

“Oh Mark, that feels so good.”

“Oh Jessica, you feel sooo good baby,” as you move your fingers up to my lips and I kiss them, then you move those fingers to your mouth, tasting me, licking your fingers as my fingers move down to my pussie and gently start rubbing my clit. You reach back and move my fingers and you take over, driving a little faster now as my clit is teased by your hand and your fingers fuck in and out of me …..I’m moaning as you drive….

“Oh Mark, your going to make me cummm,“ my hands grab the headrest behind my head as I begin to slowly buck up and down as your fingers work in and out of me……“Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Mark, yessssssssss oohhh yessssssssss.“

“That’s it, cummm for me baby, cummm Jessica, ohhhhhhh baby you sound wonderful!” you say in that hoarse sexy voice.

And as you drive and the music plays I cummm all over your fingers and clench them between my thighs. I’m smiling, giggling, I feel so wonderful. My thighs relax a little and you remove your hand, rearrange my skirt and pull into Valet parking at the hotel.

“Jessica I’d like to walk you up to your room.”

“Thankyou Mark, I’d love that.”

We walk to the lift…..once in there alone I take those fingers that were only a few minutes ago buried in my pussie and raise them to your mouth.

“Jessica you taste and sound so mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm,” you say and my tongue reaches out and tastes myself off your fingers too. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and my hand moves down to find escort kurtköy bayanlar your rock hard cock straining against your pants. The lift doors open. You walk me to my room without saying a word.

I unlock the door and look into your eyes……no words are needed as you step inside with me. The door closes our lips meet again.

I begin unbuttoning your shirt as you kick off your shoes and I move down to undo your belt and your pants. You pull my top up over head and drop it to the floor. Your shirt hits the carpet. My skirt falls to the carpet. You cup my breast up so it sits out of my bra and you take my nipple into your mouth. Your pants fall around your ankles. As you step out of them, I step back and flick on the lights.

I stand before you in only my bra with my breasts heaving out over it and my high white slides, you are only in wearing boxer shorts and socks. I take your hand and lead you to the sofa, but you stop and pick me up and sit me on the table, reach back and undo my bra, and drape it around your neck, you lay me back gently and your tongue licks across my hairless pussie.

I feel your tongue part my lips and slide down. My slides come off and I raise my knees up and my pussie lips opens for you, for your lips, for your tongue, for your fingers, for you to feast on and oh my, do you know how to feast!

You make me cummm so many times as I thrash around on the table, my orgasm seems to continue and several of them run into seemingly endless orgasm.

The tongue fucking and licking gives way to pussie adoring kisses that I will never forget. The sounds of you moaning and me catching my breath as you rain kisses on my pussie and those very sensitive spots between my pussie lips and my thighs.

You kiss up my tummy, lick around my belly button, move up to my breasts, kiss, lick and suck each nipple into your mouth as I lower my knees wrapping my legs around you, your mouth reaches my lips and we kiss deeply, passionately with the taste of me all over your lips and face. I place my arms around your neck, our lips never parting and you bring me to sitting up.

I reach down and feel your hard throbbing cock through your red boxer shorts. I slide then off your hips and you pick me up, step out of them and move us to the sofa where you sit as we kiss with me sprawled across your lap.

My hands in your hair, I break our kiss and start kissing the face of the most wonderful lover I have ever known. Kissing you on the nose, on the chin as I free my legs and start to slide down your body kissing your chest, licking your hard nipple and taking it into my mouth and sucking it gently as my hand finds your cock and then I move my attention to your other nipple as my hand reaches down further and finds your cum filled balls.

The kisses continue down along your hairy chest to your tummy, to your belly button as my mouth nears its target and I kneel between your thighs on the carpet. Licking my lips as I fondle your balls gently, I kiss the tip of your cock and run my hot wet tongue down the shaft and back up. Down again, this time running my tongue across your balls as my hand wraps around your cock and moves back and forth…

“Oh Jessica, that feels so good baby,” I hear you say as your hands mesh in my hair and I suck the throbbing head of your cock into my mouth as you gently push my head down. Moving back and swirling my tongue around the head, sucking you back into my mouth you begin to fuck my mouth as I suck your cock in deeply, tasting the salty droplets of pre cum beginning to ooze from your cock.

