Subject: After Football Training. After Football Training. By Jacko Jomtien. I had just come back into the change rooms from my first training run with the local football side. It had been freezing cold and wet out on the track and it was good to feel a little warmer inside. I had got changed next to a guy that I had gone to primary school with, in fact, the same class, so we knew each other. It was the first run for both of us and I had not seen Mick during all our high school years as we went to different schools. Now at 18, he was a great looking guy. We got out of our wet gear to shower. Mick dropped his shorts and then stepped out of his wet jockstrap, displaying the longest slack cock I had ever seen. It must have been more than 6 inches long with a big cock head that was covered with an even longer foreskin. Even at that length, you could see it was shrivelled up with the cold. His balls were also shrivelled up tight against his body with the cold. He saw me checking him out and smiled. I then dropped my gear to reveal a very similar sight accept my cock was not as long as his. Maybe 5 inches in this cold situation. We both headed for the showers and the warmth that they provided. I could feel my body getting back to normal. I always had to concentrate on not checking out the other guys in the showers as know I would get hard very quickly. So Mick and I just talked about the training run, making sure never to look down at his very long cock. We got out of the showers and dried off and then headed back into the locker room and started to dress. “What are you doing after?” Mick asked. “Heading home I guess.” I replied. “Do you want to stop off at my place? I’m sure the old man would have some beer in the fridge I could get hold of.” “Sure. I would like that.” I said with a large smile. Fuck he was so handsome now that he had grown up. He had a dark olive complexion with light brown hair that had that unruly look about it. I remember it had been blond when he was a kid and now it had darkened. His face was tanned and he had a large mouth that split into the widest smile showing off a perfect set of white teeth. He was so handsome. He was a good 185 cm tall, with broad shoulders. He was lean but wiry with well-muscled arms and legs. The only hair he had on his body was under his arms, on his forearms and a very small tuft of light brown pubic hair above his long cock. From what I could see, his ball sack looked completely free of any hair. Mine was also, but a shaved my once or twice a week. I wondered how big his cock got when it was hard. It had to be big. Mine was 7.5″ hard, so he had to be at least two inches bigger. I noticed that he still had the tan lines from summer where it was lighter where his board shorts had been. He had that beauty of youth that we all have at 18, with smooth silky skin. I, on the other hand, although the same height and age, was of a thicker built, with a solid chest that had a light dusting of chest hair between my pecks and a line of hair that ran down to my navel. I had enjoyed doing weights at school and had built up strong arms and legs. I was also well tanned. We grabbed our gear headed out to the cars. I followed him home, although I knew where he lived. We parked in the vacant block next to his house and he told me to wait here in the car as his folks were home. He was only gone a couple of minutes and came back with two cans of beer. He hopped into the passenger side of my car and opened the cans and we drank them quickly as I was thirsty. I was getting a little light-headed, as I don’t drink very often, but maybe it was being so close to this hunk of a guy that had my blood up. We talked for a short time about what we were now doing, now that we had left school. Then he said to my surprise. “Fuck, I’m horny!” Without thinking I replied. “I’m always horny.” I realised what I had said and felt a bit embarrassed. “How often do you jack-off?” Mick then asked. “Jack-off?” I stammered out. Not really wanting to admit that I jack-off all the time. “Ya. Jack-off. I do it every day. Most days two or three times. I really need to blow a load now.” Mick was looking at me with a big grin and rubbing his crutch. He was getting me hard thinking about it, and I really wanted to see his long cock when it was hard. “You want to jack-off with me?” I was thinking this is exactly what I want to do, but didn’t want to seem too anxious. “OK. Let’s jack-off.” I started to undo the belt on my jeans and he was doing the same. “Fuck Jacko. I really want to see your hard cock.” He said as he pulled out his semi-hard cock from his jeans. “I want to see yours also. Your cock is so big.” The only light in the car was that coming bursa escort from the radio. Just