A Road Trip Fantasy Pt. 02


First of all, thank you to everyone who read my first story, “A Road Trip Fantasy” and especially to everyone who rated it, favorited it, followed me, and left comments. All of your input inspired me to keep up my writing here and in other venues. Originally, I thought Jennifer and Aaron’s story was over. In my mind, I added “And they lived happily ever after.” I wanted to give something back to my followers though and started to think a little bit about what might happen next. This was meant to be a brief vignette, but blossomed into more. I won’t promise anything, but I think I can see the thread of a story going forward. I hope so. Please be patient. I hope you enjoy this next interlude with Jennifer and Aaron.


Despite running the bathroom fan the entire time, when Jennifer stepped out of the shower, the room was so steamy she could only see a vague outline of her body in the mirror. She grabbed her towel and wiped off her phone’s screen. No messages from Aaron yet. Not surprising since she should have heard his alert even above the water. Today though, she was glad he had not reached out to her yet. It meant she still had time to ready her surprise. Did he realize what today was? She hoped so.

Her phone told her it was 8:21. Jennifer knew it was the busy season, and Aaron had been working late most nights. By now though, he should have finished up his calls and paperwork and be getting ready to head home.

Jennifer dried herself thoroughly and pulled on a T-shirt before going out to the front room. Her furnace was running full blast as she had set the thermostat for 75 degrees. She didn’t want to be cold tonight. Before turning on the lights, she double checked that her curtains were drawn tight and that the front door was dead bolted with the chain across.

Her toys were where she had left them on the coffee table with a clean towel on the futon where she sat down. She opened up her phone again and tapped on an app she did not use very often. Aaron’s car was one of those new fully connected models, and in his naïveté, he had given her the password. The app opened, and the connection spun for almost a minute before displaying a map with an arrow driving down a road in the center. Perfect. He was just a few minutes from home. A part of her was slightly miffed that he had not texted that he was leaving work, but the larger part of her was glad because she could still pull off her surprise just the way she wanted.

Jennifer propped her phone up against some books on the coffee table and braced the front of it with a small glass paperweight so it would not slide. She turned on the camera and rested her feet on the table on either side. It took a few moments to fuss with the angle of the phone and reposition the lamp to light everything effectively. Her phone screen now displayed a perfect angle of her wide open crotch.

Jennifer did not shave her pubic hair, she liked to her lovers to know that the blond-brown hairs one her head matched those down below, but she had trimmed herself just before her shower to give her mound a nice, well kempt look. Her labia were closed and the nub of her clitoris hid beneath its hood. As she leaned forward to tap her phone again, those labia did start to pink in anticipation.

Jennifer swiped back over to the car app once more, confirmed that his car was now listed as parked with the arrow inside the satellite image of his townhouse’s garage. Then she switched over to FaceTime and tapped Aaron’s name.

She leaned back and waited. The phone rang twice and the screen displayed a dizzying view of the inside of Aaron’s townhouse before settling on his face that was half turned away as he was in the process of doing something else. “Hey, honey,” he said in greeting and then did a double take at his screen, his mouth falling open. ” I really hope that’s you, Jen.”

Jennifer laughed and ran her hands up and down her inner thighs which just started to pull open her labia. “Don’t you recognize your own girlfriend,” she chided.

“I’d recognize those lips anywhere,” Aaron replied. Jennifer heard a thump in the background where he apparently dropped his bag on the floor. She must have caught him just as he walked in the front door. “Looks like you got a haircut since I last saw you.”

She giggled, pleased that he had noticed. “I know you have high standards. I need to keep myself ship-shape.”

“Mmm, you are that,” he said. In the background, the view of his house kept shifting as he moved through the rooms.

“Where are your going?”

“Some place a little more comfortable.”

“Don’t take too long.”

“Oh, I won’t.”

By the background, she could see he had sat down on his own couch. “Do you know what day it is today?” she purred.

On the screen, Aaron had apparently found a place to prop up his phone and was now removing his tie. “My lucky day? No, that’s everyday I’ve been with you.” He rubbed his chin musing.

Jennifer started to close her legs blocking his view of her pussy. “Nice answer, but not quite.”

