A Writer in Love Ch. 02


Hello Readers I hope you enjoyed the first story in this series, and I hope you enjoy this one as well. If you have not read chapter one I highly recommend you do. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Special Thanks to my editor Bubba and Jen.


Max sat on the end of the bed gently rubbing his eyes, glancing over to the sleeping form in the bed beside him. She was curled up on her side the white sheets of the bed draped around her waist. Slowly getting to his feet he grabbed the blanket gently pulling it up to her shoulder to cover her naked form.

Tip-toeing across the room Max grabbed a pair of grey sweat pants that lay crumpled on the floor, and quietly left the room. After going through his morning ritual in the bathroom he stepped into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Smiling to himself he walked into the living room and grabbed his laptop off the table, carrying it back into the kitchen.

Leaning against the counter he read through his notes from the night before, then opened the story he was working on, after making a few corrections, he stood staring at the screen mulling over the direction the story should take.

Watching the small black prompt flash on the page, he frowned realizing that the only thing he could focus on was Tina, last night had been one of the most thrilling sexual experience of his life. Turning away from the laptop he rested back against the counter, listening to the gurgle of the coffee maker, That was when he saw the clock on stove in the kitchen. It was only 6:05 in the morning, chuckling softly he grabbed a cup from the cupboard and poured some coffee from the pot. Stepping over to the refrigerator, he opened the door to grab some milk when he saw the carton of eggs sitting on the shelf. Glancing around the frig he found he had bacon, cheese and one green pepper, smiling to himself he quickly grabbed the items from the frig and started preparing breakfast for his guest.

Tina shivered slightly rolling over in the bed, her eyes fluttered open, looking lazily around the room. She smiled remembering the night of passion the night before. Stretching she heard soft music coming from beyond the bedroom door, it sounded like classic rock, listening for a second she realized it was AC/DC playing Thunderstruck. She giggled softly rolling her eyes, pushing the covers from her naked form and slowly climbing off the bed.

“MMMM!” she murmured stretching again in front of the full length mirror in the corner of the room. She giggled feeling the sticky mess of their evening between her legs, slowly she examined her body in the mirror, running her fingers through her hair as she turned a complete circle.

Now Tina never though of herself as a vain person, but she did enjoy seeing her naked form, especially in the throws of passion. “Next time I am gonna make him fuck me in front of you!” she whispered giving the mirror and small tap with her finger. Tina gave her reflection a mischievous grin, when she caught sight of a pair of closet doors in the reflected, turning with a grin, she tip-toed across the room towards the doors.

Tossing them open with a giggle she saw it was a small walk in closet with a brown three door dresser against the back wall. Tina bit her lower lip in excitement, stepping into the closet running her hands along the suit coats and shirts that hung on either side.

Tina had many guilty pleasures in her life, tiny marsh mellows in her hot coco, reading a trashy romance novel on a quiet summer Sunday afternoon, and stealing dress shirts from her lovers. Nothing felt sexier to her then wearing a man’s dress shirt, even better if he was around to remove it. Selecting a nice light blue button up dress shirt from the right side of the closet, she slipped it on, while buttoning it she caught sight of a small brown cardboard box tucked under the shirts labeled “John’s Things.” Glancing to the open door of the closet then back to the box, she knelt down reaching for the box but stopped herself. ‘No, this is not right, you wouldn’t want him going through your things’ she sternly told herself. Standing up she gave the box a final glance before stepping out of the closet and back into the bedroom.

She hunted around the room for several minutes trying to find any of her clothes from the night before, even checking under the bed but was confused when she couldn’t find anything, other then his blue robe that lay on the bed next to where she was sleeping. Shrugging her shoulders and glancing into the mirror she checked to make sure that most of her “naughty bits” were covered, then she slipped out of the room, heading towards the music and the smell of cooked bacon.


Max stood at the stove gently prodding a piece of bacon with a fork, he was not paying particular attention to the job at hand, because his mind was occupied working through the next section of his story. His laptop sat behind him, quietly playing music from his classic rock play-list. A text document was open on the desktop, which he would turn to type in ideas, as they came to him.

He didn’t even realize she was there till he ankara escort felt a pair of hands slide around his waist, hugging him tightly, her finger tips softly ticking his stomach, feeling her head come to rest between his shoulder blades.

