Amazon Surrenders to Man Power


Alexandra stood in a room full of mirrors, admiring herself from all angles. To some, this woman was definitely not their ideal of beauty. Her six-foot-six, 260-pound, chubby, big-booty, large-breasted, white-skinned body might give some cause for pause. Alexandra was a big girl, always had been. A former college basketball and volleyball player, she was something else. The daughter of an Irish boxing champion and a female police officer had grown into a towering Amazon who was nevertheless a very friendly and easy person to get to know. Don’t believe us? Just ask her man, Atticus.

Atticus is a big man himself. Five feet eleven inches and 220 pounds of jet-black, muscular, bald-headed African-American male. This man worked as a police officer in Boston. Before that, he had a lucrative career as a model. He was very good-looking, but that’s not all that attracted the females to him. It’s not his money either, although he made a lot of dough as a male model. It’s not his car, although he drove a fiery Lexus. Nope, it’s something else. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we might as well tell you. Atticus was a man with a monster in his pants. A fourteen-inch, uncircumcised black monster cock, to be exact. Yes, the big man had a big dick and was pretty damn proud of it.

Atticus, the cop and former model was a man with unusual fetishes. You see, he kind of liked the thick girls. It all happened almanbahis şikayet when he met Alexandra during her last year of college. These days, she was a paralegal in the city. He saw the tall, big-booty, large-breasted white girl and decided he just had to have her. He pursued her relentlessly and three years later, they were living together. An odd couple, to be sure but one that loved each other more than anything. According to Atticus, their lovemaking was fabulous but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

Atticus told us about the first time he introduced his larger-than-life girlfriend to the pleasures of anal sex. It wasn’t easy since the girl was nervous as hell. Alexandra was a complete virgin when she met Atticus. The shy college ball player had never been popular with the boys. Oh, she was pretty but most guys didn’t want to go out with a girl her size. So, she was often alone. Atticus was the first man to make love to her. And she loved him with all of her heart, which explains why she consented when he asked her to surrender her larger-than-life booty to him.

First, they had regular sex. Atticus had taught her how to give amazing oral sex. Alexandra enjoyed sucking on her man’s huge cock and tennis ball-sized nuts. He was thrusting into her mouth like there was no tomorrow. She sucked him until he came, then drank his seed. She even licked his asshole. Just the almanbahis canlı casino way he liked. Just like he taught her. Next, she lay on her back with her legs spread while Atticus assumed the position. He put on a condom and slid his huge cock into her pussy. Alexandra winced as he entered her. Even though she was a big girl, she still had a rather tight pussy. Atticus held her by the hips and shoved his dick deep inside her. In and out, just the way she liked it. He fucked her good, plunging that dick into her pussy and pulling it out, only to slam it right back in again. Alexandra’s screams of pleasure filled the air.

Later, Atticus prepared Alexandra for the main event. He licked her ass and probed it with his fingers after lubricating it. Alexandra lay on the bed with her legs spread, trying to enjoy what her man was doing to her. Afterwards, he asked her if she was ready. Alexandra nodded. Atticus held his huge, long and thick cock in hand. He rubbed it against his girlfriend’s asshole. Alexandra’s eyes widened in fright. Smiling, Atticus pressed his dick against her asshole, and pushed. A primeval scream escaped Alexandra’s lips as Atticus slammed his cock into her hole.

The big girl’s eyes widened. Even with the lube, her boyfriend’s dick felt huge. He began to fuck her swiftly and mercilessly. He plunged his cock deep into her ass, giving it to her hard and fast. almanbahis casino Alexandra gasped as he put his hand over her mouth and continued to fuck her. While on all fours, she was quite vulnerable since it gave his cock total access to her anal cavity. He began to pump his cock into her butt hole, loving the feel of her virgin asshole around his cock. Even though this was her first time and he knew he should be gentle with her, he couldn’t resist giving that hot ass of hers a serious anal pounding. And so he did.

Alexandra screamed as Atticus continued to hammer his cock into her asshole like there was no tomorrow. He spread her ass cheeks mercilessly wide and slammed it home. As Atticus fucked her, she began to notice a change in her body. The pain lessened, replaced by a curious feeling of fullness. A wonderful feeling. Suddenly, he thrust deeper than ever before and she felt a sharp pain. Atticus screamed as he came, sending his hot cum deep into her ass. Alexandra cried out in pain and humiliation. She felt humbled by the monster cock in her asshole. The man’s dick had tamed the Amazon by invading her booty hole and making it surrender.

Atticus pulled out of her, and Alexandra suddenly felt empty. She almost wanted him to put his dick back into her. Almost. The two of them lay side by side, looking at each other but not talking. A line had been crossed tonight. Dark desires were revealed and innocence was lost. Nothing would ever be the same between them and they knew it. He had gone where no man had gone before. He had penetrated that ass of hers, something many men dreamed of doing. He was her man. Only he could do that. They kissed and went to sleep.

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