Subject: Aaron Hayes: Becoming a slut | Chapter 5 Disclaimer The following story is a work of fiction and it is not based on any real person, living or dead. If you are underage, please leave now, you will be able to enjoy this in a few years. All character acts are consensual and are a result of their love and lust. I love Nifty Archive, you love Nifty Archive so please consider donating by following this link http://donate.org/donate.html If you want to contact me, please do so: ail Chapter 5 Written by Autoclave After all that had happened Aaron was spent and laid down on Connor’s bed. Well, actually, this was his bed now too. He still had to get used to the idea, even though he loved it, he cried for the things he lost and even his parents, assholes as they were, they still represented family to him. Horrible thing that his mother did not had the decency to talk to him after the pic leaked to them. “I hate this. All my books, all the highlights I made over the year…” said Aaron. “You are fourteen, over the years does not mean much. Try to cheer up, now we can buy all the books you want and you can re-read them, and fill them with new bookmarks.” Said Connor. “I don’t know if I have told you this yet but my biggest dream is to be a writer. Everything I ever wrote was on my computer. All my fanfics, the poems, the short stories…” Said Aaron. Connor laid down next to Aaron’s naked body, spooning, and pressing his crotch to his ass. He wanted to take the boy’s mind somewhere else. Away from the shit storm that happened in the morning. His big dick started to get hard and Aaron responded by placing his hand stroking his daddy’s cock. Connor asked Aaron to turn around, facing him and his teen little prick. “You know, something that would get me to cheer up… your dick in my mouth.” Said Aaron. “Daddy, could to please cum on my face?” “We could take a picture and send them to you father… He would love it.” Said Connor. “Too soon for a joke?” Aaron laugh at the idea. “But no more pictures, at least for a while.” Connor pulled down his jeans, exposing his massive penis trough his underwear. He could feel Aaron’s thirst just by looking at him. He asked him to stroke it through the fabric making it bigger with every touch. “Get up boy and undress me. Start from my shoes and keep going up until I am completely naked.” Said Connor. Aaron was a very obedient slut so he undress his daddy slowly. Smelling each piece of his clothes as if he were buying a perfume at an airport free shop – his older guy smells were inebriating to his young and unexperienced nose. Aaron’s dick was fully hard, all five inches of it. He still had his few pubes but he planned to shave them soon. Connor said he would like him to be completely smooth. Once both of them were undressed Connor handle Aaron’s dick and balls, worshiping them with his hands. No one ever had touched him there. His only past partner, Dylan, only used his mouth, he never even got undress with him. Other than masturbating this was a new feeling for him so he tried to ask Connor to suck him, but he was worried to ask the question. Yet nothing needed to be asked. His daddy started to lick his cock and started to suck him. Aaron let out a loud moan. “My god. This is the first time someone touched or sucked my dick. Please marry me!” Connor laughed, he love Aaron’s ingenuity, it was so pure, so fresh. He could not believe he was the first guy to give him sexual pleasure. So he kept sucking, slurping on the pre-cum mixed with his saliva. “Will I be the first man to eat your cum?” Asked Connor. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…” Aaron kept on answering for a long time. “I am very close!” Connor started sucking faster, Aaron’s uncut cock was beautiful, he pulled his foreskin and intensified the sucking. He had an idea: “Once you cum, open your mouth, I’ll kiss you and we can share it.” “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, god why did I wait so long! Here it goes.” Shouted Aaron, the feelings all over his body overwhelmed him. His legs were shaking of so much pleasure. Connor came to kiss him, swapping the cum between both mouths, the salty taste was so different from his daddy’s sweet sperm. The passionate kiss came to an end with both of them gasping for air while they rested in bed. After some time Connor spoke: “I am so happy to be the first to make you feel like that. zonguldak escort From now on, we will be doing that a lot more. Many more times. Isn’t this better than living at home with your folks?” “I… I… I… What… Yeah, sorry, Did I hear right? I can’t even talk normally, that was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. You mean that this will happened again? It was not just a onetime thing?” asked Aaron. “I promise it will happen at least once a day darling. And we are only just starting, there is so much more I want to teach you. Can you get up, or the knees are still weak?” asked Connor. “Wow, I repeat, wow. Once a day. I was lucky when I got to cum once a day masturbating at my parent’s” said Aaron, “My marriage offer is still on the table.” “When you get to eighteen we can talk about that. I have a surprise for you. Remember back in the public bathroom where we met, I told you I loved books too? Get overt here.” Aaron followed, not knowing what to expect. He had not seen any book at the apartment so far. But Connor slid two doors and, behind them, to Aaron’s amazement, there were hundreds of books, all organize by the color of their spine, making a beautiful rainbow degrade. There was a beautiful Rolling Library Ladder to get to the higher shelfs. “It’s definitely the gayest collection of book I have ever seen in my life. How many do you have?” Said Aaron, his eyes sparkling at what he saw. “It’s exactly eight hundred sixty seven volumes for now. I hope you make it grow, kind of like you do