Subject: Adventures in PAUL. (Alec’s Fantasy (5) These are fictional stories Of this guy I had the pleasure to work with some time back. he is a short, Hot and hairy. hunk if ever there was one. These tales of from the vantage point mostly of the fictional guys Paul meets on his travels. And how lucky they are to have a chance with this awesome piece of manhood. This story of course by all means does not suggest that Paul or anyone in them could be coaked into Gay sex. Nor question of any sexual preference. But one could always Hope.. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Adventures in PAUL. (Alec’s Fantasy (5) ……. Alec lay in his bed that night remembering what had just happened a little while ago at the cemetary. He stroked on his dick in that memory of sucking on his friend Paul’s delicious dick. Of stroking the hot hairy chest of this guy he had the hots for. He wanted more of Paul now. He wanted to be like Kristina and get to ride that meat stick Paul pocessed. It was his longing like no other. But he figured he wouldn’t get the chance. A blow job was one thing. But a fuck session was another. He saw Paul the next day at school. Paul all but ignored him today though. had he regreted what had happened last night. Alec hoped not. he wanted to get at the meat stick again if he could. The taste of him still lingered on his palette. That hot haory body he wanted so much to touch and caress again. he actually had to seek Paul out to see if they were still cool. When he found Paul after one of their classes he said hi. “Hey Paul. err umm whats up” “Hey man” Paul answered “Just dealing with tests today. Fuck i Hate them” “Yeah me too” Alex responded “We should get together later” Alec added “Cant” paul said back “Have plans with Kristina again” “Oh. Okay” Alec said back “Cool. I’ll catch ya tomorrow then” “Of course buddy” paul said as he reached over and patted his friends shoulder. Alec felt like he was geting brushed off. So he went onto his next class. He spent the rest of the day not being able to focus on much else but his brush off. Then when he went home later all he could think of was Paul. Paul and that whore Kristina. Why was she so freakin lucky to get him. When Alec felt Paul was his. He got horny though kocaeli escort just thinking of what they were doing now. It was 8 pm and they were probably out fucking their brains out somewhere. That lucky girl was bouncing up and down on that thick cock. He head tossed back as she rode Paul’s awesome body. Her hands all over that hot man chest. “Fucking whore” He said to himself. The night went on and Alec found himself alone at home again. His mom called earlier and said she would have to drive out of town last minute for work issues. So Alec sat there after eating dinner on the sofa. He was trying to watch some TV. Anything to get him thinking about anything other than what was lingering on his mind. He kept seeing the images of Kristina riding Paul’s thick dick. He cries of pleasure at feeling every meaty inch inside her pussy. It echoed in his head like a hammer. But it also made him horny as all heck. he reached for his dick bewteen his legs and started to rub it through his pajama bottoms he was wearing. It felt good , his dick on the material. He had discarded his underwear earlier since he was home alone. He started to rub at his covered dick harder as he continued to think of his hot hairy friend more. “Damn it Paul” he said t himslf “Why wont you come fuck me stud” “I need to feel you inside man” Alec soon was hard and had to get out of his pants. he stood to see he had a nice tent goin on. He then pulled them down and sat back down on the sofa. He griped his hardened dick with hand and started to stroke himself. The sensation of his hand on his dick was great. but he needed a smoother motion. He pulled off and spit on his hand. then returned it to his raging cock. The slick spit helped in a smooth tugging on his dick. Alec then lifted up his leg onto the sofa. He pulled up and reached between his legs and under his balls. His fingers touched his ass hole. He started to rub his butt hole as he pondered Paul more. Then as he moaned he stopped his actions. He realized that he was bare butt on the couch. A stain and his mom would kill him. He got up and went to the bathroom and got a towel. he came back to the living room. He plopped the towel on the sofa and sat down on it. He then returned to pulling on his dick. “Hmmm yeah man” he groaned “Feels sooo good” Then He spit kocaeli escort bayan on his hand and reached under again to his ass. Alec then rubbed his spit covered fingers