A Very Nice Welcome Home

Big Lips

Before I start I am not a writer so please excuse my grammar, this is purely based on an experience I had after my last tour of Afghanistan.

Tuesday 27 June, I have been in Afghanistan for four months now and the patrol base I am at is beginning to suffocate me. Four months of the same 19 guys cooped up in a shit compound with warm water to drink and fuck all entertainment. Each day is the same a patrol goes out either in daylight or in the small hours with the aim to bring peace to a people that resent your presence one minute but will take every had out you have the next. Each patrol has its advantages though, in the daytimes you can see the threats and Improvised explosive devise markers or IED,s as we call them but at night there’s a higher risk of stepping on a pressure plate, but there is a release from the constant scorching heat so one prof I guess. Since we have been here we have lost 2 guys to the insurgents and each day I question what for? In many ways I am lucky, my girlfriend finished with me a few weeks before I deployed and I have only my mother left in my family. This does however pose a problem when it comes to welfare packages, while the rest of the lads get letters and parcels from home I tend to miss out.

But one afternoon was different my friend mark comes to me holding a letter with my name on. WTF is this I ask? I was telling my girlfriend about what it’s like here and how much her letters meant to me, I then mentioned how you don’t get anything and she said she’d get her friend to write to you. Gen? That’s Hoofin mate is she essence? (All Marine slang I know but basically it means, that’s brilliant is she hot?). He laughs I don’t fucking know open it and find out.

That afternoon we were stood down by the Boss and I found a quiet spot to chill and decided to open her letter. It started off pretty much as you would expect telling me about herself what she does and pretty much her life. Her name was kira, she was 23 and worked in a hotel on reception and lived in Exeter a short distance from Plymouth my home town. She was a lot younger than me but that’s a prof in my eyes if she wanted to write to a 32 year old who am I to argue. What I will say is for someone I had never met, spoken to or even seen she could really ramble on. That aside it was a pleasant change to my daily routine and I decided to write back to her. I told her about myself and what I liked to do where I was from and what makes me tick, at the end I asked for a picture and her number as where we were was very remote and mail arrives every couple of weeks, every week at best, it would be easier for me to phone her as we had a couple of satellite phones at the patrol base.

3 weeks had passed and still no fucking letter for me, other lads had got replies to their last letter but for me nothing. I began to resign myself to the fact that she had changed her mind about writing me or my age had scared her off, either way my hopes faded. Two days later that all changed mark brought out the mail and I didn’t even bother putting my book down and getting up as I didn’t expect anything. Daz! Daz wake up you tit, I was miles away, I looked up to see mark holding a letter out to me. I heaved my ass up expecting it to be from my mum but then saw it was from Kira. This was my 3rd tour of Afghanistan and I haven’t felt a leap of exhilaration as I did them. I took myself off to my corner and carefully opened the letter.

Two pictures immediately fell out and I scooped them up, OMFG there were two selfies of a fucking hot brunette one in a tight white dress and the other in only French nix and bra. She was approximately 5ft4 as best as I could tell, with long brunette hair, about size 8 to 10 and around a 32dd cup. Her eyes were deep and dark and her skin looked soft with a light tan. I instantly became hard, I had a stack of porn on my laptop and had obliviously beaten off to lads Mags in the time I had beenin theatre, I mean who wouldn’t 6 months away from home, but these were pictures taken for me and that was an instant turn on. I eagerly read the letter which didn’t say much other than what she’s been up to and asking after me. At the end she apologised for the pics but hoped I liked them. Your dame right I do I was thinking, still hard and eyeing her top to toe between paragraphs. Finally there was a number and she said to call her anytime, which I very much intended to do.

The next evening we returned from our patrol and I put my name down to use the sat phone. The anticipation of finally talking to Kira was frustrating to say the least, I burnt some time by doing some phys in our makeshift gym and having a shower but my mind was constantly thinking of Kira, all the while It took every ounce of concentration to stem my erection as I remembered every inch of her amazing body. By this time I didn’t need the pictures to remind me of what she looked like. 20 minutes to go and I was very excited and thought of how our convocation would go or would it be awkward neither of us not knowing what to say to each other? After tuzla escort bayanlar all we had written to each other like twice and I couldn’t believe what an effect 1 girl could have on me.

