Adelle’s Girls: Cleo Ch. 02


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“Adelle’s, how may I help you?”

“Adelle?” Allie asked, confused. “Where’s Cleo?”

“Cleo had a date tonight, so I’m covering the phones as well as my usual duties,” Adelle said, faux indignant. She didn’t want it to become common knowledge that Cleo was seeing a client, per her instructions.

“Oo, lucky girl,” Allie giggled.

“What’s wrong?” Adelle asked, putting aside her crossword puzzle.

“Oh nothing! You just told me to give a call to confirm my job for tomorrow,” Allie said nervously. Allie was one of Adelle’s newer girls, but she thought that the young redhead had some definite potential.

“You are confirmed. Mr. Salazar will meet you at Tao at 830. And from what I understand,” Adelle said, checking the booking screen, ” he’s rather partial to Greek.”

“Then why are we going to Tao? Isn’t that Chinese food?”

Adelle sighed. “Allie dear…”

“OH! Greek! I get it. Oh I’m so stupid. Okay, right. Yes.” Allie babbled, embarrassed. “That’s uh, that’s not a problem at all, actually. I guess I like it too.”

“Glad to hear it dear. Remember to call in when the date’s over.”

“Right. Talk to you soon!” Allie said brightly, hanging up.

Adelle sighed again. “Who would have thought Cleo would be one of my better hires.” Thinking on Cleo, she wondered how her date with Mr. Dunn was going. “He’s probably stuffing her like a turkey.”


“Cleo, oh fuck! Jesus, fuck, ugh, goddamnit!” Andrew grunted, his hands desperately gripping at the sheets. He wanted to grab onto Cleo’s bobbing head, but he didn’t want to do anything to interrupt her at all “Jesus honey, seriously, where did you, unh, did you learn to do that?”

Cleo’s sucking mouth rose slowly up his shaft, his fat cock emerging from her tiny mouth like some sort of sexual magic act. As he slipped out of her mouth, her tongue rapidly licked along its underside, making him shiver. When it was finally just his fat cockhead in her mouth, she gave it the most loving, tongue filled kiss she could manage.

“Well,” she said, now content to just slowly stroke the shaft, “I’ve always liked giving head. I was… Well, I was a virgin till my senior year of college,” she said quickly, blushing. “So I sucked cocks. Got pretty good at it, doncha think?” she asked, punctuating her question by taking his fat cock to the root again, suddenly.

“Fuck! Yes, yes, you’re amazing, Jesus!” Andrew agreed, laughing. Cleo was kneeling beside him on the bed, her plump butt looking delectable as she bent over him. Andrew slid a large hand along her thigh to her pussy and was a little surprised to find her soaked.

“Yeah,” she said, her eyes locked with his, “I’ve… I’ve come close to cumming giving head.”

“Really?” Andrew asked, slipping a finger into her slick pussy. She nodded, her hands still pumping him.

“So yeah,” Cleo said, returning to just teasing his head, “I’ve always liked it, and I guess I’ve always been good at it. I mean, I could always take all my other boyfriends deep, so… ” Cleo trailed off, realizing what she had said. Her “other boyfriends,” implying Andrew was a boyfriend. But he wasn’t her boyfriend, he was a client and she was his whore. If Andrew noticed her slip, he didn’t say anything.

Although he was distracted by his desperate attempts to hold his orgasm back. Cleo smiled: It was time to defeat him on that fight.

Cleo attacked his cock with renewed vigor, both hands taking up an aggressive pumping, twisting motion as her mouth fucked the top third of his thick cock. Andrew’s breathing quickened, one heavy hand going to the back of her head.

“Cleo, oh fuck,” he gasped, his cock throbbing powerfully. “I’m gonna AH!” Cleo took him deep, her lips a crimson ring around the base of his cock as he exploded deep in her throat. Andrew groaned and gasped, shivering, his hand holding her head down, pumping what felt like pints of cum down her throat. After a few moments of rigid shivering, Andrew relaxed grandly, sinking back against the pillows with a huge sigh. Cleo pulled herself off his cock and took a deep breath, a big smile on her face.

“Enjoy that?” she asked, laughing as Andrew nodded almost drunkenly. Cleo walked to the couch and took a big pull on her beer. Tonight they hadn’t done much, deciding instead to stay in, get room service and watch a movie on pay per view. The Proposal was playing on the screen, but they had completely forgotten about it pretty quickly. Finishing her beer, Cleo grabbed a couple of french fries and munched on them while considering her client. Andrew was still breathing pretty heavily, but she could see that his cock had barely lost any of its hardness.

