Alex’s Humiliations


This is a repost of the first chapter and the initial posting of the rest of the story.

Chapter 1

Alex was bored. Bored out of his mind and idle hands are the devil’s workshop. He had done the daily crossword puzzle, checked his email (personal and business) and was now browsing the Internet including a couple of soft porn sites.

Not that he didn’t want to work. He preferred to keep busy but there just wasn’t a whole lot for him to do. The company had once been much bigger and there had been 10 people in the IT department. But budgets needed to be trimmed and now there were three and he was at the bottom of the ladder. His boss, John Webster, dealt with the non-technical issues of the IT department. Next in line was Bob Johnson. Bob took as many trouble tickets as he could get his hands on figuring the busier he was and the more exposure he got the less likely he was to be the next person laid off.

So Alex was relegated to sitting in his office (there were so many empty ones that even geeks like him got an office) taking the occasional customer service call that Bob could not get to and writing scripts that no one else could be bothered with. This left him with hours of nothing better to do than surf the net.

So he was grateful when the phone rang as it was doing now.

“Good morning. This is Alex.” He tried not to sound as bored as he was.

“Alex, come into my office. I need to see you.” Click. Alex knew by the gruff manner and inpatient attitude that Webster was not in a good mood.

Webster was a few levels below a used car salesman. You always felt like you needed a shower after a meeting with him. There were plenty of rumors around about him. That he stole equipment left and right, padded his expense account and even that he raped Anne Johnson (or at a minimum used blackmail for sex) who was an administrative assistant in his office and a really nice girl. There was talk of criminal charges but nothing seemed to come of them. But he was the boss and when he beckoned, Alex jumped.

“Shut the door behind you.” Webster said without looking up from the sheets of paper in a folder on his desk. Alex did so and sat in the chair in front of Webster’s desk.

“As you know, Atlas Engineering has an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy for computer equipment used in and owned by the company. That policy was started to overcome management objections that computers would be misused. Everyone in the company signed a statement agreeing to the terms of the ‘Acceptable Use’ policy. Do you remember signing that form?”

Alex could guess where this was headed. His visits to porn sites have left a trail of crumbs right to his PC and now Webster had a reason to cut his budget even further. Before he could speak, Webster picked up where he left off.

“No matter, since your file has a copy of the form with your signature on it. Let’s take a look at where you have been on the Internet. ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’. ‘’? I didn’t know, Alex.”

Alex saw his life, at least his professional IT life, flashing before his eyes. Although he did not recognize those websites, he had gone to some soft-core sites and probably got redirected to those. They were not sites he had searched out intentionally. He had gone to the soft-core sites out of boredom and curiosity. Had he had a regular sex life he would probably not even had been surfing the net in the first place.

But he did not have a sex life. He had a few dates over the past year, but the only action he saw was alone in the shower. He was married at 21 at the height of the Internet bubble when he was making serious six figures. He bought a house, nice car and kept his wife and daughter well taken care of. But as soon as the bubble burst, so did the marriage and now at 25 he was making house, alimony and child support payments on less than a third of what he used to make. And now he was going to loose that.

“You realize these are grounds for immediate termination.” Grumbled Webster from behind the desk.

“Yes sir.”

“Do you have anything to say?”

Alex didn’t see too many choices in the matter. He could say, “Fuck you. You’re a scumbag too.” But that would just seal his fate. He could explain that he did not intentionally go to those sites, but would have to admit to going to others. He could think up of some lame excuse like checking to see how their web pages were set up, but that was so ridiculous that he almost laughed thinking about it. No, he needed to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

“Mr. Webster, I really need this job and I am sorry that I broke the rules regarding the use of PC’s. I would appreciate another chance.”

“Alex, if I give you another chance, you need to do something for me.”

“Here it comes.” Alex thought to himself. Wash his car? Get his lunch? What ever it was, Alex knew he needed to do it since he was in no position to argue. “What ever you want.” was all he could say.

Webster got up from his desk tempobet yeni giriş and walked over to the window separating the computer room from his office. He pulled the blinds closed and walked around to where Alex was sitting, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his cock. “You can start here.”

