All Yours


Relieved, bewildered, excited and horny all at once, I picked my way through the flailing bodies on the dance floor wondering how exactly we would get away with it. “Again,” she had texted. And she would get it again, no doubt about that. The only question was how, and, more pressingly, where. She was looking directly at me as I walked towards her, sitting with her legs crossed in the centre of a low couch. She looked seductive, in control and serene – not at all like the nervous, unsure woman of a few hours before. Flanking her, and talking animatedly across her, were her husband, Greg and her daughter, Jennifer. Greg looked a little red in the face from drink, Jennifer’s body language suggested some irritation. My guess was that Greg was giving one of his semi-drunken and boorish rants (on the subject, perhaps, of immigration, or tax, or golf, or socks. Who could guess what would get him apoplectic next?), and Jennifer was attempting to reason with him, or calm him. This was a regular occurrence between them and rarely ended well. Janet, meanwhile, sat perfectly still, watching me. Ignoring them completely, lost in her own thoughts; perhaps remembering our encounter of a few hours earlier, perhaps fantasizing about what our next might bring, probably a bit of both. She hadn’t started the day expecting to fuck her Son-in-law, nor to feel a tongue inside her for the first time, nor to experience the taste of her own delicious juices, but now that she had, she wanted more. Being able to turn a man on was intoxicating to her, and the promise of sexual adventure was too much for her to resist. Her sex life with Greg was clearly functional at best, she seemed to have spent her life in denial of her overwhelmingly sexual nature. Greg, meanwhile, did not realise or care how sexy his wife was, or how much she needed to be told that she was. I was near them now and could hear the conversation. Greg, sure enough, was holding forth on a pet subject: speed cameras. Barely looking up as I handed them their drinks, Greg and Jennifer continued their discussion, which was rapidly escalating into an argument. Janet and I looked each other in the eye for a moment, our gaze conveying equal quantities of annoyance at the conversation, amusement with its sheer ridiculousness, and our desire to be away from them, our desire to be fucking each other. Unobserved by the others, I gave a tiny shrug. I was silently telling her, “I want you too, I need you too, but how can we do this?” I was hoping she had a plan in her mind already. The disco following the wedding reception had been going for a good couple of hours by now, and the dance floor was starting to empty. Most people had either exhausted themselves with over-enthusiastic dancing, succumbed to drink and sunk into a couch, or paired off for intimate chats in dark corners. The DJ had worked his way through his repertoire of recent chart hits, disco classics and a few Sixties numbers to keep the older ones happy. Now it was apparently time for some smooching. A bit of cheese. A bit of, God help us all, Phil Collins. “Ooh I love this song,” said Janet suddenly, breaking unapologetically across the on-going speed camera discussion. A pause. “DO YOU?” all three of us replied incredulously at once. “Yes, I do!” she replied, defiantly. “Takes all sorts,” I teased, “I suppose someone has to.” “Well now, Stephen, that’s not very nice. I think to make up for it, you should come and dance with me.” Jennifer and Greg laughed; to them this looked like our typical in-law bickering. To us, it was clearly flirting. The excitement of getting close to her again, of being able to whisper privately to her, of feeling her body against me, of planning where to fuck her next, certainly outweighed the embarrassment of slow-dancing almanbahis şikayet to a Phil Collins song. Playing the game, I had, of course, to at least feign reluctance. “Oh come on, you know I can’t dance.” Janet pouted girlishly, knowing fine well she would have her way. Greg roared his encouragement while swigging his whisky. “Yes, go on Stephen, old son. Give her a whirl around the floor. Saves me a bloody job anyway!” Ignoring him, Janet wheedled, “Oh Steve, come on please. These two are boring me silly with their fighting. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.” She slid forward to the edge of the couch, her already short dress riding up to reveal more of her irresistible legs. She held her hand out towards me. “Go on Steve, she’ll never let you off the hook now. You may as well get it over with,” sighed Jennifer, looking exasperated with both of her parents. “Oh come on then,” I replied, taking Janet’s hand softly, attempting to sound unwilling. She pulled on my hand and stood, much taller than usual in the towering high heels she’d borrowed from my wife earlier that afternoon. Jennifer had changed into more sensible footwear, believing that it would be impossible to dance in the ones Janet now wore. “Well, I’ll soon find out if your Mum is better in heels than you are,” I smiled at my wife over my shoulder as I