A Productive Daydream: A Bunny Tale


Recently, I have taken on a sub with some simple rules and daily tasks for her completion. This story was written by her after I had the idea to have her spend more time creating something and less time on social media. Moving forward, I think I will post more of “My Bunny’s” stories here for posterity and to share the inner workings of her mind with everyone.

This marks the first “Bunny Tale”


Bunny sat at her desk, trying to stave off boredom, typing away mindlessly. The job was always the same, which often led her mind to wander without worry of entering the information incorrectly. It was busy work anyway, something her boss, David, liked to torture her with, making her stay after hours when the office grew still and dark. She often thought it was because he didn’t like to work late alone.

Peeking above the cubicle walls, she could see the soft glow of office lights down at the other end of the corridor. The liminal space between felt otherworldly so late at night and frightened her.

Leaning back in her chair, she let her eyes close briefly as her head tilted back. Her chestnut hair fell away from her face. Bunny let her mind wander back to her boss. The thought stirred warmth within her, and she squeezed her thighs together. The room felt warm suddenly, and she unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse, exposing her flesh to the air. Her round breasts quickly rose and fell as her breathing quickened. She imagined his touch on her face, his thumb brushing her lip, parting her lips slightly. She looked into his eyes, bahis siteleri black and deep.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought her back to reality. She waved to the janitor and checked the clock. She had only killed 2 minutes.

She squirmed in her seat, which only added to the frustration she already felt. She knew it was wrong to want him. But months of late nights had taken their toll. In her overactive imagination, she had made love to him dozens of times. Sometimes she’d let him take her there in her cubicle, hiking her skirt up, nearly tearing her panties off as he pulled them aside. She could almost feel him slide inside of her, his hands strong hands pulling her hips to him, thrusting deeply as she climaxed.

Other times, she’d imagine she was standing in the ladies’ room at the sink. The sound of the door opening and closing behind her. She could smell his cologne before she saw him appear in the mirror. His cock bulging in his pants. And she wanted it. She wanted it more than anything else. Nothing satisfied her hunger.

Sitting there at her desk, legs tucked under the tabletop, she slipped her fingers under her skirt. Her lips were warm and wet. Bunny gripped the arm rest as her fingers found their place, gently rubbing and teasing out the pleasure. She knew she should get back to work, but the temptation to touch herself more was too great. Biting her lip, she held back a moan as she continued to work her fingers back and forth.

“Bunny,” his voice called her back to her office. Embarrassed, she pulled canlı bahis siteleri her hand from between her legs. “Hey, Bunny!” he beckoned from his office. She nearly sprinted down the hall. Standing in the door, she’d forgotten to button her shirt, her lacy bra showing through the opening, exposing her cleavage. He suddenly didn’t remember why he’d called her to his office.

Her face flushed, red with embarrassment and desire. Her trembling hands quickly moved to button her shirt. “D-don’t-” he stammered, as he rose from his chair.

She couldn’t tell if she was dreaming again. His hand gripped the back of her neck, fingers tangled in her hair. His lips pressed to hers, and he pulled her close. She knew it was wrong, kissing him, desiring him, but the voice of reason had long since left the building. Lifting her from the floor, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and he carried her to the desk. Her skirt rode up, exposing her panties, now wet with anticipation. She wanted him inside of her that instant. But he wouldn’t give in that easily.

He wanted to taste her. He had since he hired her. What did a Bunny taste like? He dropped to his knees, breathing deeply, taking her in with all his senses. She gripped his raven black hair as he leaned in, kissing her thighs. He pulled her panties down, exposing her engorged pink flesh, glistening in the lights. She moaned softly as his lips made contact, tongue slipping along the crease, finding it’s way deeper inside. His mouth worked against her, licking, and sucking. He pressed his fingers inside canlı bahis of her and felt her tighten against them.

“David,” she whispered his name with reverence. He gripped her thighs and rose to his feet. Bunny instinctively pulled at his belt, releasing the buckle with ease. Then the button and zipper. His pants fell to his feet, leaving only his briefs between them. He rubbed against her, his hard cock pulsing and throbbing.

Reaching forward, she pulled his member from its hiding place, surprised at its size. With a single motion, he thrust himself inside of her soaking wet pussy. She cried out, half in pain and half in pleasure. His thrusting grew rhythmic, like a freight train barreling down the tracks. His brows drawn together in concentration. His breathing matched hers as he fucked her hard on the top of his desk.

Her powerful orgasm nearly knocked her on her back, her hands reaching back to steady herself, sending papers and office supplies flying to the floor with a loud crash. Her body shook, but she called his name and begged him not to stop. “Oh, god! David!!” She cried out to him.

Her pussy soaked him, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer. He felt his dick grow, and he groaned loudly as he came deep inside of her. They both grew still, just looking at each other, with him still buried in her.

Shock and embarrassment crossed his face as he pulled away. She began to pick the scattered supplies up from the floor. “Don’t worry about it,” he dismissed her attempt to clean up the mess. “We probably should call it a night.”

“Bunny!” Her eyes fluttered open. “Bunny, wake up.”

She blinked.

“You fell asleep. We probably should call it a night. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

She shook her head, “Absolutely.”

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