A Week with Cathy Ch. 11



I had no idea whether Gail would come to my room tonight. She said she was going to, but maybe she was spooked by how Cathy and I were caught this afternoon: that was bad enough, but if the two of us were caught in bed together…

I was so fucking horny. I mean, I liked the idea of Gail in my bed no matter what — I’d really enjoyed holding her last night — but we were hoping to try oral sex tonight, and I really wanted that.

And I owed her one: at least she’d made me cum in the theatre. Cum all over the naked breasts of a beautiful black-hared girl, though of course I didn’t refer to her that way to Gail afterward.

That was wild. The girl’s boyfriend had been fingering her, and my cumming all over her put her over the edge, screaming “Oh fuck yes!” loudly enough for everybody else in the theatre to hear. She and her boyfriend dashed out of the theatre’s left-side exit, and presumably somewhere along the way she got her shirt back on.

Gail pulled her bikini top back into place, covering her breasts, and we ran out the right-side exit. We ducked into an adjoining theatre, which seemed like the best place to lay low — though of course once we realized the Vice Squad wasn’t coming after us to arrest us, we started making out again. Just PG-13 making out, though, just in case.

A little after 1am, I heard somebody coming into my room. “Gail?”

“Who else would it be?”

You’d be surprised, I thought.

She crawled into bed with me, sounding a bit breathless, and stripped of her nightshirt. “I d just saw something… I don’t know whether to be turned on, or traumatized for life,” she said.

“Um… I vote for turned on?”


“What happened?”

“Okay, I left Cathy’s room to sneak down here, when I heard somebody, so I ducked around a corner so I wouldn’t be seen. Of course I could have just said I was going to the bathroom, nobody would have assumed I was coming down her, but I wasn’t thinking. Anyway, there was Dad coming out of the bathroom.”

I nodded. Pretty dull story so far.

“And lordbahis güvenilirmi then from the other direction, Mrs. Conway. Headed for the bathroom. Wearing nothing but panties. Coming out of Aunt Rani and Uncle Rick’s room.”

Holy shit. So many explanations, all of them crazy.

“And just about walked into Dad.”

So Dad got to see Missy almost naked. I couldn’t help smiling thinking about seeing her like that yesterday morning, but fortunately Gail tell.

“She said ‘Steve, this isn’t what it looks like,’ and he was like ‘Um… okay,” and then she said “Mark can’t find out,” and he said “Whatever it is, don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me,’ and she said ‘Thanks, but you know, I’d feel better if I knew a secret of yours too,’ and before he could ask her what she meant, she yanked his pajama bottoms down.”

“She did what?”

“I turned away so fast it made my head spin. I might be fucking my brother, but I did not want to see Dad’s dick. I’d rather not think about him having one, to tell the truth. But I certainly knew what was happening: he protested for about a second, and then she was sucking him, fast and hard, and he was making groaning noises I’d also rather not think about. And then ‘oh god,’ and I could hear her slurping up his cum. And then she said ‘Oh I love the cocks in your family,’ obviously because she’s also doing Uncle Rick.”

Or she could have meant me, I thought. Or, well, both of us. “But coming out of their bedroom,” I said. “Could she be doing Uncle Rick and Aunt Rani both?”

“Mrs. Conway sucking Aunt Rani,” Gail said, stroking my dick. “That’s so hot.”

“Mmm,” I said, thinking about my aunt and her neighbor naked in bed together. And then, inevitably, their daughters, Cathy and Vicki naked together, which was a lot easier to do. And of course there was my naked sister stroking my dick right now.

Or Gail and the girl from the theatre. The girl stands up, moves in front of Gail, and presses her pussy into her face.

There was a kaleidoscope of images flashing through my head lordbahis yeni giriş and I was on the verge of cumming all over Gail’s hand, which would be a terrible waste.

I pushed Gail down, spread her legs, eased her panties off, and brought my mouth down to her smooth, bare pussy. She’d promised me a blow job, so I just assumed she’d want me to do the same for her.

She was soaked, even wetter than Missy had been. I briefly wondered whether she’d also been fantasizing about the girl from the theatre, but I decided it didn’t matter.

I didn’t have a whole lot of experience eating pussies, but of course Gail had even less experience being on the receiving end. And she was truly horny, so she started groaning from the moment my tongue touched her clit.

I alternated between her clit and her pussy, sometimes tongue-fucking her pussy while my thumb was lightly stroking her clit. It sounded as if she were having a series of small orgasms.

I really didn’t know what I was doing: I was just winging it, basing it on her reactions. Very different from with Missy, who was totally in control of everything.

Apparently Missy’s a very big fan of oral sex. I hope Mr. Conway was at least getting some of that.

Gail’s body was thrashing from side to side, and I could hear her making little growling noises, even though I was between her legs and she was probably muffling them with her hand. Good thing nobody else came down here.

And then I heard a loud Aarrgh sound, and her body jerked, and I felt wetness in my mouth and on my face. I pulled my head back for a moment, and she used both of her hands to pull it back. I licked her softly around her pussy while she had a few “aftershocks.”

I guessed I’d done an okay job.

As she was catching her breath, she answered the unasked question. “Some girls squirt. I do when I cum really, really hard. It happened last night, the first time we fucked, but you filled me with so much cum, you didn’t notice.”

“That’s okay, I was just surprised is all.”

“Sorry I didn’t warn you ahead lordbahis giriş of time,” she said. “And now, speaking of a mouthful of cum…”

She crawled between my legs and took my dick gently into her hands. As it began to harden, she said “I’ve never done this before, so if I’m doing something wrong, tell me.” It occurred to me that unless she’d spoken with Cathy, she probably assumed this was my first time being sucked as well.

Unfortunately… it didn’t work out. She was being too tentative (not necessarily a bad thing when one’s dick is in such a vulnerable position), and my little man had had a long, long day. We both assured one another it was okay, even though neither of us really felt it was, and we fell asleep, naked, in one another’s arms. That part was more than okay.

A little after 5:30 I woke up from a very erotic dream to feel my dick being sucked. When she realized I was awake, Gail picked her head up for a moment and smiled at me. She told me later that doing this for the first time when I was asleep took away a lot of the stress, and by the time I’d woken up, she’d found her rhythm.

She looked so sexy, her breasts moving by side to side as her head bobbed up and down. I took hr breasts in my hands, and I felt a soft “Mmmm” from her mouth to my dick.

“Gonna… gonna cum,” I warned her finally. She sucked harder, pulling every last possible drop out of me. Then opened her mouth, and it all dripped back to my crotch and my belly.

“Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t know what to do with it.” She kissed the tip of my dick. “Next time I’ll swallow it all, I promise.”

I gave her a smile at the thought of “next time,” but was less happy that she had to put her panties and nightshirt back on and make her way back up to Cathy’s bedroom.

I fell asleep, understandably exhausted, and slept until almost noon.


Gail didn’t tell me until days later that we hadn’t gotten away with it as cleanly as we’d thought: when she was having breakfast, and she and Aunt Rani were alone, Aunt Rani said “Gail… last night around three I went to Cathy’s room to look in on you, and you weren’t there.”

“I thought my life and yours were both over at that point,” Gail went on, “But then I said ‘Mrs. Conway wasn’t sleeping there either.’ Aunt Rani took a moment, and then said ‘Okay. Don’t forget to rinse your bowl when you’re done eating.'”

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