Adam , Steve, Eve’s Fall

Big Tits

Steve Cahill grinned with a certain nasty pleasure at the idea of what he might do with his new slave. The poor fellow had to shower to clean up from the scat and golden showers frequently forced on him. He frankly stank like a sewer, if Steve were to be honest with Eve, the man’s sadistic Mistress/wife.

He gathered that poor Adam had suffered a great deal, so lightening up on him would be best for now. He needed to regain some of his dignity and his understanding that, while submissive and a slave, he was still a person, a man with rights. The fact that Eve planned to break her husband/slave of such self-esteem indicated that Steve didn’t have any time to waste.

He would start by allowing Adam some of the usual things that people take for granted, such having a sensible meal and leisure time. Hell, he’d even get to watch some TV and drink some beer with Steve! For at least a few hours, Mr. Cahill intended to act as if Adam was just a buddy. That would be a welcome change after so much torture, and would enable him to relax a bit.

That didn’t mean, of course, that there would be no gay sex. Steve liked both sexes, so the idea of fucking this handsome fellow didn’t exactly displease him. He would just be nicer about both dominating and buggering him. He would also leave the chastity device completely alone for the weekend. By the time that Adam was supposed to return to his Mistress, he would have had some time to adjust to frequent releases. This would give him a strong motive not to return to his wife.

“Adam, are you hungry?” Steve casually probed, trying to figure out how long it would take for the man to speak up openly.

“Yes, Master Steve. I haven’t eaten any real food in a number of days. Mistress likes to keep her slaves ‘hungry and horny’ on a frequent basis. She says that it discourages a bad attitude on our part,” Adam groaned, his stomach truly growling at the notion of a meal.

“What kind of food do you eat, when you’re allowed to dine?” Steve inquired, truly stunned at the extent of the abuse and neglect that even Eve would pinbahis yeni giriş impose on her slaves.

“Mostly beans and stale bread, Master Steve. I can drink only lukewarm water and herbal tea, which is supposed to be good for me, but gets dull after a while. Sometimes, she likes to torture me by making me eat something very hot and not allowing me to drink anything at all. She once made me shove a jalapeno up my own ass and then eat it. I got very sick that time, so she made me clean up after myself. Red meat is strictly forbidden, because she likes to keep me anemic,” Adam explained, remembering angrily the kind of deprivation he suffered, once even being forced to hand feed his wife some sirloin steak, but not permitted to have any of it for himself.

“Jupiter, King of Heaven! That’s horrible! Well, I promise you that I won’t make eat that kind of shit at all. There will be plenty of red meat for you this weekend. Do you like beer?” Steve reacted to this atrocity. Personally, he was sure that such a situation would have ruined jalapenos for him for life. As for herbal tea, well, he never really liked it in the first place.

“Yes, though I haven’t been allowed to drink any for a while,” Adam confirmed Steve’s suspicions.

“Any favorite brand? This is your deprogramming. Part of that involves allowing you some decent liquor, at least in my opinion,” Steve encouraged his guest.

“Foster’s. I haven’t had any Aussie beer in ages. I don’t know if I can handle it now, though, after so long of not drinking any of it. It might be too strong for me. Oh, well, it’s worth a shot, if you have any. Can I have a cigarette? Eve doesn’t allow me to smoke. I know that it’s bad for me, but I could use something to adjust to this much change,” Adam answered, catching himself say “Eve” for the first time in ages, instead of “Mistress”.

“After all of the rough treatment that you’ve had at her hands, lung cancer is the least of your worries. I wouldn’t surprised if you need some major therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. Sure, I’m trying to pinbahis giriş quit, so have one. Maybe you can help me cut back, and then we can quit properly, of our own volition. Odd that she should give a damn about your health, given her overall disregard for it. I think that she just wanted to make your life as unpleasant as possible.

“As for the beer, that’s fine with me. A nice imported lager would be a great way to celebrate your new situation. I honestly hope that you choose not to go back. You’re welcome to stay as long as you wish, Adam. We can find you a new job and get you a divorce from Eve. Tonight, we’ll watch some porn, drink plenty of beer, and have a cookout. Some ribs will be nice, don’t you think?

“I’ll introduce you to some of my neighbors. You see, I’m hosting the neighborhood block party this weekend. My only rule is that you don’t tell anyone about our lifestyle. They already think that I am gay. That’s as wild of a rumor as I care to have spread about me in such a conservative subdivision. They will probably just assume that you’re my new boyfriend, that’s all, if we’re lucky. Don’t confirm anything. Just keep it mysterious.

“Now, how about you earn that cigarette you’re smoking right now by sucking my cock before we have to go to the store? Don’t worry. I’ll leave the anal for after the party. Even then, there will be a lot of lube. I’m not the sort to be a mean Master, as you can tell,” Steve announced, as they both rubbed out the butts of their cigarettes.

Adam had no difficulty with sucking a dick by now. It was second nature to him, after so much experience with the act. Steve’s cock was significantly larger than most, but he had taken even bigger ones since becoming Eve’s slave. He focused on deep-throating this great guy and trying to make him cum down his gullet. He licked the head of his host’s dick as well, but that was not constant. The main thing was to take as much of the man’s cock inside his mouth as he could, welcoming him to fuck his face.

“Damn, Adam, you’re a really hot ol’ cocksucker, aren’t you? pinbahis güvenilirmi I’ll bet that you’re at least somewhat bi, if you are that eager to satisfy me like that. I am omnisexual myself, so don’t worry that I’ll make you please me all of the time. There will be women around, so you’ll just have to help me fuck the shit out of them. I have a yen to screw some girls tonight, in fact, so if you get laid too, that will be perfectly acceptable. You probably thought that I was strictly gay, didn’t you? Well, even then, I’d still have been an improvement over your wife, wouldn’t I? How many real homosexuals would mistreat you like your wife’s lovers, who simply amused themselves by raping you? Ohhhh…Gooooddd!” Steve’s little speech was cut short, as he grunted his release into Adam’s throat.

Adam swallowed the entire load, making no attempt to spit anything out. He wanted to please his Master, since the man had proven so much better to him than his own Mistress. He had few doubts that he would stay at Steve’s, much to his wife’s chagrin. He also had thoughts of revenge upon his Mistress, even to the point of putting her into a cage and gang-raping her together with Steve and some male friends.

Steve grinned and kissed Adam on the lips, adding a bit of tongue to reinforce that he still planned to fuck his guest in the ass later. That butt was very appealing in its way, though Steve still had a slight preference for the female version. He also fantasized about getting even with Eve, sodomizing her repeatedly in concert with some buddies and Adam himself. A cruel bitch like her had earned such punishment, hadn’t she?

“Alright, Adam, let’s get dressed and go out to the store. Here, use some of my clothes until we can buy some better ones for you. Mine might be a bit large, but a belt will help you there. They’re right here in the closet. Just don’t stay in there for long,” Steve punned, as they got ready to leave the house.

There was much to do, but he had some help now. The block party should be a hoot. There were always straight girls eager to “cure a gay man”. They were great for an easy lay, and there was nothing wrong with that. If they didn’t know that he was bisexual, he wouldn’t disabuse them. They were foolish enough to buy the myth that “all of the good ones were married or gay”, so that was their fault.

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