walked to the dance floor, hand in hand with Janet. Pushing my luck, no doubt, but I couldn’t resist it. “That was very naughty!” Janet whispered at me as we faced each other to dance. “I know,” I winked and wrapped my arm around her back, pulling her tight in to me. Only a few metres from her husband, and my wife, we pressed our bodies together, my cock growing hard against her body as we danced. “Feels like you haven’t lost interest in me either,” she smiled, pushing herself even closer against me. “Oh not at all, Janet. And, for the record, I already know that you’re better in heels. And, if you want it again, you’ll get it again. I just don’t know how we can avoid those two for long enough.” She pouted. “Oh but Steve I need you! It felt so good. Come on, please. We don’t have to take long. We could just go upstairs now, and be quick.” It sounded risky, but the desperation in her voice turned me on and I knew I’d not be able to resist for long. My mind raced, trying to find a safer solution, maybe getting another room or using the car, but all of my ideas were either impractical or would spoil the moment too much. And the reality was, my cock was as hard as a rock, I was as turned on as I had been this morning, and I needed to fuck her as much as she needed me. I lowered my mouth to her ear and whispered quietly. “OK. We’ll use your room. I’ll fuck you on your bed. Do you have the key card?” She nodded excitedly. “Good. We’ll finish our dance, make sure they’re still talking, then I’ll walk to the bar. You go upstairs and wait for me. I’ll follow you in two minutes as long as they don’t come looking for us. OK?” Another nod. We were barely dancing now, I suddenly realised. Just holding our bodies to each other. We looked like the other horny couples on the floor, barely moving and whispering into each other’s ears. I pressed my lips quickly and softly to the lobe of her ear then moved my face away, and made an attempt at a proper dance with her.I spoke to her quietly, keeping my face neutral, as if talking about the weather. “Janet?” “Yes?” “Is your pussy wet for me?” She nodded silently. “Say it then. I like hearing you say it.”  She raised an eyebrow, not replying immediately. After a moment, she parted her lips, and touched the tip of her tongue to them. “My pussy is very wet for you.” God what a rush, to hear her saying this in public to me. My cock was harder than ever and I could feel almanbahis canlı casino pre-cum on the tip as I pressed against her. Her beautiful wet pussy so close to me, and I knew I’d be fucking it again soon. “When you get upstairs, lock the door. Take off all your clothes except your shoes and panties. And touch yourself while you wait for me.” Her eyes glinted with excitement, and she nodded her agreement just as the song came to an end and the DJ segued into a Celine Dion song. Now was the moment. I glanced back over to where Jennifer and Greg had been; my heart sank as I realised they were no longer there. Shit. “Where the hell did they go?” I hissed at Janet. I needed to fuck her so badly and it looked like our plan had come unstuck at the last minute. She gave a light giggle, and her hand brushed down my back, briefly and lightly over my arse as she let go of me and broke from our dance position. “Oh don’t worry so much! Look,” she said, nodding happily towards the window behind me. I turned and looked, then broke into a smile too. The two of them had gone outside and were sitting on the balcony, still deep in conversation, where they had been joined by Greg’s brother, Peter. Like Greg, Peter was a renowned and inveterate gasbag. Once they started, god only knew when they would stop. At this point I would normally be looking for an excuse to escape their puerile waffling with Jennifer, but this was perfect. I knew I would shortly be sliding my hard cock into Greg’s wife, into Jennifer’s mother, and seeing them there boring each other silly, just made my little adventure all the more exciting. “Thank you for the dance, Steve. See you soon,” Janet pecked me chastely on the cheek, interrupting my thoughts, and before I knew it she was walking across the dance floor towards the hotel reception. I watched her go, unable to resist a lingering look at her beautiful body, her feet, ankles, legs and arse looking perfect as she moved confidently through the room. I wanted to follow right behind her, but I knew I would have to wait so as not to attract attention. And, I realised sheepishly, if I was to walk through the busy bar it would be prudent not to do so with quite such a noticeably well-developed erection. Thankfully my trousers and shirt made it a little less obvious than it could have been, but I thought I’d better have a sit down and try to calm myself a little. I shuffled back to the couch for a moment, hoping that I wouldn’t be spotted by Jennifer and dragged outside. Simultaneously I tried every trick I knew to lose my erection as quickly as possible, despite my imagination already picturing my Mother-in-law rubbing her delicious, swollen clit for me upstairs. Screw it, I was going