An Anniversary To Remember


Jack and Lilly were in the car driving to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. Before leaving, Jack told Lilly he had a surprise for her and that she should lie on the bed with her legs spread for him.She was already wet for him, as they had spent the afternoon teasing each other as they got ready. Jack showered, showing off his huge muscular body while Lilly did her makeup in just a black lacy thong. Her ass looked so juicy as she leaned over the bathroom counter to get closer to the mirror as she brushed on her mascara. She managed isvecbahis to also unknowingly flaunt her perky breasts as her chest was pushed forward while she did her makeup.Jack was already hard when he was getting dressed but he knew he must wait. This was when he laid Lilly back and slid the silicone bullet deep into her and told her to open her eyes.When she did, she saw Jack holding a small remote. He pressed a button and a jolt when through Lilly’s body as the vibrator turned on, sending pleasant vibrations through what felt like her isveçbahis giriş whole body. Jack pushed another button and the bullet started vibrating in slow, rhythmic pulses, making Lilly moan. “Oh Jack, we’re gonna be late for dinner if you keep this up.”Jack gave an evil laugh. “Oh Darling, we’re going to dinner WHILE I keep this up.”Jack helped Lilly to her feet and pressed a button on the remote that made the vibrator return to a slow, steady hum. Lilly got into the car with Jack’s help and he reached into his pocket and took out the isveçbahis yeni giriş remote to the device that was making Lilly’s legs shake. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. While he had her distracted by their kiss, he pressed the remote button several times to increase the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations. Lilly didn’t pull away from their kiss but let out an uncontrollable moan and began breathing heavily into his mouthJack could tell she was close, so he brought the vibrations back down to a manageable level, but never turned it off. He wanted his gorgeous girlfriend to be squirming in her seat, and she was.When they got to the restaurant they were seated at a booth in the corner. It was round so they could sit next to each other without being awkward.

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