A Weekend Away


Yes, it’s been a while since I committed to writing anything new. In a way it’s much like this story because work has been influencing my frame of mind and I just wasn’t in the mood for it. If nothing else it’s a reminder to take some time to enjoy what you have in front of you.

I decided to be introspective so the characters, events and setting are very real. A number of shorter pieces will tell the entire story… We’ll just have to see where it goes and when I get tired of typing. Be patient, there will be sex.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Part 1 – Getting there

She could have stayed in the shower, head soaking under the spray, for much longer but knew that they had a schedule to stay on. If they were going to avoid much of the Friday afternoon traffic she needed to finish getting ready. At least she had the prospect of no schedule to follow once they got to their destination for the weekend.

They had taken a mini vacation in the same area a couple of months ago and the quiet, relaxed atmosphere had been good for both of them. Sure, it wasn’t the Caribbean or Hawaii but the seclusion of the cabin had been a welcome relief from the hectic schedules and pressures of work that they so easily succumbed to. The cabin would be a different one and it was off season for tourists so it should be perhaps even quieter.

The cabin, really more like a home, had 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs, a pool table in the game room, a decent sized kitchen, a hot tub on the wrap around deck and most importantly a king sized bed in the master bedroom. The only short coming was a gas instead of real fireplace.

Her thoughts drifted for a minute while drying herself off to the night spent last trip laying and loving in front of the fire. That was the good part. The bad of course was waking up naked, still on the floor and being so cold since they had both fallen asleep without grabbing any covers. By then, the fire had burned itself out.

Still, it had been a wild night and the memories she was seeing in her head started her nipples hardening.

“Focus” she thought to herself.

She caught a glimpse of her profile as she hung up the towel and looked at her reflection critically. Twenty pounds lighter than a couple of months ago definitely showed. Her butt and legs had always looked good and now the rest of her did as well. Breasts that had been a small D cup were now a large C and were still an asset that men noticed. Her hair, now a more natural brown than blonde was a shorter style than she had been wearing and gave her face a different look. She hadn’t been trying for younger, just something different to compliment her features. All in all, not bad for her late thirties she concluded.

A few minutes later, the cosmetics and toiletries were packed, hair dryer and flat iron put in her carry all bag and she walked them out to the hallway where his bag already sat. Of course, he had packed his clothes and stuff last night so he wouldn’t have to deal with it when he got home. She still had her clothes to pack and still had to deal with making some decisions about what to take with her.

“We’re spending the weekend at the cabin so don’t worry about taking half your closet with you,” he had teased her last night.

“Fine, I’ll just go naked the whole time,” she replied.

“Works fine for me but you’ll probably be a bit cold. Maybe you should consider pajamas at least.”

“Maybe you should just worry about your own clothes,” she answered back.

“You forgot to say bite me,” he said smiling at her.

“Don’t have to, you already said it for me,” which pretty much is where they left things.

To an outsider, their teasing might not be understood and on more than one occasion they had witnessed the questioning looks from someone within earshot of their back and forth. They really didn’t care because they loved each other madly and it was all that mattered. They understood each other and the teasing was never anything but playful.

The bed was soon covered by a couple of basic skirts, a few tops, 2 pairs of jeans, lounging pajamas, a swim cover up, panties, bras, socks and finally, a couple pieces of lingerie that she had ordered especially for the weekend. One of those was a garter belt and thigh high hosiery that she was saving for Saturday night. All she had left now was the “toys” to pick out.

They both enjoyed including her toys in their play and it had made for some exhausting evenings of sweaty sex for the last couple of years. There were a couple of new ones that she was anxious to try this weekend since they were waterproof and could be taken out to the hot tub.

She managed to fit everything into one bag mostly because it was twice the size of the one he had used.

“If I need anything else I’ll just buy it up there,” she thought as she zipped up the bag and then carried it out to join the others.

“Shit,” she thought. “I almost forgot the shoes.”

Her plans for Saturday night would not be complete without the fuck me heels she had bought kurtköy escort to go with the outfit she had planned on.