“Okay. bayan tuzla escort Okay,” he laughed. “Don’t stop the show. I’m just getting settled.” Now he put on his smiling but serious face. “It’s our one month anniversary. By the way, don’t go too far away from home tomorrow because I’ve got flowers arriving for you. I didn’t want them delivered while you were in class today and have them disappear from your doorstep before you got home.”

“Thank you.” Jennifer allowed her legs to relax back open. “My neighborhood here is pretty safe though. They probably still would have been here.”

“Probably, but better safe than sorry. So to be clear, we’re counting from our night in Utah, not our first lunch date or the one on the beach?”

“Those were dates, but we weren’t really a couple until the road trip in Utah.”

He smiled at her. “That’s what I’ve been counting from too. It was quite a night. So do you have a present for me?”

Jennifer flashed a devilish smile, her face just visible that the top of the screen. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.” She began running her hands over her inner thighs again. That slight opening appeared between her labia again as they began to swell. “And I’ve been thinking about our first night together.” Now she ran a finger from the bottom on her labia to the top, spreading them all the way and pulling back the hood on her clitoris. It too was beginning to swell.

On screen, Aaron had loosened his belt and was scooting out of his pants to reveal a pair of black boxer shorts with a distinct bulge in the center. His buttoned down shirt still covered his chest.

Jennifer continued to run a finger up and down the length of her pussy with one hand and with the other hiked up her T-shirt to reveal her C-cup breasts. She gave her nipples a gentle squeeze, and they perked to attention. “You were fingering me just like this,” Jennifer said. She slipped her forefinger between her labia and into her vagina. She closed her eyes and sighed. “It felt so good.”

“It did feel good,” Aaron agreed. On screen now, he had pulled down his boxers and was rubbing his erection.

“I wish I could have that in me right now,” Jennifer told him. She was making circles around her clitoris with her thumb and wiggling her finger deeper into her vagina. Her other hand rubbed and pinched her nipples.

Aaron was slowly stroking himself up and down for her to see. “I wish I could put it in you right now.”

“If we can’t be together in person, at least we can masturbate together and pretend like we are.”

“That we can definitely do,” he agreed.

Now Jennifer reached to the side and picked up a knobbed clear purple dildo. “One of my other toys,” she said. “You remember the little white one, don’t you?”

Aaron nodded. “I will never forget that one, or what I did to you when you were using it.”

Jennifer started to rub the dildo up and down between her labia. The knobs bounced over her clit stimulating it while the faux glans at the end began poking her vaginal opening. She imagined the head of Aaron’s cock bumping against her there and then a little lower down. She laughed. “You fucked me in the ass, you dirty boy.”

Aaron was stroking his penis faster. “If I remember, that was because you wanted me to.”

“I did want you to, but you were still the dirty one who did it.”

“And I liked it.”

“So did I.” Jennifer breathed in deep and slipped the head of the purple dildo inside her. She reached under her thigh with her left hand to take it, and begin working it in and out of her moistening vagina in gentle strokes, while her right hand began to rub and pinch her clit. She moaned. “I can feel you fucking me. Your dick feels so good. Do me harder. Harder.” She leaned her head back and pumped faster.

Aaron sat on his couch, eyes glued to the writhing girl on the screen with his own hands pumping up and down on the shaft of his penis. Precum oozed from the slit and the top and started to make moist sounds as he masturbated. “Oh, you feel so tight, Jen. Your pussy is so hot.”

Jennifer’s dildo was covered in her own juices as it slipped and slid in and out of her. The wet smacking sounds were clearly audible in her room, and she hoped Aaron could hear them over the phone. She looked back at him on the screen. She ought to have felt self conscious, spreading herself and fucking herself with a piece of plastic so brazenly for him, but she didn’t. His eyes were locked onto the screen completely mesmerized by her. She watched him become more and more excited watching her. She felt sexy and in control. “I just want to feel your body on top of me, holding me down, fucking me.” Her breathing became more and more ragged, and then she cried out, her orgasm sweeping over her, her body gyrating out of control. Dimly she worried about knocking over her phone and blocking his view, but the larger part of her mind was alight in fireworks.