“You’re gonna kill me one of these days,” Andrew said, chuckling.

“Not likely, big strong man like you,” Cleo said, returning almanbahis to the bed. He pulled her close, his hand gripping her butt tight. He kissed her softly, his other hand toying with her breasts.

“Mm, french fry kisses,” Andrew said, smiling. “Before I forget… What are you doing the 20th of next month?” he asked, his mouth going to her soft breast and pulling a nipple into his mouth.

“Mm… Probably nothing, why?” she asked, her hands going to his hair, holding him close to her chest. He didn’t answer for some time, seemingly more interested in placing wet, sucking kisses all over her breasts.

“Well it’s looking like it’s the next time I’ll be in New York. There’s a convention the week before it and,” he paused again, returning to her breasts for a moment, now nibbling on her left nipple. “And um, I was hoping to book you for the whole day. Two nights and the day in between.”

“Really?” Cleo asked, a little surprised. Such long dates were unusual, mostly because of their price. And with Andrew continuing to pay double rate for her, this would be a very expensive date. “As a reward for, mm, sitting through a week of seminars?”

“Something like that… You’d also be my birthday present to myself.”

“What?” she asked, pulling his head away.

“May 20th is my birthday.”

“Really?” Cleo’s eyes narrowed. “How old are you anyway?”

“Why I never!” Andrew said, laughing. “I’m 48. I’ll be turning 49 next month.”

“The big four nine,” Cleo said with gravity. Andrew nodded somberly before his eyes returned to her bare breasts before him. “Don’t you want to be at home for you birthday?”

“Well I hadn’t even planned on going to the seminar, honestly, let alone be stuck in the city. But if I am I plan on making the best of it,” he said simply, his eyes locked on hers. “Is that okay? Would you care to join me for my birthday?”

Cleo thought for a moment, wondered what a full day with Andrew would be like. She was used to the their current arrangement, and she had come to crave the nights of passionate, almost savage fucking. Could she survive a whole day of it? And he wants to spend his birthday with me? Isn’t that a little… Personal? “Uh, what do you have planned?”

“Well, I was hoping to wake up with you and not having one of us have to run off,” he said, a hand stroking her side.

Cleo giggled. “Okay.”

“Then go out for brunch.”

“I do love brunch.”

“Who doesn’t? And then I thought we’d find a nice bar where we can spend an afternoon. I know there’s a lovely Belgian place in the 40s.”

“This is quite a plan,” Cleo said, crawling onto his lap.

“And then an early dinner before we go and see a show. Have you seen Fela? I’ve heard it’s great,” he said, his hands returning to her breasts.

“I’ve heard that too,” Cleo said, sliding her moistening pussy along Andrew’s solid cock.

“Then perhaps off to a nightclub for drinks and dancing… before coming back to the room,” he said quietly, pulling her close again, kissing her slim neck softly. As Cleo moaned quietly, Andrew’s fat cockhead found her moist entrance and spread her open. She grunted as she forced herself down, Andrews cock easing its way into her. “Mm, don’t worry hon, I wasn’t planning on spending the whole day inside fucking.”

“Oh thank god,” Cleo giggled, easing down on his cock. She bit her lip as she eased down to his base, whimpering when she finally hit bottom. “Okay.”

“Okay what?” Andrew asked, looking up from her breasts.

“Okay I’ll join you for your birthday. I’ll be your birthday present to yourself,” she said, smiling as her hips started to bounce on his thick cock.


“Sounds like another lovely night,” Erica said teasingly, sipping her coffee. Cleo shrugged, blushing slightly. She had learned to stop giving Erica too many details about her dates. “It was. We watched The Proposal on pay per view. Most of it anyway.” Erica laughed at that, covering her mouth as she chewed her pancakes. They were having brunch at a street side café, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. “Hey, can I ask you a question? You ever been booked for a whole day?”

“Oh sure. Last year Chris booked me as his date for a friend’s wedding. And I think some other guy back when I started. Why? Andrew wants you all to himself for a day?” Cleo nodded. “Damn. And at double rate still? Jeebus.”

“I know, right?”

“Don’t sweat it hon. He wouldn’t be doing it if he couldn’t afford it. It’s not your job to manage his finances.”

“I know that. That’s not the odd part.” Erica’s eyebrows rose in question. “Well, it’s for his birthday. He called me his gift to himself.” Erica laughed. “What? I thought that seemed a little… Personal?”

“It’s not that unusual, especially with the oldsters. I remember one guy had Celeste and I both for his birthday. Almost thought it would be his last,” she said slyly, her eyes mischievous. “But I think with a man, a wealthy, powerful man, as he almanbahis yeni giriş ages he misses the halcyon days of youth. How better to recapture that than by fucking a girl half his age?”