“You’re up?” he chuckled, scooping off the last piece of bacon onto a paper towel covered plate.

“Mmhm,” she giggled slipping a hand down past the waist line of his sweats to gently caress his rising manhood with her finger tips, “So are you?” she whispered

Max gave a soft grunt, turning around in her arms to, face her, feeling her fingertips slide up his back, as he moved. Looking down at her he saw she was wearing his light blue dress shirt, the top two buttons were left undone, exposing a fair bit of cleavage causing his erection to stiffen even more.

“Did I wake you?” he whispered gently kissing her forehead, wrapping his arms around her waist holding her body closer to him.

“Nope, not at all, I’m normally an early riser.” she smiled reaching past him to grab a piece of bacon off the plate behind him. Pulling away from him she leaned back against the counter happily munching on her bacon. Max turned and grabbed a coffee mug from the cabinet above him and poured some coffee into it.

“I know it is not a soy latte but I hope you like it.” he said handing her the full coffee cup. She smiled taking the cup from him and taking a sip.

“Wow! This is good coffee, what is it?” she replied taking another sip.

“French Roast, but I buy the beans and grind them myself.” Max proudly replied. “Eggs and toast?” he asked motioning to the stove top.

“Yes please!” Tina smiled back turning to the laptop on the counter, she bent over the laptop reading through the bits of visible story left on the screen. Max turned watching her silently as the bacon in the pan crackled and popped. His gaze drifted up her tight smooth legs, rising till he caught sight of her heart shaped bottom, peaking out from under the bottom of his shirt. He watched her bottom flex and shift, with the swaying of her hips, feeling his manhood standing to full attention.

“Max….the bacon is burning..” she whispered sweetly. His gaze snapped up to her smiling face that was peaking over her right shoulder, she wiggled her bottom at him with a quiet snicker. Blushing deeply he turned back to the bacon, grabbing a spatula scrambling to turn down the burner and pull the bacon from the pan to keep them from burning.

Tina watched him frantically try to save their breakfast feeling a sexual rush from catching him watching her. “I better go sit down, I think I am distracting you.” she sighed, reaching up to kiss him lightly on the cheek. Grabbing her coffee and stuffing the last bit of bacon in her mouth she hummed quietly to the music coming from the laptop as she walked away.


Sitting back in her chair with a satisfied pat of her stomach she watched Max sit quietly behind his laptop sipping his coffee and tapping softly. She was intrigued by the many looks he gave the screen, from smiles and smirks to frowns and almost angry looks.

‘He was a very handsome man,’ she thought to herself, ‘brilliant too,’ from the way he spoke and wrote, when you get past his shyness. The first time she saw him watching her she was worried, but the more she caught him the more interested she had become, something just told her he was not some creepy stalker, just a guy, who seemed to be interested in her.

Yesterday when she saw him through the window of the coffee shop, she realized that enough was enough, and she needed to confront him. She had walked in firmly deciding to just tell him to “fuck off”, but once she saw his eyes, really looked at those two brown windows to his heart, she got an over whelming urge to give him a chance.

Something about his eyes, that look, she saw it last night, when they had sex, and after when she was laying on his stomach, it caused her heart to flutter her pulse to race. She knew that look in his eyes, it scared her to think, that after her last relationship she wasn’t sure she could handle that kind of weight again on her heart, but it was like a bad addiction she needed to see it now. She had to know that someone wanted her that way, Tina slowly uncrossed her legs and stood up from the table, crossing down the length of it she dragged her finger tips along the wood surface, till she was in arms reach of the laptop.

Pushing the computer closed, when she walked by she saw him look up at her with a confused look. ‘God there it was again, that emotion when he looks at me’ she thought to herself, feeling her knees become weak, her heart skipping a beat. Silently reaching out she took his hand in hers urging him out of the chair, leading him silently over to the couch, she turned around pushing him down into the couch, and quietly climbed into his lap, like she had done the night before during the strip tease.

She felt his hands slide up her thighs coming to rest on her hips, He grunted happily feeling the warmth between her legs pressed against the crotch of his sweat pants. Draping her arms on his shoulders çankaya escort she slowly leaned in kissing him softly on the lips. Her heart ached she could feel his passion for her in his kiss, knowing full well that her heart was sending the same signals back to him through hers.

