Aaron , Slade Ch. 04


This is a joke. Because there’s no way, no way, I heard him say the words I’ve wanted to hear for the last two years.

Sticking my fingers in my ears, I jiggle them. “I’ve gotta get these things checked, ’cause I think heard you say something about us making love, but that can’t be right.”

Slade laughs, grabbing my fingers from my ears. “Smartass, you know you heard me. Aaron, you… me… us… make love… now,” he says between kisses.

As excited as I am, I have to make sure this is what he really wants, so I pull away reluctantly. “Jones, stop, we have to talk.”

When he tries leaning in again, I hold him back. With a defeated sigh, he moves away with his back against the arm of the couch. I hate seeing the hurt in his eyes as he looks away whispering, “I turned you down too many times. You don’t wanna be with me now, do you?”

I shake my head vehemently moving in closer to him. “How can you say that? I want you. You know I do.”

“Aar, I…,” he starts but I continue.

“Jones, two years of getting the Heisman from you, and now all of a sudden you’re ready. C’mon, you’re only doing this ’cause I’m leaving,” I whisper, “but you don’t have to, okay?”

He frames my face in his hands. “Baby, this ain’t about you leaving, it’s about us being together. I’m ready.”

I bring his hands to my chest. “Okay. What if I do something wrong and hurt you?”

Slade leans his arm against the back of the couch resting his cheek on his fist. He shrugs shaking his head. “There’s nothing you can do to avoid that. They say the first time will be painful and weird, but it starts to feel good, especially when you’re with someone you love. And, I’ve taken some precaution too.”

My eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Who says? What precaution?”

He blushes taking a deep breath. “People who’ve written about their first time said it. The precaution means less chance for an ‘accident’ to happen. So, we have nothing to worry about everything’ll be fine.”

Thrown by his admission, I stare at him, thinking back to earlier in the truck. “You said, ‘something you’ve wanted for a long, long time’. This was it. How long have you had this planned?”

His eyes drop. “Since a week before your birthday.”

In disbelief, I exclaim, “What?!”

He nods. “I was gonna surprise you after the party, but I acted like such a douchebag, and I hurt you. I ruined a special day for you, for us,” he pauses a few seconds, “and that’s the reason why I wanted to walk home. I had to come up with a way to make it right. That’s why I suggested we come up here. Aaron, I want our first time to be special, baby, and it will be. All you have to do is let it happen.”

Slade leans in, but I hold him back. Raking my hands through my hair, I put my head on his shoulder. He kisses my ear. One of his hands rests on my neck while interlacing our fingers with the other.

“Aar, look at me,” he whispers. I raise my head, and our eyes meet. “You never questioned when I asked you to stop. You knew I wasn’t ready without me having to say anything. Why are you questioning me now when I’m telling you that I want this… that I want you?”

Why am I questioning him? For two years, this is what I’ve wanted: to give my virginity to the man I’m in love with.

I hear a low rumble of thunder in the distance, the lightning gone, the rain has slowed and drums in tune to “Adore” by Prince playing in the background.

All my inhibitions are out the window the instant his lips touch mine. Grabbing the back of his neck, I ferociously attack his lips, and he kisses back with the same lip bruising intensity. Our tongues dance in an intimate tango to see who will surrender to the other. His prodding tongue is forceful but soft. Slade nibbles on my bottom lip, and like putty in his hands, I’m pliable, and I surrender to him.

I grasp his shirt; pulling him on top of me, his body presses mine against the arm of the couch, the lumpy pillow uncomfortable against my lower back, but I don’t care. He grinds against me, as he starts his sensual assault on one ear, and moving gracefully over to the other.

Craving more of him, I take off his shirt, and my hands traverse the familiar terrain of his torso. He exhales a low, long breath when I envelop his left nipple in my mouth, and gasps when I flick my tongue over it. His lips linger close enough to my ear to touch but not quite. His warm breath sends little shots of electricity through my body. He lightly runs his fingers through my hair as my lips move across his chest.

He removes my shirt and stretches his body out on top of mine. We make out passionately with lots of neck and lip sucking. When I sit up, he straddles my lap, and gently rocks his hips. My eyes close feeling him slide one hand between us.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me, baby” he murmurs, stroking my already hard cock.

When I open my eyes, my heart skips several beats upon seeing the calmness, love, and desire in his eyes. I whisper, “Bedroom.”

