Subject: Alchemy Unleashed Part 4 This story is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and interactions are all entirely fictional. Feel free to share story ideas or contact me if you wish to collaborate on a story. Please remember that stories like this one are only available with the support of Nifty. Please consider donating! fty/ My confidence at using this… Ability? Was growing rapidly. The rest of school went smoothly. Now that I had some control over my aura, or whatever it was, people weren’t gawking at me as much. I kind of enjoyed the class, finally able to get a good look at my peers without causing any distractions. I found myself comparing all the boys to my dad and realized they just weren’t my type. At least the coach had thick legs, and Jeff had that stout furry body… Yeah I definitely had a thing for older men. Should I try to give a guy my age a shot? Was it weird I had such a strong inclination towards older dad/bear types? It was at this moment I realized a stout, dark haired boy with a firm jaw had been staring at me. He was obviously the athletic type with his broad build but I felt like I had seen him somewhere before. Seeing my gaze he looked away and his profile view snapped my memory into place. It was the guy Derrick pushed out of the seat on the bus! Was he mad about it, or was it something else? With everything that had happened it was impossible to know for sure so I just pushed it out of my mind for now. The last thing I needed was another problem. I caught him sneaking glimpses a few times until the bell finally rang. Not wanting any trouble I sped towards the bus and the safety of Jeff. “Hey Mark!”, Jeff greeted me with a broad grin as I stepped on the bus and took my seat beside him. His face was extra scruffy today. I smiled back in kind, flooded with relief to have ended another day. “It’s so good to see you Jeff!” I flung my arms around his neck in a tight squeeze, enjoying his return hug before he quickly pushed me back with a gentle hand. Was he blushing a bit? I searched my mind to make sure I wasn’t leaking any of my aura, but it was calm. The realization that Jeff was interested without the need to push him sent a shiver over me and I took him for a long moment. He was the furriest man I had ever met, thick sandy blonde hair coating his arms and even his neck, leaving me imagining how much covered the rest of him… I realized a little late I had been eyeing him over a little too long, turning my head away quickly but catching the side smirk he gave me. “You are very scruffy today.” I stroked the spot on my cheek his rough face had rubbed in the hug. “Forgot to shave this morning, damn stuff grows so fast… Sorry.” He apologized, looking a little less confident. “Don’t be, I like your fur.” It was my turn to wince at my words, but it greatly improved his mood. He showed me some more pictures of the new puppy on his phone, and I looked as he drove. I began swiping through to see more and went a little far. It was a side by side photo of Jeff completely naked! On the right he had lost a little weight and you could see a little definition in is arms, chest, and legs, but his body hair was the real show stopper. That thick hair coated his entire body, and holy hell he had a huge set of balls! I felt the hunger creeping over me as I imagined licking and sucking that hairy sack before sliding my way up to the head peeking out from his uncut member. It was the silence that pulled me back. I had let my hunger take over and leaked out my aura… I quickly pushed the phone back in Jeff’s pocket and focused myself drawing it back in. I could see it affected Jeff pretty hard, his jaw was clenched and he was hyper focused on the road. As I calmed and he began to relax I looked back, spotting the dark haired boy watching me closely as he sat beside an uncomfortable looking Derrick. Did he know? Had Derrick said something? For his part Derrick looked like a starving man and I wondered if I had used too much on him earlier. Had I permanently broken something in him? He reminded şişli travesti me of me when the hunger hit. He began to calm and I knew it was definitely my aura that had caused it. “We are here Mark.” Jeff motioned towards my stop with a tilt of the head. “Here.” He handed me another slip of paper. “In case your dad says it’s ok for you to see the pup or if you ever just need someone to talk to.” I could tell he wanted to say more but knew this wasn’t the place. I took the paper smiling at him. “I think you are my first real friend here, thanks Jeff.” I stepped off the bus padding towards home at a brisk pace. It was not easy pushing back the hunger and I needed to eat. Arriving at the old house I climbed stairs and entered the front door. Dad was on the phone with someone in the living room, he sat on the couch in khaki pants and a polo shirt. His dress shoes were discarded by the sofa and he looked like he had a rough day. I slumped my book bag to the floor and made my way over to him, catching snippets of the conversation as I sank to my knees and crawled between his legs. “I am willing to pay a rental fee and the delivery… Ok what about an insurance policy to…What about just getting a copy?” His eyes widened as he saw me unbutton and unzip his pants but he didn’t stop his call or me, even lifting a bit off the couch so I could tug his trousers down. I buried my face in his boxers, breathing him in. My head swam at the musk of