enough to see what we were doing. Mick pulled his cock out. It was now much bigger than it had been in the change rooms. His long foreskin still covered his big cock head and he slowly pulled it back to reveal his monstrous flared knob. It was all wet with pre-cum. I also pulled my cock and balls loose from my jeans and started slowly jack off. “Fuck.” Mick said. “You have a great cock.” He leaned over and started to play with my balls. It felt great. He then pulled his balls out of his jeans. They were now hanging loose and free. They were large. I also took hold of his balls. They were monsters in their smooth sack. The next thing I know is Mick leaning right over me and took my cock into his mouth. Fuck it felt so good. It was the first time I had had my cock sucked, but I knew that it was not the first cock Mick had sucked cock. He sucked my 7 � inches right to the root. Running his tongue around my cock head and into my piss slit, as he played with me balls. Oh, it felt so good. I wanted to try his cock. I knew I would cum if he kept that up so I said as I pulled his head off my cock. “Can I suck you now?” “Sure can.” He said as he let the seat right back, pulling his jeans all the way down. “How big is this weapon of yours? It’s colossal.” “Just under 10 inches,” Mick answered as he pushed it high in the air and as I bent over and for the first time tasted his cock and his pre-cum. I loved the taste of my pre-cum and he was even better. Even when hard his long foreskin still covered most of his big cock head. I got my tongue under it and rolled it around his cock head, sucking out all the pre-cum I could. It tasted so good. I could hear Mick moaning with delight. Mick then told me to let my seat back. He then wriggled around so that we were in a 69 position. I still had his cock in my mouth and was now taking as much as I could down my throat. He now took hold of my cock again and we were both sucking each other. We were both now fucking each other’s mouths and I knew I could not hold back for much longer. He pumped his cock deep into my throat and I tasted his first squirt of thick cum. With this, I immediately exploded into his mouth and we both continued to pump each other’s mouths full of hot cum. I had pulled his foreskin right back and was sucking every last drop of cum out of this magnificent dick. He was doing the same to me. When we were both satisfied that there was no more cum to taste, we broke away from the cocks we had been sucking and Mick turned back and then kissed me deeply. Our tongues intertwining and mixing the remaining cum together as we kissed. With that one last kiss, I knew I was falling in love with this handsome sexy guy and that we had to meet again soon. We talked for some time and I said I better get home. “We have to do this again.” Mick told me. “Ya. I’d like that. I’ll dream about your big cock tonight, that’s for sure.” Mick got out of the car and walk around to the driver’s side and tapped on the window. I let it down and he stuck his head in and we kissed again. “See you soon. Friday night?” And he was gone. I got home and went to bed with a very hard boner. As I could not stop thinking about what had just happened. oooooOOOOOooooo That had been Wednesday night and it was now Friday and I headed to training again. I had not stopped thinking about what had happened after the previous training session. When I walked in the change rooms, Mick was already there. He had his bag up on the seat next to him saving me a spot. With a great smile on his face he just said “Hi.” I replied “Hi.” And nothing more was said. We trained that evening, always quite close to each other with much eye contact. The evening was dry and a lot warmer than our previous run. When we got back into the change rooms, again not a lot was said. We showered and were dressing when Mick said. “Would you like to come back to my place again?” I very quietly said. “You bet. I thought you were not going to ask.” “Mum and Dad are away, so I am at home by myself for the weekend. Sound interesting?” I just smiled and said. “I’ll see you there.” We parked again in the vacant lot next door. It was a good spot as there were trees in the front of the block and we parked at the back behind the trees blocking the vehicle off from the street view. “Come on in.” Mick invited me. We headed in through the back door. Mick grabbed a couple cans of beer out of the fridge and I followed him through the house and to his bedroom. It was surprisingly neat and he had a big three quarter bed. We sat on the bed and cracked open our beers. We drank and chatted about bursa escort bayan the training run. We finished our beers and put the empty cans on the bedside table. Mick pushed me back onto the bed