A Wild First Night Alone


This is a combination of fact and fantasy. The story begins factually, but moves to fantasy, you will have to guess for yourself where in the story that occurs.


Amber and I had met several weeks before this evening. We’d been on a couple of “dates” as best we could in the middle of the summer environment we were both working in and though she seemed pretty shy, we had started falling for each other a bit. We had an event that we both had to be at and then decided we’d leave and get something to eat and “hang out” just the two of us.

We finished the event and headed out to grab a bite. it wasn’t anything special, but it was good just to spend some time with her away from anyone else. We were going to have a few days off and rather than her riding back with her friend to where they were staying for a few days, I told her I’d take her home after we got some dinner. We laughed and talked through dinner and then decided to grab something to drink and retreat to a friend’s place that I was keeping an eye on for him while he was out of town.

He had actually moved to another city and the condo was fairly empty but I stopped by on occasion to clean things up outside and just make sure everything was okay inside. Amber and I had grabbed a six pack of beer for me and a six pack of wine coolers for her. It was a long way to her friends house so we didn’t intend to stay too long before I took her home but I wanted some alone time with her so I figured a late night drive to get her home would be worth it. Little did I know just exactly HOW worth it that evening would be.

As we walked in the door to the condo, I walked to the kitchen to set the beer and wine coolers down. As I walked back into the what was the living room to ask if she wanted a drink, she put her arms around my neck and gave me a long, sensual kiss. Her tongue danced with mine and she alternately ran her fingers through my hair and let her hands roam across my chest and arms.

I broke the kiss reluctantly as I ran my hands down her sides and let them rest on the top of the curve of her ass.

“I was going to ask you something, but not sure I remember what it was now,” I laughed. I let my hands roam lower and squeezed her ass lightly.

She giggled and smiled at me nuzzling into my neck and kissing my collarbone.

“A wine cooler might be nice, i might need to cool down a bit.”

I walked back to the kitchen and got 2 wine coolers and 2 beers and came back in to sit down with her. There was no furniture in the living room so we sat down on the floor and shared our drinks and chatted for a few minutes. As the alcohol eased the nerves of being alone for the first time, we kissed and held each other a bit. I stroked her hair, her face and nestled my hand on the side of her breast on occasion as we shared some more kisses.

We laid down on our sides facing each other and continued touching and kissing each other. I lifted the shirt on her side and began to kiss her skin. She shuddered at first and then sat up and took off her shirt revealing a beautiful set of tits encased in a light pink bra. Her body was as beautiful and just as perfect as her face. She looked at me with a quizzical look

“What are you waiting on?”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to keep you waiting,” I chuckled lightly.

I sat up and took off my shirt and as I lifted the shirt over my head, she reached over and began kissing and nibbling at my neck and collar bones. She worked her way down to kiss my nipples and I was a bit shocked by how fast SHE was moving.

“Apparently I’ve got a tiger by the tail here tonight”.

“You can if you want to,” she laughed and looked at me with a sly grin on her face.

As she said that, she reached down and unbuckled the belt on my khaki shorts. I reached out and began massaging her breasts through her bra. I slipped the cups of her bra down and let those beautiful globes slip out. I lowered my head and began licking and sucking at her nipples. She moaned lightly and leaned back but pulled me on top of her to continue my sucking and nibbling.

Her breasts were perfect. Fully formed globes topped with beautifully shaped nipples that were a delight to nip at with my teeth and suck on. She pulled me to her and began kissing me hungrily as she worked to pull my shorts loose. I was more than happy to cooperate but was stunned that on our “first time alone”, this beautiful, seemingly shy young woman was turning out to be such a “tigress” when it was just us.

As I got my shorts off, she pushed me over so I was on my back and she was laying a mixture of beside me and on top of me. She began using her fingers to lightly run them up and down my quickly growing cock. I was damn near fully erect and straining against my underwear and she was aggressively kissing my mouth, my neck and my nipples while she teased my cock without end. She used her fingertips and ran them under my balls as they were tightly encased in my briefs as well and beşiktaş escort bayan as she continued teasing me, my cock kept working further out the top of my briefs.