to go for it. My cock was just getting harder, if anything, as I was unable to picture anything but the scene in Janet’s room. I pulled my shirt down to cover myself as best I could and, resting my arm on my lap, discreetly rearranged myself so that my erection pointed straight up into the waistband of my trousers. That would have to do. Walk quickly and confidently, and nobody will notice a thing, I told myself. I stood, with racing heart, forcing myself not to look over to where the others sat in case one of them caught my eye and called me over. Skirting around the dance floor to the bar area, I mimed a ridiculous act along the lines of “I’m just choosing a drink, oh wait I’ve forgotten my wallet, I’d better go and get it,” for the benefit of anybody watching. Then I strode to the stairs at the back of the bar, excited beyond belief now. I climbed the stairs as quickly as I could, hoping desperately that Janet hadn’t lost her nerve and that she would be waiting for me, ready to fulfil her promise of being naughty for me again. My almanbahis casino cock throbbing, I walked quickly along the corridor to her door and knocked. There was a pause which seemed to stretch on for hours. The silence and emptiness of the corridor seemed suddenly oppressive, my heart was beating out of my chest, my eyes darting from the door to the corridor and back again. What if I was seen? What if somebody walked past or came out of their room just as Janet opened the door? This had been a stupid idea, the risk was too great. What was I thinking? And so now it was me losing my nerve. I bet she had too, she’d probably be back downstairs already, I thought, looking sheepish and apologetic. At last, a click as the door was unlocked from the inside. Slowly, it swung slightly open, although I could not yet see behind it. I pushed it open gently and stepped through. Before I could even nudge the door closed again and set the lock, she was on me, pushing me back against the wall. Her bare breasts and tummy pressing against me hard, her head leaning back, offering her lips to me. I lowered my mouth to hers as I pressed the door closed with my foot, and as one of my hands stroked down her back to her arse, the other reached out to click the lock into place. Now nobody but hotel security would be able to open the door, although we’d certainly have plenty explaining to do as to why we were locked in there together. The risk of being caught which, only moments before, had me frozen and ready to give up, now made me even more turned on than ever. My cock was throbbing, almost painfully hard as my tongue slid between her lips and deep into her mouth. We kissed wildly. Last time we had been nervous with each other, taking careful steps, judging the other’s reaction to our every move. Now we knew exactly what we both wanted. Both hands gripping her hips hard, I spun us around so that she was against the wall, my kiss pushing her head back against it. I broke off suddenly and stepped back half a pace to look at her. As instructed, she was wearing only panties and Jennifer’s heels. My eyes ran over her body slowly, appreciatively. “I put red panties on for you,” she whispered, “I hoped you might like them.” I had to stifle a giggle. It was a peculiarly sweet and thoughtful gesture, as if the colour of her panties would make much difference to how turned on I was. That said, I did love her doing things “for me.” The knowledge that she would choose something specifically to please me was, in itself, what turned me on, much more than the underwear, or the shoes. “I love them,” I smiled reassuringly, “you look even sexier than before.” She smiled back, happily. Still loving to receive compliments, to hear she was sexy. There was a slight pause, again she seemed a little unsure, or perhaps she just enjoyed being guided. I was more than happy to direct her. “Stand beside the bed,” I told her. I said it quite forcefully, almost an order. This wasn’t my usual way, but I sensed that something in being told what to do turned her on, and I wanted to see if I was right. Slowly, deliberately, seductively, she walked silently to the bed. Whether she’d been taught how, or practised in the mirror, or was just a natural, she knew exactly how to make her movements as provocative as possible. Something in the soft sway of her hips and buttocks, combined with the elegant athleticism in her toned legs, combined again with the slightly vulnerable wobble in her ankles from the high heels. All together it was an incredibly alluring, incredibly sexy sight. She stood by the bed, and turned to face me, awaiting my next request. I shook my head and motioned for her to turn around, which she did without complaint. I walked over to her, unbuttoning my shirt as I went. “You have,” I told her, “the most beautiful legs.” I was standing right behind her now, I placed my hands on her bare shoulders and firmly pressed them forwards so that she bent over the bed. I continued guiding her down until she had her hands flat on the bed. She gave a…

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