Alex was speechless. Knowing Webster’s reputation he figured on something underhanded or slimy but it caught him blindsided.

“What are you waiting for? You must have learned something from ‘’ or ‘’.” he said in a mocking tone to Alex.

“I’m not doing that.” Alex said back adamantly. He had never done anything remotely close to having sex with another man. “I’m not gay.”

“You are today.” Webster shot back “Or you’re unemployed tomorrow.”

Webster had him figuratively by the balls and it looked like Alex was going to literally have Webster by the balls. The door was closed and he figured Webster would not let this get out since it was clearly a case of harassment. And it was the only way to get out of the mess he put himself into. Besides, a quick blow job (and since he had never done it before it would probably end up as a hand job) and it was done. He leaned forward in the chair and started to reach for the cock hanging in front of him.

“On you knees.” Webster ordered with a smirk. “And don’t get anything on my pants.”

Sliding off the chair, he knelt in front of Webster and wrapped his hand around the base of the still flaccid cock and was surprised how thick it was. Soft, the cock was about two inches think and six inches long. He didn’t want to think what it would have been like to be on the receiving end of it like Anne supposedly was. He lifted it up so the head was even with his lips, closed his eyes and leaned forward taking the cockhead into his mouth. Immediately the cock started to swell.

“Yeah that’s it.” Webster moaned as Alex let the cock slide a little further into his mouth. “Suck it good.”

Alex let the cock slide back almost all the way out hollowing his cheeks as it went, and then slid it back in going further than the initial foray into his mouth. Again he let it slide back. Webster put his hand on the back of Alex’s head and pushed him forward sliding the cock deeper into Alex’s mouth.

By now, the cock was rock hard, eight inches long and two and a half inches thick and Alex could barely get his mouth around it. Webster sensed some hesitance in Alex and had started to pump his hips driving the cock deeper into Alex’s mouth until it hit the back of his throat and he started to gag. This didn’t bother Webster in the least and he gripped Alex’s head with both hands and started face-fucking him furiously.

Alex had lost all control over the situation. He was concentrating on breathing when the cock was not in his throat and making sure that his teeth did not rake across Webster’s cock. He had let go of the cock and was holding on to Webster’s legs so he would not fall over from the pounding he was taking. His face was getting buried in pubic hair, balls were bouncing off his chin and eight inches of hard cock were in his mouth and throat.

All the while, Webster was grunting and groaning with every thrust and picking up the pace until he stiffened and moaned “Here it comes.” With that, he cock started to pulse and unloaded shot after shot of hot cum into Alex’s mouth.

Never having done this before, Alex just took the loads into his mouth but then realized that there was more than he could handle.

“Yeah, swallow it.” moaned Webster.

Alex gagged as the cum started to slide down his throat and, in order to clear his mouth and breathe, he swallowed the load and almost vomited it back up.

“Hold still.” Webster ordered, his cock still in Alex’s mouth. Any movement by either of them at this point would be unpleasant for Webster while his cock was in such a sensitive state. But finally he slid it out of Alex’s mouth and let it hang limp outside his pants. It was red and covered with saliva and cum.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Webster sneered. “Clean it off.”

Alex looked around for something to wipe the cock with, but Webster just laughed.

“With your tongue, stupid.”

Alex felt his face redden with this final humiliation as he started lapping at the cock licking off the streaks of cum and saliva. He slid the entire cock back into his mouth to do a good job but then realized that this may get Webster aroused again. Using his lips like a squeegee he gave it one last wipe as it dropped out of his mouth.

“That’s all for now.” Webster said as his tucked his cock into his pants and zipped them. “You can go.”

Alex left, closing the office door behind him, and ran to the men’s room. Locking the door of the stall behind him he leaned over the toilet and gagged. He had just sucked a guy’s cock, something he had never done nor was inclined to ever do. He let Webster cum in him mouth and he swallowed it. He could taste Webster’s vile cum in his mouth tempobet giriş and on his lips and no amount of spitting into the toilet would get rid of the taste.

He flushed, stepped out of the stall and over to the sink where he turned the water on and rinsed his mouth. And rinsed again. And rinsed again. And again. And again. The taste just would not go away. Pulling a few towels out of the dispenser, Alex wiped himself off and looked into the mirror.