“I guess I… Okay,” Cleo said, shoving a forkful of waffle into her mouth. She chewed for a moment in silence.

“What?” Erica asked, watching her closely, “I know there’s something else.”

“Well… When he mentioned it was his birthday and all that, I had thought about what I could do to make it a bit special for him.”

“Aw, lookit you, going above and beyond.” Erica said, eating another bite of pancake. “What were you thinking? If you plan some part of it he might like that, be a bit of a surprise.”

Cleo nodded, some ideas already forming. “That’s good, but I was… I was thinking of something… Y’know, sexual.”

“Oh really… Well, my young apprentice, what’d you have in mind? From what you’ve told me there isn’t much you two aren’t doing already, unle- Oh! You weren’t thinking of letting him in your butt were you?”

“Erica!” Cleo squeaked, her cheeks crimson, “keep your fucking voice down please!” Erica’s laughter was infectious though, and soon Cleo was laughing along with her. “But… Yes, that’s one of the things I was thinking about.”

“But I thought…” Erica started, but looked around the restaurant and leaned closer, lowering her voice, “I thought you said Andrew was packing a beast. That may not be the best way to break in your poor pucker, dear.”

“You know I’ve never doneit. And yes, he has a huge cock. But… He’s an amazing lover. And I know you think I just don’t know any better,” she said as Erica rolled her eyes, “but he’s very gentle and… Fuck Erica, when he plays with my ass when we’re fucking or he’s licking me I… I cum like a fucking freight train,” she finished with a rushed whisper.

“Ah I see… So you’ve been thinking of letting him open you up for a while now, and now you have a ‘special occasion’ to do so.” Cleo nodded. “Are you sure? It can hurt. Especially with a big guy. Double especially your first time.”

“I dunno, I mean… You like it, right?”

Erica nodded. “Oh yeah. My last date with Chris, he just went to town on me. Rimmed me till I was cross-eyed, then bent me in half and fucked the hell out of me. A tight butt, properly prepared, can be a source of great pleasure for both partners.”

Cleo laughed, trying not to spit out her breakfast. “Is that your motto? Does it say that on the Daniels coat of arms?”

“Well duh. But it’s in Latin, so it looks a lot classier,” Erica replied, laughing as well. Cleo’s eyes suddenly turned serious, watching her roommate closely. “What?”

“That’s like the fifth time you’ve mentioned Chris in the past few days,” Cleo said, and was stunned to see Erica avert her eyes. “Oh my god! What’s going on with you two?”

“Nothing, Nothing! Shut up!” Erica said as Cleo laughed at her friend’s discomfort. “It’s just… He’s been booking me more recently so he’s on my mind. That’s it!”

“Uh huh,” Cleo said, not buying it. Erica wasn’t giving anything else up though, and signaled for the check. “What? I thought we were going to have brunch. The mimosa’s won’t drink themselves.”

“We’ll do drinks later. Right now you and I have some shopping to do.”


“Adelle’s, Cleo speaking, how may I help you?”

“By meeting me at the hotel restaurant tonight at eight,” Andrew said, his deep voice making her melt. Quickly glancing at Adelle, she kept the smile off her face and hoped her boss hadn’t noticed.

“Of course sir, we have you confirmed for tonight clear through until the morning the day after tomorrow, the 21st,” she said, checking the booking and trying to remain professional. “Is there anything else we can do for you?”

Andrew chuckled. “Nothing I can say over the phone, dear. I’ll see you soon.”

“Good night, sir,” she said crisply, hanging the phone up. Her heart was beating faster, and she didn’t need to check to know that her pussy was wet. She checked the clock, saw that she had three hours before dinner. Christ, she thought, maybe I can have a quick cum in the bathroom…

“Cleo, may I talk with you a moment?” Adelle asked, snapping her out of her daydream.

“Of course. Something wrong?”

“That was Mr. Dunn.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes, yes it was,” Cleo said. She suspected what was coming, and wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Cleo, I’ve become concerned,” she began, moving from behind her desk to Cleo’s, pulling up a chair so she could sit closer to the younger woman. “When you first entertained Mr. Dunn, it was meant to be a one time adventure. You were filling in. Even when he booked you a second time, I thought it a bit of passing fancy, and a good way for you to make some money. As well as a good shag,” she said, smiling, trying to relieve some of the tension. “But as two dates became six, and now seven, I’m worried that you lack the emotional distance that this sort almanbahis giriş of work requires.”

