A ride on the wild side


A ride on the wild sideI work as a professional trail guide for many years and this story is about the wildest ride I’ve ever taken. I had met this woman at a nearby campground. Just tall blonde reddish curly hair beautiful looking woman hubby was staying in the city while she was camping here with the k**s. I told her that I worked at the riding stables just up the road and offered to take her on a ride so she agreed to bring the family over the next day. She showed up in a minivan with three young c***dren. They were 5, 7 and 9. The oldest was a girl. The youngest was put on a pony and let around by her mother while the two oldest ones went out on the trails. At the end of that time, was her turn to go for an hours ride. So we headed out at the tail end of a group and at some point I said to her let’s go off in this direction and we separated from the main group.I knew that we would not meet up with the rest of the group so we enjoyed a nice quiet private ride. Keeping an eye on the time I stopped us and tied the horses to a couple güvenilir bahis of trees. We stood talking with each other and talking to the horses when I decided now is the time. I leaned in close took her in my arms and gave her a kiss. She instantly return the kiss with as much passion as I was giving her. Ran my hands down her back till I got to her ass and pulled her close. I’m sure she could feel my throbbing shaft as it pushed against her pelvis. I know for sure because she began to grind herself against me. I reached up to her waist and untucked her shirt and slide my hands across her bareback. She didn’t have large breasts and hands didn’t need a bra. I moved my hands around her front and went straight to her nipples she responded but I’m doing my zipper and pulling my shaft out. I undid her belt popped out of zipper and reached in to find her flower was just dripping nectar. I slid my fingers into her and then brought them up to my nose and smelled her ambrosia. With a firm grip on her body I pushed her down to her knees güvenilir bahis siteleri and she greedily feasted on my cock. I grabbed handfuls of her long curly hair and used it to fuck her face.not wanting to come in her mouth I made her stand up and did her pants dropped the and her panties. I had her turn towards the tree and bend over. She didn’t quite understand what I wanted to do. It turned out she had never been fucked in that position before. I didn’t know that at the time but I just proceeded with what I wanted. With her bent over holding the tree and her hips about the same height as mine I stepped up close and slid my shaft along her petals it didn’t take much to code it with her nectar and with a little tilt in a push I slid right into her and grabbed a hold of her hips. With a firm grip I proceeded to pound her the tree was shaking the horses were looking at what we were doing the whole forest smelled of sex. I pounded away at her she hung onto that tree and I could feel that tingling sensation that let iddaa siteleri you know that you’re going to come and your toes want to curl which they couldn’t do trapped in the cowboy boots. I came repeatedly and deeply. As I pulled out of her flower this a Normas amount of liquid which I had never seen before in my life came out of her. It was the first time I ever seen a woman squirt. She soaked her panties and her jeans. She dropped to her knees a game and proceeded to suck my shaft clean.that was the first of many wild and crazy and orgasmic adventures with this wonderful woman that I was able to experience for years to come. Maybe if there are enough comments I’ll tell you the story about the time we were on the second floor of the museum with the k**s outside and downstairs and I told her I could hear someone coming and she said who’s coming and I said I’m coming as her k**s were coming up the stairs just out of sight. Baby I’ll tell you about the time I talk to my photographer brother into taking some pictures of us which turned into a threesome. Maybe I’ll tell you the time about her and the young man who boarded in her basement apartment and I having a threesome at my place. Maybe I’ll tell you about the time I introduced her to BDSM and tied her up and spanked her.

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