An Extra Sexy Uber Ride


Oh, it’s a lesbian couple, how sexy? A hot light brunette with a pretty dirty blonde,” I muttered, pulling up to them.”Thank you for coming,” the blonde said, getting in the back first.”You’re welcome. I’m Cynthia,” I introduced myself as the brunette got in as well.”Cool,” the brunette added, before kissing the blonde. “Why are you staring? Do you not like lesbians?””Oh, no, of course not,” I made clear, putting my hands up a bit. “You’re both just stunning if that’s okay to say,” I stammered.The blonde leaned up to me. “Well, Cynthia, I’m Erin, and that’s my girlfriend Patty, and this is for you,” she mentioned, handing me a single bill.I grabbed it and looked at it. ‘A hundred-dollar bill for a five-mile ride?'”Just let us have some fun back here on the drive home, and you can keep that, and we’ll give you a perfect score. Although, before we head off, I have a question, are there any cameras in here?””No, Erin,” I answered, shaking my head no.”Good,” she added, leaning back with Patty. “Feel free to look in the rearview mirror all you want, but don’t run us off the road,” she warned me, before pasting her lips to Patty’s.I watched them for a few seconds, but then I turned around and entered their address into my GPS. I wasn’t sure what exactly Erin meant, but she did permit me to watch in my rearview mirror.’Oh, yes, you two hot chicks are making out like horny lesbos. Damn, I nearly took the night off, but shit.’I had a somewhat small car, but there was enough room for three people back there. Neither of them buckled up, but they appeared to be willing to protect one another if we did get into an accident. Patty leaned back on her door and had Erin’s arms wrapped around her.I made sure not to run us off the road as Erin suggested, but they weren’t making it easy. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of traffic to deal with, but of course, I didn’t want to run into a curb or anything else. I licked my lips and indeed felt my panties become wet too, so they had my motor running.I vibrated and felt thrills going throughout my body too, but I tried to remain professional. Although, they weren’t making it easy. They even used their tongues as they made out, and surely made it more difficult to concentrate.”Crap,” I muttered, before hitting the brakes somewhat hard for a red light.”Are you going to be alright?””Yes, I’m sorry,” I apologized, peeking at them.”What was your name again?””Cynthia.””Greenlight.”I turned my head back and drove again.”You’re a pretty young Indian woman, Cynthia, but we need you to watch the street, got it?””Yes, Erin. You and your girlfriend are quite attractive as well.””Oh, do you like girls too? Even two American twenty-somethings like us?””Yes, but I won’t watch.””No, you can watch, but don’t wreck the car; we’re not paying for damages, but if we stain the seats, we’ll cover that for you,” she warned me, before leaning back with Patty.I watched them make out again, but they didn’t speak. The ladies stayed in the same almanbahis position they were in earlier, but after another minute, Erin grabbed the end of Patty’s top and brought it up too. Needless to say, my eyes widened as I saw her undressed. I also slathered my lips and even felt my crotch.”Oh, yes, lick that nipple, you horny skank. Lick it slow for me too, just how you do at home,” Patty moaned with her hands on Erin’s head.They failed to mention me, but they surely knew I had to watch them. My eyes frequently went between the road and them, but of course, my pussy made me watch them as much as possible. I couldn’t see Patty’s nipples because Erin’s head blocked them, but I knew it was happening.Patty angled her head back and jiggled a bit herself. They both twitched quite a bit and seemed to enjoy each other as if I wasn’t there. I saw Erin reach back and undo Patty’s bra. She took it off her girlfriend and threw it up on my lap.I jolted and bit down on my bottom lip. I wasn’t even sure if Erin knew it landed there, but she didn’t seem to care, and neither did Patty. Erin just went to town on Patty’s nipples and even made sucking sounds after a minute.”Oh, yes, pull up my skirt too, and let that hand into my thong. Finger fuck me, woman, and get the seat wet. I think Cynthia will actually like it, won’t you, Cynthia?””Yes,” I replied nervously.Patty laughed and blew me a kiss, actually. I didn’t know what to make of that, but I didn’t care right then. I just enjoyed the sexiest eye candy I could imagine, even if it was only in my small rearview mirror.I surely kept my hand out of my shorts because I knew that it would put me at a more significant risk of crashing into something. Although, it seemed just watching would cause that too. Nevertheless, I still managed to drive and enjoy the show.After a couple of minutes, Erin treated me to an exact look at Patty’s tits. “Give me a kiss.”Even as it was getting dark, I still saw those bundles of joy hanging off Patty’s chest. Erin had her hands underneath them, but still left her boobs open for me to leer at, though. I couldn’t quite eyefuck them, but they wooed me.After twenty seconds, Erin even had Patty turn towards me to let me see better her scrubbing Patty’s twat too. She still had her thong on, but I saw a short bush and her lips down there also. Needless to say, Erin’s hand blocked my view somewhat too.That didn’t stop me from breaking a sweat, even with the air conditioning on then. I heard my GPS telling me to turn here and there, but I wasn’t sure how much further I still had to go. I also didn’t know if they’d just get out when we arrived at their place, but I was more than happy driving for another hour.I already knew it was nowhere near that long, but it didn’t stop me from milking the experience for all it was worth, except for feeling my bare slit. Yet, they still wanted to treat me even more. I saw Patty kicking off her sandals and push off her skirt and thong.”There’s almanbahis yeni giriş that cherry I love so much,” Erin moaned, before kissing Patty again.”Yes, now