The door to the apartment opened and what he saw as he entered was his wife in nothing but panties walking back towards the bedroom.

“I guess you weren’t kidding about going naked,” he said.

“Just get the car loaded and I’ll be dressed by the time you’re done,” she called back.

“You don’t have to get dressed for me you know. Just put on your long fur and live dangerously,” he countered.

“Just load the car honey, maybe we can do that some other road trip.”

“I might just take you up on that,” he said as he grabbed the first two bags and headed down to the car.

Besides the bags there was the computer, wine and alcohol, the coffee press and coffee, CDs, DVDs and a few other necessities that they knew from the last trip were worth bringing with them. The place was furnished but not stocked so they would pick up groceries once they got there.

He came in from the last trip to the car and she was indeed dressed and ready to go. All that was left was to tell the cats that they would be back and to behave. BW would be fine they knew but Abby was still a kitten and it was the first time she would be left without “supervision.” Hopefully BW would keep her in line.

It was a couple minutes after 2 p.m. when they got on the highway and traffic was light until they got into downtown Knoxville an hour later. The construction was causing significant backups even though it was still early afternoon. She noticed that he was unusually calm in the stop and go traffic.

His thoughts were elsewhere, driving on auto pilot. Leaving work at noon was not a problem but there were still concerns about what kind of progress his current project work was making. ZZ Top playing in the background was definitely helping him leave it behind and he really was trying hard to close down the part of his mind that was still processing work related information. They both needed some decompression and play time away and knowing that the cabin was only another hour on the road helped as well.

They found the rental office with little problem and were quickly back on the road headed to the grocery store. They picked up what they needed for breakfasts, snacks, water and fruit and then continued on to the cabin.

The property was about 10 miles from Gatlinburg up a steep, winding road that was just wide enough for two cars. You really couldn’t see much because of the dense trees lining each side. Their cabin was about ¾ of the way to the top of the climb and it wasn’t until they parked in the driveway and got out of the car that they could appreciate the view.

The cabin itself was on one side of a small valley, probably 100 yards across to the next slope. Through the trees you could see parts of the creek that ran along the bottom but the real view was at the end of the valley where some of Gatlinburg was visible. There were cabins on either side but they appeared to be empty or at least no one staying there currently.

More than anything, once the fans had stopped running for the car, was the quiet of being in the woods. There was plenty of sound and noises, but none of it was man-made. Better yet, neither cell phone showed any kind of signal strength.

They unpacked quickly and while he put away the groceries she checked out the inside of the cabin. It looked as nice as the pictures on the net had shown but you had to walk around to really appreciate the vaulted ceiling and the floor space the cabin had. The view from the deck was the same as from the driveway, overlooking the small valley and the neighboring slope.

He was busy pouring himself a drink when he heard the water running in the bathroom. He walked in and found her bending over the tub, checking the water temperature.

“Didn’t you take a shower before we left today,” he asked?

“And your point,” she replied?

“Oh nothing, I guess you miss having a Jacuzzi tub like we had in San Diego.”

“Good answer,” she said. “I know you’re going to go smoke so get that out of your system and then come back in and do my back.”

“Anything for a soon to be naked lady,” he said and walked out to the sliding glass doors and the deck.

Even with the sun behind the next ridge it was still warm for early January. There was hardly any breeze and the wood deck was still warm underneath his bare feet. The vodka rocks went down easy, the cigarette was just a distraction from what he was thinking about.

He went back to the kitchen counter to pour himself a second drink and mixed amaretto and sour to take to her in the bath.

She was lying in the tub with a towel behind her head. The bubbles were thick enough to cover but not completely hide her lush curves. Her breasts were about half under the water and he took his time looking at her before moving finally to sit on the edge.

“Thanks for the drink sweetie,” she said as she took a healthy drink from the glass. “Are you going to join tuzla escort me in here or just sit in the edge?”

“Hold this,” he said handing her his glass.