She felt his hands slide up under the shirt his finger tips tickling the soft skin of her back, breaking the kiss she rested her forehead against his, “Max, what are you thinking about?” she whispered nervously feeling a lump in her throat dreading his response.

Max could feel some tension in her back, she seemed to be anticipating an answer she didn’t really want to hear, he wanted to tell her how much he loved her and wanted her to never leave him, but something in his head, something in his heart told him that this is not the right time, he could see it in her eyes. “I am thinking… that I am a very lucky guy to have such an incredible woman in my lap right now”.

Tina smiled giving him a soft kiss, leaning back she studied his face and knew there was more, ‘He knows I am broken…’ she thought.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked pulling her closer to him,

“That…I want to know how you got started writing?” she asked.

“Well I got started in fifth grade when I had to write a story for an English class. I enjoyed getting my thoughts down on paper and working through a story in my mind. My mom, saw my interest in writing and encouraged me to write more. For Christmas that year she got me a leather bound notebook, and a silver pen set. She told me it was an idea book, and anytime I got an idea for a story I should write it down in this book, to save it.” Max cleared his throat softly glancing down to his lap. “She always pushed me to write, every time i wrote a story, no matter how long or short she would put it in this large scrap book. Three years ago at Christmas she gave it too me, it was so neat seeing the evolution of my writing, on the last page was a blank piece of paper, she said it was for all the stories I have yet to write.”

“Does she know what you write now?” Tina asked giving him a quizzical look.

“Yep, she read one of my books, she thinks I can do better with a subject that is more mainstream, but she is happy I am still writing but just not thrilled about the subject.” he chuckled.

“And how about your dad and brother? Do they know?”

Max laughed shaking his head, “Well my father mind you, is a die hard old Marine so writing to him in general is not a career it is a hobby, at best. He never understood my passion for it, and was deeply upset that I choose to write instead of join the Marines like, he and my Grandfather had done.” “My brother on the other hand, he followed in my father’s footsteps and joined up. He always encouraged me to write, but it wasn’t till he got sent over to Iraq that he truly appreciated what i wrote.” Max laughed at his small joke, remembering the twelve page letters he use to send his brother, two of the pages were an actual letter, while the other ten was another chapter or two from one of his books.

Tina saw the look of pain slowly creep across his face, he was looking beyond her, deep in thought. “Hey? What’s wrong?” She asked touching his cheek.

“Huh? Oh nothing, just thinking about the last time I saw him.” Max replied sadly.

“Is he coming home soon?” Tina softly inquired.

“No. He was killed three months ago in a road side bombing.” Max whispered rubbing his eyes, trying to wipe away the coming tears.

“I’m sorry Max.” she whispered pulling his head to her chest holding him tightly, she could feel his shoulders heave, and heard him sniff loudly. Wrapping his arms around her he held her tightly fighting with his tears trying to will himself to stop.

Max was shocked the day his mother called and told him his brother had died. He remembered sitting down in his brown chair struggling to even comprehend the idea that his big brother was no longer around to listen to his stories, or to goad him about finding a girlfriend.

Two days after the funeral a letter had arrived in the mail from his brother, it was post marked two weeks prior and it was a humorous letter from him. The last couple of paragraphs talked about how worried he was about going out on patrol, and how he only had two more months before his tour was up and he would be coming home. On the back of the last page was a final written line, “Talk to her you goof, before you lose her!”

Max slowly sat up wiping his eyes, he looked up at her, she appeared to be saddened by what he had said. “I am sorry Tina, I just haven’t thought about him since the funeral, and I…”

She covered his mouth gently with her hand. “Don’t, be sorry, I understand. Thank you for sharing that with me.” Tina was honestly touched by his admission, even more surprised he had been so open with her about something so tragic in his life. She felt sorry that he had lost someone so close to him, she knew that if either of her sisters or brother was killed that she would not be able to handle such a loss.

“Max, tell me the most adventurous kızılay escort thing you have done during sex?” Tina asked nonchalantly, knowing that she needed to change the subject before they both became depressed.

Max gave a nervous laugh “Well, um having you on top?” Wiping away the last of his tears.

