Affair with My Doctor


This is based on a true event.

It all started 12 years ago when they build a new medical centre near my place. That was the first time I met my doctor.

He was very kind and friendly with me and we had a really good bond. No matter how many patients were waiting to see him he always called out my name first. Eventually I realised I’m starting to have feelings for him. Please do excuse my poor English.

We always shook hands, till one day I decided to give him a hug and kiss him on the cheek. I was so nervous I knew what I was doing wasn’t the right thing. When I hugged and kissed him on the cheek for the first time. I quickly turned around said bye to him as I was leaving his room. He told him “James I love you like my own son please take care of yourself”

Day after day I kept thinking about him, till one day he told me to find a nice woman for myself and settle down. I looked him up in the eye, if only you knew how I was feeling that moment. My whole body was shaking, it was so difficult for me to open my mouth. So I told him Dr John! I know you always looked süpertotobet yeni giriş after me and you want the best for me but I’m not really into women. I like mature men and I hope I haven’t disappointed you.

He looked at me, didn’t say a word then gave me my prescription. When I left his room I kind of regret for telling him my secret. Couple of months later, I had to go for normal routine check etc. When I saw him he had the biggest smile on his face. We went inside the room, he hugged me and told me he’s glad to see me.

He then asked me if I had any plans for the next couple of weeks, I said no. He then told me that his wife is going away for a couple of weeks to overseas and he needed some help with setting up his new entertainment unit he could do with a nice company. He told me he’s never invited any of his patient’s to his home before which I did believe him.

The day came, when I went over his place. I setup his entertainment unit then we had a chat over coffee. I apologised to him and told him I can’t help myself anymore I’m so involve with süpertotobet giriş him I then hugged him. He tapped on the back of my should and grabbed my hand took me upstairs to his bedroom. He made me promise not to discuss it with anyone.

As we got into the bedroom, he sat on the side of his bed we hugged for a while. I then gently undressed him, and started giving him body massage.

As I was rubbing his body I was kissing it at the same time. I realized he had tears coming out of his eyes. I quickly stopped everything and apologized to him. He grabbed me tight to his chest and told me. James I always had feelings for you and I couldn’t risk my career and I have a family. Now I want you to promise to me you be faithful to me and never leave me.

I looked him in the eye and told him, Dr John! You were mine and you will always be mine then I gently kissed him in the lips. That day we only cuddled and kissed we both had a great time. When I was about to leave his place he asked me how come I didn’t do anything more with him. I turned around and told süpertotobet güvenilirmi him you are my true love and I want to take it slow. He quickly grabbed me kissed me and told me that’s why he loved me so much cause I was a true gentleman to him.

A week later, he invited me to over his place again to spend the weekend with him. After few laps of the swim in the pool in the backyard we had a nice lunch. I never forget that day, we went upstairs spent time in bed from 1pm till 11pm at night.

We started with cuddling and kissing till I made my way down between his legs and started licking his body from head to toe. I gently put his penis in my mouth. He then started to moan, as he was getting way too excited he didn’t lasted long but to cum in my mouth.

We had a good rest, then we tried 69 once he got hard again. He decided to make love to me. As he put his cock inside me, I was about to explode from inside. None I mean none ever made love to me the way he did. He was so gentle it was nothing like a random quick fuck and go. We were making real love to each other.

We still see each other but not as often as we used to and it’s pretty difficult. But our love keeps getting stronger and stronger.


I had to change our names due to personal privacy. Hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to write any feedbacks.



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