“Wow, I’ve found a wild Texas cowgirl tonight didn’t I.”

She stopped everything cold.

“Is that a problem?”

She stared at me with an odd look on her face.

“Not one little bit,” I smiled

“Good thing, I’d hate to disappoint,” she smiled and giggled.

As she said that she reached down and squeezed my cock through my briefs and held on. As she held on tightly, she began kissing her way down my belly and licking at the edge of my underwear as she slowly squeezed and relaxed her hand rhythmically.

She was teasing me now with her tongue, running it along the waistband but never allowing herself to touch the tip of my cock that was now sticking well out of the top of my briefs. Periodically, she would take a fingertip and play with the precum that was oozing out of my cock and rub it around the head, teasing me with that finger as she circled the head of my cock. It had been over 2 months since I’d been with a woman and as she went back to squeezing rhythmically over and over again, I could feel myself losing control. My “precum” that she had been seeing gave way to an explosion of cum that shot halfway up my chest.

“Wow, I think you might be excited,” she said and she began to laugh.

I was mortified that she had already made me cum and I hadn’t even gotten my cock completely out of my clothing.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to let that happen quite so soon.”

“That’s all right, just means you’ll last longer next time,” she said as a growing smile spread across her face.

She reached between those beautiful breasts and unsnapped the clasp that kept them partially contained. As she slipped it off, it was obvious her breasts were just as taught and firm as the rest of her body.

I stood up to slip out of my clothes completely and she slipped off her shorts as well.

As I stood now and looked down at this beautiful young woman before me, I was amazed. Her red hair framed an angelic face, but she had a bit of a devilish temperament when it came to what she wanted.

She sunk to her knees and reached out to wrap her hand around my cock. She took it gently and began to lick gently around the head. I groaned and threw my head back while she continued using her tongue to circle the head. She continued that delicious treatment for a few minutes, then she lifted my cock and pressed it against my belly while she slowly used her tongue and ran it from the base to the tip.

I groaned my approval and looked back down as she rose to the tip of my cock. She stared straight into my eyes as she pulled my cock down and took me into her mouth. Her tongue snaking around the head of my cock and gently sucking was giving me a pleasure I had never quite felt. It was one thing to get head from a woman. It was totally a different thing to feel so wanted by a woman that she was giving me head without me even asking.

She continued her exploration and I pushed for a little more.

“Lick my balls.”

She stopped sucking on my cock and looked up a bit hesitantly

“Come on,” I told her “I thought you said I had found a wild one here tonight.”

She smiled again and slowly lifted my cock and slid a bit lower on her knees. I felt the golden silkiness of her tongue begin to caress my balls. She worked her way around my sack and I groaned with pleasure. She pursed her lips together and craned her head to the side and ran her lips up the length of my cock, slowly snaking her tongue out to tease all the way up and down.

Each time she slid back down, she licked and sucked my balls. After several minutes of this delightful torture, I stopped her.

“Get those panties off.”

I spoke with a little more force now and I think it startled her.

“You giving orders now or asking?” she said with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

“Get them off, cowgirl… you know you want to.”

She raised herself a bit up on her knees and slid the panties down one leg. Pulling them loose, she pulled them off the other leg and moments later, the most beautiful woman I had ever been with was on her knees in front of me with my cock bobbing in her face.

“Now lay down.” I told her with the same moderately forceful tone I had used before.

“You sound like you know what you want,” she said with a sly sardonic grin on her face.

“I’m pretty sure I know what YOU want as well,” I replied with a laugh.

She laid down on her back and I had to stop for a moment.

She was so beautiful. Her deep red hair, framing that face, her breasts firm and pert with her nipples obviously quite hard. As she laid back, and I stared at this amazing sight, she opened her legs slightly and beckoned me to her.

“Come here, I want you.”

