A Real-Life Choose Your Path!

Big Tits

Do you remember the choose your own path stories you used to read when you were a kid?

I do, and I loved them. Still do, as a matter of fact.

So here’s the deal. I am going to be the main character in your very own erotic Choose Your Path story.

You’re welcome.

Here’s how it works. After introducing myself I’ll describe a scenario that is currently going on in my life. You can vote by either posting your choice in the comment section below or by PMing me. I’ll wait a few days, tally the vote, and go with whatever the majority says I should do. This is scary as hell for me, but I need some adventure in my life and a girl should be willing to scare herself every now and then, right?

By the way, all of this came from a conversation with my best friend late one night last week. Alcohol may have been a factor!

First, let me introduce myself, the main character of your very own tale.

I’m five-two, alllmoossttt five-three, and weigh one hundred my tits are exactly between a B physically I take after my mom, but as far as temperment, I’m my dad all the way. My hair falls to my shoulder blades, when its not crammed into my scully, and right now I’m happier with my bangs than I’ve ever been. You might not care, but that’s quite an achievement for me. I don’t really have a ‘style’ when it comes to what I wear. Some days, it’s definitely skater-punk. Friday I wore a Catholic school girl outfit complete with pigtails just cause I felt like dressing slutty. Other days, I go prep, or scene, or whatever the hell I feel like, but typically, it’s my favorite pair of Chucks, faded blue jeans and a tee from whatever band I’m diggin at the moment. During the spring and summer I usually switch to skirts and sandals b/c getting a cool breeze on the thighs is where it’s at when you’re sweating.

I like music, all kinds and all the time, but then, who doesn’t? I play roleplaying games. Get that mental image I just conjured out of your head…I don’t look like her. Or her. Ok, forget I mentioned it.

I read, a lot. When I say a lot I mean like a book a week. No, I haven’t read Twilight. Vampires should be like the ones from 28 Days of Night or Dusk Till Dawn, don’t you think? Where do I sign up to drink Tequila off of Salma Hayck’s leg? I also like to skate[board] and go sneaking around in old, abandoned buildings in the wee hours of the night.

I will kick kurtköy rus escort your ass at Halo.

My most precious possession is not my mp3 player, or my Chucks, but my fake ID. I love it. It brings me more joy and happiness than Santa Claus & Halloween and any boy ever. It gives me a tiny little window into the world of the over-21 crowd. Here’s a little insight to my family” My fake ID was a gift to me from my aunt on my sixteenth birthday, with the blessing of my dad. That’s how we roll in my house.

I guess since this is a porn site I have to give up the goods as far as my ‘history’. Like the girl from Juno, I think the term ‘Sexual Active’ is retarded and inaccurate. It didn’t just come on one day like a switch. I’m not a virgin, but I can count the guys I’ve been with on one hand and have fingers to spare. I watched a porn flick when I was a kid and was bored to death. I watched another not too long ago and again found it boring and kinda freaky. I’d rather watch golf, which says a lot, and I never, ever, want to see a guy in real life who has a shaved nutsack. That’s gross.

I do like balls though, not in the ‘gee, I wonder what that would taste like in my mouth’ but in the ‘when they are in my hand you are going to do whatever the hell I say’ kinda way. I think balls are God’s way of leveling the playing field, so to speak.

I like giving head, too. I didn’t think I would, and the porn flick did nothing to improve my opinion of the act, but now that I’ve done it a couple of times I’m really starting to dig it. Sex is great too, but I quickly discovered that most guys my age are just to damn quick to come. Seriously, does that improve with age or something? My internal dialogue while giving head went exactly like this”

1st time” this has got to be the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. Worse than then time I OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE JUST DO IN MY MOUTH!!!

2nd time” Meh.

3rd time” I wonder what’s on Cartoon Network?

4th time” Ya know, this ain’t so bad.

5th time” C’mere bitch, yer mine.

When giving head, I like to be on my knees. Kinda degrading I know, but then the entire act can be somewhat degrading, so I figure why not just go with it, right?