She watched him unbutton his shirt and remove it, unbuckle and unzip his pants before sliding them off his hips and legs and wasn’t shocked to see him without any underwear on. That was normal for the weekends but she was a little surprised he hadn’t put any on that morning.

He took his glass back from her and slid in behind her in the tub.

“Let a little bit of water out babe. I don’t want to flood the place our first night here.”

She bent forward to reach for the drain and he slid deeper and further into the tub. When she leaned back she had significantly less room.

“That is so not fair!”

“Hand me the sponge honey. I’ll make it up to you.”

She got it out of the water and before taking it from her hand; he moved their drinks to the counter next to the tub. He couldn’t help but notice the egg shaped vibrator on there also.

“You planning on trying out your new toy while you’re in here,” he asked?

“Only if you hadn’t gotten in here when you did, but now that you mention it….” she said.

He handed her the toy and then got serious about washing her back. A couple of minutes later he could have just held the sponge still. The toy was indeed waterproof and was working just fine as was evidenced by the fact that she was squirming around in the tub.

She leaned her head back onto his shoulder and said “play with the twins’ baby.”

He reached around her to lift and cup her breasts in his hands. Her nipples were already stiff from excitement. She wanted him to pinch them, tug on them; she was already so close to cumming. But teasing her, prolonging her climax was his only interest right now so he continued to stroke upward from underneath them, making sure that his palms moved over her nipples each time.

“Stop teasing me, pinch them,” she groaned.

She moved one of her legs out of the water onto the edge of the tub, opening herself wider, making it easier to move the egg around her clit. Her hips started bucking slightly. She was close now.

He could feel her tensing, getting ready to cum as she leaned back into him harder.


His head turned to kiss the side of her neck as he finally took her nipples between his fingers and pulled on them. Her hips jerked up and almost out of the water as her climax intensified for a few seconds longer. She held the vibrator firmly just above her clit and let the sensations take her; legs taught from pushing against the walls of the tub; pussy clenching every couple of seconds; her breathing in tiny gasps for air.

It wasn’t until she moved the egg slightly that her hips relaxed enough so that she started to move back into the water. Sensing her change, he reached down to move the vibrator back to her clit and pulled roughly on one nipple with the other hand.

“Oh fffffuck,” she was cumming, harder than the first time.

She rode this one as long as she could before moving their hands and the toy away from her clit. Her breath was more gasps than anything else as she fought to control the tremors that followed the two intense orgasms she had just been through.

His arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to him, whispering in her ear to relax, that he loved her, how good she felt laying in his arms. Neither one moved for many minutes, till the water started getting cool. He got out first, drained his glass of what was left of his drink before starting to dry himself off. When he was done, he helped her stand in the tub and wrapped a towel around her.

Her legs were still shaking a little and with a hand holding onto his arm, she got carefully out of the tub. He grabbed pajama pants and tee shirts from the bags for both of them. Once dressed, she went back into the bathroom to dry her hair and he went to the kitchen to pour a couple more drinks.

“So I guess we aren’t going out to dinner tonight,” he said when she walked out of the bedroom a few minutes later.

…..to be continued

Part 2 – More Water Fun

“What are my choices,” she asked? “We bought groceries didn’t we?”

“Chips, salsa, humus and fruit, or breakfast,” he answered. “If my vote counts I can whip something up along the breakfast lines.”

“That’s fine,” she said. “What do you want to watch while you’re cooking?”

“Put on the new Clapton DVD. It’s the guitar fest concert from October up in Chicago.”

The cabin had a large flat screen TV above the mantle for the fireplace that was visible from the kitchen area so while she fiddled with the controls to start the DVD he got busy with prep for their meal.

He quickly cubed some new potatoes, minced a couple of cloves of garlic and got them started browning in the skillet. While they cooked he chopped some green onion, tomatoes and Canadian bacon. When the potatoes were about half cooked he added the meat and onions to the tuzla escort pan. Half a dozen beaten eggs followed along with the tomatoes and he put a plate over the top of the skillet to let it cook.

