Subject: A Summer To Remember Part Two Please give to Nifty A Summer to Remember Part Two I pushed the door open and stepped into my son’s room. Sammy’s head whipped round, a look of pure terror on his face. “We … we … weren’t doing anything!” He was desperate in his denial. Not really thinking, Sam had pulled his cock out of my son’s ass. It stood up, fat and hard. Timmy started to cry. “Get up,” I calmly ordered. Sam got to his feet, trying to hide his erection. His lower lip was quivering. “We didn’t … mean anything! Dad, we … didn’t mean … anything.” I could barely understand my son as he was bawling and gulping between every second or third word at the horror of being caught. Sammy’s tears broke. “Please, please, don’t tell my parents Mr. Roberts!” Sam pleaded, crying and sobbing. Both boys were bending at the knees, swaying and crying in embarrassment. I don’t know why, but seeing the two boys naked and fearful, had me both sympathetic at their plight and oddly aroused. “What will your father think when he finds out about this, Sam?” “Please, please Mr. Roberts! I’ll do anything if you don’t tell him. You can spank me if you want but please don’t tell!” I paused. Their crying lessened. I’d give the older boy a choice. “Well, Sam, I am going to have to do something to teach you a lesson.” “Anything, Mr. Roberts, anything.” “How long have you boys been up to your shenanigans?” Neither boy answered. “Timmy,” I looked directly at my boy, “Answer me. How many times have you had Sam’s cock up your ass?” “I … I don’t know,” he snuffled. “Sam?” “I don’t know, sir. About a few weeks, since summer vacation started.” “Alright, if you boys think that it is okay for you to behave this way, fine. But, Sam …,” I waited for a moment to make Sam’s choice clear, “If you don’t want for me to tell your parents then you’re going to have to take the same as you gave Timmy. From me.” It took Sam a few seconds, “You mean … ?” “That’s the choice you are going to have to make. If it is okay for you to fuck Timmy then it is okay for you to have to take the same. Otherwise, I am going to have to tell your parents what exactly was going on here.” “They can’t know. My dad would kill me!” I waited some time for Sam to make up his mind. “So …?” I asked. Sam decided. “What … What should I do?” the dark-haired boy asked me quietly. “Timmy,” I addressed my boy, “does Sam have you suck him to get his dick wet?” “Y … Y … Yeah.” “Okay.” I unzipped and pulled the elastic of my Jockeys below my balls; out flopped out my fattening cock. My manisa escort son stared, never having seen Daddy in such a state. “Get down on your knees, Sam.” The twelve year old went to his knees. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, leaving his lashes in little wet triangles. He wiped his snotty nose. “Grab it and suck it.” “Yes, Mr. Roberts.” My boy looked on as his best friend took my cock in hand and put the pointed purple helmet into his mouth. Sam was tentative, moving his tongue a little, barely giving suck. He may not have gone down on someone before or, maybe not an adult-sized cock. I took my shaft in hand and fed the brown-haired boy. He was in need of some guidance as I gently moved my cockhead in and around the boy’s mouth. “Get it real wet, Sammy.” I was getting good and hard now. The sight from above; the disheveled locks, the freckled, upturned nose working my rod, fired my lust. I thought back to my best friend Arnie and his blowing me in my bedroom before I fucked his tight ass on my cowboy bedspread. Sammy looked up. “You’re doing great,” I assured him. I could see Timmy watching, although I didn’t look at him directly. He was feeling his rock-hard cock automatically, without thinking. His lean body was tense with excitement. I went full staff seeing my boy sexually aroused by his best friend sucking his daddy’s cock. “Smear your spit down each side, Sammy. It’s gotta be good and slick to slide in.” The twelve year old did as he was told, running his sloppy lips down each side of my veiny shaft. Timmy was now openly masturbating, turned on by pure sex. My tightening balls told me I was good and ready. “That’s enough, Sammy.” I put my hands gently on the boy’s shoulder and helped him to his feet. Sammy’s face was wet and messy with drying tears and smeared saliva. That, and his tousled hair, made me feel more than lust for the boy. I wanted him to have the man he needed, that a boy needs. “C’mon, Sammy, get up on the bed, just like Timmy when you fuck him.” The twelve year old went to bed and got in position. There are sights that are beyond words and one of those is the upturned bottom of a boy; smooth, with a dangling hairless sack between equally hairless thighs. A gently puckered target was exposed in the white half moons of Sammy’s buttocks that followed the tanned caramel outline of his swimsuit. I dropped my pants and climbed in the bed on my knees, behind Sam, while my son watched, naked and erect. I spit on my thumb and applied it firmly to Sam’s pink anus, rubbing in circles to loosen the opening. maraş escort “Unhh … Oh, Mr. Roberts,” the boy moaned. “Relax your hole.” Sam did. Penetration of my thumbpad had his anus