I slipped down to the floor and positioned myself beside her. I reached out with my beşiktaş escort right hand and began to tease her nipples while I nibbled on her neck. I let my hand slip lower and began to tease the curls of hair that nestled just above her lips while I began sucking on her nipples. She began to return the favor. Reaching over with a hand, she began caressing my cock, slowly running her fingertips up and down my shaft. As I continued sucking her nipples, I let my fingertips push her thighs apart and began to lightly tease the inside of her thighs but not touching her lips. She began lifting her hips and trying to reach out to my hand begging for attention, but I kept just teasing. I slowly began licking down her belly, lingering for a few moments at her belly button. I ran my tongue around her belly button, while I slowly teased my fingers up the sides of her labia. She groaned aloud and pushed her hips up to meet my touch.

“Does that feel good?” I asked

“Yes, but your tongue would feel better,” she replied a bit breathless.

I laughed out loud. I had never been with a woman this aggressive but this was going to be fun.

I continued teasing her lips with my fingertips, running them agonizingly slowly up and down the outside edge of her lips and teasing her inner thighs. As I did, I began to let my tongue slide lower, licking across the edge of what would have been her “panty line”, just above the tuft of hair that began to cover her sex.

I slid lower and moved my entire body between her legs. As I laid between her legs, she spread them slightly. I used my hands and spread her wide open. I could smell her arousal as I slowly placed my mouth, just inches from her pleasure center. I used my hot breath to tease her. She moaned lightly and pushed her hips towards me. Every time she reached out with her hips, I pulled further away. I placed my hands on her thighs with my thumbs just outside her labia and began slowly rotating my fingers, spreading her open and closing her over and over again. As her lips opened to me, I made sure to use my hot breath, concentrating on her clit. Her gentle moans signaled her approval.

Finally I held her still and stopped any motion with my hands. I stopped teasing her with my breath and let her lay there momentarily. She sighed.

“Please… ” and she whimpered and pushed her hips towards me again.

As she did, I slipped my tongue out and started at the bottom of her lips and began to slowly stroke upward with my tongue. She shuddered and jumped a bit when she first felt my tongue meet her flesh, but then moaned again and pushed her lips towards me. As I reached the top of those delicious lips, I pulled away just as I reached the hood where her clit was hidden. She cried out lightly.

I started again, at the bottom of her lips and stroked again, spreading her lips a bit more with my tongue on the way up this time. As I reached the top and began to pull away, she pushed her hips towards me again and reached down to grab my head and pull me to her. She pulled my face closer but I stopped licking.

“God please don’t tease me like this. I need you.”

I pushed her hips down again and licked again from the bottom to the top and as I reached the top this time, I took a light swipe at her clit. She shuddered and cried out again.

“OH YEEEESSSSSSSS…Please don’t stop that!”

I repeated that swipe and she reacted similarly as I focused a split second longer on her clit again.

Then I pulled away and sat up.

As I sat up, she pleaded.

“NOOO… please?? “

I ignored her pleas but grabbed her hips to roll her over.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make us both feel wonderful in just a little while.”

As she rolled over, I lifted her hips and let her upper body rest on the ground. She was face down, ass up and the sight was almost overwhelming. This beautiful woman was exposed to me in the most intimate ways and was obviously sexually hungry for my touch whether it be my fingers, my tongue or my cock. I was planning on her feeling all three in the next few minutes.

She pushed her ass back towards me arching her back to make her pussy more accessible. I ran my fingers lightly up and down the back of her thighs. She shivered and shuddered a bit giggling lightly.

“That tickles,” she said through her laughter.

“Let me see if this feels better,” I said and I moved my face closer to her lips.

This time, I started about halfway up on her lips and licked upwards towards her dark rosebud. I slid my tongue just inside the lips and could taste her on my tongue as I swiped upward. As I reached the edge of her lips, I flattened my tongue and pressed it against her perineum. She moaned and pressed back against my tongue. I held it there for a moment and then repeated that swipe, going just a little deeper with my tongue and tasting more of her juices.

With each succeeding swipe, her moans got a bit louder, her pussy a little wetter and her juices were covering my tongue a face more with each trip.

I stopped again for a moment to admire the incredible sight. This beautiful woman, completely exposed to me, in the most brazen ways, pushing her sex back towards me, begging for my touch. I was in heaven.

