A Trout for Emma Wightman Ch. 02


This is a continuation of “A TROUT FOR EMMA WIGHTMAN.” For continuity, read the earlier story first to become familiar with the characters.

Chapter 9 — A Nice Italian Dinner

“You’re invited for dinner at my house,” Louisa told me. “Saturday was suggested.”

“That’s nice! What brought this on?” I inquired.

Louisa and I had been spending a lot of time together. The wedding we had attended brought us together, and the sparks were still flying. At every opportunity we were getting together, and on most occasions we had sex. It wasn’t always easy for us to find a place to meet, as we both still lived at home. However, we grabbed every opportunity that came along and used it to full advantage.

“Remember, we were at my house last week? Louisa said. “We’ll I think my mother figured out what we were doing. In fact, she asked me if we were getting it on.”

“What did you tell her? How did she react? I asked.

“I didn’t really answer her, and then she broke into tears,” Louisa told me. “Dinner might be a little tense.”

“Well, we may as well deal with it sooner than later. What do you think is on the agenda? I replied.

“I’m not sure,” said Louisa, “but I don’t think they plan on congratulating us. They’re old style Italians.”

“Sort of like the Italian version of hard-ass Baptists?” I countered. “I’m not really looking forward to a big confrontation, but it might be inevitable.”

“Looks that way,” she agreed.

Saturday came, and the meal was very nice. Home-made pasta, pesto sauce, fresh beans, barbecued salmon, salad, and white wine were in abundance.

After Louisa’s younger sister left to see her friends, I started to get a few questions along with some unsolicited comments.

Luigi, her father, wondered what I did for a living. “So you don’t have a regular job, I hear?”

“That’s right. I’m self employed — I do home maintenance and repairs, and I’m the local animal removal guy.” I explained. “Sometimes I work the salmon or herring season on the seine boats as well. I don’t think I’m cut out for working at the paper mill everyday like most other guys in town.”

“So tell me,” he asked, “why does everyone in town call you ‘Swede’? Louisa tells me you aren’t even Swedish?”

“Well, my name is hard to pronounce. The first teacher I had in school started to call me ‘Swede’ and I guess it just stuck.”

Luigi continued, “How come I’ve never seen you in church?”

“I used to go to the Anglican Sunday school years ago, but about all I do now is go with a couple of friends to the Christmas Eve service at the Foursquare church.”

“You mean you aren’t Catholic?” Luigi asked.

“No — I’ve never set foot in a Catholic church except of one funeral.”

Maria, Louisa’s mother, seemed pretty shocked. “Louisa,” she asked, “how can you be seeing a boy that’s not Catholic? Your grandmother would turn over in her grave.”

Louisa didn’t have anything to say. She looked like she might cry any minute.

Luigi concluded, “This is a big problem for us.”

I figured that I’d better explain the lay of the land to him, so I replied, “It doesn’t affect Louisa or me that much, in fact, not at all. We’ve never even discussed it.”

“Well, I think you two had better talk about it,” said Maria.

That seemed to be the end of the inquisition. I wasn’t sure if the big problem was that I was fucking Louisa, or if the issue was my not being Catholic or Italian.

Louisa and I went for a drive up to the lake after that, but she wasn’t ready to snuggle up or make out. Tears welled up, and she said, “This is a big deal to them. I don’t know what they will do.”

I explained how I felt. “Well, they are going to have to figure that out because I’m not about to start adapting to what they want. If we give in on this then the next thing will be something bigger, and so on and so on until they are telling us when to shine our shoes.”

I didn’t hear any more from Louisa’s parents, but I knew that a storm was brewing.

Chapter 10 — Louisa the Match Maker

I never had enjoyed digging. I could do it, and I was pretty good at it, but I had done enough of it. That’s where Alan came in. I had a project started – installing automatic lawn sprinklers – and it began to entail a lot more digging than I had first envisioned. I looked up Alan. As usual he needed money, and he was willing to dig for me.

Alan was a nice young guy, a good worker, and strong as an ox, but he was a bit different. He was pretty shy, and had a hard time looking you in the eye until he got to know you pretty well. Sometimes he couldn’t figure things out that you would expect him to understand, but he could do a few things better than most other people. He was a natural at target shooting, but he couldn’t open a combination lock. When we were in school I used to have to open his locker for him most of the time. He could track game better than most hounds, but he couldn’t work the gearshift on a truck. Sometimes he walked on his tippy toes instead of normally tuzla escort on the soles of his feet like everyone else, but he could swim like an otter.