“Oh Jessica, oh Jess baby that’s it honey, suck my cock babe, suck it honey, taste me baby, I never want you to forget the taste of me” your whispering to me as your cock touches the back of my throat, you hold my head in your hands as your cock fucks in and out of mouth.

“Jess, oh baby!” you call out as I feel you fill my mouth with your gebze escort cream and your body shudders with pleasure and your grip on my head tightens a little.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” I moan as I swallow your cum and you shoot a couple more smaller streams as you begin to loosen your grip on my head and your body relaxes back onto the sofa.

My green eyes look up at you, the tip of your cock just inside my mouth, a droplet of your cum on the side of my lip, my hair messed into that “just fucked” style I love. Your fingers touch my cheek tenderly and we smile… no words are needed. I sigh and take one last lick at the head of your cock as it leaves my devouring mouth.

I lay back on the carpet and stretch my arms up above my head bringing them so that my hands rest under my hair. I’m looking at you as you just sit there looking at me, this naughty boyish grin on your face.

As you watch me, I move one of my hands and cup my breast, my fingers start teasing my nipple. My legs begin to part and your eyes move down to my pussie, I watch as you lick your lips and move forward, moving to the edge of the sofa, you reach out and touch my pussie tenderly as you begin to drop to your knees on the carpet in front of me, one knee in between legs.

You lean forward and plant a kiss on my pussie and I feel your wet tongue part my lips and lap at my cunt. You bring your other knee in between my legs as you move up, and gently kiss my lips.

“Mark, your tongue feels wonderful, but…,” I say.

“Shh,” you say, “you have a droplet of my cum, just there on your lip,” and you reach forward and lick it off , as our lips come to together, the taste of your cock and your cum on my lips and the taste of my pussie and creamy nectar on yours we kiss so deeply, so passionately as I feel your cock enter me.

Your cock slides in and out of my wet pussie, back and forth, our lips never part as your cock continues to slide in and out of me.

Then, quiet unexpectedly you roll us over so that I am on top of you. I break our kiss as I sit up feeling the full length of your cock buried inside me. I begin to move up and down on your cock…..my fingers fondling my hard nipples, I keep moving up and down my eyes burning into yours.

I’m moaning, “Ohh ohhh Mark,” as I move up and down….…“ohhhhhhh Mark, I’m going to cummm, oh yessss oh Mark,” and with that, I grind my pussie down onto your cock as I cummm.

“Ohhhh yesssssssss ohhhhh myyyyyyy mmmmm ohhhhhhh Mark,” as my pussie grips onto your cock.

“Ohhhhh,” I reach down and touch my clit and almost immediately I cummm again as I press my finger to my clit and rub it as I continue to ride your cock up and down, up and back down and with that I cummm again my body shaking and grinding down on your cock.

“Oh yesssss ohhhhhhhhh Mark, ohhhhh gawwwwdddd yesssssss” and as I’m cumming I lean forward and kiss you again, moaning my cummm into your mouth as my pussie cummms all over your cock.

I can see a fire blazing in your eyes as you growl, “You are such a sexy woman Jess!”

I feel your hands grab onto my butt as you begin to move under me, bucking up into me, fucking my pussie and I match your movements and we move in perfect time. It doesn’t take long for us to cummm together as my pussie contracts around your cock and your cock shoots a stream of hot creamy cum inside me.

We both moan in absolute pleasure, as your toes curl and we hold onto to each other and kiss as we return from our trip together to the moon and the stars.

We lay together, holding each other, again words not being needed as our breathing returns to normal and I doze off on your chest.

Sometime later, I remember you helping me to my bed, tucking me in, kissing me goodnight as your hands ran over my body again, as if you were memorising it one last time.

I remember hearing the click of the lamp as it was turned off and then a few minutes later the sound of the door closing. I just mmmmmmmmmmmmm’d to myself and surrendered to dreamland, the next thing I knew it was morning.

I woke with a smile on my face to find a note on the pillow along side mine.

The note said – Jess, thankyou for the sexiest, most passionate, unforgettable evening I have ever had in my life……catch you on the net……Mark! xx

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