and kissed. In the process, we both were stripping off coats and shirts. Then joggers and jeans, until we were both just in our Jockey shorts. Our hard cocks rubbing against each other through our underwear. Mick was on top of me and I loved the feeling of him being in charge. He broke off our kiss and started to suck on one nipple and then the other. From there he worked his way down to my naval and then stripped off my underwear and took my hard cock into his mouth. He worked on my cock for about five minutes and then broke off. He then started to suck on my balls, sucking both into his mouth and stretching until it hurt a little, but the slight pain felt so good. He then started to lift my legs as he worked his tongue down the back of my ball sack, licking and sucking all the time. He was getting closer and closer to my arse and it was feeling so good. He pushed my legs right back and spread my arse cheeks. He then started to flick his tongue over my arse. Fuck it felt so good. He tried to spread open my arse and to get his tongue into my arse as deep as he could. Spreading with his fingers and probing deep with his tongue. Spitting on my arse as he went. I wanted his tongue deep in my arse. No, it was his cock I wanted, but I had never been fucked before and he was so big. I was sure it would be too big for me to take. “I want to fuck your arse tonight.” Mick said it more like an order than a suggestion. “I know you want my big cock buried deep inside your tight arse.” He went back to tongue fucking my arse. Oh, how I wanted his cock. I wanted to feel him deep inside my guts. Mick then grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside cabinet and pushed the head of the tube into my arse and squirted to cold goo into me. “Your cock will be too big. I’ve never been fucked before.” I told Mick. “I will loosen and stretch your arse until you are begging me to put my cock in there. Turnover on your hands and knees.” I turned over and he took my cock from between my legs and pulled it back and started to milk it like milking a cow”, sucking on it from time to time. He now had his tongue back in my arse. I could feel it working deeper and deeper. He pulled his face back and inserted one finger and then a second and a third and twisted then around. Stretching out my arse. Then he let go of my cock and inserted a finger from his other hand then a second and started to pull my arse apart. It hurt a little but not a lot. He then tried to push all fingers and his thumb of one hand into me, while he started to milk my cock again. I was watching from between my legs and could see his big hard cock pulsation with each heartbeat and with anticipating where it would soon be. It was so big I doubted it would fit into my virgin arse. With his milking hand, he put lube onto his cock and lined it up with my arse. He could see I was tensing up. “Relax.” He said as he lined up his monster to my tight hole. “Your arse can take it. Just relax.” I felt his big cock head against my splincher as he slowly put pressure on my arse. I could feel my arse stretch until I thought it would rip open with pain. Then all of sudden his big cock head popped inside my arse muscle. He kept up the pressure and slowly he pushed his big cock, all 10 inches of it, deep into my guts. My arse had now got a little used to being stretch out and started to feel great having him inside me. Then I felt his big balls against my arse. He was fully inside me. He slowly withdrew his big cock until only his big flared cock head remained inside me and then filled me again with his monster meat. Again he pulled out and then slammed his meat back into me. Fucking my arse faster and deeper with each thrust. Each time I could feel his big balls slap against my balls from behind. Mick continued to fuck me doggy style for a while, then he pulled out and pushed me over onto my back. “I love to look at the guy’s eye when I fuck.” He said as he pushed my legs into the air and lined his cock up again. This time it slipped in easily and felt so good going into me again. He again started to fuck me with long deliberate strokes, slapping his big balls into the back of my arse with each thrust. Mick’s body was now all sweating and his wiry frame was tense as he slammed his cock into my arse. With each thrust I could feel his big cock head massage my prostate. He now held both my feet together by the heals, so as to get my arse at just the right angle for his dick to enter in and out of my arse and rub his big dick head against my prostate. escort bursa With his other hand he took hold of my cock and started to pump it in time with his deep thrusts into me. Sweat was now starting to drip off his face onto my chest, as we eyed each other in