The sight of her climaxing, sent Aaron over the edge too and white semen spattered pendik escort over his hands and shirt. He watched her, seeing her thigh muscles twitching and even the edges of her exposed pussy contracting around the dildo.

Finally, Jennifer was able to make eye contact again, her face just visible at the top of his screen. “That was good, not as good as the real thing, but good.”

“Thank you. It was good for me too.” He held up his fingers to show her the semen dripping off of them.

Jennifer laughed and slowly withdrew her toy. Each knob slipping out sent little shivers through her pussy. The dildo was covered in foamy white juices. “If this were you, I’d lick my juices off you.” She brought the toy to her mouth and gave it a sultry lick, then ran it back and forth between her lips. “Mmm, don’t you love the taste of pussy juice?” Thinking about sucking his penis just after he had come in her sent more pulses through her vagina. She wondered if she could keep him hard in her mouth if she started sucking him right away, maybe make him cum again in her mouth too or get him fired back up enough to fuck her again back to back. She made a mental note to try it out the next time they were together.

“I love the taste of your pussy. If I were there right now, I’d be down between your legs sucking your clit and licking you out.”

That sounded like an even better idea to Jennifer. Maybe she would spin him into sixty-nine and sit on his face while she sucked him off.

They watched each other as their breathing calmed. “In fact, I’ll be there to do it in person in seven days,” he reminded her.

“A week is too long,” Jennifer sighed. Then she pulled a face. “I’ve got an exam the week after. I’m going to have to study, and the weather sucks. It’s supposed to snow again next week.”

Aaron shrugged. “I don’t care about the weather, I just want to see you.” He paused. “I can help you study if you want, or do you need me to stay away?”

“No.” The idea of him canceling his trip horrified her. “I mean, I have to study, but I really need to have you here with me. Don’t cancel on me.”

“Only if you force me too, and even then I might still show up.”

“Good, I’m counting on you. When do you get in?”

He shrugged again. “I’ll send you the info. I took the whole day off. I think I get in around four or so. If you’re in class, I can just get an Uber or taxi or something.”

“Hard to know. Sometimes we get out early on Friday, sometimes not. I can leave a key for you with my neighbor, Tanya. She’s usually home with her kids in the afternoon.”

“We’ll talk about it later.”

They stared at each other some more. Jennifer giggled. “I can’t believe we just had video sex.”

“My own private cam girl. I like it.”

“Private? I was streaming it live.”

Now Aaron laughed. “So that’s how you’re paying your way through school. I hear you can make good money that way.”

“No, not me, I was streaming you.”

They both laughed. “Jennifer, I will not make as much money that way as you would.”

“I don’t know. I’d pay to see you stripping and jerking off.”

“Well, that’s too bad for me I guess because you’re the only one I’ll do it for for free.”

“I love you, Aaron. Happy one month anniversary.”

“I love you too, Jen. Happy anniversary.”

Jennifer pulled her blanket over her shoulders. “Tell you what, I’m getting cold. Why don’t you get cleaned up and I’ll get dressed. Call me back when you’re eating.”


Those next seven days passed both the quickest Jennifer had ever experienced with all the workload her professors heaped on them that week and the slowest with her anticipation for Aaron’s visit.

They kept to their routine. She would send him a text in the morning when she was getting ready for school. Usually, he was up by then anyway because he tended to be an earlier riser what with his meetings or rounding so often, and so that was how they said good morning. Their lunch hours did not overlap, but sometimes she would have a break between classes in the afternoon when he was at lunch and they could talk, but most of their communicating during the day would be brief texts that would have to wait to be answered. In the evening, he would call her when he got off work, and they would talk for an hour or more until she got tired or needed to get back to studying. Sometimes she would send him photos of her books or notes, and he would quiz her on the material. Helpful and devoted boyfriends were good, but a hot study buddy was the best.

Not long after four in the afternoon that Friday, Aaron texted: Wheels on the ground. Where are you?

Jennifer tried to be inconspicuous with her phone in her lap. Still in class. Another 45.

I’ll find a ride. See you at your place.

Tanya has the key. 1402.

Marisa, one of her classmates, leaned over. “Is he here?”

Jennifer nodded even though she knew her smile had already given it away.

“We’re going to Bushwhacker’s tonight. You better tuzla kendi evi olan escort be there with him.”