Finally my turn on the phone I had to walk around the compound a few times to find the best spot for signal, preferably away from the other lads, one thing about Marines is they know how to take the piss and I had not exactly hidden my anticipation of this call and as a consequence I had suffered many a jibe.

I dialled the number and waited my mouth becoming dry. “Hello” she answered, for a second I had frozen, hi Kira how you doing its Daz, Daz? Oh Daz hay how are you? I am great I replied. Her voice was soft and she sounded amazing, she asked what I had been up to, my response was somewhat vague as we can’t really talk about what we had been doing apart from the basic details. She on the other hand told me all about herself, she was very chatty and somewhat flirty. I saw a picture of you the other day she said, what? Where was that? Hayley (Marks girlfriend) showed me a picture of you with mark on a night out you looked slightly drunk, I chuckled I hope it wasn’t too disappointing? On the contrary you look great you look like you keep yourself in shape. I found myself begin to blush, thanks I loved your pics you look amazing, I especially liked the undies pic. She laughed, really well maybe I’ll have to send you some more. I couldn’t control it, my cock began to swell as I imagined what they would be like. That you will I replied do you have any other outfits I asked, I have quite a few but mostly for private use, really you’ll have to show me when I get back, if your good she said, I am always good.

Suddenly there was a whoosh and a loud bang, I instantly hit the deck, WTF was that Kira asked I didn’t have time to explain, I’ll call you back I have to go and hung up. I ran to my pit threw the phone on my bed and grabbed my body armour helmet and rifle. The Sanger was shouting down contact blue 11, each compound was numbered and the colour corresponded to North, South, East or West. Blue was south. A Rocket Propelled Grenade had been fired at us, this initiated the contact and now there was the distinctive crack of rounds wising overhead and the thud as they hit the compound walls. I ran to my stand too position and identified the compound which wasn’t too hard as I could see the distinctive muzzle plashes of the AK47’s. The insurgents had fired at the patrol base before with the odd shot and we had been in a fair few fire fights while on patrol but this was different. It was heavy and sustained fire and seemed coordinated, they had never been this bold before. I took aim and fired at the muzzle flashes to my left mark was also engaging. The fire fight went on for an hour until the apache helicopters turned up and ultimately ended it. I was Threadders (pissed off) as all I could think about was how I had hung up on Kira and what she would be thinking.

For the rest of the evening the sat phones were down, due to a serious casualty in the neighbouring patrol base. The HQ shut the phones down to prevent information getting out before the families of the casualty are informed. We spent the next day assessing the damage to the patrol base and making repairs the only good thing was we got stood down for 48 hours by HQ as we had had a rough couple of weeks with a heavy patrol rota and the attack on the Patrol Base. All the time I could think of nothing but Kira and our convocation, all I wanted to do was call her I didn’t want her to think I had just mugged her off and hung up for no reason.

It had been 3 days now since I had spoken to Kira I began to think that we would never get the chance to talk again when the Boss came in and told us the phones were back on. I put myself down to use one later that afternoon. Once again my excitement began to stir so much so I had to have a release so I took myself to the heads. Not really a glamorous place just a wooden shed where we shit into a bag and then burn it. But it was the only you can get a moment of alone time. I took my trousers down and made myself comfortable and closed my eyes. The image of Kira was so vivid in my mind, I imagined her laid on a bed in the underwear in the picture she tells me to sit in the corner and watch her. I thought of her slowly running her nails down her body and along the inside of her thighs and slowly stroking her pussy through her nickers. As I thought of her I squeezed my balls and began to work the shaft of my cock slowly, pulling back the foreskin hard. She begins to slip her hand inside her nickers and rubs her clit as she caresses her breast all the while looking into my eyes and biting her lip. She could see the effect she is having on me as I stoke and watch her. Suddenly she moans as her fingers enter her tight wet pussy and she moves them in and out getting deeper with every stroke.

