Alexis’ Penthouse Shoot


Chapter 1 – The start of the photoshootAlexis was flustered. It had taken her all day to get ahold of the CEO in charge of ‘Illuminating Passions’, the large and well-known company that had hired her to do the photoshoot – as well as work with them on a contractual basis for the next year. The CEO of said company, a man by the name of Mark Hendra, had written a long, detailed, e-mail comprising of all the last-minute changes that were to be made to the photo spread. No worries, of course, since there was just a deadline a week away and no models had even been signed up yet. No worries at all. To say it had been a stressful day was actually an understatement, given that her assistant Cooper and many other helpers were also missing in action, and so it had all been up to Alexis to ring around for models, the lingerie, the shoot props and equipment, and making sure there was enough time to get it all done by the damn deadline.Alexis wanted to scream, but instead she stilled herself and downed a glass of her favourite dry white wine and took a deep breath. Her eyes closed for about three seconds, wanting to stay in this moment and not return to the stress of reality. But alas, she did not want to lose her job. Not now, and definitely not here in L.A. after she was just getting a good reputation to her name after having been an assistant to incompetent morons for the last five years.The penthouse of the hotel she had set the shoot in was beautiful, and all paid for by the CEO – he had stated he wanted it to be as glorious and feminine-focused as possible. Made no sense, but Alexis wasn’t going to argue with having to stay in a penthouse for a week. Possibly the only upside to the clusterfuck she had to deal with for the past four weeks since she had started working with ‘Illuminating Passions’.  Although, it had been rather inconvenient carrying all the equipment and props upstairs all day. She had cursed Cooper and the rest of her team for not picking the phone up this morning.Just as Alexis was starting to overthink and wonder how the shoot was going to turn out, there was a knock on the door and Alexis could hear several girls’ voices on the other side. Regaining her composure, she looked around the room to make sure it was nice and presentable. There were already-filled wine glasses, a food spread consisting of cheese, meat, baked goods, desserts, and music playing softly through the speakers to create a relaxed but upbeat environment. Alexis did this at every shoot. She knew how poorly models were treated by other agencies and how difficult it can be in L.A. Plus, it was a nice way of getting the girls relaxed and comfortable for a lingerie shoot which can become awkward at the best of times.Alexis soon opened the door, and around twelve girls met her with professional excitement. She had worked with many of them before, and the ones she hadn’t met yet were friends of the other girls in attendance. Amy, one of Alexis’ more regular contacts, hugged her as soon as the door opened and squealed when she saw the decadent food. “Ugh, I knew it! You always have almanbahis the best food. You know we aren’t going to be able to model in lingerie for much longer if you keep this up!” The blonde woman remarked as she quickly let go of the embrace and headed for the food and wine spread.“It’s a photoshoot for all sizes remember!” Alexis shot back, worried it might upset the others who were bigger in size than Amy. It was a photoshoot primarily aimed at ushering in more inclusive lingerie in which all women feel beautiful in, but Amy was more of the traditional model by industry standards.Alexis then spun her head back around to the other women who were still standing outside the apartment door. “Welcome everyone! Sorry to have kept you waiting in the lobby, but I promise I’ll make it up to you!” She casually pointed to the food and to the wine. “Please, come in and relax. Have a drink and some food. Today is more of a casual shoot with just me here. Just trying to visualise what look we want for the cover and for the rest of the spread. I take it you all got the e-mail from earlier?” The e-mail had explained the concept, pay rates, estimated time, and to come wearing the lingerie already as time was strict. “Don’t worry, this isn’t the proper shoot I promise. I’m just going to take a couple of shoots of each of you, figure out where you would look good, what might need changing, stuff like that. Then in the next few days we’ll get you guys down to the warehouse for the real thing.”All the girls seemed excited, even if it was unusual to meet in an apartment rather than a studio, but the majority trusted Alexis and there were no sketchy others in sight. The women readily took flutes and glasses of alcohol while they sat down in the large and very-expensive looking lounge area. Some went onto the balcony to stare at the city below them. The food was also a big hit with the girls, and Alexis made sure to mingle with each of the girls as they all settled in.“This is such a cool place!” Rebecca, a new girl who Alexis wasn’t familiar with, spoke suddenly as she devoured some pepperoni.“Yeah, and the wine and champagne are so, so good! I’ve had, like, two glasses already!” another girl, Shana, had replied. Alexis was glad it was going well so far. The girls were laughing, giggling, and mingling with each other, and so Alexis went over to the kitchen and opened up more wine. She had received more than she had ordered from the hotel and felt like she should put it to good use. She wasn’t usually a big drinker, so she thought the girls would appreciate the wine more than she ever would. Plus, if anyone got too drunk, there were about five bedrooms and plenty of couches to crash on.“Oh, fuck yes! Alexis, you’re the best manager. I wish you were in charge of models instead, not just the shoots. Then this job would be like, a breeze in the park,” Amy said as she hopped over to the kitchen’s bench and sat at the breakfast bar, watching Alexis open wine and champagne bottles.“Yes, but then you might be too inebriated to continue modelling all the time.” A reference to the almanbahis yeni giriş joke Amy had said earlier, and in which earned several laughs from the other girls who had made their way over.