It was probably a mistake. One of those classic errors in judgment she would come to regret. But, as always, she couldn’t resist. TSA precheck status. Limited chance of being caught. And she was so ready to try it out. A recent gift from her girlfriend, the one she was going to see so wouldn’t that be a nice surprise for her. And one for herself as well. Everything well well, surprisingly well considering her ass was stuffed with the toy. She was sure the TSA agent would notice the light layer of sweat, her nervousness. But in today’s world it may be expected that travelers are a shade more anxious. After the drive and walk from parking she was more at ease walking with it in but she felt so self-conscious, surely it was obvious. So collecting her bag from the x-ray conveyor belt, she rushed towards the gate. She had plenty of time, she just wanted to be as far away from an area where people might be stopped or inspected. Walking fast only made her once more so fully aware of the toy. And it wasn’t even turned on. Reaching the gate area, she looked for a quiet place to sit and calm herself. The walk had made the slow burn in her cunt ignite back to a full burn. Feeling a bit flushed, she found a spot off to kaçak iddaa the side where no one else was around. Breathing in and out, she tried not to think about her girlfriend waiting for her. But that was hopeless. They had been apart for over six months now and, except for cyber sex, she had been sexless for that entire time. Her mind kept repeating over and over, “Tonight you’re going to be fucked..tonight you’ll eat cunt…tonight she’s going to do all those freaky things she promised to you…” Closing her eyes, she tried to shut off her internal dialog but without success. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes to find she was no longer alone. Seated across from her was an attractive woman. Older, perhaps mid-30’s, with dark hair and eyes; eyes that are now focused upon her. “Everything okay?” She nods and feels her face flush. Knowing that she could not have read her mind but, somehow certain, this woman picked up on the gist of her internal song. All the while, the woman continues to stare at her. The woman smiles and crosses her legs. She didn’t intend to, but her eyes were drawn immediately by the movement. Firm, long, shapely legs. Expensive heels. With a start, she catches herself but its too late. kaçak bahis Looking up, the smile is small but it’s there. And her eyes; eyes saying, yes you looked, I saw you look. She squirms in her seat which is the last thing she needed. The movement makes the toy press one side then the other, sending a short hot jolt to her cunt. Her cunt which was already wet and hot. Slowly breaking eye contact, the woman across from her openly looks her over. Her gaze goes from her face to her breasts, down to her legs, back up to her cunt, before finally returning to her face. She feels that look as if she was being touched, caressed. And her body responds. Their eyes lock and she feels herself falling. She can’t look away although she knows she should, she must. But its impossible, something about those eyes draw her in. Deep and dark, she finds her mind diving into those pools. Clear and cold, but bracing cold. The sort of cold that makes your body feel move alive, tingling from head to toe. Titillated. Not that she needed any more stimulation. “Are you sure you’re alright. Is there anything I can…do for you.” Maybe it was a simple, politeness on her part. But the pause and then the “do” only sent all the wrong illegal bahis messages to her overly excited mind. Damn, her nipples ached. She was glad her bra would hide that. Or would it? She shakes her head no. Afraid to speak should her voice break and reveal the effect the woman was having one her. “Well if you’re sure.” The woman’s eyes never leaving her, she flushes more and breaks her eyes free in the hope she can regain some composure. But doing so makes her shift on the chair, which sends another wave of illicit pleasure though her body. And she shivers. A shiver she is sure the woman noticed. A minute passes. She hasn’t looked back up but she’s certain the woman hasn’t stopped watching her. Another minute and a sudden rustle causes her to look up. The woman has risen but is still staring at her. Without a word, the woman turns and walks across towards the restrooms. Only when she is about to enter does she look back, looking directly at her. It wasn’t an invitation, but yet what else could it be? She’s not sure why but she rose up and followed. When she rounded the entranceway, she found herself face-to-face with the woman waiting patiently as if her appearance was planned. They stood facing each other without a word passing between them. Her eyes though, oh her eyes…in them she saw the question and gave her answer. A sudden flushing sound fills the quiet and then a stall door opens and a woman exits.

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