Standing klasbahis yeni giriş up, Slade picks up the condom, and entwines our fingers, placing a kiss to the back of my hand. With a motion of his head towards the bedroom, he smiles leading me to the back of the cabin. We kiss and paw at each other along the way only stopping when we fall on the bed in a laughing heap.

Backing away, I stand at the foot of the bed; he sits up placing his hands on my waist, as he kisses and licks my stomach. His hands travel down inside my shorts, massaging my ass while he pushes my shorts down. He places his forehead on my chest and I lovingly kiss the top of his head.

He smiles at me and lays back. I slide off his shorts, giving little kisses up each leg, up to his stomach, all the way to his neck. He hums happily when our lips touch. He gradually backs up, only stopping when his head hits the pillow. I smile down at him, he nods, as if to say, ‘keep going’.

I glide my hands over his soft, muscular body.

“This right here is so sexy,” I say, kissing his wispy, brown treasure trail, and he laughs softly. His thick shaft leaks its clear, pearly release onto his thigh, and I lap it up. His curly dark-brown hairs tickle my nose as I take him deep. His back arches off the bed, as the grip he has in my hair tightens. I lick the sensitive underside of his length repeatedly, and he moans deeply.

I move up to lay beside him. Our teeth clash in another fiery kiss. Slade groans. In an unexpected move, he rolls me onto my back, planting rushed kisses all over my face and neck. I squirm under his aggressive but affective attention.

He licks my navel with a relentless vigor, and I can’t stop my quiet whimpers. He hovers above my painfully engorged erection. The anticipation heightened only by his deliberate movements. I collapse against the pillow from feeling the warmth of his mouth surrounding me. He sucks my cock as if it’s a narrow straw trying to suck up a thick shake. I’m cross-eyed feeling him massage my balls along with his hard sucking. My throbbing member jerks and he pulls back.

Slade sits atop me. Writhing under him, he gasps and closes his eyes. I grab his waist, grinding our hips together; he moans letting his head fall forward. Clasping the back of his neck, I pull him down peering into his gorgeous blue eyes. Our mutual undulating continues with my heavy pants and his moans melding together in a steamy, erotic bouillabaisse and ending with a deep kiss.

Without a word, he leans over producing a bottle of lube with extra condoms, and places them on the nightstand. Amused, I look up at him. “Do you really think we’ll need all those?” He smiles with an exaggerated shrug, kisses me on the neck, while placing the lube in my hand. Thrown, I stare at him.

The panic in my eyes makes Slade laugh warmly. He frames my face lovingly. “Baby, relax. You gotta get me ready,” he says, opening the lube. “Put it on me and your finger. You have to go slowly, okay?”

I nod. He kisses my forehead, rolls off me and onto his back, spreading his legs just wide enough for me to fit. When I kiss, lick, and bite his inner thighs, he moans huskily and his legs open wider.

“Hold your legs back for me,” I whisper, watching in quiet fascination as he grabs the back of his knees, and pulls them close to his chest. He watches me. I can see the vulnerability of being exposed so openly in his eyes, and smile to soothe his unease. He smiles back with a nod.

I knead the sides of his ass along with several light smacks making his tight beautiful hole wink in anticipation. His usual scent is stronger and more intoxicating, and I can’t resist leaning in to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. When my tongue swipes against him, Slade jerks, drops his legs with a squeal, and tries to push my head away to no avail. Whimpering heavily, he rolls to his side nearly trapping my head between his muscular thighs. My gentle, persistent prodding has him muttering incoherently, rolling his hips, and panting when my tongue delves deeper.

His passionate moans have my untouched cock twitching. Rolling him onto his back, his moans become guttural, when I stroke his cock, massage his taint, and continue to rim him all at the same time. His hands roam over his chest and stomach before he hugs his midsection tightly.

“Aaron, oh, G… baby, it feels so good,” he moans.

I could do this all night long, but there’s something else I want to do more, I sit back to grab the lube. “Ready?”

Glassy-eyed, he nods. Pouring the slightly warm substance on him is unbelievably sensual, as he bites his lower lip. When I push my finger, he clenches tight with a pained grunt. “I’m gonna pull out,” I tell him.

A thin sheen of sweat develops on his forehead. His once hard cock slowly deflates. Slade shakes his head. “No. I just… gotta get used to it,” he replies with barely a whisper.

He eventually relaxes enough for me to push my klasbahis giriş finger in more. “Still hurts?”

“Kinda. You can move it around more.” A couple minutes later when I flex my finger, he moans, “Mm, yeah, I like that. Keep doing that.”

