accidental performer

Double Penetration

      My wife is an attractive 27 year old secretary with a gorgeous body and 36C tits. We recently went by her office to pick up some stuff she left there after going out to dinner. She has a key and no one else was there. So we started making out and before long I had her naked and told her I wanted to watch while she masturbated on her desk. She really got into much so that I was quickly out of my clothes and had her on her knees giving me great head. I finally pulled hr up and laid her on her desk and got on top of her and fucked her brains out as she came numerous times…she almanbahis is a screamer and loves to be talked dirty to….so I was calling her a whore and a cunt all the while she was coming. I then crawled up on her chest and had her suck my dick clean. It was a great evening and we went home and had more great sex.      two weeks later her boss called her into his office and had this big smile on his face. When she asked him what was going on he told her she might want to be more careful a bout where she has sex. She said,”what?” as he has never said anything inappropriate to her. almanbahis yeni giriş And he told her there was a video and audio surveillance system installed in the offices and he’d just spent the morning with two of his vice presidents watching her fuck her little ass off and suck cock. She was mortified and blushed a deep red as he told her he’d give her a thousand dollars to fuck her and five hundred for a blow job right then and there. We’d really been having money problems and so she just froze…too scared to respond one way or the other so he came around to where she almanbahis giriş was standing and slipped his hand all the way up her leg to her crotch…”Jesus, Sara, your panties are soaked.” he told her as she gasped and put her hands on his shoulders for support as he pushed her panties aside and finger fucked her to a thundering orgasm before forcing her down on her knees. She tried to protest but he forced his dick into her mouth and she gave him what she described as an incredible blow job letting him gush cum into her mouth and swallowing every drop. He then pulled out five one hundred dollar bills and gave them to her and told her he was expecting to fuck her as well……and he said he knew she could use the money. When she asked what she was supposed to tell me, he said,”tell him the truth..that you’re a whore.”

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