Her palm is pressing hard on her clit and she begins to moan louder. As I imagine her intensity I begin istanbul tuzla escort to stoke my cock faster working my shaft with both hands. My pre cum began to dribble on the head of my cock and I could feel its warmth as it lubes up my foreskin, all the while I was thinking of what her pussy would feel like as I slipped inside her. My fantasy became more intense and I imagined us building to climax together all the while looking into each other’s eyes. My cock began to twitch and I knew I was about to explode my toes curled as I had to hold back climax. I finally exploded, it had been a long time since I had got myself off and I didn’t think it would end my ball were tightening as I released squirt after squirt of cum down my hands, some shot up onto my t-shirt and some went on the door. I sat back exhausted, when I opened my eyes I had a task to clean up but I was distinctly satisfied.

That afternoon I got my chance to call Kira again. The phone rang and rang but no answer so I left a message saying sorry for the last call and id try later. 2 hours later I tried again this time success she answered, OMG she said, thank god you’re ok I have been thinking about you, I spoke to Hayley and she explained it happens but no new was good news, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I was beaming the thought of her thinking about me was good news. We chatted and flirted for about 15 minutes and I told her how much I had been thinking of her and would like to meet up when I got back. She agreed and said she could come to Plymouth as she got discounts on a hotel rooms as her chain had a hotel there. Cool but you could always stay with me, really you expect me to stay overnight at yours after 1 letter and a couple of phone convocations, why not? She laughed well we will see what happens. If it’s anything like what I’ve been thinking about then it will be a fun night, lol and what have you been thinking? Put it this way 5 months without female company what do you think I’ve been thinking about? Especially when someone as hot as you gets in touch. She laughed again, you dirty git I am not all that great, you were this afternoon trust me I said. What do you mean? At this point I thought my next words may end this little chat but to my surprise it didn’t.

I told her about my little play in the heads and how she had helped me cum so extremely hard. She was quiet for some time as I talked, you still there? She replied short of breath yes! just tell me more about if we meet, what are you doing? What do you think I’m doing she replied. This was amazing she was listening to everything I was saying intently as she got herself off.

I described another fantasy of what we would do when we met, I didn’t have much time as we were only meant to get half an hour to chat. I described how I would tie her up and lick every inch of her tight little body working my tongue around her nipples, and gently biting them, before working my way to her thighs pulling her thong to one side and licking her pussy from top to bottom, spreading her ass cheeks and licking around her asshole. As I got more graphic she got more intense with her play moaning and panting louder. My cock was throbbing and I was squeezing it through my shorts as I moved on to how I would fuck her. She released with a loud groan Cumming loudly, just in time as the beeps started to say my card credit was about to end. We said our goodbyes and I went straight to the heads again and I finished myself off.

The end of my tour was less exciting with very little action myself and Kira had chatted a good few times now and the convocation was stimulating to say the least and I couldn’t wait to finally meet. The flight was long and annoying as per usual the RAF couldn’t organised a piss up in a brewery. Once again all I could think of was Kira, landing at Brize Norton was a coach to take us back to Bickleigh Barracks in Plymouth. Along the way I text Kira and told her I was back in the UK She said she was in Plymouth waiting and sent me the hotel address. On arriving back at the Barracks I got showered and changed and headed straight to the hotel. I had been hard since we landed and my cock was hurting with the anticipation of what was to come. When I arrived I went through the lobby and up the lift to her room my heart was pounding and when I found the door I had to compose myself. I knocked and for a moment nothing so I knocked again suddenly the door opened and there she stood looking at me with an amazing smile.

Kira was dressed in a short black silk robe that hugged her body and showed her amazing cleavage. Hay you, hi I replied, come on in, she walked backwards her eyes fixed on mine, as I went in the door swung shut and I was frozen looking her up and down she looked amazing in real life my cock felt like it was going to punch through my jeans. She stepped close to me and put her arms around my neck, I’m glad your home she wisped and we began to kiss I moved my hands down her back onto her bum and pulled her close so our crouches kartal escort were tight against each other. Our kissing began to become intense and she ran her fingers through my hair. Her sent was amazing I hadn’t smelt a women’s perfume in a long time and it excited me even more.

