Adventures at an American Summer Camp Chap. 2


Rufus and I were much closer after the adventure above the river with Liz.  We never really discussed the happenings of that day canoeing in any great detail, but we did give one another funny looks when certain things came up in conversation.  However, I did have a lot of questions for him that stemmed from that afternoon.A couple of days after the trip we took my group of kids down to the river, to go skinny dipping.  As Rufus and I sat watching over the kids fooling around in the river, I asked him how he had gotten to be so experienced and confident with the ladies.  His answer about his Auntie teaching him floored me.  I must have let a brief flash of surprise cross my face, as Rufus was hurriedly at pains to explain that she was not a blood relative, but their next-door neighbour.“She’s just been there all my life. She’s my mother’s best friend and lives in the house next door to us.  My family has always called her Auntie,” he explained.I quickly placated him. “Sorry, I’m not judging you. I was just surprised.”For me, his answer had conjured up a picture of him with some old woman.I asked him how old his Auntie was, and he told me he thought she was the same age as his mother. “How old is your mother then?” I asked“I don’t know,” he remonstrated. And then. “My mum was sixteen when she had me, I think?”I did a quick calculation. “She will be about thirty-four then.  Hell! I can’t judge you, I had an affair with a woman older than that when I was only a few months older than you.”  Then I thought out loud. “Wish I had an Aunty that educated me as well as yours must-have.  How did it happen?”He still looked reluctant to say too much but started to explain.“Auntie has been living on her own for two years, ever since her husband died.  She does part-time cleaning work, but most of the time she looks after her husband’s father, who has been living with them forever.” He hesitated, so I nodded for him to continue, my interest really up now. “Since I was quite young, my mother has been sending me over to her place to help her out. One day Auntie said I was old enough to help her out with a new chore, and then she had me strip my clothes off.”He hesitated, hoping he had said enough, but my curiosity was up, and I asked him if there had been any other ladies.  I could see by his suddenly awkward behaviour, that there had been others, and that he was reluctant to talk of them.Rufus nodded to me. “Some,” he said.“OK, I’d like to hear about them when you are ready.  But I have other questions. The biggest one is this.  How did you pluck up the courage to walk over and join Liz and me?” He still kept his mouth closed and looked around furtively.  So, to calm him down, I carried on talking.“I know I could never have done that.  How did you know she wouldn’t scream bloody murder and have the canoe guys running up to save her?  We would have both been in the shit.  Christ, she’s the camp director’s wife, I’m even a bit worried now that we may get caught out.  But you knew she wouldn’t. You were so calm and confident, I don’t understand.”“Miss Liz had ‘The Look’,”  he said.  “But I can’t tell you anything.  Cos just like I promised Miss Liz I would tell no one, I have promised Auntie and someone else I will never tell.”My interest was really piqued now.  I wanted to know.  Now that he had even opened up this much, I realised just how absolutely unbelievable it was what he had dared to do.“No, you and I are partners in crime now. I have to understand, come on, out with it.”He still was reluctant, so I pointed out that at the end of the camp I would be heading back to England, and that the chances I would ever come back to this part of the States were almost non-existent.  I also pointed out again, that I would not blab to Greg our senior councillor or anyone else for that matter.Slowly, Rufus started to talk.  Little bits at first, but once he got started he seemed quite relieved he had someone to share with.  I didn’t get the full story that afternoon on the bank, but bahis şirketleri I got enough to make sense of everything.  But I will tell it all in one go what I gleaned from him over the next few weeks.——Rufus’s Auntie lived in the apartment next door, she had him come over two or three times a week, to help her with chores.  For the past year, his chores had included him giving her some sexual relief.  During these sessions, she pointed out the things that women like done to them, and also stuff he was doing wrong.“She still tells me what to do all the time,” he stated, with a hint of annoyance in his words.One of his other weekly chores was on a Wednesday afternoon when the health nurse came to bathe Grandpa, (Auntie’s father-in-law).  The nurse was a small white lady and a little bit older than Auntie.  She wasn’t strong enough to lift Grandpa, and so Rufus always had to be there to help her and Auntie lift him in and out of the bath.The way Rufus looked when he spoke about the nurse, made me ask him what she was like.  He reckoned she was pretty, but bossy and stuck her nose in the air when she talked to him.  I had been trying to teach him new words and broaden his vocabulary, so I asked him if a good word for her would be, ‘Authoritative.’  He laughed at that, and said that would about sum her up.Anyway, one day after the nurse had left, Auntie asked him if he had seen the way she looked at him.  