Moments later, I cautiously insert a second finger. He moans, undulating his hips, cooing for me to go a little harder and faster. Inserting a third finger, he grips the sheets tight in his fists, his head shoots up from the pillow with long, loud mix of a groan and whimper, and his body vibrates uncontrollably. Slade’s hand clasps over my hand that’s massaging his chest.

With my fingers still deep inside him, I whisper in his ear, “God, you’re beautiful. I want you so bad.”

He groans rotating his hips slowly, staring intensely into my eyes, have says, “Then take me, baby.”

I grab the condom he gifted me from the foot of the bed. My hands tremble as I try to open it. Slade soothingly grips them in his and they steady. He rips the package open and sheaths the latex on me. He pushes the hair back from my eyes. I press our foreheads together, while tucking a pillow under his back. The vulnerability from early is no longer visible anywhere in his demeanor. There’s only unadulterated lust in his eyes.

Positioning myself, our eyes never leave each other as I slowly push forward, but there’s no give. “Relax and push out, it might help. Don’t forget to breathe,” I say aloud to remind us both to do the simple task.

After a few attempts, Slade grimaces when I finally breach his inner sanctum, and he shuts his eyes tight. His breathing is quick and shallow as his nails dig painfully into my thighs. I caress the sides of his face in the hope of taking his mind off the pain. He barely opens his eyes but I can see them watering. I place little pecks to his lips trying to help him relax.

A tear rolls from his eye. Concerned, I wipe it away. “You okay?”

With labored breaths, he chuckles and answers jokingly, “You’re a helluva lot bigger than three fingers, Aar.”

I chuckle, but truthfully tell him, “Jones, we can stop right now, and everything’ll be fine between us.”

He cups my cheeks, smiling sweetly at me. “I know, but we’re not stopping. I’m fine, baby, I swear.”

I bury my face in his neck, and place light kisses and licks to my favorite spot coaxing him to relax. I, myself, try to relax due to being in such a warm and intense grip. I soon realize I’m all the way inside him, and Slade’s rolling his hips. He wraps his legs around me and gently massages the nape of my neck.

“I love you so much,” I say against his lips.

“I love you, too,” he sighs when I begin to slowly rock inside him. “Kiss me.”

The kiss is unrushed, deep, and sensual. I feel him twirling my hair with his finger.

I move deliberately, listening to him, and adjust accordingly. His pained groans become soft moans with my long, slow thrusts. With his legs now hooked over my arms, the new position has him moaning steadily. Quickening the pace, I take his flaccid cock in hand and he mewls his approval. I stroke him in time with my thrusts until it smacks hard against his stomach.

With another adjustment, Slade exclaims loudly, “Oh, shit!”

Scared, I stop. “What’s wrong?”

Instantly he grabs hold of my waist and drives his hips forward. “Baby, don’t stop.”

The pulse beating in his neck sets something off in me; I suck on it hard, he whimpers loudly, digging his nails into my biceps. Pushing his legs closer to his chest, threads his whimpers and moans together in an erotic symphony of music with my quickened pace.

Seeing the goosebumps develop on his arms, I can’t help but feel triumphant at having caused it. Leaning forward, I kiss him deeply. He grabs onto my ass, pulling his lips from mine, he moans, “Aaron, harder.”

“Oh, God, you feel amazing,” I purr, giving into his pleas, but soon slow to a stop. If I keep up this pace, it will be over too soon. Slade rocks his hips, and I try to hold him still, but it doesn’t work. He grunts when I pull out.

Rolling me over on my back, his hands and lips are everywhere. Our fingers clasp together in a desperate hold as he settles atop me and rubs our cocks together.

“Stop or you’re gonna make me come,” I manage through strangled moans.

Slade stops with a smirk on his face. I feel his warm breath ghost across my face and his sapphire blue eyes darken. He rubs our noses together several times before kissing me breathless. Moving our hands above my head, he nibbles my ear, and whispers seductively, “Baby, I need you back inside me.”

I nod approvingly. He releases my hands, takes a few deep breaths before cautiously lowering himself onto my still swollen member, and lets out a long moan. When I involuntarily thrust, he throws his head back with a loud whimper, bites his bottom lip, and starts rolling his hips in slow, small circles. My hands scale his chest and back aimlessly.

“Jones, oh my, God,” klasbahis güvenilirmi I moan, using his shoulders as leverage, I thrust relentlessly into his tight channel.

“Oh, right there, right there,” he cries out, grabbing onto the headboard.

