A Pleasure Earned


You don’t even remember what you were doing at work today–other than your tasks from Mistress. She had plans for today–your outfit was an almost too short red sundress with a white tropical flowers pattern on it. A lacy white thong that perfectly rides between your cheeks. Then to top it all off, she has you wear your lush so that she can play with you during the day.

Play with you; she did. Mistress had you utterly soaked through those panties only two hours into work. After your first meeting, you run to the ladies ‘ room and take them off. You quickly text a picture of yourself sucking your moisture out of them. As a reward, she turned up vibration and texted, “You have five minutes to cum, but remember, if you do, it will be a week of edging. Let me know the outcome. ­čĺő”

You started to panic for a moment, the thought of cumming sounds terrific, but a week of edging would be hell. You bite your lip and dig your blood-red painted nails into her thighs as you hold on for five minutes. I need to grow these out a little more; my nails are not hurting me enough now. As you think that, Mistress starts to play with vibration causing it to pulse; she wants you to cum and wants to deny you next week. You do it; your five minutes is up, the lush pauses for me and another text, “Well kitten, did you cum for momma, or are you holding out for when you get home? ­čśł”

“I’m holding out. You know I love to be a good kitten and cum in your present,” you text back.

“Good girl. ­čĺő”

You return to your desk as you attempt to complete your work; the lush keeps you so distracted. It feels like there are constant changes, but it is because the lush has you horny beyond your wildest imagination. Mistress doesn’t give you relief all day.

You spend your lunch break texting her, begging for a break. These texts only motivate her to tease you more. At some point, you even cry at your desk.

You have 15 minutes left in your day, and the constant pleasure stops. You figure that escort london it ran out of battery, so you text your Mistress to let her know. You’re a good kitten, so you don’t want her not to know. She doesn’t respond at first, but as you get up from your desk, almost as if she knows. A text comes, ” You have 25 minutes to get home, and if you’re late, the lush goes on max. When you arrive home, dress off and lush out. All I want you in is your white lacey thong. Come to the bedroom; I will be waiting for you.”

All you know is if you want to get home. Lucky, your off-hours job means you miss rush hour, and it’s easily 20 minutes home. You know what is waiting for you, your beautiful Mistress, and her plans.

You run out the door and get to your car. As you are running, you get some pump-up music to help motivate your race home; not that you need it. You race home; there are two traffic lights. If you catch one, you’re alright, but if you see both, you will be late. You get lucky; you only catch one and walk into the door with 15 seconds left.

You strip as you’re told. Your panties are soaked; they are more fluid than lacy at this point, not that you care. You run up the stairs to the bedroom. As you are about to enter, you hear, “stop!”

You freeze as you wait for permission to come in. “Come in and greet me properly.”

You walk in, head down, and kneel on the bed. You sit on your legs, put your arms and hands up and rest them in your upper legs. You don’t say a word as you wait again. After a minute, Mistress lifts your head, and you finally get to look at her. She is lying on her side so you can have a full view of her.

She has a fantastic crimson red lipstick on, which helps make her glowing smile more radiant. Add her green eyes glistening in the candlelight of the bedroom and her shoulder-length brunette hair was gently resting against the pillow; you are so happy to look at her.

As you continue to admire her gorgeousness, your eyes continue dubai escorts to look down at her perfect body in your mind. She was wearing a matching peach-colored bra and panties set. The bra is solid cotton with lacy lining around the top edge of the cup and straps. As you look down at her toned stomach and light tan body, your eyes get stuck on her wearing. Over her cotton laced waistband peach panties is her strap-on with her favorite 12×2.5in purple dildo attached to it. At that moment, you knew where the night was going.

“Come and lay next to me, kitten.”

You lay next to her, and Mistress softly kisses you and wraps her arms around you; her leg moves between you as her thigh pressed against your needy soaking pussy. You instinctively start to hump her leg. She continues to kiss you and let you continue stimulating yourself.

As she makes out with you and lets you frustrate yourself more, she moves her legs and takes her hand to slide your white lacy thong panties out of her way so that she can touch your wanting clit. You let out a moan from the attention. Mistress takes the opportunity to bite your lower lip as she slowly circles your clit. “It’s time, kitten.”

Mistress rolls you on your back and kisses you one more time as she slowly thrusts her girl cock into you. Again you moan as she fills you. She starts slow, building to a good tempo. You are immersed in her rhythmic motion. You are so focused on her movement; she is entirely in control. As she slowly fucks you, she kisses you on your lips but starts moving to your ear and whispers in it, “I’m going to make you cum, kitten, and since you were a good kitten all day, it will be a reward for you. What do you think of that?”

As you are about to answer, she passionately bites your neck, causing you to gasp. You finally answer, “Thank you, Mistress. Your kitten appreciates your gift.”

With though words, she increases her speed as she thrust into you. Your pleasure builds, as does her. Your mistress Escort Dubai sees your perky breasts sway as she fucks you. She had to touch them, so she leaned down and started sucking on perfectly round nipples. Giving each nipple the attention they deserve. As sensitive as they are, your eyes start rolling into the back of your head, and you begin to cry out, “thank you, Mistress Tiffany.”

This crying out motivates her; she increases her speed again. You do want it cum so severely at this point. She agreed to let you cum, so you ask, ” Mistress, may I touch my clit? May I be allowed to cum now?”

No answer, no permission, so you wait after who knows how long; you’re enjoying the pleasure, even if it is somewhat frustrating. Mistress grabs a vibrator and sticks it between you two. She doesn’t say a word; she doesn’t have to. You know the rules; she cums first, and you have to beg for your release.

It doesn’t take her long; you hear the sweet moans of your mistress’ pleasure as it overtook her. At no point does she slow down; your control always impresses you. Once she cums, you start to beg, “please, mistress, your wanting kitten’s pussy needs the release only you can give.”

As your begging becomes your crying, Mistress continues to say nothing. You’re doing everything in your power to be a good kitten and wait for permission to come; she finally gives in. “Cum for me, kitten. Time for your reward.”

The pleasure overtakes you, and you blackout from it. Before you faint, you remember crying out to Mistress, and you hear, “That my good kitten, enjoy your reward.”

Once your awake, your mistress is lying next to you, lightly touching your hair and watching over you. She kisses you as you wake up. You hear her say, “I love my good little kitten. Once you recover, I need you to clean me and strap on too. “

You roll into her so your head can lie within her beautiful blossom, free of her peach bra. You say, “Yes, ma’am, but I need a little more time to rest.”

“Of course, kitten. Take all the time you need; you have earned it.”

You fall back asleep in her arms as she holds you. Her sweet embraces comfort you, Mistress furnish you with all the love you need, and you want nothing else.

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