When he replied that he didn’t understand Auntie told him; “If you want to be ‘the man’ with women, you have to watch their eyes, not just their ass and tits.” She told him that the nurse had ‘the look,’ and that she was going to set up some action with her the next time she turned up.When he went next door to Auntie’s the following week, he was wearing the tight blue shorts that she had insisted he wear. “The ones that show off that great big python of yours!”  was the way she had put it.And she told him to give himself a few strokes before he came into the lounge.  “Not too many, mind you, just enough to get a little swell.  I don’t want you going too far and scaring her to death.”This week when he helped lift Grandpa, he watched the nurse’s eyes, saw them drop below his belt, and he saw the look of lust in her eyes.When they had lifted Grandpa from the tub and the nurse was in the middle of drying and helping him dress, Auntie shooed Rufus away into her bedroom.  She had warned him the previous day, that Nurse might object and tell him to stop, but that it would just be a game she played, and that he was to take charge and do all the things that Auntie liked.He was nervously waiting in the bedroom, when he heard Auntie telling Nurse she was to go into the bedroom and have a look at her nephew’s affliction.When she entered the room Rufus stepped up to her and took her hand, guiding her towards the bed.  She tried to pull away, but he pulled her hand down and wrapped it around his still slack cock.  He held it there, half expecting her to protest, as Auntie had said she would.  But all fight went out of her, even though she kept telling him he was a wicked boy and she should not be touching him.  Her hand was moving around on his cock and she gave a startled gasp as it started to stand in his shorts.He started rubbing her neck and ears, just like Auntie had taught him, then made calming noises with his deep baritone voice.  She started to rub him up and down, but he wasn’t getting very hard as he was so nervous.  But when he opened the buttons on her blouse and released her tits, he felt his excitement grow and his pecker swelled and felt very uncomfortable.  As he hardened and Nurse realised what she was holding, she gave a startled whimper and looked as if she was going to flee the room.But Auntie had told him this was all a game and he was to ignore her.  So he just held her until she stopped struggling, then carried on with all he’d been taught.  He got her panties off and stuck these in his pocket, but she wouldn’t let him take any other clothes off.  bahis firmaları He massaged up her legs teasing her by not touching her pussy until he saw her thrusting her hips at his fingers.  She would have bouts of fighting him and calling him a dirty black bastard, and that he was going to get into real trouble if he didn’t let her go, then she would lie back and let him do things to her.Finally, he lifted her up against the head of the bed so she had to watch him eat her out.  When she was dripping wet he climbed up and started feeding his python between her legs.  He could only get half in, so settled for that and stroked into her until she came. The nurse was very quiet as she fastened herself up again.  She asked him for her panties but he refused, saying, “They are for me to remember you by.”But once she left the room, Rufus said she became all stuck-up again and bossed him around as if nothing had happened.  But she did snap at him that he was not to ever speak a word of what he had just done to her.  And she was out the door and off to her next appointment.Rufus told me he was happy that he had made her late, and that she was going to be working the rest of the afternoon with no panties on.I asked Rufus about ‘The Look’ and what that had to do with Liz.“Oh!”  he replied.  “I saw that look on Miss Liz’s face when she pulled her pants down in front of us all at the river.  She was looking at you, and the look was very strong.  No one else saw it. They were all looking between her legs.”“But how did you know she wouldn’t scream blue murder?” I asked again.Because, when Nurse left our house that first time, I was worried about what I had done.  I thought she would never come back, and that we would have to wash Grandad ourselves from then on.  Auntie put me at rest and told me, “She will be back; she wants the rest of that pecker of yours. Trust me boy, learn, keep your eyes open and you will see the look.  Once you see that, she will make noises to make herself feel better, but she’ll be back, she’s going to need a lot more.”Rufus said she had been back the very next Wednesday, and dragged him into Auntie’s bedroom as soon as she had finished with Grandpa.  After a month she’d changed Grandpa’s schedule to twice a week.  So when I saw that look on miss Liz’s face, it was even stronger than that on the Nurse’s face, so I knew she wasn’t going to do any complaining.“Christ Rufus, how long have you been doing this nurse?” I asked“For about six months now, it’s funny, Nurse obeys me in the room. She wants me to do all sorts of rude things.  I’ve had to tie her up, and she abuses me something horrible sometimes, but boy does she erupt when she orgasms.  Then once out of the room, she’s a different person, always goes all snooty again.”Then he added, “Boy is she going to be dying for me when I get back from camp.  