spasming. With patience, Sam was able to keep his ring relaxed more and more. “That’s it, good … good …,” I encouraged. The boy gave guttural groans that fired my lust. “Nnhh … Nnhhh … Ahh … Ahh!” My cock was dripping. It was time. “Are you ready, Sammy?” “Y-yes, yes sir,” his voice boyishly high. I put my purple, arrow-pointed head to the twelve year old’s puffy halo. Heaven awaited. I pushed tenderly. The head went in. Sammy’s eyes and mouth went round with surprise. “Ohh!” I slowly, slowly pushed in, nice and smooth. It was like velvet. My lips pursed with the sensation. I held my breath. “Ughnn!” Sammy grunted, being filled, “Oh, Mr. Roberts! Oh!” I went in about four or so inches and stopped. At that point my shaft widens considerably for a couple more. That would be too much for a boy for the first time or more times than that actually. Sammy was full, I could tell by his panting and the fact that his hips were squirming trying to adjust to my cock skewering his ass. I held his hips, feeling the tight heat on my cockhead. My balls were hot, they were so swollen with semen, and I knew that Sammy was going to get an ass full when they burst. I gave a very short push. “Uhhh,” huffed the sodomized boy. I gave tender thrusts. Sammy’s breaths synchronized in sympathetic response. In. “Uhhn … Mmmhh.” Out. “Ohh! Ahh-ah-ahh.” Timmy stood, feet away, open mouthed, his face distorted as he manipulated his penis, seeing Sammy in the very state he knew from being used by the older boy, the powerful feeling of maleness deep inside. Sam’s head began to bob in rhythm, oblivious to anything but my penetrating phallus. I reached around for the boy’s hardon. At my touch he gave a deep groan. “Ugggh!” With that, Timmy orgasmed, whining in a high pitch as his penis throbbed in his fingers. “Ihhnn! Ihhnn!” That set Sammy off. His head went up, the muscles on the back of his neck forming two tight cords. He began to moaning, from deep within. “Oh … Ahh … Ahhh!” His penis began jerking in my fingers, squirting boy semen in quick jets. I could feel his rectum and anus contract around my cock. I burst. “Unngh! … Unnggh!” I grunted like an animal with jaw clenched. I pumped hot spunk – four, five, now six – full shots, flooding Sammy’s passage. Salty sweat beaded on my back and ran down my inner arms; the scent of manhood filled mardin escort the air. We all recovered, in a daze, from the intensity of the experience. I slid my softened, slick manhood from Sammy’s ass while Timmy watched. It slid out of Sammy’s cherry red ass ring, the purple helmet smeared with pearly come. I wanted to felch his red ring and taste his just-fucked ass but I thought that might be too much for both boys at this point. “Timmy, get a dirty pair of underpants from your basket.” My son scampered and returned; I wiped myself off then told Sammy, “Hold Timmy’s pants to your butt. Go to the bathroom and let the come out of your bottom.” When Sammy got back, I talked with the boys; me with my pants up and they still stark naked. I explained that guys often have sex with one another before they are old enough to date girls and it is the best way to learn about their bodies and how to have sex with another person. I assured Sammy that I wouldn’t tell his parents what he had been doing and he and Timmy could have all the fun they wanted with each other here at Timmy’s house. Epilogue I wasn’t worried that Timmy would be upset by seeing me fuck his best friend; I knew boys found sex and everything about it to be of keen interest and an example of manly rutting would have made a significant impression. I knew Timmy was entranced at seeing his daddy in action. Timmy and Sam knew that I didn’t disapprove of their having a sexual relationship. I allowed them to have their fun all summer long. My relationship with my son changed somewhat. It wasn’t a day before I noticed Timmy’s affection for me was much more pronounced. He came up and snuggled with me on the couch and I embraced him with an intimacy I hadn’t shared with him for several years. I could tell he was interested in being naked with me again; he came into my room when I was dressing for work or getting out of the shower. Perhaps he fantasized about fondling his daddy’s cock and balls, but he was too shy to do more than sit on my lap and give me a light peck on the cheek. That was fine by me. Sammy was a different story. I knew he wanted a loving daddy and he wanted a man’s cock to fill his need. After Timmy went back to school, Sammy visited me every Saturday to “learn mechanics and how to use tools.” His mother was glad to be rid of him and his dad wasn’t too thrilled with Sammy having a better relationship with a car mechanic than his white collar old man, but his father had to do what his wife wanted. I had him grabbing my headboard, or a fender in the garage, with his body begging for my manhood and he got so he could take all of it. Sammy eventually had the loving dad he didn’t have at home and Timmy was able to love his daddy as a boy would want to at eleven years old. It was a summer to remember. Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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