His heavy cock thumps against my stomach with a steady thwack. The lust in his eyes is heady. He massages my chest deftly, contracting with my thrusts, and it has me cross-eyed. I moan, pushing my head back against the pillow, as he continues his slow rocking.

Gripping his hips, I successfully end his torturous movements, and slide out of him. His eyes widen when I pull him to the center of the bed, and flip him onto his stomach. I kiss and lick down his back. He sighs when I nip each butt cheek playfully. There’s no hesitation delving in to tongue the sensitive bundle of nerves that have stretched to accommodate me. He reaches back to hold my head in place. Burying my tongue deep inside, he moans my name wantonly. When I pull him to his knees, his head falls to the bed, and wiggles his ass slightly.

“You can stop growling like I’m a piece of meat someone’s trying to take from you,” Slade jokes between panting breaths.

“I wasn’t growling.”

“Yeah, you were.” He jerks then chuckles when I smack his ass. Doing something, I’ve seen done in countless pornos, I rub my cock along his awaiting hole multiple times, and he pushes back moaning, “Baby, stop teasing me.”

Gliding my hands over his back, I wrap my arms around him, pulling him against my chest, and he throws an arm back around my neck, kissing me fully. Knowing this is almost over I slowly guide Slade onto his back. I always imagined us being face-to-face when we came the first time we had sex, and that’s about to become reality.

I wrap a hand around his swollen cock, and then with a well-positioned thrust inside him, he cries out, “Holy fuck,” gripping onto my biceps, and bites his lip.

My whimpering moans are uncontrollable. I don’t know how to handle the overwhelming sensation of him clenching tight onto my cock. I grasp his waist with a bruising hold and unhurried thrusts. Looking down I see how I disappear inside him, and it makes my breath catch.

Slade coos, “Oh, baby.” I tenderly hold his shoulders to drive deeper into him. He closes his eyes turning his head and nips my wrist.

Our sweaty chests and foreheads press together as we continue our lovemaking. He wraps his arms around me, his fingers dig into my back with his legs tucked tight to the sides of my waist. The harder I thrust the louder he moans. With one arm still around me, he starts stroking his cock, and his lips find mine.

A couple minutes later, Slade mewls, “Aar, I’m gonna come, baby, don’t stop.”

Feeling the tingling in my back, I mutter, “I’m about to come too.”

“Baby, open your eyes,” he moans. I hadn’t realized I closed them. When we lock eyes, it happens, he shudders strongly, and his creamy nectar squirts between us. A gentle slew of curses pass my lips as I follow behind him. Stars burst before my eyes. My body convulses. If making love feels like this all the time, then sign me up. I collapse on top of him. Sated, I don’t move.

“I love you, Aaron,” he whispers, kissing in my ear.

Pulling back, I look him in the eyes. “I love you too, Slade.”

I’m still inside him making small movements that make him moan, as we share a soft, languid kiss, which ends only after I soften and slide out of him.

I lazily toss the condom in the trash. He pulls me back on top of him, and wraps his legs around me. We lay together, our bodies entwined, kissing, and holding each other. He puts his forehead to mine.

Caressing his cheek, I ask, “Jones, you okay?”

He nods. “Yeah, I’m a little light-headed, and my whole body feels really warm and tingly. It even feels like you’re still inside me,” he answers with a raspy voice.

I kiss his forehead. “You gonna be alright?”

“Yeah, once my heart stops racin’.”

I run my thumb across his lips and he playfully sucks it. With a kiss to his nose, I say, “I’ll be right back.”

Tugging on my hand, he murmurs sleepily, “Where you goin’?”


I quickly grab and wet a couple washcloth, and walk back into the room to find Slade removing the soiled linen, and tossing it into the corner.

“Made a little bit of a mess,” he chuckles, laying across the bed.

“Here,” I say, handing him a washcloth. I clean my front before wiping his back, and he does the same for me. Climbing back on the bed, we hold each other, and stare into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, baby,” he says, kissing me tenderly.

“Two years of not hearing it; I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing you say it. I love you too, baby.”

Laughing soundly, he asks, “Did you just call me ‘baby’?”

His infectious laughter has me chortling along. “Yeah, you gotta problem with that?”

Slade makes a stank-face. “Yeah, it doesn’t sound right, does it?”

I wrap my arms tight around him. “No, it doesn’t. I’ll give you a new name. What do you think of ‘sugar drawers’, oh, no, ‘Jonesy-wonesy’, I like that one better.”

He smacks my chest. “You better not. Go back to calling me plain old ‘Jones’, okay?”

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