“What a fucking idiot you are” he said to himself. “You gave Webster a chance to make you a fucking cocksucker and that’s exactly what he did.”

Alex started for the door, but stopped. It was 4:30 and really did not want to be near Webster for the rest of the day. Just thinking of the asshole made his stomach churn and looking at him would probably make him puke. He decided to blow off the rest of the day.

Opening the door he peered around. No one was around so he darted to his office, shut down his computer and headed for the front door. He was glad it was behind him, or so he thought.

Chapter 2

Alex couldn’t sleep that night. He had sucked Webster’s cock, been humiliated, swallowed his cum and now his stomach was churning. He wasn’t gay, he kept telling himself, and he had saved his job by taking a guy’s cock into his mouth and swallowing his load.

It was repulsive to him, but frankly he had gotten himself into the mess, even though he had not visited the web sites Webster had accused him of. He had to do what he did to keep working and paying the bills. He did not, however, look forward to going to work the following day and considered calling in sick.

That, he thought, would just antagonize Webster more. At a minimum he would be accused of trying to get himself a long weekend. Worse yet, Webster would rag on him for being so weak that he couldn’t show up for work. No, Alex knew he had to go into work and tried to put it out of his mind. But he couldn’t.

When he arrived at work the next day he quickly headed for his office and shut the door behind him. Powering up his PC he open his emails and his stomach tightened when saw a meeting request from Webster. Thankfully a few other people were to attend so he would not be alone with the asshole. For the rest of the day Alex stayed off the net for reasons other than business and avoided any interaction with Webster. At the appropriate time he headed for the meeting and lingered until he saw others in the conference room before entering.

“As you know, Georgia Enterprises is our biggest client” the VP of sales started the meeting with. “They are going to go live next week and I will be there along with our senior sales rep and customer service coordinator and we want the IT department represented also.”

“That is probably a good idea.” Webster agreed. “I’ll go to handle the high level technical presentation and Alex here can go as the technical geek incase something breaks.”

He turned to Alex and looked him straight in the eye. “You don’t mind joining us in Atlanta, do you Alex?”

“Not if you keep your cock out of my mouth.” Alex thought to himself but replied “No problem.”

“Good.” smiled Webster. “Let’s plan on getting together Monday to go over our itinerary and what we will do down there.”

“I can hardly wait, asshole” Alex again thought.

The rest of the day proceeded without incident. As was usual for a Friday, Webster was called out of the office for some “sudden meeting” and the place was dead. Bob had taken the day off also so it was just Alex in the department and he was bored again. He dared not get on the net again to look at porn sites but then had an idea. Webster’s office was unlocked and Webster had forgotten to shut off his PC. He could kill two birds with one stone.

First, he could look at all the porn he wanted to without it being traced to his PC. And because he was going to use Webster’s, he could really go to town… hard-core gay, bestiality, she-males. Anything rated triple-X and all traceable to Webster’s PC. This could give him some leverage in case Webster decided to fire him anyway.

Alex slipped into the office without being seen and started surfing. For the next two hours he had a field day looking at as many sites as possible making sure he lingered on the most outrageous, horny, nasty, filthy ones he could find. For once, he was disappointed when 5:00 rolled around and, making sure the office looked undisturbed, he snuck out and called it a day. It was a day well spent at the office.

When he got home he had a choice. He could go running, as he usually did, or hit the shower and take care of the raging hard-on that he had. He decided for the shower and stripped down and turned the water on. He soaped up his body which was a runner’s body. He was lean, not muscular at all. At 5’7″ he was at a disadvantage in competitive running so only ran for fun.

With the water running on his back he started stroking his cock. The various pictures he had seen that day danced in his head and his tempobet güvenilirmi hand slid up and down his cock. Although he would have liked to just lazily keep stroking, he was horny and beat his cock faster and faster until he felt his balls tighten and he unloaded his cum into the shower. He knew that would not be the last time he wanked himself that weekend.