A few minutes had passed and we stopped kissing I undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her body was soft and tight and her bra cradled her breasts perfectly her nickers were tight and held her figure. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off my shoulders she smiled as she looked at my body I was tanned and had lost a lot of weight so looked pretty toned. She kissed my chest and licked and bit my nipples and she undid my belt and let my jeans fall to the floor. My cock sprung out and her eyes widened fuck that’s big, it’s not that big about 10 inches, well bigger than I’ve ever had, I smiled.

She led me to the bed and laid me down then laughed out loud as she realised I still had my sock on, not exactly a good look. Once they were off she straddled me and began to kiss me working her way down my body biting my nipples running her tongue over my abs, I was quivering with excitement and anticipation. She reached my cock looked up at me and smiled, she licked my balls and grasped my shaft tight I twitched as she squeezed my cock and I almost exploded straight away. She began to suck my balls and then worked up my shaft till she reached the head. Pulling back my foreskin she ran her tongue around the head licking every drop of pre cum off I watched intently as she took me in her mouth I moaned and gripped the covers in my fists as it felt so amazing every now and then she looked me in the eyes to let me know she was enjoying my cock as much as I was having her suck me hard. She squeezed and twisted my balls as she worked the shaft faster trying to deepthrought every inch only stopping when she began to gag.

Suddenly Kira stopped and sat up she straddled me again and moved up my body her pussy was just in front of my face as she moved a hand down into her nickers and began to play with her pussy. Do you want to fuck my pussy she asked? Yes I said under my breath as I watched her work her fingers into herself I could smell her and tried to lean forward to lick her but she pulled away, don’t fucking tease me I’ve waited too long and what you gonna do about it she said? I tried to pull her close and again she pulled away.

That was it I was overcome with a desire to fuck her so badly. I through her off me and onto her back, for a moment she was shocked that the control had switching so quickly. I pulled her nickers off and I began to lick her clit hard, she moaned and arched her back as I worked my tongue up and down her pussy which by now was so wet my face was becoming covered in a mixture of my saliva and her pussy juice. I lifted her legs up and parted her ass cheeks and began to lick her tight little asshole she gasped fuck as I then pushed my fingers into her working her clit with my thumb.

I then flipped her over and pushed her shoulders and face into the bed so only her glistening pussy and ass were facing up, using 1 hand to open the lips of her pussy I pulled back my foreskin and moved it to just an inch or so from her pussy, I could feel the heat coming from her lips before I even touched her. I took the head of my cock and gently encased it in her pussy lips then gently moved my cock up and down her pussy without even entering just teasing her. She gasped and moaned as she bit down on the pillow. I then took her hips with my hands and pulled her close as I thrust forward she screamed and bit the pillow hard and griped the covers tightly. My shaft went in hard and deep nearly to the hilt but Kira pulled away, not so deep you’re too big. Fuck that you can take it I said, as I worked my cock deeper and deeper until I was full inside her. With every thrust she screamed and panted and tried to stifle her noise with the pillow.

At this point I didn’t care who heard us so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up till she was on fours I was pounding hard now my balls swinging between her legs and slapping her clit with every thrust. I want hear you scream I instructed her and she obliged, louder I ordered and she got louder as she tried to brace herself against the wall as I pounded hard to release months of sexual tension. We were building to climax together and I asked her where she wanted me to cum, she simply said inside me.

She was the first to cum and she did so with a loud scream and she began to shake and quiver. Her pussy was pulsing and I could feel it rhythmically tighten and relax around my cock with each thrust which helped finish me off. With one final thrust I came hard deep inside her, she could feel my cock pulse as I released every drop of cum I had which set her off again into her second orgasm.

Once we had finished she fell forward and I fell onto her and laid there on her back. That was a fucking welcome home to remember I said, tell me about it I have never been fucked like that. Well you ready for round 2? What I don’t think I can take another pounding like that. Tough I’m not finished with you yet, my cock was still hard and inside her and I wasn’t about to waist it. I held her arms down and still on top of her I began to work my hips back and forth slightly gentler than how we had just fucked.

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