Naturally, people made fun of Alan, and he would get pretty down. He always looked forward to helping me on a project, it seemed to cheer him up, and he didn’t mind digging. Over the course of the day, Alan would chatter away, bouncing all his thoughts off me. When we were installing the lawn sprinkler system, he confided in me that he really hoped he could meet a girl.

“What kind of girl?” I asked.

“Well, a kind girl, one that would be nice to me, and that would like me.” Alan replied.

“What got you started thinking about a girl?” I said.

“When I see a girl I like, sometimes I get all horny and I can’t stop thinking about her.” Alan continued, “I’d like to take her clothes off and have sex with her.”

“Well, if that’s what you want you’ll have to be sure to look her right in the eye and talk nice to her.” I explained. “Maybe you need to practice that, possibly with an older woman, so she can show you what to do with a young girl.”

“An older woman — no way!” said Alan, “I want a girl about my age.”

“Well, this is just to get you ready to meet a young girl. It’s like drilling a pilot hole in metal before you start in with the big drill bit.”

“But I don’t know any older women,” said Alan.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look around for a nice lady to teach you how to treat a girl right,” I told him.

I’d been visiting Edna occasionally, and I thought perhaps I might talk her into educating Alan. However, she got pretty annoyed when I broached the subject with her. “If you think I’m going to screw that retard, you better readjust your thinking cap. No way.”

My second idea was to talk to Alice Gee. I’d delivered a truckload of firewood to her a few months ago. She seemed to indicate that she would rather pay me for the wood in bed, but I needed some money at the time and evaded the other option. Also, I knew a guy at the gun club that said she could be had, given the right inducement. I thought she may be just right for Alan. She was sure to be experienced and I figured that she had likely been the first fuck for a lot of men.

I went to see Alice, and asked her if she needed wood again this year. She said she did, but was pretty short on cash.

I asked her, “How about working it out another way?”

She looked a bit surprised. She asked me why I needed her when she saw me running around town with Louisa. “Doesn’t she put out?” Alice asked.

“Well, it’s a long story,” I explained. “My helper, Alan, desperately wants to get laid. I was hoping that you could teach him a bit about loving before we fix him up with a girl his age.”

“Isn’t he a bit slow?” she asked.

“Yes and no,” I told her. “He’s a really nice kind kid, but he’s pretty shy. He catches on to some things really well, but other things are hard for him. I honestly don’t know how he’ll make out in bed, but I can tell you he has a cock that would make a stud pony proud.”

“Well that should attract some girls,” Alice chuckled.

I added, “He may need more than one lesson. I’ll get him to cut the load of wood and we’ll deliver it, and I’ll explain to him that you’ll take care of him.”

“Okay,” Alice sighed. “He’s not likely to go bonkers in bed, is he?”

I assured her, “Alan will be as good as gold — just treat him nice — his feelings hurt easily.”

When I saw Louisa next I told her what I was doing. She thought it was hilarious, and she was all in favor of the next step in Alan’s social education.

I asked her to think of some way to fix him up with a girl if he passed his exams at Mrs. Gee’s school of etiquette. At first I was a bit worried that she would nix the idea, but Louisa seemed to take it as a personal challenge to her social skills, and she put on her thinking cap.

Alan was pretty excited when I explained the scenario to him. “How old is she?” he asked.

“Early forties, I think,” was my answer.

“My mother is that old,” he said, with a shocked look on his face.

I reminded him of the old adage, “The older the bones, the better the rattle.”

We headed up the logging road to cut up some tree tops that were left behind, and I reminded Alan that he owed me a day or two’s work on account of me helping him cut and haul the wood for Alice Gee.

When we rolled in to deliver the firewood, I introduced Alan to Alice. She seemed relieved to see that he was pretty much of a teddy bear and not scary at all.

She told him to come by after supper for a visit. Alan was pumped all the way home. He said he was going to shave and shower right away and put on cologne.

I called Alice the next day, as I hadn’t seen Alan. “How did my number one assistant make out last night?” I inquired.