our lovemaking. He kept up this fanatic pace for a long time, bending forward to kiss every now and then. Each time Mick was close to cumming he would pause and then start again. His big cock in my arse felt so good and I tried to suck it back into me each time he withdrew. Clamping my arse muscles around his big member. I could feel my load starting build up behind my balls and I knew it would explode soon. “I am going to cum very soon.” I told him. “Just wait a second.” He panted as he built up speed. “Oh. Oh yes, yes.” He shouted as he started to unload the biggest load of cum into my arse. With him still jacking my cock, I joined him, blowing thick wads of cum, one after the other. The first right over my shoulder and the second and third on my face a chest. The next six or seven shots onto my chest and stomach. I could still feel his cock exploding inside my arse, until the cum was flowing out my arse and down the back of my arse cheeks. Covering his big balls as they kept smashing into my arse with each of his thrusts. Finally Mick collapsed on top of me, completely exhausted. He lay on my chest in my mess of cum and we kissed again deeply. I never realised that lovemaking could reach this height. Slowly we got our breaths back. Mick smiled at me. “That was the greatest. I have never had a hot fuck like that before. I could do that forever.” His cock slowly popped out of my arse and was followed by a stream of his hot cum onto the sheets. “I’ve been holding all my cum for this night. I haven’t jacked off once since we were together last time.” I told him that I hadn’t either. But I had. Twice in fact. I just always had a lot of cum. We both lay there for a while before we got up and headed for the shower and washed all the cum off our bodies. He had a great body and I wanted it again. “Can you stay the night?” Mick asked. “Ya. Sure.” I knew we would do it all again in the morning. In fact, I wanted to try fucking his arse. He had a beautiful round bubble butt and a rosebud hole that I very much wanted to explore and stick my cock into. oooooOOOOOooooo We both slept soundly and I awoke a bit before 7.00 am. Mick had his back to me, so I spooned up to him, rubbing my now hard cock up against his firm arse. I was leaking lots of pre-cum and his arse crack was getting very slippery. The head of my cock kept rubbing past his tight arse splincher. Just trying to enter him. After a while, my cock was all wet with pre-cum and I slowly started to push my cock head into his tight arse. Mick moaned gently and pushed his arse back onto my hard cock. I felt my cock head pop inside his arse and then slowly slide right inside of him. He moaned again. “Oh that feels so good. Fuck me hard Jacko.” I now had my cock buried to the hilt in Mick’s arse and I could feel his tight arse muscles squeezing my cock as I slowly withdrew until only my cock head was still in his arse. I reached around and grabbed his hard cock. It was so thick, hard and hot as I started to pump his arse. I lifted his top leg and re-grabbed his cock as I continued to pump his tight arse. Now fucking him with all I had. Slamming my cock to the balls into him. Mick was now moaning loudly each time I filled his arse with my cock. I turned his head around and we kissed as I continued to slam home my hard dick into his tight arse. Mick was now pushing his arse back into my cock as I tried to get even more of my cock into him. I had him around the neck as we kissed deeply as I fucked his arse deeply. I felt his arse tighten as I was jacking his cock. I knew he was going to unload at any time. I was also close and with three last thrusts, I buried my cock as deep into his arse as I could and started to fill his arse with my man juices. As I said I always have a lot of cum and I could feel it start to leak out around my cock as Mick shuddered and shot his cum all over the sheet in front of him. His whole body convulsed as he squirted his thick white juice out in front of himself. We lay there coupled together with the smell of man cum everywhere. Until my softening cock popped out of his arse, followed by a lot more of my cum. “I think we better get up and clean up this mess. When do your folks get home?” I asked. “Not until tomorrow. I guess I better wash these sheets.” They were now very dirty from our lovemaking. We both showered, dressed and Mick made toast and coffee and after I headed for home. A great night. oooooOOOOOooooo I hope you enjoyed my story. I have a thing for young men with big dicks and low swinging smooth ball bags. Email me your thoughts if you like my story to ail. I love to heard about what you were up to as you read it. __________________________ [T1]

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