Here’s a neat fact. Last summer I got a concussion while skateboarding (where your helmet, kiddies!). Now, about once every two weeks or kurtköy otele gelen escort so, I get these migraines that make my brain melt and leak out through my ears. Seriously, it hurts so bad sometimes I puke. That’s not the neat part. The neat part is that now, apparently (I’m self-diagnosed, so I’m guessing), I ‘suffer’ from a mild form of PSAS (persistent sexual arousal syndrome). I know some girls say that it has ruined their life, but not me, at least not yet. Don’t get me wrong, when you are trying to take a test or watch a movie it can get annoying, but once you figure it out you can control it a little better, it’s not so bad. For those of you not in the know, PSAS causes a chick to have orgasms that she can’t control. So if the chair I am sitting in starts to vibrate (even a little bit) I’ll start to get aroused and have an O, or if someone tickles me, or sometimes even if my underwear starts to rub me down there I’ll have one. Riding a bike is impossible so I had to sell mine, which really, really sucked. Unless I take care of it, I’m pretty much wet all the time, which means that I keep the pantyliner and feminine wipes industry in business.

‘Taking care of it’ means masturbating, a lot. Every morning, sometimes during school, especially before a test or something were I really need to concentrate, and right before I go to sleep. I’ve gotten really good at getting myself off in a hurry…less than a minute usually. What’s really weird is when I’m with a guy, it takes me just as long to come as it did before. I don’t know why I’m that way, or if there are some drugs I can take or something to stop it, but right now it’s not a big enough deal for me to worry about.

I currently am a junior at a Public Institute of Education named after some dude from the civil war, or PIE for short. My PIE is pretty typical of all the PIEs scattered throughout the country, which means that it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy (those who name the quote get an extra Vote!). Here is where I introduce the next two characters in your Choose Your Path. One of these two guys I will attempt to have sex with, and you are going to pick.

Let’s introduce guy number one. Let’s call him Dillon. He looks kinda like a young Mark Walberg. Dillon is a senior here at PIE, he is funny, popular, handsome, in that angry jock kinda way that makes most of the chicks hot for him but I seem to be completely oblivious to. For this reason more than any other, I think, Dillon has decided that he must mate with me no matter what the cost. I know it would just be trophy sex for him, but I’m a big girl and know how to play that game. Dillon has the IQ of a termite, unfortunately, and I’m thinking he has the lovin’ skills of one too, but a girlfriend of mine tells me he’s got a really big dick. For some reason she seems to think that this makes him better at sex, but I would guess that it probably just means I’d get impaled by a really large dong and be sore after. Remember, I’m only five-two.

Then there’s guy number two. We’ll call him Mr.Z. As the name implies, Mr.Z is quite a bit older than me. Mr.Z is an employee here at PIE. I’ll leave his job description blank, but I’m sure you have the imagination to fill in the relevant details. Mr. Z is a very sharp cookie. Well, sort of. Ok, he is smart, but I think, like most men, his penis has launched a surprise override attack on his better judgment because he has decided that he wants to give it a go with me. At least I think he does. There is some flirting going on, very subtle and indirect, not sleazy or creepy at all. He is very good at picking up on my moods and getting a laugh out of me even when I don’t want too. Mr.Z is definitely good looking, if you like older guys, that is. Not that he’s old, I’m not talking about a geezer here or anything. He’s in his late thirties, and he’s single, which is important. I won’t do a married man.

So that’s about it. Do you want me to go after Dillon and his Super Dong and killer smile? Or should I pursue Mr. Z with his sharp wit and experience? I’ll let you decide.

Cast your vote in the comment section below, or if you want you can PM me your vote. Please note your gender with a little m/f at the end. I’ll explain why later, but if you want your vote to count you’d better do it.

After a few days I’ll tally the vote and announce the outcome on the forum. After that, I’ll go with the decision you guys make. As the story progresses I’ll post additional chapters of the story, filling you in on what has happened so far. When another fork in the road appears, I’ll give you another choice, and so on.

If you have any questions at all, PM me, and I’ll answer them for you.

Oh, one last thing before I go. I’m not a lesbian, but I gave a girl her very first orgasm not too long ago. Here’s the tricky part” I didn’t touch her, and I was on the other side of the room when it happened. If you can figure out how I did it, I’ll give you all the juicy details in the next chapter! Good Luck!


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