A Shift In Power


Ava had been in the waiting room for only twenty minutes before she started fidgeting. She picked at the invisible lint on her skirt, and every couple seconds she would straighten it. Her eyes kept glancing around the room, and she grew more and more embarrassed as the time ticked on. She couldn’t figure out why she was the one sitting in the waiting room of a sex therapist office. Will was the one that had been having the affairs. ‘Surely, he should be here discussing his issues with commitment, or whatever his problem is,’ Ava thought again for the hundredth time today. Ava glanced up and noticed the man that had sat down shortly after her was staring again. Her knees locked tighter together and she pulled her purse back up her arm. ‘This is too embarrassing,’ she thought and decided to leave. That’s when a tall, black haired lady dressed in a teal wrap dress, stepped through the door. “Thank you Glenn, I will see you next week,” she said, shaking hands with a small, skittish looking man with very little hair on top of his head. The lady turned to face the room nodding at a few people before locking eyes with Ava. “Ava Bloom?” she asked, smiling. Ava could only stare at the beautiful woman. In heels she had to be 5’ 9”, maybe 5’ 10”, with long shapely legs and thick curving hips. Her waist dipped in a very 50’s pinup model style. The woman’s breasts were large and they were pushed up on display. Her hair was inky black, and long, with blunt bangs. The woman’s face was just as amazing as her body with cornflower blue eyes, smooth pale skin and lush red lips. “Ava Bloom?” she asked again. Ava blushed and stood quickly walking towards her and extending her hand, “Um, I’m sorry. Yes, I’m Ava Bloom.” “Hello Ava, I’m Ariana Astor. Would you like to come on back with me?” she asked, as they shook hands. Ava sat down in the chair that Mrs. Astor, Ariana, indicated, and watched her saunter to her chair. She sat gracefully, crossing her legs, but Ava was able to catch a glimpse of white garter straps before Mrs. Astor covered them with her dress. Ava felt even more nervous now that she was in this room. The room was done in a cream color that had just a delicate blush of red and white trim. It was a very soothing palate. The soothing feel was thrown off for Ava though. On the other side of the room was a large bed, a swing and an odd looking bench. No therapist office she had ever seen before looked like that. “So, Ava, what brings you to me today?” “Well, um, apparently my husband has been cheating on me,” Ava said, smoothing down her skirt again. “How did you find out he was cheating on you? Did you catch him or did he confess?” Mrs. Astor asked, writing in her notepad. Ava looked down and started picking the invisible lint off her skirt again as she remembered that horrible day. In a soft voice she said, “I walked in on him. It was my birthday, and I had gone to lunch with a few friends.” Her fingers where moving faster as she started speaking faster, “I went to my room to change and they were on my bed, in my spot. She was naked, with her long thin legs wrapped around my husband’s waist.” She hesitated, and Ariana stayed quiet letting Ava work it out. “The sound of flesh on flesh was so loud and she was screaming, ‘Fuck me Will, you son of a bitch, fuck me like I’m your whore!’” Ava sounded so offended. “I have never heard a woman talk like that before. I was shocked and I couldn’t move. They were so rough with each other.” Ava started twisting her fingers, still staring at the floor. “Then the oddest thing happened. I noticed that they were using my pillow. My pillow was underneath her bottom. My husband was having sex with another woman, in our bedroom, on my almanbahis pillow. So I yelled, ‘That’s my pillow!’.” Ariana couldn’t stand to see Ava twisting her fingers any longer. She walked over to the smaller woman, squatted down and took Ava’s hands into her own. Ava jumped, snapping back into the present. “Once the chaos that followed was over and you two sat down to talk, what was his reason? Did he apologize and promise to never do it again?” “We did talk, and he said it was my fault because I am a frigid wife. No one wants to have sex with someone that is afraid of her own body. He said he wasn’t sorry, so he wasn’t going to apologize, and as his wife it’s my fault for not keeping him satisfied.” “Ava, do you believe that?” “I don’t believe it was…” she stopped as a tear rolled down her face. “Yes, I believe it was my fault.” “Are you frigid, and are you afraid of your body?” Ariana asked, still holding Ava’s hands. ‘What kind of question is that?’ Ava thought to herself, but out loud she said, “No, I just don’t believe in being trashy.” She tried to pull her hands back and Mrs. Astor let them go. Ariana stood up and smoothed her dress down. Ava was watching her in awe over how amazing her body was. As she adjusted the top, a sneak peek of pale white breasts could be seen. The thought of seeing all of it made an ache stir deep in her stomach. It surprised her, making her cross her legs and avert her eyes. Ariana saw the reaction Ava had towards her. As shocked as she was by it, it pleased her, and it gave her an idea. ‘Perhaps it won’t be so difficult to thaw her,’ Ariana thought. She stood in front of the large floor to ceiling mirror. “Ava, come here for a minute. I want to try an exercise with you.” Ava walked slowly towards her. She was standing beside Mrs. Astor, but was looking at the floor. “Ava Bloom!” Ariana snapped. Ava jumped and she looked into the eyes of her therapist, but quickly averted them. There was something different about her. She no longer had the sweet comforting look on her face. “When you walk through those doors you will not hang your head. You are a beautiful, sexy woman that appears to be educated. There is no reason for you to hang your head in shame. Are we clear?” “Yes ma’am,” Ava said softly. She was a bit taken aback by the tone in Mrs. Astor’s voice. It gave her a shiver down her spine and caused that feeling in her tummy again. “Good, now that that’s sorted. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. I mean really look at yourself and then describe to me what you see,” Ariana said. Ava stared at herself, taking in all the flaws and then started to describe herself, “I’m 5’6, blonde hair, and green eyes.” She stopped talking and looked at Ariana. “That’s it Ava? That’s how you describe yourself?” “What else is there to say?” she snapped, feeling embarrassed. Ariana walked behind her and made eye contact through the mirror. “How about this, you are 5’6, blonde hair with flecks of gold highlighted throughout, and brilliant pale green eyes. You have a light dusting of freckles across your cheeks and a pert little nose.” Ava felt Ariana’s body brush lightly against hers. “Your lips are soft, but full; kissable. You have a proud chin and a long lean neck.” Her voice had grown soft and she placed her hands on Ava’s shoulders. “Your neck leads down to your amazing breasts, which are full and perky.” Her hands moved down Ava’s collarbone and around the sides of her breasts. Ariana moved her hands slowly down Ava’s body as she continued to describe her. “Your stomach is flat and your waist is narrow.” Ariana’s hand glided gently over Ava’s stomach and waist, down to her hips. She tugged on Ava’s skirt pulling it halfway almanbahis yeni giriş up her thighs. “Look at how lovely your legs are. Do you jog?” Ava could barely speak, she was breathing so heavy. “Yes.” “I can tell. Turn around for me.” Ava did as she was told. Ariana locked eyes with Ava, only inches from her face, and took hold of her skirt again. This time she pulled it all the way up exposing her bottom. Even in her sensible granny panties, Ariana could tell just how fabulous the other woman’s ass was. She placed her hands firmly on each cheek and gave them a squeeze, which caused Ava to jump and press her body against Ariana’s. Ariana leaned in close, still holding Ava’s ass and gently asked, “Are these the only type of underwear you own?” Ava nodded. In this moment, she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. She wanted Mrs. Astor to kiss her, but she was afraid of it too. “Your first assignment is to go buy sexy lingerie. Do you understand?” she asked, and gave another squeeze. A slight whimper escaped Ava’s lips as she nodded again. “Good.” With that one word the moment was over. Ariana let go and walked away towards her desk. This left Ava feeling stunned and completely exposed. She quickly adjusted her skirt and walked back towards the chair where her purse sat. “Here is the card for the boutique that I use. Tell them I sent you and they will take care of everything. Make an appointment for next week with the receptionist. I have great hope for you, Ava,” Ariana said, as she led the shocked woman to the door. Later that evening, as Ava was setting the table for dinner, she was still shocked by what had occurred in the therapist’s office. She couldn’t figure out how it had all happened, or why she had felt the need to rush home and masturbate for the first time in over a year. She blushed at that thought and pushed the entire event out of her mind. An hour later, she sat alone at the dining room table. Her husband was a no show again. No phone call, no messages, and he wouldn’t answer his phone. She had lost her appetite and decided to clean up and go to bed. Will didn’t come in until midnight. The next morning he offered no explanation on where he had been. Instead, he ate his breakfast and headed back to work. Later that morning Ava stood outside the boutique and debated about going in. Her decision was taken from her when a tall, thin, severe looking woman opened the door and asked if she was Ava. Ava nodded yes and the woman ushered her inside explaining that Ariana Astor had called and said she would be coming. The next several hours were a blur. Ava was touched, poked