An Old Flame


I was waiting in the office/gym portion of my martial arts center. Kung fu class was scheduled to start in about 45 minutes and I had already hit the weights so I decided on a short walk around the building. On my way out the door, a voice from WAY back stopped me short.

“Hiya stranger! How have things been?” the cute blond asked as she walked up and wrapped her arms around me in a hug, that I instinctively returned. Looking down into her startling green eyes, I couldn’t help but smile. She smiled back and stepped out of my arms.

“What a surprise, Angela! It’s been what, ten years?” She nodded, her fair colored hair bouncing around her shoulders with the movement.

“It’s good luck we ran into each other, Robert. I’m gonna check this place’s pricing for tai kwon do; my husband wants to take some classes and this place is the closest to us.”

“Really! I’ve been taking kung fu classes here for a few months myself. They have some really good instructors; he’ll like it here.”

“You look like you’re keeping yourself in good shape,” she said, reaching up and grabbing one of my biceps playfully. Smiling down at this petite escort ankara bombshell, I found myself remembering how much fun we’d had before we split up, and noticing she was still damned attractive.

“Thanks, Angela. It’s hard to do, but I carve out a few days a week and try to keep up.”

Wrapping her arm around mine, Angela stepped in close to my side and motioned for me to start walking again. “So, where were you headed just now?”

“I have some time before my class starts and was going to walk around the building.” The sizeable strip mall we were at had parking front and back, although with winter coming on it was getting dark enough that streetlights were coming on already.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

We chatted more as we rounded the liquor store at the corner of the strip mall and headed back behind the building. In the gathering darkness, I noticed the lights weren’t on yet for the back parking lot, making the place even more deserted than normal.

“Robert, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Angela, you know that.”

“Do you still think about me? ‘Cause I still think about you, from time sincan escort to time.”

I stopped and looked her straight in the eyes, thinking a few moments. I could tell she was serious.

“Angela, you were the best lover I’ve ever had.”

She laughed and blushed, looking down.

“Really, Angela. I mean it.”

Her head stayed down as she spoke again, her voice now quiet and yet intense. “You, too, Robert. That’s why I still think of you.”

I reached down and under her chin, lifting it until I could look into her eyes, then slowly bent down and kissed her. It was a long time before we came up for air. When I broke the kiss, her arms were twined around me and her body was pressed tightly against mine.

“Robert, I want you to fuck me. Right here.”

I had a flashback to one of the many times we’d made love in public. It was the most intense memory of our time together, where I’d bent her over a parked car hood next to a highway at night. The darkness had hidden us as we satisfied our lust. I smiled down at her.

“Hands on the wall and pants around your ankles, you sexy slut.” She shivered demetevler escort visibly as she complied, and I could see a flush of excitement spreading down her neck and across her chest as she bent and moved into position.

I moved into position behind her, dropping my own trousers and sliding home to the balls in her already-wet pussy. She moaned as she took me, and I reached up one hand and wrapped it in that long, blond hair, using it as a handhold while I fucked her. I enjoyed watching the arch of her back, and seeing her small hands flex against the hard concrete of the building as we fucked.

After several sweaty minutes, I came into her bucking budy, and as I did I reached down and grabbed both hips, planting my seed as deeply into her womb as humanly possible. She slumped against the building for a moment, catching her breath, then spun and crouched in front of me.

I grabbed that sexy hair again as sweet agony swept over me at the feeling of her lips sucking gently on my spent cock. She cleaned me up, lovingly tonguing every trace of our juices from me before she stood, and we shared another kiss. In all my years, no other woman had done that for me, and it was still the treasure I remembered it as. I loved the taste of her afterwards.

“Thanks Angela. That was… incredible.”

“Same here. Can I give you my cell number?”

How could I say no?

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