sweat, he had definitely been out and busy today. I could feel his cock stiffening through the cloth and pushed my tongue through the slit licking up the salty taste from his balls and thickening member; fully savoring this appetizer to my meal. It wasn’t long after I engulfed him in my mouth that the call ended and I felt his firm grip in my hair as he began to breed my mouth. “Seems like you really need dinner.” I could hear the satisfaction in his voice over my gagging. “Need that load more than air don’t you son?” That excited him and he pounded my throat faster. I tried my best to nod under the assault, I needed this so bad it hurt. I did my best to adjust but he was too big and couldn’t help but gag at times. Then he thrust deep down my throat and locked me in place as a roar escaped his lips. I could feel the hot cum going down my throat even if I couldn’t taste it, the slowing spasm of his cock my only warning he was finished before he pulled free breathing heavy on the couch as I collapsed back panting for breath on my knees. “Good job son, you handled that like a champ!” He was looking down at me with a predatory grin, his words sending my heart soaring. “Thanks dad, I want to do good for you.” I meant it with all my being, eyes longingly traveling over his softening cock. “You’re the perfect man, dad.” Somehow his grin managed to stretch even farther before a serious look clouded his face. “I did a lot of digging today. There is a second book.” My eyes lifted in surprise at his words, but he kept going. “Along with another puzzle box… It’s in a very small town in Oklahoma, the house was turned into a historical visitor site. The woman running the place said no one could open the puzzle box so it has stayed closed. When I mentioned our book and the open puzzle box she became much more helpful. She is willing to let me look through the book, but only in person, so I am going to take our book and the box over.” At his pause I asked the question burning in my mind. “Am I going with you?” His jaw tightened and he thought for a moment. “No, I dont think it’s a good idea. First, you JUST started school here and second, what if the cube reacts to you or something weird happens? I don’t want to risk it. I will only be gone 3 or 4 days depending on how much time I can get with the book each day.” I panicked for a moment and he must have seen it on my face, because he reached down and pulled into his lap in a tight hug. “It’s going to be ok, but we need to figure this out. What if it gets worse? or if you lose control at a bad time?” I melted into his embrace but my mind beylikdüzü travesti raced. “What about… food.” I said quietly He nodded, keeping me close. “I thought about that and went out today… I paid a ton of money to a med tech but… have enough to keep you fed AND I can feed you before I leave tomorrow.” “You bought some… Food?” He chuckled at the question and my cheeks burned a bit, embarrassed by my naivety. “Men can sell it to help women get pregnant. It has to be kept at a certain temperature so it’s in a special canister in the fridge. Only open it long enough to eat, then close it and keep it in the fridge.” My voice cracked a bit, “Thanks dad.” I had never been afraid of being alone but now the thought of him so far away was scary. “Hey, look at me. You are going to be ok. We are going to get through this together.” He kissed my forehead and I relaxed a bit. “You’re right dad, it will be ok.” I looked up at him and pulled myself to his lips, locking him in a needy kiss. That evening I had trouble sleeping, the thought of him being so far away was making me feel anxious. What if distance and time made the effects wear off? Would he hate me? Would he stay away? Slipping out of his bed I crept to his bathroom and dug through the laundry basket. I found the boxers from earlier, a pair of sweaty briefs and some worn white socks; I inhaled his scent and quietly took these down the hall to my room. I was keeping these to remember him just in case… Another deep breath as I buried my face in the sweaty briefs, growing a little light headed and giggly. I hid the precious articles and tip toed back to his room, slipping under the sheets with him. An idea was taking shape, perhaps I could focus my power and give him a strong dose before the trip. I took a moment to focus and this time built up the pressure inside myself until my head was buzzing, then I pushed every bit of it into my sleeping father. It was a mistake, and I had realized it too late. I didn’t have 3 secs to recover before he was on me, more beast than man. It reminded me of the first time, before I could control it. He gripped my hair, forcing me on my belly a mongrel growl all the coherence he could produce. I screamed in pain as only his saliva provided any lubricant when he thrust his way into me. The pain was intense as he forcefully took me, it began to ease after his first orgasm. The cum made better lube and began to froth. I could do nothing but whimper as he took me over and over again. After his fourth orgasm he began to come back to himself. “Son? Are you alright?” He was coming out of a daze and looked confused as his thrusts slowed. He looked down at my tear covered face and inhaled sharply and began to pull back. “NO” I shouted, trying to pull him back into my sore hole. “Please dad, a little more, for me?” He leaned down as he filled me with his cock again and gently kissed the back of my