Alice laughed and said, “He’s got potential, and like you said he’s got a cock that a stud pony would envy. He was so excited that he went off on about the third stroke. That gave me a chance tuzla rus escort to give him the guided tour and show him how to find a girls clit. Then he came back for seconds three more times — I didn’t get to sleep until midnight.”

“So things went off pretty well then, I guess?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” Alice told me. “Like you said he’s a nice kind kid, just a bit clueless. I just couldn’t handle him not looking at me when he was screwing me. He wouldn’t look me in the eye at first, so I told him he had to kiss me and look right at me before I’d let him slip into me the second time — that sure got his eyes locked onto mine. Actually, I enjoyed him, he’s sweet.”

Alice added, “He needs another session or two. I still have to teach him how to rub a girl’s pussy gently and maybe he’ll even learn how to lick nicely. You might owe me a bit more wood before he’s ready to be turned loose on the female population.”

“Okay, thanks — I’ll tell him to sharpen up the chain saws for the next load.”

Louisa was excited to hear that Alan would likely pass his entrance exams at Mrs. Gee’s school of social graces. She was zeroing in on a likely candidate. Louisa told me that a friend of hers was hot to trot, but hadn’t had much luck with boys so far. She wasn’t exactly “Miss Personality Plus,” and she would never be competition for Marilyn Monroe. She was very shy, often tongue-tied, and boys tended to just have one date with her. Louisa thought that she would be perfect for Alan, as Hazel was not only horny but also kind natured and accepting of peoples shortcomings. On top of that, Hazel was always joking with the girls about looking for a guy with an extra big dick. Louisa thought that Alan and Hazel would be perfect for each other.

We delivered another load of firewood to Alice two days later. Alan couldn’t stop looking at her. I wound up unloading most of the wood myself. Alice invited us both in for a beer, and when I was ready to leave she asked Alan if he needed a shower. I saw Alice waving good bye to me discreetly, so I took off and left Alan in her care. I was starting to think that Alice was enjoying her assignment as well as getting free wood. The next day Alan told me that she had invited him back for a third visit, and he was really looking forward to it.

Alice called me in a few days and pronounced Alan ready for action. “He’s a nice kid – gentle and kind. Actually, he’s better than a lot of other guys I’ve broken in. He still needs to work at going slower, but that will come with time. He gets an A plus for enthusiasm. Some young girl is really going to like him.

Louisa was excited when I relayed Alan’s report card to her, and she set up a double date with Hazel, Alan and us. We went to the movies and then went back to Hazel’s house. Her mother was a nurse, and she was at work on the night shift. Louisa and I left Alan with Hazel and headed out to the lake in my truck. By the time we left, Hazel was already sitting cuddled up next to Alan on the sofa, so we thought he would be in good hands.

Louisa was excited about the whole thing, and it wasn’t long until I started channeling her excitement by playing with her nipples. Louisa slipped off her clothes. She was wet and ready. She leaned back on the seat of the truck and spread her legs for me. I used my tongue to warm up her pussy, and my finger to tease her G-spot. Soon she was moaning and twitching with each lick. Quite unexpectedly, she squirted all over my face. It was the first time that had happened, and she was quite embarrassed, but I told her I enjoyed feeling her orgasm.

She said, “I’ve always wondered if I could squirt, but this is the first time it’s ever happened. Thanks goodness I had my clothes off!”

I said, “This calls for a celebration.” We opened our last vodka cooler and took turns drinking it. We mopped up the seat and I nudged Louisa back down and slipped my cock into her. The orgasm had taken its toll on her.

She just lay back, limp, and said, “Go for it.”

Louisa reported to me the next day that Hazel was on cloud nine. “She really liked Alan, and said her search for a nice guy with an extra big dick was complete.”

I replied, “Hazel will be walking funny for a day or two. Good for Alan, and thanks for doing your part in setting them up together.”

Chapter 11 — Things Get Serious

Emma called me from the city, a bit distressed. “The people who are renting my house just gave me notice that they will me moving out at the end of next month. Can you fix the place up and find me a new renter? I need the money, and I don’t want the place sitting vacant.”

Emma was already paying me to keep the place maintained whenever it needed something, and it was in pretty good shape.

I’d been talking to my father about building a shed on our place to keep all my tools and equipment, but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea. He thought it would make the place look too cluttered, and I pretty much had to agree with his assessment.

