An Unexpected Trip


You call me on the phone and say, “Pack you bags, we’re going on a trip.”

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise,” you say. “Just pack a few things. Mostly shorts and those little tank tops you wear. You know how I love those. We’re going somewhere warm. Be ready in an hour.”

I get off the phone and start packing some things. I’m almost done when you come into the house. You come up behind my and rub your hands across my ass as you ask, “Are you ready to go?”

I turn to face you and say I am. We get our things into the car and head for the airport. We get there and you get our tickets. You come back to me and we head for the gate. We get on the plane and I say, “Will you tell me where we are going now?”

You look at me and smile. “Somewhere warm, wild and wonderful,” you say as you kiss me gently. The plane takes off and we are on our way to the unknown destination. After a bit, you turn to me and say, “Have you ever participated in the Mile High Club?” I can feel the blush hit my cheeks and shake my head. “Would you like to?” you ask.

I think about it a moment and then undo my seatbelt and go towards the small bathroom on the plane. I get inside and close the door behind me. Shortly after I close it, I hear a light tapping at the door and I open it to find you standing there with a big grin. You come inside and close the door. You pull me close and kiss me as your hand slides up along my thigh. I can already feel that your cock is hard and ready to go.

I raise my leg and show you that I’m not wearing any panties escort ankara under my skirt. Your hand moves up further and you slip a finger inside. I undo your pants and pull out your hot, throbbing cock. I gently stroke it as your finger slips in and out of me. You kiss my neck and then pull your finger away as I guide your cock into my opening.

You push inside and I moan against your neck. Your hands move to my ass and pull me against your cock as it fills me. My arms are wrapped around your neck as you thrust into me and fill my pussy with your heat. We grab at one another as we reach for our climax. We push against one another, pushing off from the walls to bring our connection together completely.

Soon we both find it and release together. Just as we are finishing, there is a knock on the restroom door. A faint voice says, “You need to come out of there.” With a little giggle we assemble ourselves and then step out of the restroom. We then return to our seats and bask in our glow for the rest of the flight.

As the plane prepares to land, the pilot informs us of our destination. You’ve taken us to Mexico! The plane lands and we step out into the warmth of the country. We get our things together and then find a cab to take us to our hotel. After arriving, we get ourselves settled and then decide to take a walk to check things out.

We leave the hotel and there is a beach right across the street. We walk over and look out at the water. I am in awe of the place and so excited to be here. We walk along the beach and then continue around, looking mamak escort at the sights. We find a little restaurant to have dinner and we enjoy a splendid meal as well as lots of booze. Mmmm, tequila, my favorite!

We leave the restaurant and it is already beginning to get dark. We walk back towards our hotel and look out over the water. We walk down towards the beach, which is mostly deserted already. We go down to the water and I take off my shoes, feeling the sand between my toes and the water that wets them. You pull me close to you and kiss me gently. “I want to fuck you right here on this beach,” you say with a sly grin.

I smile and say, “Mmmm, I like the sound of that.” We walk a little further down along the beach and sit down on the sand. You move your hands over me and take off my top. Your hands roam over my bra and squeeze my breasts lightly. Your kisses trace along my neck and down to the tops of my breasts that peek above my bra.

You move your hands around to my back and unhook my bra. Your hands then move down to my waist and take away the short skirt I’m wearing. I lie on the beach, completely nude and at your command. You take off your shirt and lean down to kiss me again. Your hands are warm against my skin as the last of the sun sinks behind the earth.

You slip down along my body and bring your lips between my thighs. Your mouth is hot against me and I immediately start to pulse. Your tongue darts in and out as one hand comes down and three fingers slip inside. You lick slow and flat against my clit as your yenimahalle escort fingers squirm inside me. I moan and move my head against the sand as you play with my “evil inside”.

You bring me to orgasm and I moan loudly as I climax. You stand up and remove your pants and boxers. I can see an outline of you before me while you come down and kiss me as your cock slowly enters me. You push hard against me and it seems as though I can feel each grain of sand against my backside. You fill me and hold me close to you as you whisper such naughty things in my ear.

I move my hips upward as you come down to plunge deep inside me. I move one hand to your ass and wrap one leg around one of yours. I pull you into me as you push forward, meeting you with each motion and moaning as you enter me fully each time. We roll and I end up on top of you, riding you. I push against you fast and hard, feeling you hit me inside with each push.

I can feel my climax building inside and move faster still. I gently rotate my hips as I move along your shaft. Your hands move onto my hips and pull me down onto you as we both strive towards our common goal. I put my head back and rest my hands in the sand as I keep my momentum on your cock. It’s coming closer and I can feel my insides as they start to spasm in preparation.

We continue our motion and soon you find your release. I keep moving onto you and soon find my own as well. I fall forward against you and we hold one another as our waves of pleasure begin to subside.

We get up and get dressed, brushing the sand off. We walk back to the hotel hand in hand and take a long hot shower together, the water coursing over our bodies and removing all remains of our beach rendezvous. We get out of the shower and head to bed. Tomorrow is another day for play.

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