Jennifer frowned. She and Aaron had started dating in the process of her move away for thirteen months of nursing school. Before that, they had known each other for about a year as work colleagues, but times like this made her realize how little they knew each other’s tastes. “I don’t know if he likes country music.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Marisa said. “Bring him.”

Jennifer nodded. “Okay.”

The lecture lasted fifty-five minutes more despite the twenty odd students rustling papers and packing their bags forty more minutes in. Like the rest of the students, Jennifer had her bags packed and hurried to the door as soon as the professor asked, “Are there any questions?” Ten minutes before she had typed in Leaving now and was finally able to hit send.

In good weather, the drive home would take maybe five minutes, ten minutes door to door depending on where she parked. The weather was not bad, and Jennifer’s cold weather driving had improved in the last month or so, but her trepidation caused her to slow just a little.

Why was she doing this? She needed to concentrate on her studies. The workload was more than she had dealt with before and tests were coming up plus a paper due soon. Part of the reason for picking a school far away was to eliminate distractions, and now here she was inviting a huge distraction into her life.

All that, and how did she really feel about Aaron? He was kind and gentle and made her laugh, and he was handsome and cute by turns in his own goofy sort of way, but they had worked together for a year and he never made a move on her until he heard she was moving. She had a vague interest in him, but he had seemed out of reach, and she had never considered him seriously. Then he had asked her out at the last possible moment and persuaded her to let him help her move halfway across the country. That was where the passion had ignited with some very satisfying wild sex, but in some sense it was very artificial. They were two people shoved up against one another and maybe it had just been biology that had taken over. How well did they really know each other? Yes, they talked daily now, but they still had so much to figure out about their relationship and how they really blended together. Would they get along as well when they saw each other all the time? Would he get along with her family? What about his ex-wife? Would he get bored of her once he wasn’t pursing her anymore?

Jennifer’s stomach was somewhere above her heart when she turned the key to her apartment door. She took a deep breath and stepped inside.

And there was Aaron standing up from the futon where he had been sitting. His tablet and keyboard sat open and forgotten on the coffee table. A huge smile spread across his lips, and his eyes shown at her.

Jennifer dropped her backpack just inside the door as it swung shut behind her, and he was coming toward her, and then they were lost in each other’s arms.

He had on a light cologne but underneath was the slight musky smell of sweat after a day of connecting plane flights. The several days growth of hair on his face was short enough to prickle but just now long enough to have a softness mixed with it against her lips. The tip of his tongue caressed against hers with a hint of chocolate. His arms crushed her against his chest, and she could feel his firm pectoral muscles through her layers of jacket and shirts. All of her doubts melted away in that embrace.

They broke the kiss, but his arms did not release her. She reached up to stroke the roughness of his cheek. “Haven’t shaved for a while, I see.”

He smiled and shrugged. “New girlfriend, new look maybe. It’s been a little over a week. I’ll shave if you don’t like it.”

She pursed her lips and thought. “No, I think I like it. It makes you look a little bit rugged but also a little more intellectual. Let me try it out for a while. Probably not too much longer than this though, I’m not looking for a caveman or a castaway.”

They both laughed at that.

“It’s good to see you,” he said. He let go of her with one arm and unzipped her heavy jacket. “I’ve really missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. Were you waiting for me long?”

He slipped the jacket off her shoulders and began unwrapping the scarf from around her neck. “Not really, maybe fifteen minutes or so tops. Just long enough to get settled.” Now his hands were gently tugging the bottom of her blouse out of her pants and fiddling with the buttons.

She slapped at his hands and arched her eyebrows. “Excuse me. Did I give you permission?”

He shrugged. “You haven’t said ‘no’ yet.” He did stop undoing her buttons though, but instead slid his hands underneath both shirts and ran them over her sides and to the small of her back and pulled her to him again.

She arched her back, letting their pelvises rub against each other. With her heavy jacket off, she could feel the growing firmness of him there. Her lips reached out to his, and she accepted his tongue into her mouth, flicking it with her own, dancing with it. He left one hand in the small of her back to hold her tight, but the other one slipped to the front up under her layers to cup one of her breasts through her bra. They moaned into each other’s mouths.

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