with my dick. It’s all catalogued on the iMac I have at the office table over there. Take a look around, so you know what you need to buy at the mall later today” Said Connor. Aaron started to browse around, picking some of the volumes he wanted to read. He was fascinated, most of his book were already there. When he started to use the ladder Connor loved the view of his naked body from below, balls hanging and swinging freely from side to side. At that moment he thought he was the luckiest man on earth. “Wow” said Aaron, “you have A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Housman. It’s my favorite poetry book. Did you know he was gay?” “No, in fact I didn’t, want to read me something from it?” Said Connor. “There is this short poem I read over and over again from him. It was publish after his death, bringing up his homosexuality. It a bit sad, but here it goes: He would not stay for me; and who can wonder? He would not stay for me to stand and gaze. I shook his hand and tore my heart in sunder And went with half my life about my ways.” “Just to make it a bit more obvious”, said Connor, “I will stay, I will stand and gaze and I won’t tore your heart in sunder.” This was the best way anyone had ever declared to Aaron, he place the book on one of the shelfs, went down the ladder and run to hug Connor; and he returned the hug by lifting him off the ground, while Aaron crossed his legs around his waist, to seal his lips with a passionate kiss. They kept hugging each other for a while. When Connor returned the boy to the floor he said: “Well, now that you know this collection I want to show you another one that I have. It’s a bit different, but you must have noticed it once you came in. I display it with pride.” “You mean the sex toys? It was the first thing I noticed when I came in. I remember thinking at the time that my parent’s head would explode if I ever had anything like it in my room. Yet now, my room, is not mine anymore, now all of this apartment is mine in a way. Definitely a silver lining.” “Yeah, life will be better from now on, I promise. I tough maybe we could have a second run… I can show you how some of them work. Did you ever play with a toy like this?” Asked Connor. “Never, after we met I used a cucumber on my ass. Not Ideal.” Said Aaron. “Well, this is going to be way better. Lie on the bed, I’ll bring some of them to have fun. Face down. I want to fuck you with some of the dildos, get you ready for when I will fill your hole.” Said Connor smiling. “Some of this dildos are very big! And some of this stuff I have no idea how they work. Do you think I can take those rubber dicks?” Said Aaron pointing to a penis as thick as a two liter bottle of coke.” “Well, it’s true, you definitely can’t take that one, but neither could I, that is for more experienced sluts.” Laugh Connor. “Ex-boyfriends?” tunalı escort Asked Aaron while jumping face down on the bed, “No, never had one, well, now I do. But I had a fuck buddy that could take it.” Said Connor. “So, I am your boyfriend? And your Son? And your nephew?” Asked Aaron. “Yeah, mark all of the above honey. You are everything to me.” Said Connor while Aaron smiled. Connor got some K-Y Jelly and spread it trough they boy’s tight little hole making him shiver with the cold gel. To make sure he was completely lubed, he slowly inserted his index finger into it, and then he grabbed a very small curved purple vibrator that had a lot of power and slowly inserted it into Aaron’s ass. This was supposed to be used to stimulate the prostate. Once it was in, he heard Aaron said: “This feels way better than Vaseline. Keep going daddy, please.” Connor turned the dial to slow and almost straightaway Aaron was moaning. It looked like he wasn’t expecting it. His dick grew hard pushing its way through the bedsheets, getting them wet bit by bit. So Connor started to move it in and out of the boy’s ass and he was in ecstasy. It was time to turn the dial up a bit, moving it to medium speed. Aaron never felt so horny in his life. Definitely getting fucked was much better than masturbating alone at home. He thought “life is good” and, as he did, Connor turn up the vibration to the maximum. “If you keep going like this I’ll… I’ll cum.” Moaned Aaron gasping for air. Connor turned the small dildo off and took it out of the kid’s ass as soon as he heard he was close. Daddy was not done with that hole yet, there was one more device he wanted to use on Aaron. It was a bigger dildo than the one before but it had also a bigger base. “That must be so it doesn’t get loose inside you.” Though the kid. It was not as big as the cucumber, but there was a twist he did not realized yet. The whole thing was purple and Connor looked at Aaron as if seeking approval and Said: “This one is a bit different, but I think in the end you are going to like it. Considered it as extended pleasure device. Can I put it in?” “Please do, I want to cum so badly.” Said Aaron. “Well, that’s not going to happened so soon. But we will have fun. Here it goes.” Said Daddy. Connor inserted the dildo very carefully way up to the base. Aaron managed to take it very well making very little pain noises. Once it was firmly in place Daddy asked his slut to go get his clothes from downstairs, he wanted to take him shopping for the things he needed. “But I have a dildo inside. Can you remove it, please?” Asked Aaron. “That’s the thing. I want you to be wearing it while we go to the mall. It’s the only way to make it as big as we need. I want to fuck you soon because when I do start fucking you, I’ll try to make you pregnant every single day.” Said Connor. Aaron did as told. He went to the garage, still naked, and with a dildo inside, to grab the only clothes he owned now. He wore his jeans, the white Converse he already had on. Connor liked him naked but wearing shoes – he wasn’t into feet