When Monday rolled along, Alex was less weary about seeing Webster. He had the goods on him and felt less afraid about losing his job. In fact, he did not see Webster all day until he saw him heading for his office around 3:00 in the afternoon. “Asshole” he muttered to himself.

At 4:00, Alex’s phone rang. He picked it up. “Al…”

“GET THE FUCK IN HERE!” Webster screamed.

Alex put the phone down and headed for Webster’s office reviewing what he had done Friday. He had made sure everything was replaced just as Webster had left it and no one had seen him in the office. Maybe he is just guessing Alex had done something or maybe he was just in a bad mood.

“Shut the fucking door.” was the greeting he received.

Webster got up and walked over to the computer room window and turned to face Alex.

“What kind of idiot do you think I am?”

Alex decided on the spot to play dumb. “What do you mean?”

“YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! I catch you using your PC to surf porn sites so you hack into mine to do it?”

Alex figured that Webster still had no proof so decided to try to push back a little.

“Look, you had your fun with me and now you are trying to blame me for your doing the same thing?”

Webster gave Alex a cold stare. “Is that the game you’re going to play? You’re going to get me on the same violation that I got you on, right? You’re not that smart. You used my computer and that alone is another rule you broke.”

“You have no proof that I used your computer.” Alex replied. He was feeling more confident now and felt Webster might be backed into a corner.

Webster leaned against the computer room window and glared at Alex. “Look over my shoulder, asshole.”

Alex past Webster and into the computer room which was filled with machines, cables, monitors. “Big deal” he thought to himself.

“Look up in the corner.” Webster said sarcastically.

Alex glanced up and his heart dropped into his stomach. There in the corner was a camera which had a full view of the window and, consequently, Webster’s desk.

“What do you think I saw on the tape of that camera?” continued Webster. “Who do you think I saw sitting at my desk on Friday afternoon?”

Alex felt like he was getting lower and lower in the chair but in reality he wasn’t moving. He had, however, started to sweat profusely, his mouth was dry and his heart was pounding in his chest.

“I… I…” was all he could get out.

“You… you… what?” mimicked Webster. ” Do you have something to tell me? Do you have something to say? Do you want me to guess what you are going to say? I bet it was ‘Gee, I liked sucking your cock so much last week that I just want to do it again.’ Well guess what, cocksucker, you’re going to get your wish.”

With that, Webster closed the blinds in the window and walked over to Alex.

“It’s all yours, cocksucker.”

Alex slid off the chair and onto his knees. He knew he did not have a choice. He undid Webster’s belt, unzipped the pants and pulled them and Webster’s boxers down. Webster’s cock just hung there like a sausage waiting to be tasted. He picked it up and opened his mouth, but hesitated for a brief second.

Webster was either in a hurry or in no mood for Alex’s reluctance to do what he had to do. He grabbed the back of Alex’s head, pushed it forward forcing his cock into Alex’s mouth. Once in, he started to control the action as he had done before, pumping his cock further and further into Alex’s mouth.

Again just trying to breathe and not pass out, Alex was along for the ride. He tried to keep his mouth open wide enough to accommodate Webster’s cock but when it started hitting the back of his throat his gag reflex took over and he pulled his mouth off the cock.

“Boy, you are just not an accomplished cocksucker, are you?”

Alex was still gagging and did not respond. Webster grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up.

“Lie down with your head over the edge.” Webster ordered clearing a spot on desk. Alex complied hoping to get this over with quickly.

Webster walked over to Alex’s head and straddled it with his balls right over Alex’s mouth.

“Suck them,” he ordered.

Alex opened his mouth and took one of Webster’s balls into his mouth and rolled it around. Webster moaned as Alex’s tongue moved it around.

“Open up.” Webster said as he reached down. Alex complied and Webster forced the second ball into his mouth. As hard as he tried, there just was not a lot of room for Alex to move the balls around. The best he could do is gently suck on them.

“Very nice.” Webster moaned. “Now, open wide.”

Webster lifted his ball sack out of Alex’s mouth and slid his cock back in. With Alex’s head back off the edge of the desk he had a clear shot down Alex’s throat. With that he commenced to deep throat Alex. Webster’s balls, still slick from the bath they received, slapped against Alex’s face.

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