A Plumber has a Huge Pipe Ch. 02

Big Tits

**To get to know these characters, please read “The Plumber Has a Huge Pipe”. Thank you to everyone for reading my story, let me know if you would them.”

Don walked around work in a sex crazed daze thinking of PJ. She was so beautiful. And what she could do with her mouth.

“When would she taste me again,” he wondered as he walked into the shop. “When would I have her lips around my dick again? When would she suck me again? Tease me again? Swallow my load again? When the hell would Todd go check on job sites again? When could he have some more time alone with PJ?” Constantly these questions went through his mind, over and over, since that first time.

A week later, Don got what he hoped for. “I am going to check on sites and I need you to stay at the office,” Todd informed Don.

“Cool, whatever,” Don shrugged, trying to hide his excitement.

After lunch, he grabbed a quick stroke behind the shop so he would be “ready” when they are alone.

Don entered the office. He tried to look nonchalant. PJ sat behind her computer.

“So how’s it going, PJ?” Don asked.

“I am good. I am just doing the quarterly taxes,” PJ replied. She tried to hide her excitement by not looking up from the computer as she answered him.

“Have you thought about what happened last week?” Don asked.

“Maybe,” PJ replied. “Why?”

“Wondering if you have been wondering like I have,” Don sighed. “I have been walking around hard as rock thinking about what happened.”

“Where did you learn to give such wonderful blow kurtköy eve gelen escort jobs?” Don asked. “I need to know so I can tell my girlfriend how a pro gives them. Last week you gave the best blow job of my life.”

“I don’t know,” PJ replied still not looking up. “I just did what felt natural to me.”

“I want you to know that at night, I masturbate thinking of you sucking me off,” Don admitted.

“Why is that?” PJ wondered. “Because I am an older woman?”

“I think about what I like and you are the best at it,” Don blushed as he answered.

PJ smiled.

“I was wondering…Can I…Would you…I mean…Is there a way…,” Don stuttered.

“Will you suck on my cock again?” Don blurted out.

“I don’t know, Don,” PJ replied finally looking up from her computer. “That was a one time thing. I don’t think I can again because of my husband.”

“But PJ,” Don begged after making an unsuccessful try to flutter his eyelashes.

PJ got up out of her chair and sashayed to him.

“She looks good today with a violet top that clings to her breasts and her curves,” Don thought.

PJ laughed. “Tell me one solid reason why I should.”

“How about I show you?” Don asked as he leaned forward for a kiss and placed her hand on his cock.

Don kissed PJ, his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. With bravado, he felt under her shirt. His hands felt her lacy demi-bra and slipped under it. Don encircled her breasts with his work roughened hands.

“Oh, kurtköy genç escort PJ, you have the most beautiful breasts,” he said. “They are so perfect.”

PJ blushed. She was not used to a man praising her breasts.

“Your breasts look inviting today,” Don confessed to PJ.

She felt her body warm up. Don’s cock was hard, solid. PJ knelt.

“My mouth is watering,” PJ hoarsely said hating herself as she lowered his zipper.

Don’s cock sprang out as if it were a Jack in the Box. PJ could not wait. She teased his penis. She placed a gentle kiss the head. She licked the shaft from the balls to the head and back down. She captured his balls with her mouth. She swirled them around with her tongue.

“Oh PJ, your mouth feels so good,” Don started teasing her nipples.

PJ felt wet – warm, sweet and sticky all at once. She took his rock hard cock all the way to the back of her throat. Don moaned. She massaged his balls with her hands. She ravished his cock with her tongue.

After PJ started sucking and teasing his cock Don could feel himself about to explode. She removed her mouth from his cock. PJ slowly kissed her way up his chest. She teased his nipples by nipping at them. She flicked his nipples. His nipples hardened as she blew across them.

“Don’t…stop…don’t…stop,” Don moaned as he tried to control his reactions.

He unbuttoned her pants and slid his hands into her damp panties. Don fucked her mouth with his tongue. PJ moaned uncontrollably. His kurtköy kendi evi olan escort fingers found her pussy. He teased her clit. Don sucked her nipples until they were erect. He inserted a finger into her pussy. He imagined that his cock pumped in and out of her.

“Oh, PJ, your pussy is so wet and ready for me,” Don whispered.

Her nipples vibrated from him talking with his lips on her breasts. PJ whimpered. Her hand reached out for his stiff rod. Her hand slid up and down his shaft. He needed more, and she wanted to give it to him.

“PJ, I can’t hold back anymore.” Don urged.

She tore herself away from his lips. She returned to his throbbing cock. She pulled his cock into her mouth. He groaned. She loved the fact that she gave him such pleasure.

Her mouth moved up and down his shaft while her hands kneaded his balls. PJ felt his balls fill with cum. She knew he would find release in her mouth soon and he did not disappoint her. She drank ever bit of what he had to give. She would not let a single drop escape her lips. After Don came in her mouth, PJ kissed him. This turned him on. He trembled with pleasure.

“You just give the best damn blow jobs,” Don reminded PJ. “You know how I like them.”

“Don, I am a few years older than you,” PJ said. “I was not a virgin when I got married. Some experienced lovers who taught me how to appreciate a man’s cock.”

She looked at the clock. It was past five and knew her husband would call any minute to see where she was. Regretfully, she told Don she had to go. PJ straightened her clothes. Don did same. They walked out to their cars like simple co-workers. They dared not kiss goodbye in public view. Don winked at PJ from the door of his car and reminded her that the boss had more jobs to check on the next day.

“This can not happen again,” PJ insisted. “This was absolutely the last time.”

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