“Ugh, my God. The food here seriously is so good. Plus, the wine tastes so good. I usually hate it,” Carla, a blonde girl, plus-sized but with a slimmer waist, pronounced loudly.“Then why did you drink it?” another girl, Erin replied, mocking her. They were close friends, it appeared to Alexis as the two of them had spent the past hour or so glued at the hip, but she couldn’t be too sure. Carla just made a face at her as she drank more wine.“Okay, I’m not sure you ladies have much self-control around this wine and other alcohol so maybe we should move onto the photos now?” Alexis raised her eyebrows. The ladies being comfortable was great, but the amount they had started to drink was erring on unprofessional now. Not that Alexis was one to judge, she just knows how the industry is and she had a shoot to get done.“But this wine is so, so good. Like, I’m telling you Alexis I can’t stop drinking it.” Amy tilts her head back, all of the wine from her third or fourth glass disappearing down her throat. Alexis herself had been sipping on her second glass, which was almost finished and set on the bench in front of her. Pausing, Alexis took the glass, had a sip, and set it back down. It tasted normal to her, and the wine wasn’t that high in alcohol percentage, but as the other women were beginning to get louder and laughing a lot, Alexis thought there might be something wrong.Bending down next to the trash can, Alexis retrieved the empty wine bottles and looked over the labels. Her eyes soon bulged, almost outside of her head, as she read ‘Contains Hydrosmutricide’. “Oh, no,” Alexis said audibly as she slowly walked back to where all the girls were now sitting in the big lounge room. A few of them had taken off their clothes and were lounging in their lingerie, seemingly ready for the photoshoot. However, as Alexis just found out, it wasn’t the photoshoot they were stripping for.Hydrosmutricide was a chemical that was just released on the market that was this crazy aphrodisiac. You weren’t supposed to have more than a glass, and most of these girls had had way more than that. It was pretty much used as liquid Viagra for people who hated taking pills. Released only a month ago, the company who made it claimed that it increased a person’s arousal state by 5000% and lasted for a couple days after just one glass. Yeah, one glass lasted days. But, luckily for Alexis it took about an hour to get to work (give or take given a person’s gender, weight, baseline arousal state). Although, it had been almost an hour since the girls arrived.Alexis quickly cleared her throat and loudly said, “Um, I’m so, so sorry, but you guys have got to stop drinking. There must have been some mix up, I have no idea how-““What do you mean? It tastes great! Even Cate, who haaaaaates alcohol has had like a whole bottle. Lucky you got so much.” A redheaded girl, Jessica, who was in her lingerie almanbahis giriş mocked her friend that was sitting beside her.“Yes, that’s great, but-““Oh my God, Alexis! You have to chill honestly! Like, I know we’re all here for a photoshoot, but you deserve to relax as well. We’ve all seen how hard you work over the years. Plus, now you’re a manager! You deserve a little break!.” Amy gestured around the room, and all the girls, even those Alexis had only just met, agreed vehemently.“Okay, that’s very nice of you to say Amy, but-““No buts! Sit down and relax.” Amy loudly stated as she walked over to Alexis, grabbed both of her hands and led her on to one of the lounges in the main room. It was in a circular fashion, and all girls comfortably fit on the three separate white couches. “Just chill here for a bit, then I promise we’ll toooootally get around to the little picture-taking thing over there.” Amy points to where the shoot was set up, but Alexis was just more confused by her flippant remark. She was a professional model after all, and had had a professional, yet comfortable, relationship with Alexis for several years now.“You don’t understand. That wine, the wine we’ve allll been drinking, has that super aphrodisiac stuff in it! The hotel must’ve mixed it up-“ Alexis started to stand up, but was quickly pulled down again by both Amy and a brunette girl named Vanessa. Alexis’ head spun for a moment, feeling a little out of sorts while she looked at Amy.“Who cares? That stuff probably doesn’t do anything anyway.” Amy rolled her eyes while resting back into the couch.“…Yeah, maybe.” Alexis replied, staring now at Amy’s lips and licking her own. She quickly turned away from her and to the girls on the couch opposite her own. Again, with the circular formation of the couches…She saw Shana with her beautiful and gorgeous purple lingerie sitting, her legs underneath her as she spoke to Carla next to her. Amy, Mindy, Shana, Rebecca, Erin, Cate, Lily, Vanessa, Naomi, Hannah, Jessica, and Indigo comprised of the other women who were now all on the couch as well.Squeezing her thighs together, Alexis stared at Shana’s DD boobs that were spilling from the bra she was wearing. It had been so long since she had been with a woman, and she missed how attentive and focused they could be.Then, Vanessa beside her, started to run her fingers up and down Alexis’ right arm. It didn’t go unnoticed by Alexis that Vanessa had begun to strip out of her clothes as well. The dress she had been wearing was now buttoned down all the way open to the hem of the dress, exposing her red and black lingerie to everyone. It was quite the sight, with the brunette bombshell showing off the expensive lingerie proudly while watching for Alexis’ reaction. A smile played on her lips as she shared a meaningful look with both Alexis and Amy who was still sitting back relaxed.Alexis was now super grateful they were on the penthouse floor, so that people couldn’t look in and see what was starting to unfold. Mind still foggy, Alexis was somewhat also aware that it had just turned to 6 pm, and so it was starting to get dark outside. The balcony’s doors were closed now, no idea by who, and someone had turned the lights on in the kitchen – so there was enough light to see clearly, but dark enough to feel comfortable showing skin.

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