that much. The kid felt weird walking with something up his ass, he was also still very horny from the last sex toy session, yet he understood the need to stretch his asshole. He could not wait to have Connor inside, to be one with him. When he got back to the elevator he felt a little vibration from the dildo he was wearing. It was very mild and short but he could still feel it, “weird.” He thought. Connor also dressed and looked totally like he could be one of his Uncles – a very hot one. Once they were ready, Daddy explained to Aaron what he had in his ass: “Boy, let me explained before we leave. The dildo you have inside is controlled by this remote I will have with me at all times. What you felt in the elevator is just level one. It goes up to ten in the vibration scale. Trust me, it will almost make you cum instantly if I do decide to put it up to ten.” “What if I cum trough my jeans?” asked Aaron. “Well, then you will go through a very embarrassing situation having to explained what happened… And I will be watching from afar. This is just to spice things up.” Said Connor. “Well, it’s a bit weird, it feels funny, but I actually like the idea of you controlling me through a remote control. I am becoming a slutty boy tunceli escort after all.” “I could not be more proud.” Both of them got in to the car chatting all the way to the mall. Aaron notice it was one of the expensive ones. Not the ones his family went to when looking for clothes. They both agree to go under the names ‘Uncle’ and ‘Nephew’, just to be conscious, yet in their hearth they knew they were ‘Daddy’ and ‘boy’. Once they parked, Connor seemed sure to which stores to go to. First Calvin Klein, where he went and told them Aaron, his nephew, needed a new wardrobe so he tried on so much stuff that Connor helped classified them into the ones they were taking and giving back. If that cute little ass did not look amazing, Connor would rejected the pieces instantly. There they also got so much white underwear it was possible to wear them and throwing them into the trash once they were used, just to use a new one. At Levi’s Aaron selected three black jeans he loved, one was very worn down in a rock and roll way, the other was a classic with very slim fit and the last, Connor’s favorites, was a ripped on the knees model that he planned to rip a bit more when they got home. The boy looked extremely hot on them. Aaron didn’t know how the credit card didn’t explode. But Connor was not ready yet. As they entered Zara this twenty-something blonde guy asked if they needed help. Connor could see that Aaron felt attracted to him, so he decided to have a little fun and said: “Hi, how are you? This is my nephew Aaron, he is looking for a little bit of everything. Price is not an issue so have fun together, I’ll be around looking for stuff for me.” “Sounds good! Aaron, I am Francesco, just by looking at you I imagine what you’ll love.” Said the guy walking toward the t-shirts. When he had a few to try on, the guy walked him to the fitting room living the curtain open so he could give his opinion. Once Aaron lifted his shirt Connor could see from the side that the guy was checking the boy out too. Once he was topless Daddy pressed on the control remote button at level two for about five seconds. Aaron started to twist and bend and the blond guy giggled a bit. Aaron felt like he needed to deliver some kind of explanation but as he opened his mouth Connor pressed the button again going into level three. Aaron contorted his whole body now. The guy started to look at him as if he were a bit strange, like he needed special attention or that maybe he was handicapped in a way. When Connor saw this pity face he found the opportunity to have fun. He turned the dial up to eight straight and pressed it for thirty seconds. Making Aaron look weirder and weirder. As a follow-up he set the vibrator to level ten, the maximum, and pressed it for almost a minute, only stopping when he saw that Aaron was at the point of no return. The boy tried hard not to be notice but he started to silently orgasm. As he did a rather small we spot became visible but his shirt was covering it. Connor bought him the t-shirts he liked and Aaron told him he would kill him if it happened again, but the truth is that he actually enjoyed the game. That guy from the store would only remember him for a few minutes, there was no permanent damage caused. Wait, there was one damage being done, to Connor’s Black MasterCard, but daddy reassured him that the limit was non-existing, so they went to buy shoes. Connor only had one request, they all needed to be Converse. Which, for the boy, it was completely fine. They got ten pairs, all different colors and fabrics and one of them was from the girl’s collection, a Pink Chuck Taylor All Star Glow Up High Top, at home he wouldn’t be able to buy them just because of his parents reaction. After that they headed home, it was weird for Aaron to use this word. On the drive back they talked about the cute guy from Zara and Connor gave Aaron the remote control for the dildo he had up his ass. He had so much fun trying the different setting that he came again, making the wet spot bigger. Daddy loved it and so did his boy. At the apartment they hang all the clothes in the walking closet and Aaron undress without Connor having to ask – the rule was clear, he needed to be naked one hundred percent of the time he was at the apartment, with the exception of shoes, of course – he decided to wear the pink pair. That night they watched Call Me by Your Name, Connor loved TimothF Chalamet and Aaron wanted to marry Armie Hammer. After that they slept together for the first time, spooning all night. The following day was going to be tough on Aaron, but that, you guessed it, is material for the next chapter.

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