A Past Love


He was still gorgeous!

She gazed at the Facebook Cover Photo staring back at her.

LaMon, her college love at Southern Mississippi University.

The one who still meant a lot to her.

She let her thoughts roll back to their first date…Valentine’s Day, 1995, that very sexy holiday she would never forget

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby” he whispered, turning her face toward him in the dark movie theater.

She began to feel dizzy as he explored her mouth and she could feel her panties growing damp.

“I can smell that sweet pussy of yours and it’s driving me crazy.”

She could only moan as he moved his hand up her thigh and she held her breath when it slid between her legs to start caressing her wet slit.

Damn his fingers felt good!

He suddenly stopped and her eyes flew open.

Smiling at her, LaMon smelled then sucked on his fingers.” I was right baby, your pussy smells AND taste good! I’m gonna need a better look!” and he slid to the floor.

“OH shit!” was the only thing she could say when he shoved his tongue deep inside her and she lost control, grabbing his head and riding his tongue

“Baby, yes!” she whispered, raising her ass off kurtköy bayan escortlar the seat as the first wave of pleasure hit her, covering her mouth with both hands to muffle the moans as she moved her pussy all over his mouth.

Afterwards, she fell back in her seat.

“You okay baby?” his voice sounded worried.

She opened her eyes and smiled. He was still kneeling on the floor his chin shiny with her juices. She ran her tongue over his lips, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She tasted good on him.

Pulling him closer, she reached down to caress his hard dick. Whispering in his ear, “I think we’ve seen enough of this movie, don’t you? Let’s go to the car!”

In the front seat, she immediately straddled him and began fumbling with his pants. “Put the seat back baby!” LaMon hurriedly put the seat in a reclining position.

His dick jumped as she licked off the pre-cum. “Ummmmmmm!” she sucked on the large head.

He shivered as she began sucking on his rod. “That feels good baby!” And he grabbed her head.

She ran her lips up and down his shaft, sucked on the head, and then started all over again.

His moans grew louder, “FUUUCCCK Baby! kurtköy escort I’m gonna cum!” and he raised his ass off the seat.

She sucked and swallowed hard as he squirted ropes of thick cum down her throat, cum flowing down her chin, and she kept sucking until he fell back onto the seat.

She could feel herself getting hot again. “Taste me again baby,” she moaned, thrusting her moist pussy toward his mouth.

LaMon suddenly lifted her in the air ran a quick tongue up her slit, then stuck his tongue in her ass…sending a shock of pleasure through her she’d had never felt before!

“Fuck baby, that feels so good!” Her ass started to quiver.

“Yeah! I got something even better baby!” And in one, quick movement, LaMon had her on her hands and knees in the back seat of the car.

Gently, he scooped some juice from her creamy pussy to oil her tight ass with. Then, opening her ass cheeks, he gently began to push in the large head, fingering her pussy as he did this. He whispered in her ear, “You like how my dick feels baby?”

“Aw yeah!” she pushed against him, rolling her thumb over her hard clit, “Give it all to me baby! “

Lamon grabbed her kurtköy escort bayanlar by the hips and with one strong thrust, shoved his long dick all the way in her quivering ass. “Here it is, baby, here is all of my big dick!”

Her pussy juice was spilling over her fingers now, and running down her thighs as the first wave of orgasm rushed over her clit, “Baby, you’re making me cum!”

“Fuck!” he fell onto her back, balls slapping against her as he picked up speed , moving his fingers in and out of her pussy even faster. “I’m cumming, too baby!” And he gave one hard thrust, spreading her ass cheeks apart and filling her puckered hole.

The sensation of his hot cum rushing into her ass knocked her onto her stomach, shoving his fingers even deeper inside her steamy pussy. A second orgasm tore through her, causing her to clamp her ass down tight on Lamon’s dick, sucking out even more of his cum! “God yes, baby I’m fucking cumming again! “

She rode his fingers while his cum filled her ass, then ran like thick lava down her ample mounds.

The had held each other tight, riding their sweet waves of pleasure until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. .

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby”

A voice from somewhere far away jolted her eyes open, and back to that beautiful face staring at her from Facebook.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too baby!” he pursed, letting the last ripples of her orgasm pulsate around her fingers.

She lightly kissed the computer screen, “See you again next year!”

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