I never believed finding romance and love online was possible but that’s exactly what happened to me. Her name was Allison and the minute I saw her picture I was hooked. She was simply stunning, with the prettiest face and smile I could have possibly imagined. While she lived in Oregon and I lived in England , the distance didn’t really matter. After all, it was just a chat site, wasn’t it? I thought for ages about a way to say hello that would at least ensure she replied to me. It was pretty pathetic, but all I eventually managed was, “Hi. I’m Katie.” No one was more surprised than I to receive a response from her. It was short, but then my “Hi” introduction wasn’t exactly long either! “Hello back Katie. I’m Allison. Thanks for saying hello,” she replied. We spoke for hours that first time and we felt an instant connection. The next day we spoke even longer. The day after that we were making plans to be online at the same time as we both just loved spending time with each other. We spoke about anything and everything, sometimes serious and sometimes light hearted, but always fun. The days rolled into weeks. I don’t think there was a single day during that time where we didn’t at least spend a short period of time catching up. More often than not it was several hours. In hindsight, I could feel myself falling in love even then. Christmas was approaching and for some reason it had never even occurred to either of us to ask what each others plans were. It got as far as late evening on December 23rd before the subject was broached. “What are you doing for Christmas?” I asked. “I’m having a big family get together with my parents and sisters tomorrow evening and then again on Christmas Day. What about you?,” she replied. I felt pretty sad about my own arrangements. My family lived five hours bahis siteleri drive away in the West of England and I was due to be working both the day before and the day after Christmas. “Nothing,” I replied lamely. This was completely true. I was having Christmas Day at home in the flat on my own. I’d also worked eighteen days in row and quite fancied a day just sleeping, even if it was Christmas. “I’d love you to come here and have Christmas with me,” she said. “Are you serious?” I replied, thinking this was just a lovely idea best consigned to the realms of fantasy. “Yes, I’m very serious,” Allison said. “I’d love to introduce you to my family and have you visit with me. I can’t think of a better Christmas present.” I still didn’t think Allison was really being serious about the idea at all. After all, it was already ten o’clock in the evening on December 23rd and even if I wanted to, I’d never make Oregon by dinner time on Christmas Eve. It was five thousand miles away! However, I thought I’d indulge the fantasy and look up flight options. I opened another tab on my laptop and started looking. I searched and searched but all the possible flights I could have got arrived after nine o’clock in the evening. While the thought of getting on a plane was incredibly exciting, it would be pointless if I couldn’t get there in time. “All the flights are rubbish. I can’t get there even if I wanted to!” I typed somewhat forlornly. I could tell by the way Allison replied that she was disappointed, even though the whole idea was ludicrous to begin with. Then I suddenly found one and the timings were just about perfect. “I can be with you by three tomorrow afternoon, will you meet me at the airport?” I half seriously typed. Now it was Allison’s turn to ask, “Are you serious?” “I can get a flight at canlı bahis siteleri 0635 tomorrow with KLM from London to Amsterdam ,” I said. “What! I’m in Oregon ,” Allison quickly interrupted. “Why would you fly there?” “Bear with me,” I said. “That gets in at 0805. I can then get a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Seattle . With the time difference that lands at 1205. I can then connect to Portland and be with you at 1450. It’s mad, but I can do it.” “I want you to,” she said. “I am being totally serious, I want you to.” I once went to France on the spur of the moment for the day with a friend for lunch. I though that was a bit crazy. The thought of jetting off to America with only eight hours notice on Christmas Eve to meet someone I’d met online was in a completely different realm of madness. I think the fact it was so crazy was the thing that appealed so much to me. Well, that and the fact that Allison was so gorgeous. We’d also chatted for hours every day over several weeks and I knew she was just right for me. “Give me ten minutes, I said. “I need to sort something out.” I grabbed my phone from the table by my bed and hastily typed a text to my manager at work explaining pretty much everything. I knew I was owed some time off as I’d worked so many days in a row, but would he let me take it at such short notice? I sent the text and sat, willing him to still be up and willing him to reply. I was truly the luckiest girl in the world when I received a text back almost instantly saying, “You can have five days. I’ll expect you back in on the 29th.” Everything was falling into place for me to indulge this madness by booking the flight and jetting off the next morning. I got my credit card, keyed all the details into the website and five minutes later I had a ticket from London to Portland canlı bahis , via Amsterdam and Seattle . I couldn’t wait to tell Allison, who was still waiting for me after I asked her to give me ten minutes to sort stuff out. “Oh my god!!!” I typed. “I’ve booked and I’m coming tomorrow!” “Really?” she replied, “I wanted you to, but didn’t think for a moment you would.” I gave Allison all the flight details and arrival time in Portland . She agreed to meet me at the airport and gave me her mobile number in case there were any problems. I was beyond excited and needed to get organised very quickly. I needed to pack some clothes and toiletries, find my passport and get myself to Heathrow Airport as check in was just 6 hours away. At some point I thought some sleep would be nice too! I’d never been one to ponder too much on what to wear. The reason I was packing this time was utterly different to anything I’d had to pack for in the past. I tried to think logically. I had to pack for sixteen hours of travel, meeting someone for the first time that I was probably already in love with, two family dinners with people I’d never met and for the Christmas holidays. My head was spinning and I had little time to sort my clothes out. Somehow I managed to throw in some bras, knickers, jeans, blouses, jumpers, shoes and two pretty but conservative dresses. I got a bag of toiletries together and some basic make up items. I added my passport, purse and booking reference and I was all set to go. “This is completely and utterly crazy!” I thought to myself. At the same time I was excited in a way that I’d never been before and I just couldn’t wait to see Allison. I set an alarm and tried to get a couple of hours sleep. My luck continued all day. Each of the three flights ran to time. The nearer I got to landing in Portland the more nervous I got. I could feel the butterflies building in my stomach and I had goose bumps up and down both arms with the excitement. I also had sixteen hours of sitting on planes and in airports to fill.

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