Tina sat back in surprise, shaking her head she replied “Bullshit! You have got to be kidding me?”

“No, I’m really not.” he quietly answered. “My last girlfriend, well only girlfriend I have had, was not very adventurous.”

“So all the little sex scenes and scenarios you come up with in your books, you have never tried?” she asked.

“Yeah, most of them came from watching porn..” he timidly replied.

Tina started giggling which rolled into a full out laugh, trying to maintain her balance and keep from falling out of his lap. Max rolled his eyes and gently pushed her to the side climbing out from under her, standing up he walked back towards the kitchen, hurt by her reaction.

“Max!” she giggled struggling to climb off the couch and follow him. Max stood in the kitchen running some water in the sink and cleaning up pots and pans he had used to make breakfast. “Max? Stop please!” she called stepping into the kitchen seeing him standing over the sink watching the water. She feared that her laughter may have pushed things too far.

Reaching up he shut off the water looking down at the sink full of dishes, “Tina, my whole life I have been scared of women, I never knew how to act around them or talk to them. I lacked confidence, which has left me as kind of a recluse, which in turn limited my sexual experiences. The things I write are my fantasies, stuff I want to try so badly but am too afraid to ask for.”

Max felt a hand on his arm, looking up he saw her smiling face, pulling his arm away from the sink she wrapped it around her waist pulling him into a warm embrace. She kissed him deeply on the lips, letting her tongue roll slowly around his, she felt his hand slip from her waist to her bottom for a second before hesitating and resting back on her hip.

Reaching back she grabbed his wrist pushing his hand down till it came to rest on her ass, feeling his erection poking into her stomach. With a quiet giggle she pulled away from him and grabbed his hand, pulling him along behind her. She lead him back into the living room stopping him in front of the couch, squatting down in front of him, she grabbed the waist band of his sweats and yanked them down, exposing his stiff manhood to her.

Standing up she lightly kissed his lips and pushed him down onto the couch, “Don’t move…” she whispered sweetly walking away from him and grabbing a chair from the dinning room table. Dropping the chair in front of him she slowly unbuttoned her shirt allowing it to hang open exposing her naked form, underneath.

Smiling she sat down in the chair, placing her feet on the edge of the couch on either side of his knees, but keeping her legs closed. “Max, we are going to play a little game. It’s called “Who can hold out the longest.” The rules are simple, you can’t touch me and I can’t touch you. the first one to cum loses. Now to make this really interesting I am going to put a little wager on this, If I win, you are going to let me do whatever I want to you tonight. If! You win, I will do whatever you want tonight. Deal?”

“O…Ok.” he replied watching her legs slowly open exposing the glistening pink lips of her sex, opening her knees wider she shifted her hips forward in the chair with a soft sigh. Glancing to her face he watched her seductively lick her lips with a sultry smile.

Max tried to swallow around the large lump in his throat, and calm his racing heartbeat but watching her brush away her shirt with a flick of her finger exposing her hard nipples to him was causing his mouth to go dry. Gently trailing her finger tips around her breast she moaned softly taking the nipple with her finger tips, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Now Now Max, you have to play too..” she cooed letting her hand drift down her taunt stomach, coming to rest on her mound. Max reached for his aching member with his right hand, he felt so nervous and worried about putting on a show for her, but a shiver of excitement raced through him. In the back of his mind a small voice was urging him on, telling him to grab his hard cock and stroke it for this dirty little woman.

Grasping his cock with a grunt of pleasure he slowly Begin to stroke it, letting his finger tips glide along his length feeling it throb in his hand.

“That’s it Max, stroke that fat cock for me!” she whimpered. His sight jumped from her pleasure induced smile to her busy fingers that were rubbing and pulling on those soft puffy pink lips. her fingers danced along her pussy pushing and probing all the right places to maximize her own pleasure. Sliding her index finger up she found her hard little clit poking out proudly from it’s little hood. She flicked her finger over the sensitive bit, sending a shock of sexual pleasure through her body. Looking back to him she could see that his hand, and head were slick with precum, licking her lips she pushed away the desire to pull his hand away and suck his hard member till he shot his thick load down her throat, biting her lower lip she shook the thought away which threatened to push her over the edge.

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