I reached out with my tongue and lapped at the juices gathered on her perineum and carried them upward. I began to spread them around her asshole teasing with my tongue. She cried out again with a bit of a moan and then I heard what would become familiar to me over the years, a slight catch in her voice and she pulled away.

As I teased her ass, I wondered if I would be so fortunate as to be able to have her mouth, her pussy and her ass all on our first night alone. I slipped a finger up and began running that finger around the edge of her rosebud while I dipped lower with my tongue now. She pushed back against me as I began to fuck her gently with the wetness of my tongue. I avoided allowing my tongue to reach too far upward skipping her clit, not wanting to give her that pleasure yet. She began humping my face as I slowly worked my tongue in and out of her hot, wet sex.

I stopped and she cried out again

“Oh my God, PLEASE don’t stop, that feels amazing!!”

I began to reach again forward on the top of her lips and with each stroke, further, I made the swipe of my tongue a bit lighter. She reached between her legs with a hand and used two fingers to spread herself wider open. She was trying to make her clit more accessible but I intended to give her the attention she wanted, but keep it so light it would not give her the release she wanted, at least not yet.

She was pushing back against my face with everything she had. Moaning from a deep guttural place and her breathing catching at times with each swipe of my tongue reaching her clit.

I stopped for a moment and she whimpered…

“PLEASE for GODS SAKE stop TEASING me like this.”

“Okay, let’s see if this feels better.”

I sat up on my knees and reached for the condom laying beside me. I tore the packet, slipped it on and placed my cock at the edge of her lips. I swiped up and down her lips a couple times as she kept rocking back towards me. She was soaking wet and it was easy to gain enough lube to slip just the head inside her. As I did she gasped.

“Yes, please… don’t stop there… I know there’s more of you than that.”

I stopped for a moment, reached up with my left hand and took my first finger and rubbed around the edge of her asshole. As she felt my finger, she flinched a bit, but I could hold back no longer.

I slid my finger and my cock inside her at the same time. Slowly stroking with both, I worked them both deeper inside her. She was reaching the point of no return, whimpering and crying out over and over.

“YES… GOD that feels good… Please give me ALL of it!!”.

So I obliged. As I took my first full deep stroke, I plunged my finger deep in her ass and raised my right hand and slapped her ass at the same time. As I lost control and began to pump my cock back and forth deep inside her, I fingered her ass and spanked her right cheek.

“God you are so fucking hot,” I told her through my own ragged breath

She wasn’t saying anything now, just slamming her pussy back on my cock as I plunged deeper into her with each stroke. As I reached bottom with each stroke, I could feel my cock bumping at her cervix and she would cry out a bit each time I was that deep. I could feel her vice like pussy milking me with every stroke both in and out and I kept slapping her ass every few strokes.

“I really did get a Tigress tonight, and a naughty one at that.”

As those words came out of my mouth, I plunged as deep as I could, slamming into her beautiful body and spanking her ass as I plunged my cock and finger back and forth.

I heard a deep guttural groan, hard to know if it was from pleasure or pain but then I felt her, spasm. Her body was racked with what I could only call convulsions of pleasure. Her hips were rocking frantically back and forth against me and I felt her pussy rhythmically tighten around me as I tried to withdraw or slide deeper inside her. As she spasmed with her own orgasm, I could feel my seed, boiling up through my cock and I lost control myself. I could feel my cock swelling and spurting as her pussy convulsed around me over and over.

We were both overcome with the physical pleasure and moaned and cried out with our own pleasure for what seemed like hours but I’m sure was only seconds.

As I felt my cock withering a bit and felt Amber loosening her vice grip on me, I stopped thrusting and withdrew my finger from her ass.

I looked down at her right ass cheek and saw the handprints I had left from spanking her, which caused another surge of pleasure in my cock. As my cock jumped inside her she tensed her muscles around me again and my body shuddered again with another wave of pleasure. I could feel her milking the remaining cum out of my cock and I began to worry that what felt like gallons of cum might slip out of the condom. I began to slide out of her and she whimpered again.

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