Emma’s place would have made a good tuzla sarışın escort spot for me, but the rent was a bit too steep. There were two good sheds there that would serve as a shop and for equipment storage. Also, I liked the idea of having my own place. I’d be able to spend time with Louisa in more comfortable surroundings.

I called Emma and asked her if she would knock off the maintenance cost that she had been paying me, as I’d like to rent her place for myself. She seemed amenable to that as long as I took care of the repairs myself. I told her I’d have to figure out how to get enough rent together every month so I could be sure to pay her regularly, and that I’d get back to her.

I talked to Louisa about my plan. She was pretty smart and had as lot of common sense about how to make ends meet.

In a couple of days she came back with an idea. “Every time there’s a dog, a deer or some other animal killed on the road, the county has to send a guy out to remove it. A gal I work with at the hardware store says her husband has to locate one of his crew to do the job, and it costs at least four hours overtime. Maybe you could get that contract.”

It sounded like a good idea to me, so I contacted the works department and spoke to the boss. He loved the idea, so I quoted him a price somewhat below what it was costing him. He agreed, but warned me that at some times of the year I could be pretty busy.

I installed a winch on my truck so I could haul in a big deer carcass on my own more easily. Louisa took care of setting me up with invoices from the print shop, and then registered me as a small business with a tax number.

“Holy cow, Louisa, I had no idea I’d be this busy,” I told her after the first two weeks. I’d had several calls, and had run around all over the county picking up dead deer. “At this rate I can easily afford to rent Emma’s place — the county pays better than anything else I do.”

Not long afterwards, Louisa suggested I talk to the school board about removing animals from the school yards. Once again she was right. In this case, it was usually live animals, mostly raccoons or skunks, and that was right up my alley. I could charge a bit more, and the school board seemed pretty happy to have their problem solved. They were big on safety for the kids and their caretakers always complained that animals were not part of their job.

Louisa said, “It’s a lot easier to get paid when you are billing the government.”

I called Emma and arranged to rent her place. She was relieved and I was happy to get my own spot to live and work from. Also, I hadn’t overlooked the advantage of having a place available to meet Louisa at any time of the day or night.

I told Louisa, “I’m looking forward to month end when I can move in.”

“So am I,” she said, and gave me a cute little smile. “It’ll be nice to have some privacy. That truck seat isn’t the best place for romance.”

Soon after I moved in, Louisa and I were getting it on pretty regularly. It occurred to me that this was the same place where I had my first experience with Emma, and then with Laura not long after that. Louisa and I were really getting in synch sexually. I knew what she liked, she knew what turned my crank, and we had a good thing going. I got to know her moods, and she could read me like a book.

Pretty soon, Louisa was helping me out quite a bit by taking phone calls when I was out on the road, and she spent more and more time at my place. Louisa loved to cook, and my diet improved substantially on the days that she was with me. Occasionally, when she wasn’t working at the hardware store or the library, Louisa would travel with me, and we soon got to be a regular sight around the county. Louisa kept track of our revenues and expenses. She knew a bit about bookkeeping and could figure out how much money we made every month.

None of this went unnoticed by Louisa’s parents. I knew that one day there would be some kind of explosion.

I thought back to the way Emma had kept her little flock of geese, and how they were her early warning system. I was pretty much soured on geese, especially they way they dirtied the yard, but I sure liked the way they used to set up a racket when anyone arrived. They never missed anything and they were always alert. It occurred to me that if Louisa’s parents were to show up when we were in bed, it might not be the best scenario. A little warning would be a good thing.

I talked to a couple of old-timers I knew, trying to find out what I could do for a warning system. One of them told me, “Nothing better than guinea fowl. They are as alert as geese and make an awful racket when they see movement, but they roost in the trees or on the roof, so the coyotes can’t get them. They won’t squawk at night. The only danger to them is a big owl who will take one occasionally. At night you need a good dog.”

Louisa was away ahead of me on resolving our concerns. She came home from the hardware store one day with a battery powered sensor and alarm for the driveway. We installed it right away. Louisa was alone at my place quite often, and she felt safer with the alarm. Also, we got a pretty snarly red-bone hound called Buck from a coon hunter friend of mine. I was hoping to find some guinea fowl, but they weren’t very common. I determined to get a few once I could find some.

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