I’m not going to do her unless she takes all her clothes off.  She still won’t strip naked for me.  That’s what turned me on with Miss Liz the other day. She didn’t mind being naked; that made me come much too fast.”“Fuck!” I thought, if that was a quick one, heaven help the poor women that have to endure that mighty weapon for a long session.——I could fill another three chapters with events from the rest of that year.  But as this tale is about Liz I’ll skip the rest of the summer camp.When I arrived back in London, I moved back into the house that a bunch of us rented in Finchley.  Most of my flatmates were travelling around Europe again, so I had to bed down in the sunporch. My room having been let out to some Kiwis that were new to London. It didn’t worry me as within a week I was off to meet up with my mates back in Fusina.I headed off a few days later with some friends. We were catching the ferry over to Europe, to see out the last of the summer.  After spending a few days at the first T-Day festival at Camp Fusina we moved on up to the October Fest in Munich, before returning to London and our house in Finchley.  There were five bedrooms upstairs. kaçak bahis siteleri Three bedrooms had couples in them, two of my mates in the fourth, and myself, and my mate Ivan, in the fifth bedroom.Downstairs there was a study that we had crammed a couple into, and there was a box room where there was a single lady bunked up. The rest of the downstairs was comprised of, a lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry and bathroom.  Oh! And there were two bathrooms upstairs.I was working, but nothing very permanent as we were looking at breaking up the flat, given some of the flatmates were heading back home to New Zealand.  We hadn’t sorted out what was happening with the house. As it turned out, we got some new tenants to share with us and kept it on for another year.I had a letter arrive one day, from the camp director, Rhett.  He and Liz were taking three and a half weeks’ holiday and intended to spend a few days in England, then three weeks in Europe.  He wanted to get my address and phone number and look me up.He had included the dates they would arrive in London and I saw it was less than a month away.  I knew the couple in the front bedroom upstairs were moving out about a week before Rhett and Liz were due to arrive.  So, after discussing it with the others in the flat, I wrote back to Rhett, saying I’d pick them up at Heathrow and that they could stay here with us for the whole week they were in London if they wanted to, as we had a spare bedroom.He wrote back, accepting my offer, but explained they would only stay a couple of days while they sorted out a car, visited relatives, etc.I picked them up at the airport, as promised, and gave them a tiki-tour of some historical places on the way back to the house.  That evening Rhett asked me if I could drive him to Euston St the next morning, where he was to pick up a car from Avis.  Then they would go visit some relatives of his.I pointed out to Rhett that it was best if I just drove him down to the tube station.  Explaining that it was far quicker, and I would never find a park anywhere near the Avis depot.  Liz piped up saying that she did not want to go visit his crazy old aunt and that maybe I would take her to the Victoria and Albert Museum. This started a rather heated discussion between the two of them.  But finally, Rhett conceded that he did not really want to visit the museum, and although his relatives would be disappointed not to meet her, it would be a bloody boring day. And so, he asked me if I would look after Liz for the day.It turned out that he actually had two sets of relatives to see.  He was to have lunch with his Auntie who was only about 30 minutes from Euston St, then travel to a place called Gravesend to visit his father’s brother and family.  I pointed out to him that it would be a long day as it was at least an hour’s drive from his Auntie’s to Gravesend, but coming home could take him about two hours, maybe more, if he struck the evening traffic.The next morning everyone in the flat was up early, preparing for work. When Rhett came downstairs I made us breakfast, which he took up to their room, saying that Liz was still in bed.  “Not the best in the mornings!” he explained to me.After breakfast I ran him down to Golders Green station, to catch the tube.  When I returned to the house everyone had left for work and Liz’s bedroom door was closed.  So I went to my own bedroom to tidy up.  But when I walked into my room, I found Liz propped up in my bed, beckoning me with her little finger.  I have to admit I had had thoughts about whether I would get lucky, as she had given me lots of lascivious looks the night before.I lifted the cover to get in beside her and found that she was stark naked under the covers.  She held her hand up. “Get those clothes off before you come near me.”I stripped in record time, got back in beside her, and cuddled against her. She had the body of a Vogue front page model, slender but curvaceous.  Moving a hand around behind her, I worked it down her back and onto her bum, then pushed it between her legs.  She was already wet and very excited and immediately rolled on top of me, her lips glued to mine.  Then working her hand between us, she grabbed a hold of my now rampant willie.

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