neck. “You are worried about this trip aren’t you?” I relaxed myself around him, his pace now slow and deliberate yet I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. I could only nod in response. “I’m worried to son… I don’t want to give this up.” He greedily pumped into me to relay his meaning. “I am not sure I can.” A smile flitted over my face, his words more than I had hoped for! I could not help but wonder however if his mind would change if I were “Cured”. HIs body was finally taking its toll on him after the heavy dose I had sent into him and he yawned laying on top of me, cock still firmly planted inside me. “You’re the best cum sock and dad could ask for.” His breathing slowed and deepened, alerting me he was asleep. I wiggled underneath him but couldn’t stand the thought of pulling him out, so I made myself as comfortable as I could and finally slept. When I woke the next morning it was because he had gotten up. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, he was just standing at the foot of the bed watching me. “Morning son!” His words were chipper but his voice was low and hungry as he spoke. “Crawl down here and suck istanbul travesti your dad’s cock clean.” I eagerly obeyed and crawled down the bed to suck him, more a puppy than a boy. I could hear him chuckling as I began to swallow his old cum covered cock, the thought it had been in me all night only making me enjoy it more. “That’s it boy, I want you to think about this every night I’m away from you. Remember how badly you want it and be a good boy while I’m gone.” I could only nod obediently, head swimming with pleasure at the taste. It only took about eight minutes for me to work my breakfast out of him. He held his cock in me balls deep as he cum, making a direct deposit down my throat. Afterwards as I lay panting in bed, I watched him dress and knew I had a long few days ahead. “Dad, I love you.” I was still nervous about this trip and a “Cure”, my voice quivered and I hated myself for that. He paused after pulling a polo on and looked at me, I could see concern in his eyes as he moved over to my position on the bed. “I love you more son.” He kissed me, a passionate and gentle kiss from one lover to another. “I will be back as soon as I can.” I spent a few hours in bed, but sleep wouldn’t come to me. Anxiety was working its terrible magic on me, I needed to DO something. I got up and completed my morning hygiene routine with the addition of cleaning myself out after my rough night. The soreness was already gone though, the potion did have its perks. I started with Dad’s room and began to clean, really clean.. I did the laundry, vacuumed, swept and mopped, folded the laundry and put it away, which neither of us ever really does. When I collapsed onto the sofa in the living room it was 3 PM and my stomach roared its disapproval. Sighing, I stood back up and went to the kitchen. Dad had explained how the container would work and how it would keep me fed; but it still felt weird opening the canister. I poured out a half a cup of the cum and closed the canister back up before taking the cup in my hands. It was cold, that just felt so wrong… Tilting my head back I tried to gulp it down in one go. Huge mistake! I nearly vomited as I rushed to the sink to rinse the taste out of my mouth. There was no way I could eat that! I tried calling Dad but it went straight to voicemail. My stomach rumbled again and I started to worry. After an hour of trying to call dad I was starving and remembered Jeff’s number. I decided to text him good afternoon and see if he would respond to messaging. If six minutes could be an eternity it’s when you are truly hungry. His response was: Good Afternoon, who is this? I smiled in relief that he responded at all and decided my next message should be a picture. I had to take one that would tease him but not make things awkward, I sat on the couch and took a selfie while smiling. I took the photo at an angle that hinted I was naked without showing anything below the waist. This time his text back was much faster… Jeff: Hey Mark, you look ready to take the day by storm. Me: I am! I was just thinking about you and your new puppy. Dad said I could go see it this weekend. Can I pleeeaaasssseee???? I attached another similar picture of me with large eyes and a pouty face. Jeff: Of course you can! To my great surprise he sent me a similar picture, hinting he was naked. His chest was a carpet of thick sandy blonde hair, it covered his arms and neck and looked to extend down as well. He had large tanned pecs and I wanted to rub my fingers through his fur. This was a new experience for me, nobody had ever tried seducing me before, or maybe I didn’t notice before the potion? Me: Wow Jeff you are so furry! I bet you give warm hugs! Jeff: I give the best hugs. Me: No I do! Jeff: Nah it’s me. Me: I challenge you to a hug off. Jeff: ok, but don’t be mad when you find out my hugs are furry bliss. Me: Deal. Also, Dad had to go out, can I get a ride? Jeff: I was going to have a no pants weekend but I guess I can come get you. Me: You can still have a no pants weekend, not like there are a lot of people on the roads out here. Jeff: Ha! I’ll be over in about 20 mins Me: Great, see ya soon! I liked Jeff, I didn’t want to take advantage of him but I needed to feed. Though my powers only worked in person, so if he was flirting over the phone…

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