against his hole. “Fuck me Paul” He said as he thrust his fingers up his ass hole. “Uhgnnnn aweee yesss” he groaned “Thats sooo good” Alec then moved down and lay on the sofa. He lifted his right leg up to the back of the couch and then ground his ass on his fingers. He was soon moaning desprately as he fucked his ass with his digits. He had two in there, but he wanted to feel more so he wormed in another digit as hs continued to fuck himself with bhis hand. “Aweee Paul yes baby” he cried “Take my hole stud” “Take it hard” Alec started to accelreated his thrusts on his ass as he continued to imagine his hot friend. He looked up and there was no sexy bearded face . But when he closed his eyes he could see that hot stud. He imagined his naked haory body hovering over him as he fucked him with that thick cock. “Ohhh Paulll” He cooed “I need you my stud” “Please be here with me and fuck me Paul” Alec stopped what he was doin after a few minutes. Its just wasnt enough. His fingers just werent enough. He got up and went to his moms room. He started to rumage through he drawers. He knew his mom had a vibrator somewhere. He had seen it once and definitely heard it on more than one occasion. The pitfalls of having his room so close to hers when she was alone at night. Then he remembered where he saw it. The nightstand by her bed. He went arond to it and opened the top drawer. nithing. Then the bottom drawer. There it was shoved in towards the back of the drawer. There was lubricant too. He grabbed both and headed back to the living room. Then picked up the towel, turned off the TV and heade to his own bedroom. He crawled up on his bed and lubed up the vibrator. He looked at the smooth surface. it was about 6 inches long and not too thick. He surmised Paul was actually thicker than the vibrator as he lay down on his bed. he pulled his legs up and brought the vibrator to his butt. He fliked it on and the whirring sounds began. Alec then pushed the tip of the thing to his hole. He soon felt the vibratorsd head at his ass entrance. Then sensations just at tat moment had him so aroused. Then he closed his eyes izmit escort and said his man’s name. “Paul” Then he shoved the vibrator into his ass. The thin pointed spear was thrust inside his ass. the shaking machine was instantly driving him crazy as he started to push it into himself. “Ohhh Goddd’ he cried as the vibrations coursed from his ass and now up his body. “Oohhh Paullll” He groaned “Fuck me stud. Fuck me” Alec was soon grinding himself agaisnt the sensational vibrations in his ass. He was also pulling madly on his own dick as he rode the pulsating machine in his butt The pulsing machine was hitting that button deep inside him as he shoved it in deep. His body writhed from the intense motions inside his ass. Alec continued to love the machine that he was fucking himself with. He gripped his dick and continued to jerk himself off in time with his thrusting the vibrator into his guts. Soon Alec could stand no more as the friction in his hand and the intense vibrations pounding inside his guts. His body seized up and he started to cum. “Fuckkk meee’ He cried out as his body thrust upwards His cock pushing through the tight grip his hand had on it. The first blast hit him on the chest. then another went past to his face and just under his eye. Then Alec let fly several more. He was whimpering as he continued to flail on his busting cock. ‘Ohh Goddd yess Paul. Oh God Paul. Fuckkk meee babyy” “Feels sooo good baby. Aweee yess” Soon Alec slowed his thrusts as his dick quite spurting up cum onto him. The vibrator up his ass was still making him squirm on it as he lay there coverted in his orgasm. He reached down and pulled the vibrator from his ass. His body twitched as it was removed from his hole. Alec lay there breathing heavy as he regained his composure. He loved what he just did to himself. He loved the smooth plastic machine that was causing him such pleasyre. But what he really wanted was Paul’s real life cock. that thick meaty pole he had in his mouth that one time. “Ohh Paul” He said lightly Then Alec looked down at the mess on his body. He scooped up some cum and brought it to his mouth. Nice taste he thought. but he remembered Paul’s cum and how it tasted. it seemed sweeter than his own. He wanted more of pauls dick. More of Paul’s cum. And just to have his hot friend all to himself. He sighed and then turned on his side in his bed. Alec soon dosed off, dreaming of his friends body……. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more with Paul

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