and pulled in every way imaginable. The results were totally worth it though. She went home with several bra and panties sets, a few nighties and garter belts. Ava had to admit that the woman at the shop was right. Wearing sexy underwear did make you feel sexy. She had worn sexy panties and bras all week. Not that Will had noticed, but she felt a little different. She realized it made her want to hold her head up a little higher. Ava was beginning to miss who she used to be. A strong, independent woman that liked being in control. As she sat in the doctor’s office she became extremely embarrassed with herself. She had saved her favorite set for the appointment with Mrs. Astor. On the outside she looked completely respectable, with a black A-line dress that stopped below her knees, and a red cardigan, but underneath was not as conservative. Underneath she had on a red lace bra and matching red lace thong. Her nipples and her cunny lips were visible through the thin material. Mrs. Astor came out, said goodbye to a woman, and motioned for Ava to come almanbahis giriş in. “Hello, Ava. How has your week been?” Mrs. Astor greeted her with a warm hug once the door was closed. Ava’s breath caught at the contact between them and barely managed to say, “Fine.” “Magda said you showed up to her shop. She also told me that you have an amazing body, that she very much enjoyed working with,” Ariana said, with a wink and a grin. “Are you wearing one of them now?” “Yes,” Ava said, looking at her shoes instead of Mrs. Astor. “Ava, what did I tell you about holding your head up in my office?” Ava snapped her head up at the stern tone. “I’m sorry. I remember.” “Show me your underwear.” “What?” Ariana walked up to Ava and proceeded to take off her sweater. “Show me your underwear,” she ordered. “I don’t think-,” she started, but stopped when Ariana leaned into her. Her lips brushed against Ava’s ear as she whispered, “Now, Ava.” With trembling fingers she started to unbutton the buttons on the front of her dress. Once the top was undone, and her red bra was peeking out, she looked up at her therapist. “Off,” she said, and crossed her arms underneath her breasts. Ava undid her belt and pulled her top down. “Eyes on me, Ava.” She looked into Ariana’s eyes and allowed her dress to fall to the floor. Her arms immediately moved to cover herself, but Ariana stopped her with a quick snap, “Stop! Put your arms down at your sides and don’t move.” She moved closer to Ava and traced her finger along her stomach and to the top of her panties. Ava shivered and goose bumps broke out all over her body. “Magda was right; you do have an amazing body. I especially like the way this red plays off your beautiful pale skin. Are your nipples as pale as they appear to be through this lace?” Ariana asked, as her finger moved over one of Ava’s nipples. “Yes,” Ava whispered. She was trying to ignore the tingle that was beginning between her legs. “Show me.” Ava pulled her straps down, but held the cups in place. She was thinking, ‘What am I doing? This is crazy.’ With a deep breath she pulled the cups down exposing her small perky breasts. “Your breasts are beautiful. May I?” Ariana asked. Ava nodded. Ariana cupped Ava’s breasts and her thumbs made small circular motions over her nipples. Ava sighed and closed her eyes. Something warm and wet moved across her nipple, and it made her eyes pop open. Mrs. Astor had just licked her. She moved to the other one, and licked that too. Ava had never felt anything like this before. She knew it was wrong and that she should put a stop to it, but it felt so good. Ariana’s hand moved down Ava’s sides as she kissed her way down Ava’s stomach and over to her hip. Her tongue pushed just inside the top of her panties and slowly licked to her other hip. Ava’s body shuddered and she let out a low moan. Her body was on fire. Nerve endings fired sensation after sensation, making her so wet. She couldn’t remember a time where she craved anything more in her whole life. “Spread your legs, Ava,” Ariana instructed. Her legs parted without question. Ariana’s finger wrapped around the sides and she pulled Ava’s panties down. “Step out of them.” Again, Ava moved automatically. She was rewarded with a kiss on her neatly trimmed pussy. Her knees wobbled and Ariana laughed. She stood and extended her hand. Once Ava placed her hand in hers, Ariana walked them to the bed. “Climb on, Ava. I want you on your back with your legs open to me.” Ava nodded and did as she was told. She watched as Ariana got on the bed between her legs. ‘What am I doing?’ she thought, with a moment of panic, but all panic left her mind when Ariana’s tongue pressed firmly against her cunny. Her hips lifted and she heard herself moan. “That’s it, Ava. Let go. Close your eyes and enjoy the feel of my mouth on you.” Ariana’s hand moved along Ava’s swollen, sensitive lips, lightly pinching it between her fingers.

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