“Adelle, I-“

“Please, let me finish. I know that sometimes it’s difficult to separate emotions from the physical act of love. I’m not a robot, and I’ve been there,” she said, placing her hand lightly on Cleo’s knee. “But it’s usually easier for a girl who sees two or three different clients a week. With regular clients it’s more difficult, with emotional attachment forming on both sides. But for you, and your unique arrangement, I… Only having one regular client could be a bit disorienting.”

“If you’re worried that I’m starting to have feelings for Mr. Dunn,” Cleo began, but Adelle cut her off.

“I am, and I think it would be best if this is the last time you saw him,” Adelle said firmly.

Cleo responded without thinking. “Adelle, I am quite capable of handling my emotions, and would appreciate if you would trust me to handle my client’s needs.” Adelle was taken aback for a moment, and Cleo pressed her advantage. “The fact of the matter is I’ve turned Mr. Dunn into one of our highest-paying customers, and done so completely on my own. And a client who’s willing to pay double for the girl of his choice might not take kindly to being told she was unavailable, and may take his business elsewhere.” Holy shit, she thought, where the hell did that come from?

Cleo’s mind was racing. She knew that Adelle wasn’t completely off base, not at all. She had been battling with herself over her conflicted emotions towards Andrew, almost since her first meeting with him. She liked him, and was definitely in lust with him, but did it go any further than that? Cleo had been taking the very mature track of trying not to think about it.

“Do you know what he likes about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Mr. Dunn has found something pretty remarkable. A whore who isn’t one. For some men, I could see that being quite appealing.” Cleo pulled back and was about to let Adelle have it. “Cleo, I don’t say this to be cruel. I say it as your employer who’s been doing this for a long while.”

Cleo relaxed slightly, taking a deep breath. “What do you mean, a whore who isn’t?”

“You get to be the virgin and the whore for him, all in one.” Adelle paused, considering the younger woman. Then she smiled. “But I suppose you’re right Cleo. The concerns of the business should take precedence over my, admittedly, subjective doubts. “

Cleo relaxed a fraction. “Thank you.”

“However,” she said, standing, “I want you to remember that we had this conversation please.”

“I will, Adelle. Don’t worry about me,” Cleo said with a confidence she didn’t feel.

“Alright,” she said, standing. “So what are you doing for his birthday?”

Cleo smiled. “A fair amount of drinking, I think.”


“You don’t believe me?” Cleo asked, laughing.

“I just couldn’t see you doing that, no,” Andrew said, laughing. “Not without pants anyway.”

“A bet is a bet. And I don’t welch on bets.”

“Noted.” Andrew finished off his beer and signaled the waitress. “Another? We still have a few hours before dinner.”

“Yeah, sure,” Cleo said, turning to catch the waitress’ eye. She nodded once and the waitress nodded in response, making sure Andrew didn’t notice. “You wouldn’t tell me where we’re eating. Big surprise?”

“Oh, no, just a little Italian place near here.” They were in a cozy corner of the bar. The place was quiet and almost too quaint, but they were having a fine time regardless. The beers, which were delicious and extra strong, weren’t hurting. “They have these pork chops with hot peppers… I love it.”

“I look forward to stealing some of yours,” she said lightly. She saw the waitress coming and slid her hand to his inner thigh to distract him. Andrew didn’t see the waitress until she was right next to him.

“I found this in the fridge…?” she said, holding a bottle of champagne with a red bow on it. An outsized gift tag read “For Andrew.”

“Well that’s weird,” Cleo said, scrunching her face in curiosity. Andrew’s smile grew as he took the bottle and flipped the tag over.

“Happy birthday, Cleo,” he read, smiling. His eyes shifted to hers, and she looked so damn pleased with herself he had to smile. “Oh, you,” he said softly, shaking his head.

“Happy birthday,” Cleo repeated, kissing him lightly on the cheek. Andrew was at a loss for words and decided to act instead, tearing open the bottle, popping the cork and pouring two tall glasses.

“You sneak,” he said as he handed her a glass. Checking that they were alone, he slid a warm hand along her inner thigh. “When did you set that up?”

“During brunch while you were in the bathroom, maybe five minutes after you told us we were coming here.” Off of his confused look she flashed him her phone. “Iphone. I found the place, called them and set it up. My treat, don’t sweat it.”

“Cleo, you don’t have to do that.”

“Sh,” she said, offering her glass in toast. “To a great 49th year.”

“To a great 49th year,” he agreed, and they tinked glasses. His other hand was still exploring her warm thigh. “You’re not the only one who can be sneaky…” he said, sliding his hand up her skirt.

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