I’m naked, Cynthia, so enjoy,” Patty implored me.I nodded and bit down on my bottom lip. Patty just fondled Erin’s head as she enjoyed the sweet sensation of Erin’s licking and sucking on her nipples. Erin also continued to finger fuck her girlfriend and have her jolt quite a bit.I had no idea why they did this, but I indeed didn’t care, and they knew that too. I still got the perfect look at Patty’s left boob and not the best look at her snatch as Erin kept her hand all over it. I failed even to bring one hand off the wheel for better concern I wouldn’t crash.That, of course, was no guarantee I wouldn’t cause one, though. I wanted to feel my tits and beaver, but resisted as much as I could. My feet also posed a threat as they are very shifty as well. I still managed to keep my cool not to have any close calls and throw them off either.I saw Patty reach over to Erin’s crotch and dig into her shorts. “Oh, you hot to trot witch, you’re soiling Cynthia’s seats back here, and now we’re gonna have to pay to clean them. Control your pussy, lady.””Shut the fuck up. You’re leaking too.”I giggled a bit.”And Cynthia enjoys a little comedy with her porn. That’s cool,” Patty added, bringing her fingers to her mouth.That made me suck my lips into my mouth. As I did, I forced myself to take my eyes off them. I nearly felt the pleasure of just seeing them peak, so I needed to get my head right, at least for a moment.”Yes, suck those cheeks into your mouth, Erin. Suck on that nipple so hard that you get some milk. I’m pregnant, remember? So, I have milk coming in there every single day.”‘She’s pregnant? She must be really early on there.’I didn’t ask them about that, and they didn’t elaborate either. Although, that just thrilled my mind because I knew that it surely was making her jugs engorge. Even though I wouldn’t notice the difference within minutes, I still got off on that.”Yes, I can’t wait for these to go up to D-cups, Patty. Yes, I’m a shallow bitch, but you decided to have a baby with me, so it’s your fault if I’m mean.””Shut the fuck up and suck my other nipple now, woman,” Patty ordered her, pushing her head on her other jug.My mouth opened widely and had the seat belt constantly pressure me back down because they seemed to inject thrills into me, even just through that same mirror. Obviously, some lights were coming at them from other cars, but it didn’t seem to bother them.They kept going strong the whole ride back and surely even got off on me watching them. Patty helped herself to feel Erin’s twat as well, so they both fingered each other, but Erin still had all of her clothes on, though.I wanted to see more, but I knew I was in no position to make demands or even suggestions, so I kept my lips separated, but didn’t let words drop. Regardless of what they did, they had almanbahis giriş my attention and locked it up too.”Oh, yes, just like that, keep going. Cynthia wants me to go nuts.”I didn’t reply to that, and then Patty angled her head back as far as she could. She moved back and forth, too, even as she kept her hand in her girlfriend’s underwear. By then, the sun had nearly gone all the way down, so I had to rely on the little light from the outside.Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the view as much as possible. The heat spiked up as I saw Patty get down on her knees and took off Erin’s shorts and thong. I immediately glanced at Erin’s cherry as well, and I thought my insides became frozen because I felt chills.Erin picked up every undergarment that was back there and tossed them to me. “Enjoy those too, and remember not to crash.”Oddly enough, then I pulled up in front of the house. “We’re here, actually.””Well, we’re not quite done, Cynthia, so we’ll give you another tip to wait for a few more minutes. We know time is money,” Patty added, before leaning to Erin’s slit.Needless to say, I turned the engine and lights off before turning around to them. I got the best look at Patty licking Erin’s snatch with one sexy landing strip there. My mouth opened as widely as possible, but I didn’t let my hand into my panties.Neither of them said anything to that, but they were both busy. Patty brought both of her hands on Erin’s cherry and caressed her lips somewhat hardy too. They both proved to be lesbo pros, it seemed, so it wasn’t quite a spur of the moment kind of thing.I watched them closely and saw Patty perfect the art of pussy-eating on Erin perfectly. She licked those delicate lips somewhat quickly right away and indeed made Erin fondle her head and vibrate too. I didn’t have to feel her to know that; I could just tell from her reactions.Erin began breathing after only a couple of minutes and locked eyes with her yet again. I had no idea how they had been together, but judging how they were together, they must have had at least some real-time together.Seeing how Erin was also glaring at her girlfriend perform the sexiest action I could possibly imagine, they must have loved each other too. It was just like an open book to some certain page without reading the previous pages.I wasn’t even sure I could please myself to them, but I continued to turn down temptation just if they wouldn’t like it. Oddly enough, Erin even made kissing faces at me, but still didn’t speak.She could clearly see my hands, but still didn’t implore or invite me to play with myself in any way. I still felt more than motivated to eyeball them until they were done and licked my lips over and over again.Even in that somewhat small space, they made it work flawlessly. Patty kept Erin’s legs spread out and had her tongue and lips moving nonstop as well. That proved that my seats back there were gonna be messy, but I still didn’t care.By then, I decided to lean upon my knees on the front seat and grab the headrest. I nearly felt to be actually spying on them by then, but of course, I wasn’t. The jollies I got from it, just supposed to be beyond great, and I nearly felt to be true, but yet it was happening.

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