The frittata would take about 20 minutes to cook so he used the time to cut up some melon, apples and berries and mix them with a couple teaspoons of sugar. It wasn’t anything fancy but it would serve to feed them tonight.

The DVD was fabulous, with Bill Murray opening the concert and acting as an emcee of sorts. The music was hot and lively, mostly blues and rock, all artists that he recognized and enjoyed listening to.

Throughout this she was sitting at one end of the couch with her legs up, still warm and glowing from their time in the tub.

“Where do you want to eat; at the table or on the couch'” he asked?

“On the couch would be nice,” she answered. “I’m pretty comfy right now.” “You want another drink or something else with this?”

“Water will be fine,” she said.

He brought out her plate and glass of water before serving himself and they ate with little conversation as the DVD continued to play. She asked him a couple of times about artists that were on stage and he avoided any reference to the fact that some of them were pretty popular when she was a teen or younger. Thirteen years wasn’t a huge gap in their ages but it was enough that it represented very different times for popular music and artists as they were growing up.

She finished before he did and got up from the couch to take her plate back to the kitchen. The dishes could wait till later, she thought. He was still focused on the concert as she walked back to the couch, grabbed the throw from the other end, wrapped it around her shoulders and walked out to the deck.

It was quiet outside. The sky was clear and even with the backlight from the cabin she had no problem seeing the stars in the night sky. She pulled the blanket tighter around her when she felt the wind gust slightly and thought about their afternoon.

The time spent in the tub had been just what she needed to get herself away from the pressures and routine of home. Frankly, she didn’t care about much of anything at this moment other than the thought of being away with him for a couple of days. They both needed some play time and she smiled as she turned and looked at the hot tub.

Their last trip had been the first time they had been together in one and they had discovered some interesting ways to fuck while in it; or at least partially in it. This one was slightly bigger than the last and as she walked around it, she noticed that in fact neither of the neighboring cabins was lit. The only lights visible were across the valley so they would have their privacy.

“Did you check out the hot tub already,” she asked as she walked back in from the deck?

“Yeah, it’s full and the switches for the pump and lights are to the right of the steps to climb into it.”

“Are you thinking about getting wet again,'” he asked?

“I’m already wet remembering the last time and we have another toy to test out,” she answered.

“Well grab a couple of towels and I’ll come out as soon as I clean up. I want to watch the end of this and it’s probably only another 15 to 20 minutes,” he told her.

“Tell you what; I’ll clean up in the morning. Let’s get in there now,” she said as she stepped out of her pajama pants.

He smiled at her display and said “I’ll grab the towels.”

The cover for the tub came off easily and after turning on the lights and pump, he undressed and got in quickly. The temperature outside was probably low forties by now so the water at 98 felt hot but not uncomfortably so. She came out just about the time he was climbing in and was about to get out of her robe when he asked her to bring him his drink while she was still dressed.

She was back with it quickly, shed her robe and climbed in the water; ending up sitting across from him. They stayed like that for a while, enjoying the feel of the jets massaging their bodies. The pump was relatively quiet so other than the sound of the water bubbling all you could hear was the wind, the trees moving and an occasional screech of an owl in the trees.

“Come over here and look at this,” he said.

The quarter moon had just crested the far slope and looked slightly surreal as it perched above the peak of the tree line. She had other things on her mind.

Sliding across the tub, she moved to straddle his lap and put her arms around his neck. It allowed her to lean back and lift her breasts out of the water.

“You mean these,” she asked?

“Mmmmm yes, those are lovely,” he said. “Turn around.”

She let go of his neck and scooted around on his lap to see what he was talking about.

“Oh wow, you need to take a picture of that.”

“If I had the camera out here I would.”

She was quiet for a moment then asked quietly, “can I turn around again?”

“Yes please,” he answered.

When she was situated once more, she leaned in to kiss him; gently at first, teasing his lips with the tip of her tongue. He responded the same way; their tongues teasing each other’s mouth, becoming more ardent with time until he took her head in his hands and kissed her hard, enjoying the feel of their passion as it started to overtake him.

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